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By Richmond Stace

Conversations with people who are Positive Encouragers. They share, give and serve. In so doing they encourage and inspire to make a difference in the world.

These chats are recorded raw and unplugged. No editing and no ads -- we just press play and go.

It's like you are there with us in the room.

The aim is to inspire and encourage you.
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Jennifer Corns -- philosophy of pain

EncouragerJul 11, 2023

Jennifer Corns -- philosophy of pain
Jul 11, 202301:05:55
Orla Adams -- dietician and motivational interviewing trainer (MINTY)
Jun 22, 202301:08:51
Prof Manuela Ferreira -- zooming out to understand back pain

Prof Manuela Ferreira -- zooming out to understand back pain

Great to have Prof Manuela Ferreira on the show to talk about her pioneering work on back pain.

Manuela is the lead author of a recent study analysing the global burden of low back pain: 'Global, regional, and national burden of low back pain, 1990–2020, its attributable risk factors, and projections to 2050: a systematic analysis of the Global Burden of Disease Study 2021' (see link below).

The findings are a stark reminder of the need to deepen our understanding of pain and how to help people. The authors estimate that on the current trajectory, "...there will be over 800 million cases of low back pain in 2050, a 36 percent increase from 2020".

We get into this, the work that Manuela is doing and much more in this fascinating conversation, highlighting some of the practical ways forward.


In 2050, over 800 million people globally estimated to be living with back pain -- read here

Global, regional, and national burden of low back pain, 1990–2020, its attributable risk factors, and projections to 2050: a systematic analysis of the Global Burden of Disease Study 2021 -- read here

The global epidemic of low back pain -- read here

You can follow Maneula on Twitter and here.

May 30, 202301:11:50
Dr Kirsty Bannister -- working class to neuroscience lab leader
May 24, 202343:42
Irena Arslanova - is your body shaping your sense of time?

Irena Arslanova - is your body shaping your sense of time?

Fascinating chat!

Irena posted a video on Twitter describing her recent study, Perceived time expands and contracts within each heartbeat, which I thought a brilliant way of sharing.

In this episode Irena talks about her work as a postdoctoral researcher in cognitive neuroscience at Royal Holloway, University of London -- how we experience time, why time sometimes flies by and yet other times drags by, and the role of the brain and the body as one.

We get into this, interoception, the embodied mind, predictive processing, science and intuition and much more, using examples from chronic pain, depression and anxiety.

Check it out!

Follow Irena and her work on her website, on Twitter and her lab.


I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Don't forget to leave a review and a rating. If you would like to donate to my 65k running fundraiser for Medical Aid for Palestinians, you can here.

May 10, 202301:17:06
Dr Sabrina Coninx, Dr Peter Stilwell, Professor Michael Ray -- a video game analogy for chronic pain

Dr Sabrina Coninx, Dr Peter Stilwell, Professor Michael Ray -- a video game analogy for chronic pain

Sabrina (prior episode here) and Peter (prior episode here) are back on the encourager pod -- two of the most popular episodes, so give them a listen!

This time they are joined by collaborator Prof Michael Ray.

Together the three have recently put out a fascinating paper entitled, "Unpacking an affordance-based model of chronic pain: a video game analogy".

In this four-way chat (my first go at multiple guests!), we dive into the paper, the concepts and the practicalities.

This is a great way of understanding the reality of pain experience.

We need models and explanations that span the person's first person experience and the third person perspective; the subjective and the objective. They need to be brought together and understood to give meaning and a way forward.

That is what this paper does. Have a listen to the pod and read the paper here.

You can follow and connect with Sabrina on her website and Twitter, with Peter on his website and Twitter, and with Michael on his website and Twitter.

May 02, 202301:14:28
Tom Plender - FND champion
Apr 25, 202301:32:29
Deepak Ravindran - Pain Physician
Apr 11, 202301:03:26
Showbiz! -- on continuing to follow your passion

Showbiz! -- on continuing to follow your passion

This week an old friend joins me: musician, guitarist, songwriter, producer, Tim Shoben. Aka, Showbiz.

(If you watch the video, you'll see me wearing my guitar hat whilst Tim is suited -- we got it the wrong way round 😂).

Tim has been around music all his life, picking up the guitar at an early age. And playing it of course.

He talks about his musical career, his definition of success, the importance of practice and his collaboration with Lifford (golden buzzer on Britain's Got Talent), The Soul Dogs

But what shines through is his passion that has kept Showbiz deeply connected with music. This connection is rooted in his family and his very being. And now he has an album under his belt that deserves to be widely heard.

