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The Richard Flint Photography Podcast

The Richard Flint Photography Podcast

By Richard Flint Photography

Released regularly, the Richard Flint Photography podcast features photography news, photo projects, website and podcast links, multimedia, videos, photography articles, upcoming exhibitions, photographic awards and more.

The photography podcast is released regularly (around six episodes a year plus a number of special bonus podcasts focusing on books, photography locations and other photography-related subjects. The podcast covers all sorts of photography-related topics and issues including photography books, photographers, classic and contemporary photojournalism plus lots more.
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RFP Podcast: March 2023

The Richard Flint Photography PodcastApr 12, 2023

RFP Podcast: March 2023
Apr 12, 202314:44
RFP Podcast Extra: Revisiting Tim

RFP Podcast Extra: Revisiting Tim

35 years or more after seeing it as a tennage photographer just starting to take images, I've rewatched the BBC Arena documentary 'Mentioned in Dispatches' about Vietnam war photographer Tim Page.

I thought I'd capture some brief thoughts about Tim's images, his influence on my photography and how the documentary looks now.
Mar 15, 202306:38
RFP Podcast: January/February 2023
Mar 03, 202315:17
RFP Podcast Extra: January 2023

RFP Podcast Extra: January 2023

Back with an update about the Podcast for 2023. Regular episodes, short 5 minute podgrams and more.
Jan 02, 202303:30
RFP Podcast: August - Podcast Update

RFP Podcast: August - Podcast Update

After taking a break from social media and the Podcast for a few months, it's time to start posting again. This podcast is a update about the break with a quick photo link for the photographer Eric Treacy. Check out his photography on Google.
Aug 24, 202205:31
RFP Podcast: January 2022
Feb 17, 202211:53
RFP Podcast: September 2021
Nov 03, 202118:21
RFP Podcast: August 2021
Sep 17, 202115:40
Bonus Podcast: Sea, Sky, Sand and Street – Final Mooring
Sep 15, 202119:14
Bonus Podcast: Sea, Sky, Sand and Street – Fishing Boat at Sheringham
Sep 07, 202109:15
Bonus Podcast: Sea, Sky, Sand and Street - Mother and Son
Sep 07, 202105:56
RFP Podcast: June/July 2021
Aug 11, 202114:33
Bonus Podcast: Mull of Galloway, Scotland - May 2021

Bonus Podcast: Mull of Galloway, Scotland - May 2021

A special bonus podcast recorded on the Mull of Galloway in Scotland. Three separate recordings made over four days while photographing the Mull lighthouse. The weather conditions were fine but very windy which added to the fun of recording the podcast. Listen out at the end for the Mull Of Galloway foghorn!
Jun 23, 202114:06
RFP Podcast: April/May 2021

RFP Podcast: April/May 2021

In this brief update podcast... the Billingham bag reviews from the blog are now linked on the Billingham website. The website's exclusive fine art print shop has been improved and a new colourized photograph service has been added. Finally, there is news about an upcoming bonus podcast recorded on the Mull of Galloway. No links this month but I will add a bumper amount of links to the June podcast.
Jun 22, 202109:16
RFP Podcast: February/ March 2021
Apr 30, 202127:58
RFP Podcast: January 2021
Feb 19, 202125:00
Bonus Podcast: January 2020 - Chris Killip
Jan 25, 202122:10
RFP Podcast: November/December 2020
Dec 20, 202023:10
RFP Podcast: May 2019
Nov 27, 202034:41
RFP Podcast: October 2020
Nov 27, 202034:41
RFP Podcast: September 2020 - Three Scotland Photos
Oct 26, 202036:40
RFP Podcast: August 2020
Sep 24, 202020:30
RFP Podcast: July 2020
Aug 10, 202022:55
RFP Podcast: June 2020
Jul 09, 202032:44
Bonus Podcast: Lost over Laos - Two books about Larry Burrows
Jun 23, 202016:52
RFP Podcast: April/May 2020
May 28, 202017:38
RFP Podcast: March 2020
Apr 21, 202016:05
Bonus Podcast: Why do I take photographs?

Bonus Podcast: Why do I take photographs?

Why do I take Photographs? It seems like a simple question but the answers can be varied and complicated. In this podcast, I try to explain my own reasons for taking photos.
Mar 19, 202009:60
RFP Podcast: February 2020
Mar 09, 202033:17
RFP Podcast: January 2020
Feb 06, 202029:43
RFP Podcast: November/December 2019
Dec 31, 201928:59
RFP Podcast: October 2019
Nov 13, 201931:15
RFP Podcast: September 2019 - The Islay Visit

