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Restoring Home

Restoring Home

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Court experiences can be painful for parents and kids. Restoring Home helps parents repair the damage in their relationships, find resources, and inspire healthy family life.
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We’re all shriveled up peas. Meet Christine Junod!

Restoring HomeApr 10, 2023

We’re all shriveled up peas. Meet Christine Junod!
Apr 10, 202324:15
How Mediation & Family Therapy compliment each other.

How Mediation & Family Therapy compliment each other.

Katie Stangl is an experienced Marriage & Family Therapist and Family Mediator. She’s got life experience to back her work too with her own blended family. Find Katie at Or other mediators at
Apr 03, 202315:57
Katrina Viegas is the “diamond in the rough” moving from family law to family mediation.
Mar 27, 202312:11
Addressing pet and property conflict through mediation.
Mar 20, 202313:16
Military moms and real life conflict.
Mar 13, 202332:59
What to do when mental health creates conflict.
Mar 06, 202321:42
Control in conflict.
Feb 27, 202317:37
Are you over-functioning as a parent?
Feb 20, 202321:05
Let’s talk about domestic violence.
Feb 13, 202316:60
What’s your conflict style? Take the test with us!
Feb 06, 202318:21
Micro-aggressions in our relationships.

Micro-aggressions in our relationships.

What are micro-aggressions and how can we respond in a healthy way? Marriage & Family Therapist/Mediator, Christine Junod, offers helpful insight to all of us. Find Christine at: Check out our Restoring Home resources at:
Jan 30, 202321:44
Cost effectiveness of using restorative family mediation with vulnerable populations.
Jan 23, 202323:09
Coparenting tensions between households.

Coparenting tensions between households.

Katie Stangl and Christine Junod, both Marriage & Family Therapists and Mediators, have a candid conversation on co-parenting challenges and seeing matters from a child’s perspective. This Restoring Home episode is sponsored by Katie Stangl Mediation. Find more information here on Katie: or other more resources on
Jan 16, 202320:39
Using mediation in households. Is it practical and useful?
Jan 09, 202325:46
Overbooked court systems and your divorce. Mediation has better options for you.
Jan 02, 202324:27
Why kids love circles & how to do it at home!
Dec 14, 202223:25
How good are you at picking a fight?

How good are you at picking a fight?

Christine Junod, Marriage & Family Therapist and Family Mediator, offers insight on “how to pick a fight” vs. “how to validate feelings”. Family mediators, Kama Chamberlin, Kaitlyn O’Connor, and Michelene Verlautz offer practical life experiences related to this topic too. You can find Christine Junod at: Ask any of our mediators a question by selecting a mediator of your choice:
Dec 06, 202245:50
Holiday Conflict & it’s Impact on Kids

Holiday Conflict & it’s Impact on Kids

Join a round table discussion with family mediators, Kama Chamberlin, Kaitlyn O’Connor, & Ashley Langenfeld, as they discuss real issues parents manage when it comes to holiday conflict and kids. Their personal experiences as foster parents, stepparents, and being raised in blended families intersects their professional experiences as family mediators. Want to dive deeper? Join us for a free parent webinar Dec 2 “You can’t make this up!” and ask questions! This episode is sponsored by Break the Bad Mediation:
Nov 28, 202241:51