Guitar playing is a great example of being on a route of mastery. There is no end point with new things to learn and practice. There are ups, downs and plateaus just as there are in life, with any learning or challenge you seek to overcome. 

Check out The Soul Dogs album here, listen to them playing here and keep an eye out for their forthcoming gigs at Pizza Express Jazz Club and Boulevard Soho.

And if you want to learn English at Tim's school in Islington, see here.

Mar 15, 202346:50
Louise Trewern - living well with pain after opioids
Mar 10, 202301:25:26
Inês Hipólito - scientist, philosopher, educator, writer, a bit of a punk
Feb 22, 202301:16:15
Vincent Kortleve -- communication for physiotherapists...and us all
Jan 25, 202301:04:02
Dr Morten Hoegh -- pain scientist, pain clinician and a bit of hygge

Dr Morten Hoegh -- pain scientist, pain clinician and a bit of hygge

If you're interested in pain and chronic pain, this one is for you. 

Morten is doing fantastic work in the pain field, including a recent series of editorials called 'Pain Science in Practice'. 

He tells his story of how he got to where he is now -- he didn't expect to be there 😊 !

Then we get into the detail of what we do with patients who are suffering, what the science says and what it does not say, the role of pain education, some of the words being used, acute and chronic pain, pain in sport, the difference between pain and injury, change as a process and more.

Come and have a listen 🎧

Connect with Morten




Research Gate

The studies

Petrie KJ, Weinman J. Why illness perceptions matter. Clin Med (Lond). 2006 Nov-Dec;6(6):536-9. doi: 10.7861/clinmedicine.6-6-536. PMID: 17228551; PMCID: PMC4952762.

Giordano R, Gerra MC, Okutani H, Lo Vecchio S, Stensballe A, Petersen KK, Arendt-Nielsen L. The temporal expression of circulating microRNAs after acute experimental pain in humans. Eur J Pain. 2022 Dec 1. doi: 10.1002/ejp.2062. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 36453122.

Hoegh M, Stanton T, George S, Lyng KD, Vistrup S, Rathleff MS. Infographic. Pain or injury? Why differentiation matters in exercise and sports medicine. Br J Sports Med. 2022 Mar;56(5):299-300. doi: 10.1136/bjsports-2021-104633. Epub 2021 Sep 16. PMID: 34531187.

Ashar YK, Gordon A, Schubiner H, Uipi C, Knight K, Anderson Z, Carlisle J, Polisky L, Geuter S, Flood TF, Kragel PA, Dimidjian S, Lumley MA, Wager TD. Effect of Pain Reprocessing Therapy vs Placebo and Usual Care for Patients With Chronic Back Pain: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Psychiatry. 2022 Jan 1;79(1):13-23. doi: 10.1001/jamapsychiatry.2021.2669. PMID: 34586357; PMCID: PMC8482298.

Groin pain paper (not yet indexed on PubMed):

How do we explain painful chronic non-traumatic knee conditions to children and adolescents? A multiple-method study to develop credible explanations C Djurtoft, MK Bruun, H Riel, MS Hoegh, B Darlow, MS Rathleff (2022)

Jan 18, 202301:18:14
Virginia McIntyre - President of the People in Pain Network
Jan 11, 202301:02:38
Charles Balcombe -- using his lived experience of pain to help others

Charles Balcombe -- using his lived experience of pain to help others

Charles Balcombe is the creator and founder of Paind, with the no small mission of 'changing the face of chronic pain treatment'. 


Because Charles has his own story of chronic pain. It started with leg pain, a visit to the doctor, physio that 'did not work', an MRI and 7 months after the pain began, neurosurgery. Little was he to know that this would follow with years of pain and 'revolving door' treatments. Plus foot drop and more surgeries to boot. 

Then he realised that there must be more to it. He could be in control and focus on those things that before he had dismissed: emotions, beliefs, expectations and more. He could also choose to be more active. 

Charles found a way. He believes that everyone can find their way but needs the right information about pain and the right guidance. Perhaps from a Pain Coach.

Is there an ideal healthcare professional? What's going wrong in the healthcare system? What can we do? What is Charles doing?

All of this and much more in this episode of The Encourager 

You can follow Charles on Instagram and Paind.

