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The Four O'Clock Podcast

The Four O'Clock Podcast

By Richard Gough

These podcasts are about meeting people and discovering stories about our world and the people that keep it moving. Sometimes it will only feature the host but as the series progresses there will be guests and we will explore their stories and world together.

Hopefully, like the photography of Humans of New York but in spoken word.
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In Conversation with Artist Steve McPherson

The Four O'Clock PodcastAug 28, 2020

In Conversation with Artist Steve McPherson
Aug 28, 202027:58
In Conversation with Artist, Writer and Speaker, Dan Thompson

In Conversation with Artist, Writer and Speaker, Dan Thompson

The journalist and author, John-Paul Flintoff, has described Dan Thompson as a visionary, an artist with a heartfelt sense of what matters in the real world, and the gumption to make it happen, not once but often.

John-Paul also stated: It's unusual to spend time with Dan and not to come away inspired. In this edition of the Four O'Clock Podcast we learn about Dan's work as a writer, artist and social activist.

NB: There is a small technical glitch on some of the audio recording  creating an echo but it does not interfere with the podcast.

Aug 14, 202026:30
In Conversation with Luke Beard, CEO of Exposure.Co

In Conversation with Luke Beard, CEO of Exposure.Co

In this edition of the Four O'Clock Podcast we are in conversation with Luke Beard a photographer, CEO and founder of the web service Exposure that provides simple but empowering products for storytellers. Luke is also an Englishman who has made Atlanta, USA his home.

The Exposure website is just shy of seven years old at this point. It came out on the back of Luke kind of taking photography a lot more seriously. At the time, he had just moved to San Francisco to join a kind of ideas incubator. It was never really clearly defined, but it was effectively a place where creative developers, writers, designers, engineers, were given resources to build solutions to problems that they had with the idea that eventually something would click or work or be a hit and so Exposure was born.

Jul 30, 202029:08
A Conversation with Photographer Gabrielle Motola
Jul 16, 202035:29
Meet young entrepreneur Flynn Blackie

Meet young entrepreneur Flynn Blackie

In this episode of The Four O'Clock Podcast we catch up with young entrepreneur, Fynn Blackie, and get to know who he is and what drives him. Also we discuss how Starling Bank helped get his company MOD Digital on the road.

Flynn is a young entrepreneur who is making online waves in the web design and business marketing world with his company modern digital, which he created after spending some time on work experience with the website agency David and George in Edinburgh.

Jul 02, 202024:01
Meet Adam Gough - Film Editor

Meet Adam Gough - Film Editor

On this edition of the Four O'Clock Podcast were talking to Adam Gough, the editor of Spike Lee's Netflix film Da 5 Bloods and the 2019 Oscar-winning film by Alfonso Cuarón, ROMA.

Adam has had a fantastic journey starting out as an unpaid editorial runner on the 2006 teen spy movie Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker. From there, Adam set out on an impressive career path that would include assistant work on In Bruges, Harry Potter, and X-Men: First Class, before he became a full-fledged editor in his own right working on award-winning features for iconic directors. 

Jun 19, 202001:13:21
Instant Love - A Polaroid Story

Instant Love - A Polaroid Story

For a lot of people instant photography is the new cool but it's still an important creative tool for a lot of artists. Artists like Andrew J. Millar who pushes the limits of Polaroid film exploring the manipulative potential of this light sensitive material. In recent years Andrew's work has become increasingly popular and his talent has earned him international recognition with solo exhibitions in Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, New York, and London.

This episode also takes a brief look at the story of Polaroid and it's inventor Edwin Land who in 1948 launched the Land Camera and therefore started the Instant photography genres that is once again becoming popular and cool for a new generation of consumer.

Jun 04, 202016:16
Tanker Wars

Tanker Wars

The Four O'Clock podcast is a series of stories about our world and the people that keep it moving. In this first episode we look to the past and the Gulf Tanker Wars of 1988 through the eyes of the crew of a Royal Navy frigate, HMS Boxer.

In 1988 the Middle East Gulf shipping lanes were a crowded theatre of operations. At least ten Western navies and eight regional navies patrolled the area. It was the site of weekly incidents in which merchant vessels were crippled. The Arab Ship Repair Yard in Bahrain and its counterpart in Dubai, could not keep up with the demand for repairs to ships attacked by Iranian naval forces in these so-called Tanker Wars.

The Tanker Wars were fuelled by bitter religious and political acrimony, the Iran-Iraq War, was one of the longest interstate conflicts of the 20th century, had spread into the Persian Gulf in 1987. Forced to protect vital petroleum tankers, NATO and Soviet naval forces in the Gulf faced new and old challenges from a variety of Iranian and Iraqi threats. As the war dragged into 1988, there was little prospect of either belligerent raising a white flag making this a dangerous place for British and other International ships operating in the area. 

May 29, 202021:06