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Return to Wonder

Return to Wonder

By Junko Nagao

Return to Wonder explores light language, quantum energy-frequency, and other energy modalities in diverse disciplines and among a global community of practitioners. Through a more interdisciplinary approach to finding the incredible depth that opens for you when you tap into this gift, this podcast helps to demystify, normalize and expand your understanding of light language. Brought to you by Junko Nagao, a leadership, organizational and fundraising development professional, to expand joy in this world.
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EP13 // NFT Creation

Return to Wonder Apr 05, 2023

EP13 // NFT Creation

EP13 // NFT Creation

Season 2 | EP 13 with Jessica and Pippi

This is a special episode where we invite you into a conversation that wasn't necessarily meant to be public, but had great content regarding the creative process of light code artists. Jessica Eldenstjärna from Episode 9, and Pippi Poppins, two light code artists, are co-creating an Immersive Project beginning with dynamic NFTs - non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. I'm calling the NFT project: E-Merge-Agency. You can read more about it as I post on my website or go directly to Substack.

This episode features this week's Monday Checkin call that we hold with one another each week as we build this project together. It's been such an unfolding for us, finding new ways of creating, processing, and dealing with the unknown. We each share how we understand and interact with light codes through art, and I found myself articulating my own light code without having to identify it with "art" per se.

I share with Jessica one of Pippi's amazing co-creation with my sound. You'll only hear my sound in this episode, and if you'd like to see Pippi's incredible process working with ink, I posted the video on my Substack blog.

To sign up for the pre-sale of E-Merge-Agency Art, where you can mint (ie: buy) your very own light code art, send your Ethereum wallet through the "contact" section of my website. Or email heartofnewearth [at] proton [dot] me.

Apr 05, 202333:07
EP12 // Season 2! Updates, Tech's Intelligence, and Listening to Silence

EP12 // Season 2! Updates, Tech's Intelligence, and Listening to Silence

Season 2  |  Episode 12

In Season 2, I'll be sharing my practices, processes, and impact working with light language and energy frequencies. 

Announcing my new website: redirects automatically to  I also have a Substack site where I'll be posting my progress on the announcements I make here. I'm happy to be moving into Season 2, with more practical skills and takeaways.  Thanks for listening. 

Feb 20, 202321:30
EP11 // 7 Crystal Shards & Light Codes
Jan 31, 202301:14:35
EP10 // Integrating Dragon Frequencies

EP10 // Integrating Dragon Frequencies

Guided Transmission for those calling in your dragon frequencies. 

Would be helpful to hear your response. Thanks. 

Jan 29, 202317:32
EP09 Jessica // Art, Creation, & Institutional Changes

EP09 Jessica // Art, Creation, & Institutional Changes

Jessica Eldenstjärna  |  Examining Changes in Art Institutions  |  Sweden

MultiModal Artist, Expressive Art Therapist, Shamanic Healer

In this episode, we hear about one artist in Sweden, sharing her light code art as well as working with other renown artists' curated works at the The Swedish Museum of Modern Art.  I think I may have gotten the museum names incorrectly in the audio, so please excuse the error. 

As a therapist and Shamanic healer, Jessica is connected to the same source of awareness as she tunes into working with individual clients as well as groups in diverse ways. She facilitates Creative Workshops, Sound-healing Meditations and Drum Journey sessions for groups as well as Healing, Sound-healing and Shamanic Healing for individuals. Combined with her profession as a therapist she offers transformational workshops tailored to the occasion and client. 

She works regularly with Swedish organizations for adult "children cancer survivors" as well as The Swedish Museum of Modern Art where she is provides guided tours with meditation and singing bowls in different exhibitions and shows, including the exhibition of Hilma Af Klint’s "Ten Largest.”

Jessica's light language / light codes comes through in paintings/art, voice work, hand gestures and occasionally in whole body movement.

Connect directly with Jessica on Instagram or Facebook; and buy her art work at her studio or by visiting the Artworks Gallery website.

She is in the process of finishing her Light Code Activating oracle self inquiry deck, and you can see her process here

Her A.R.T performance in Senlis, France where she invites the element of Air through body, painting, voice can be viewed here

Jan 03, 202301:26:16
EP08 // Mis-Alignment, Mental Babble, and Re-Alignment

EP08 // Mis-Alignment, Mental Babble, and Re-Alignment


I'm sharing recent experiences, especially for folks who might be going through mental acrobatics.  You're not alone in the crazy malfunctioning externalities as we shift into the new, adapting to a stronger mental state of knowing, and holding firm to the frequencies we are carrying so that humanity may rise. 

There is a silent understanding, and I want to acknowledge all of you navigating courageously through these times.  

Dec 18, 202228:29
EP07 Sarah // Dragon Frequency & Transformations

EP07 Sarah // Dragon Frequency & Transformations

Sarah A'ryana  |  Dragon Frequency  |  Canada


I've heard many dragon frequency channelers over the years, and wanted to share the process of merging into one's dragon frequency with light language practitioners.  Most of the folks I know who channel at the dragon frequency are not public about their skills; so I went in search of someone who is publicly sharing their gifts and the frequency.  