Jan 04, 202301:23:49
Nerita Lewis - chronic pain, the power of stories and connection
Dec 20, 202201:05:29
We Can’t Run Away From This — Damian Hall, ultrarunner, author, planet champion
Oct 12, 202253:57
Running Poo ~ Chris Peskett

Running Poo ~ Chris Peskett

Chris, (aka Peck) an old school friend of some 40 years, ran the London Marathon yesterday in memory of family friend Deborah James, Bowel Babe, who sadly passed away this year. Deborah is known for her work, raising awareness and money for bowel cancer, a condition that she suffered despite being healthy and a vegetarian.
Whilst Peck has had to come to terms with his knee pain and a change in his running focus, which he talks about (blog coming soon on so-called ‘runners knees’), he certainly had a purpose yesterday. It was clearly a tough marathon and his slowest, mainly due to poo emoji costume hanging off his shoulders.
It was a superb effort and one that keeps bowel cancer on the agenda via some notable media appearances during the run and on Lorraine today.
You can donate here
Well done mate!
Oct 03, 202237:10
Being Mark Miller

Being Mark Miller

If you loved our first chat, this one will blow you away!

Mark is back on the Encourager's pod. The basis of our chat today is his new paper looking at wellbeing through the predictive processing lens. 

But we get into some really juicy stuff.

How do we get stuck? What is going on there? 

This could be with pain, depression or some higher belief. What are the effects of this and importantly, how we reckon we can help people get unstuck. 

Today was much more of a chat rather than an interview, and we set it up like that, so plenty of back and forth. 

I love Mark's energy. He is a huge sharer, having realised that this way of being results in wellness and great results: together over tribal. 

You will love this if you are interested in wellness, pain, depression, anxiety, mental health, coaching, being with people, a manager, a leader, the list goes on.

Mark's work informs my approach to helping people understand and overcome their pain. 

Mark now has his own podcast: The Contemplative Scientist Podcast -- what a cool name! And so perfect! You can read his work and listen to other talks here.

And you can read the wellness paper entitled: 'The Predictive Dynamics of Happiness and Well-Being' here.

Mar 09, 202257:44
Persistent pain in the performing arts
Feb 06, 202201:08:47
Glenn Hinds - motivational interviewing
Dec 07, 202159:38
Alan Wick - business coach

Alan Wick - business coach

It was great to catch up with Alan and hear his rock n roll story that led to the creation of a business -- he saw the need and took action. 

We follow Alan's journey from his early rebel years through to the person-focused business coach that he is now, having had a transformational experience -- he calls it 'a stroke of luck'. 

Alan guides, helps and encourages people who want to be successful transforming their purpose-led ideas into businesses that make a difference -- entrepreneurs. I know because I was fortunate enough to work with Alan.

There are some golden tips to look out for in our conversation.

Listen in, and let me know what you think.

You can read more about Alan's work on his website: 

Nov 23, 202157:56
Stuart Robertson ~ physio & yoga teacher
Oct 26, 202159:18
Alex Staniforth - adventurer & mental health charity co-founder

Alex Staniforth - adventurer & mental health charity co-founder

A hill walk on a family holiday became two attempts to climb Everest just a few years later for Alex. The second attempt could have been fatal -- it was for some. 

What did Alex take from this and all his training? He tells me in this fascinating episode.

Then, in 2020 he ran 452 miles, not only climbing the 3 Peaks (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike & Snowdon), but also running between them. It took 9 days and 12 hours. 

Last year Alex co-founded the charity Mind Over Mountains: 'We offer immediate and accessible support by bringing together the healing power of nature, the practice of mindfulness and time to talk with experienced coaches and counsellors in an unpressured, unhurried setting'. That setting is nature, where Alex has found his strength and inspiration. 

Alex has achieved all this and much more aged 26. He is a motivational speaker and a published author, whilst continuing to be an ultra-athlete and build the charity. He is busy! But mindful that he needs to self-care.

You can follow Alex on Twitter, Instagram and on his website plus the Mind Over Mountains website.

Oct 12, 202157:16
Barrie Thomson - Mr Fables from Feasts & Fables

Barrie Thomson - Mr Fables from Feasts & Fables

Barrie and JoJo Thomson sold their house and headed off in their van. They have reached Ben Nevis, where Barrie was sitting for our chat -- there were a few wifi lapses, but not bad considering :).
This is a great story packed with purpose, adventure, uncertainty, authenticity and of course encouragement. We delve into their value-led business, choosing to sell up, quality leadership and the importance of having someone that sees the light in us and then supports our development.
Barrie talks about the Encouragement Manifesto and the Ripple Effect in particular. I love this idea and how it plays out in life. We get into that.
Need a part 2 to hear JoJo's side of the story.
PS/ Another one stemming from the Do Lectures.... :)
You can follow Barrie and JoJo's adventures on Twitter, Instagram and the website, where you will find the Encouragement Manifesto.
Oct 06, 202101:01:42
Dan Kieran -- Do Sch-peel-zoyg

Dan Kieran -- Do Sch-peel-zoyg

I recently heard Dan's Do Lecture and was struck by his storytelling, humour and the concept of sch-peel-zoyg. 