RFP Podcast: September 2019 - The Islay Visit

Not quite the location-based recording I wanted due to technical problems. So back home, Richard discusses his trip to Islay on the west coast of Scotland that took place in September. Islay is best known for its distilleries with a total of nine currently open on the island. The ninth opened just this year and will not release any whisky for nearly ten years. Photography, whisky... and er... more whisky. No links this month. The links will be back for the October podcast.
Nov 08, 201920:14
RFP Podcast: August 2019
Sep 05, 201933:03
RFP Podcast: July 2019
Aug 05, 201923:46
RFP Bonus Podcast: Caught by the Tide Photo Zine
Aug 01, 201916:05
RFP Podcast June 2019
Jul 04, 201922:05
RFP Podcast: April 2019
May 03, 201926:37
RFP Podcast: March 2019
Apr 05, 201929:06
RFP Podcast: February 2019
Mar 04, 201931:16
RFP Podcast: January 2019
Feb 06, 201908:28
RFP Podcast: December 2018
Dec 28, 201818:46
RFP Podcast: The Photographic Memory: Press Photography - Twelve Insights
Dec 20, 201807:17
RFP Podcast: November 2018
Dec 04, 201818:04
RFP Podcast: October 2018
Nov 02, 201822:55
RFP Podcast: September 2018
Sep 28, 201837:54
RFP Podcast: August 2018
Aug 31, 201829:55
RFP Podcast: July 2018
Jul 30, 201820:01
RFP Podcast: The Norfolk Project
Jul 13, 201819:32
RFP Podcast: June 2018
Jun 30, 201815:21
RFP Podcast: May 2018
May 31, 201810:39
RFP Podcast: April 2018

RFP Podcast: April 2018

In the podcast: More news about the improvements made to including a new logo, new photos for the slider and more. In the links is A Sense of Community: Wolverhampton in the 1970s - A decade after Enoch Powell’s infamous speech on immigration, Chris Steele-Perkins travelled to Wolverhampton in 1978 to photograph the communities most affected. Also Helen Levitt’s Street Dramas - Levitt shot the black-and-white photographs between 1934 and 1946, mostly in working class neighbourhoods of New York City. All the links can be found on the podcast link page at
Apr 26, 201817:43
RFP Podcast: Photobook: Northumberland by J C Tordai
Apr 08, 201810:06
RFP Podcast: March 2018
Mar 22, 201819:41
RFP Podcast: February 2018

RFP Podcast: February 2018

In the February podcast: Details about recent updates to pages on the main website at plus the old pressgram miniblog gets a new name - as well as the start of a new series of posts starting with a photo taken in Beaumaris, North wales in 2003. In the links there are two from the Guardian website: The photos that changed America: celebrating the work of Lewis Hine and The vanished East End - David Granick’s shots from the 1960s and 70s capture a fading world. All the mentioned links can be found on the podcast link page at
Feb 21, 201819:46
RFP Podcast: January 2018
Jan 10, 201814:22
RFP Podcast: August 2017
Oct 06, 201711:09
RFP Podcast: The Scotland Podcast 2015

RFP Podcast: The Scotland Podcast 2015

In this delayed podcast special, recorded back in September 2015, Richard has a wander along the rocky north west coast of Skye discussing the beautiful landscape, observations made during the trip, the two photography bargains, a Nikon camera and bag, picked up during the trip as well as a few other topics as well. The recordings were made between 1st - 11th September.
Apr 04, 201633:33
RFP Podcast: January/February 2016
Mar 14, 201629:55
RFP Podcast: February/March 2015
May 07, 201529:16
RFP Podcast: October/November 2014
Jan 07, 201517:53
RFP Podcast: August/September 2014 - Scotland Podcast
Oct 22, 201433:42
RFP Podcast: June/July 2014
Oct 22, 201429:16
RFP Podcast: April/May 2014
Oct 19, 201433:42
RFP Podcast: February/March
Apr 22, 201429:48
RFP Podcast: October/November 2013
Dec 12, 201320:36
RFP Podcast: The Scotland Podcast

RFP Podcast: The Scotland Podcast

The August/September podcast sees Richard leave the studio and travel up to Scotland, first staying on the Isle of Skye where the podcast starts with a fabulous cliff top walk, an error with the name of the location (it's Cul-nac-noc)... and lots of midges! Later the podcast moves down to the Highlands, but returns to Skye with a rather windy walk across the very busy road bridge to Skye... and a discussion about the problems with not having the right camera bag with you! This podcast was recorded using an iPhone in Scotland over a two week period in mid September 2013.
Sep 29, 201331:08
RFP Podcast: June/July 2013
Aug 07, 201321:01
RFP Podcast: April/May 2013
Jun 04, 201324:25
RFP Podcast: February/March 2013
Apr 07, 201320:51
RFP Podcast: December/January 2013
Feb 02, 201320:51
RFP Podcast: October/November 2012
Dec 01, 201218:54
RFP Podcast: September 2012
Oct 06, 201215:46
RFP Podcast: August 2012
Aug 30, 201214:46
RFP Podcast: June/July 2012
Jul 23, 201220:32
RFP Podcast: May 2012
Jun 06, 201220:10
RFP Podcast: February/March 2012
Apr 30, 201234:59
RFP Podcast: April 2012
Apr 30, 201224:46
RFP Podcast: December/January 2012
Feb 04, 201223:28
RFP Podcast: October/November 2011
Nov 21, 201122:09
RFP Podcast: August/September 2011

RFP Podcast: August/September 2011

In this month's podcast: A bit of news about a few changes coming to the podcast, the end of Solo Photo Book Month was announced recently, so what will happen to next year's PDF photo book? In the links we have some great b&w portraits of wildlife, more wildlife photos shot at night in the desert, a great Don McCullin interview (but only if you are quick!) and some brilliant photography by a lesser known FSA photographer called Jack Delano. All the content links can be found at
Oct 19, 201125:25
RFP Podcast: June/July 2011
Aug 20, 201140:54
RFP Podcast: May 2011
Jun 19, 201119:18
RFP Podcast: April 2011
May 09, 201118:49
RFP Podcast: March 2011
Apr 02, 201118:49