That's how I came across Sarah A'ryana's YouTube channel

Sarah A'ryana is a Lightworker helping humanity shift into the 5th dimension and beyond.  After a life-changing kundalini awakening, Sarah began helping others heal through Reiki, yoga, and meditation. Several years later, Sarah's gifts opened her to channeling as she helped clients around the world through Multidimensional healing. Although Sarah no longer sees clients one on one, She continues to share her gifts to channel for the collective, bringing healing, truth, and wisdom forward from the Divine.  Sarah is the author of Humanity's Guidebook to Ascension and lives on Vancouver Island, Canada with her family.

Visit her website: 

YouTube channel: Sarah A'ryana

She shares with us her incredible journey into light language.  She's funny, direct, and insightful. 

Share your feedback by posting on my instagram site, @returntowonder, where I’ll be posting announcements of the latest episodes, insights and updates. 

Nov 26, 202201:31:28
EP06 Margaret // Journey into Light Language
Nov 23, 202250:53
Integrating with the Collective: Short Song

Integrating with the Collective: Short Song

EP05 - Brief Light Language Song

This is a brief toning/song for people who are moving into a new phase, new adventure (that doesn't quite feel like an adventure) and may be feeling anxiety, physical tensions within the body, and/or an agitation that you can't quite explain. 

If you want to skip to the song, go to minute 2:02 - 3:33. 

Would love to hear your experience, and you can share them on this podcast's Instagram post or DM me privately.  


Oct 31, 202204:26
Nalinee // Soul Connections

Nalinee // Soul Connections

Nalinee  |  Cacao & Light Code Art  |  Thailand 


This episode features Nalinee Diosara, a self-taught light code painter, cacao facilitator, and compassionate magis.  I received Nalinee's light language and crystal codes in 2018. When I thought of a list of folks to interview initially, I thought of her and her gentle approach to life - not just with her clients but also with herself. We don't discuss her art work as much, but I wanted to note that she has produced a beautiful oracle deck, Torch of Ascension, which you can find on her website. 

I'm getting a handle on some of this audio stitching, so I've added commentary in this episode that I was moved to share during the first round of edits.  If you'd like to see more about her work, check out her website at

You can follow her on FB and Insta, each carrying different content.  I encourage you to read her Solar Eclipse post on FB if you're reading this before October 25, 2022. 

Here are the sources of cacao she mentioned: 

Cacao Lab Forever Cacao

As I'm editing this on October 20, 2022, I'm on my last day of a 3 day liquid fast, and tapering off with cacao.  I'll share my cacao story with you in another episode. Thanks for listening! I hope you enjoy the conversation.

Provide feedback, or keep up to date of future episodes by following this podcast and my instagram posts @ReturnToWonder.

Oct 24, 202252:24
Tea // Art & Co-Creation

Tea // Art & Co-Creation

Tea Revazishvili  |  Light Code Art  |  Georgia 


Tea is a young artist in Tbilisi, Georgia.  I was introduced to her through another guest speaker, Robbie Watson, founder of Vibrational Medicine in the U.S. (his talk will be featured soon!)  The Facebook platform we may have mentioned here is "Keeper of the Codes," a closed FB group founded by an Australian, Hannah Wilson, where participants can share and practice their light codes.  

I’ve posted links below so you might see some of Tea's coded art work on Instagram, YouTube, and Amfaboriam Etsy sites. Although not the images she shared on the day we spoke, at the time of this publishing, you can see examples of her “beings” she channels on both her Etsy and Insta pages.

She provides reiki sessions, which have been powerfully received, and can bring forth mandalas, "beings" and other coded art based on your needs. 

Examples of her mandala: ; "Beings"; and co-creative work

I’ve watched her transform over the last two years, and I love the direction in which she is lighting up her corner of the world. I hope you are inspired by her creativity and openness to enter the unknown. 

Provide feedback, or keep up to date of future episodes by following my instagram posts @ReturnToWonder.

Oct 19, 202251:43
Marlene // The Spirit Seer
Oct 18, 202247:24
Bridget // Light Resonance
Oct 18, 202233:55
Hi! // Introduction to Light Language

Hi! // Introduction to Light Language

EP00 - Introduction

In this first episode, I share the whys and what of this podcast: a little about me, your host; an overview of light language; and my intentions for creating it.  This and other episodes stream light language, beginning and ending with a "toning," an energetic hello from your universal center.  If this is your first time with light language, I recommend not listening while driving or handling sensitive tasks. 

I'll  be posting on Insta the latest interview announcements and any short clips of news and energetic updates that I'm experiencing or are shared with me by others. 

>> Instagram: @returntowonder

>> DM @returntowonder for comments, questions, et al. 

If you enjoy the content, please follow on Spotify and Insta.  

Welcome to the exploration of energy, frequencies, and the expansive unknown!

Oct 16, 202236:51