That was in 2015, so it was great to catch up with Dan and see how his thinking has unfolded over the past 6 years.

So, we get into sch-peel-zoyg, the feeling, what it is and how it can be used.

And much more in this very open and candid chat, from Dan's car (he was parked!).

Dan is a writer and the co-founder and CEO of, the award-winning crowdfunding publishing platform that brings authors and readers together. He was described as "a true disruptor" by Richard Branson. 

You can follow Dan on Twitter & Medium

** please note that there is some swearing in this episode

Sep 29, 202157:55
Andy Williams - exclusion to inclusion

Andy Williams - exclusion to inclusion

Andy Williams was excluded when he was at school.

But he became an educator. Then focused on wellbeing and relationships in the school.

Andy understood that the punishment/reward system did not work -- there is something better.

Now he specialises in helping schools develop a way that embraces and accepts the individual, understanding the self, community, engagement and opportunity.

This is with a backing of the spirt of motivational interviewing, Zen Buddhism, neuroscience and the best of education. 

Andy is doing superb and much needed work.

Grab a coffee, listen in and enjoy. I hope there will be a part 2.

You'll know what I mean.

Contact Andy on: -- he has no website (love that!)

Sep 28, 202138:51
Caroline Williams - Move!

Caroline Williams - Move!

Why is movement so important? We explore the answers to this question and how people can be encouraged to move from a young age, when many beliefs and habits are born.

Science writer, journalist and mover Caroline Williams talks about her new book, Move: The New Science of Body over Mind.

Plus becoming a science writer, writing habits and meeting some cool people along the way -- including Eric Kandel!

Great for anyone who loves to move (understand why it feels so good), who is thinking about moving more, who encourages others to move (physios, yoga teachers, Pilates instructors, school teachers and more).

Enjoy and please share.

You can read more about Caroline here, follow on Twitter and Instagram

Sep 22, 202159:36
Sabrina Coninx - a passionate pain philosopher

Sabrina Coninx - a passionate pain philosopher

Recently Sabrina published a terrific paper (see below*) describing an enactive approach to acute and chronic pain. Her co-author is Peter Stilwell (see his episode here). This is a must read if you are interested in pain. 

In this chat we get into Sabrina's thinking on enactivism and pain as a philosopher. Sabrina has been spending time with clinicians and people who experience pain so that she can gain their perspectives. 

It was fascinating to hear Sabrina, who is making a great contribution to our understanding of pain through her work.

To follow Sabrina's work you can visit her website here and on Twitter.

* Pain and the field of affordances: an enactive approach to acute and chronic pain - read here

Sep 15, 202101:02:25
Dr Alastair Santhouse ~ Head First
Aug 25, 202101:07:14
Dr Peter Stilwell - pain punk

Dr Peter Stilwell - pain punk

Peter is doing fine work in helping us think about pain in different and progressive ways. He tells me about his journey so far, and has a bright outlook for the future of pain.
Peter has noticed a significant shift in the student's interests towards people, communication skills and the biopsychosocial model over techniques and practices. Great! He also sees some issues around the BPS model that we discuss.
We uncovered part of Peter's philosophy that emerges from being a skateboarder: punk rock, swimming against the tide, thinking differently.
He looks at pain through the enactive lens, describing this and the other E's: embodied, embedded, emotive and extended. Plus some ecology.
Fascinating chat. It appears that we might be two pain geeks. Or perhaps people first geeks?
Anyway, enjoy and let me know what you think.
You can read Peter's work here and follow him on Twitter.
Jul 13, 202101:10:28
Dr Glenn Wallis ~ on coaching, business & people
Jul 03, 202101:16:36
Richard Askwith ~ author of the fell running classic ‘Feet in the Clouds’

Richard Askwith ~ author of the fell running classic ‘Feet in the Clouds’

Richard generously shares his journey as a journalist, writer and runner. Turns out that running was rather transformative for Richard, influencing his writing and career. May well have started with an appearance in Chariots of Fire... (read here).

We met when Richard was co-host of a running/writing retreat in 2019 with Adharanand Finn. It was a terrific weekend with the group remaining in touch. I was really excited to ask Richard to join me on the podcast.

What is it about running that makes it such an important part of our lives?

Different running philosophies ~ results v the process... and longevity 

A southerner who tries and tries to do the Bob Graham Round (BGR) and the succeeds - what is this ultra running challenge all about?

On writing -- maybe start by calling yourself a writer and other useful insights into the art 

Emil Zátopek - heading off to the Czech Republic to write a book and learning the language

You can find Richard's books on his website and he is on Twitter. But don't expect too many tweets :) 

Jun 30, 202101:10:52
Jen Hamer ~ on overcoming anorexia and pain

Jen Hamer ~ on overcoming anorexia and pain

Jen shares her remarkable journey having battled with anorexia for 16 years. She describes her lived experience from being diagnosed aged 12 through to the present day, now studying for her PhD In Australia, with a specialist interest in eating disorders and Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (REDS). 

This is a real insight into how an eating disorder can emerge and take hold of someone's life. In 2015, it was critical but something changed whilst she was an in-patient, essentially saving her. 

On her path of recovery, we met because Jen was suffering with recurring and persistent pain. It was great to hear that she continues to use some of the skills and tools that we practiced together, and how they can just be useful for living well.

Jen has made enormous progress but is not there yet. However, she has the self-awareness and skills that she uses when noticing certain feelings, to get back on track, together with incredible support from her loving family. Moving to Australia just before lockdown was an example.

Jen talks openly about her life and experiences with the hope that she can inspire others -- I am sure she will. Before recording, I asked if anything was off limits. No, she said.

Jen epitomises the name of this podcast, together with a huge dose of courage and determination. Just listen to how she conquered the waves!

In her own words: "It is now my mission to to help others believe that they too  can recover and there is a life out there for them away from their eating disorder not matter how faint that glimmer of hope may be, it is always possible." 

You can see Jen's photos and read her words on Instagram at jens_littleworld and on her website. She is an ambassador for InsideOut Institute for Eating Disorders.

Jun 23, 202101:02:39
Mark Miller ~ philosopher of cognition

Mark Miller ~ philosopher of cognition

In this fascinating conversation, we talked about the lived experiences of persistent pain, addiction, depression and anxiety, through the lens of predictive processing. We get into horror films and why we seem to love them, having uncomfortable experiences like ultrarunning and the concept of being frozen with a certain stuck belief that is holding us back in different ways. And so much more! I will need to listen to this again :)

Mark's purpose is to make the science real. In other words, be useful for individuals and society to encourage thriving and flourishing.

He so clearly explains the model and how it may be working and applicable. We also see his openness to possibilities and a willingness to learn. 

I loved listening and hope you do too. This is great for clinicians, therapists, teachers, coaches, scientists, philosophers, and psychologists. Or anyone who is interested in being human.

Mark Miller is a philosopher of cognition. His research explores what recent advances in neuroscience can tell us about happiness and well-being, and what it means to live well in our increasingly technologically-mediated world. He is an assistant professor at Hokkaido University’s Center for Human Nature, Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience.


Twitter: @PredictiveLife


Art and Affect in the Predictive Mind Conference (I will be talk about horror)

Papers mentioned:

Embodying addiction: A predictive processing account Ourselves: Active Inference, Depersonalization, and Meditation

How mood tunes prediction: a neurophenomenological account of mood and its disturbance in major depression

Jun 16, 202101:34:44
Andrew Brownhill ~ the modern rugby coach
Jun 09, 202101:12:34
Chris Jenkins ~ Head Physio Russian Men's Rugby
Jun 01, 202101:05:49
Sarah Mottram ~ physiotherapist & movement coach
May 25, 202150:29
Sandy Hilton PT - pain, sex, & pelvic PT for women & men
May 18, 202101:23:38
Dan Abrahams - sport psychologist: people, players and performers
May 18, 202101:10:51
Professor Andy Lane - sport psychologist

Professor Andy Lane - sport psychologist

Andy Lane is a Professor of Sport Psychology and works with athletes trying to achieve goals. He is a Fellow of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES), Health Professional Council registered and a British Psychological Society Chartered Psychologist.

-- Great for runners, coaches, teachers and anyone who encourages others to be active.

In a typically relaxed conversation, Andy talks about training and running in lockdown before getting into a range of different strategies and techniques that we can all use to get the most out of our activities. 

The tools that peak performers use are equally applicable to amateur athletes and exercisers. We should be encouraging the use of these tools and practices, and most definitely teaching kids in school how to apply them to deal with stress and anxiety. 

1k, 10k, marathon, ultramarathon, whatever your thing, thinking about how you train, deal with injury and look after yourself will make the difference when it comes to the longevity of your running career. 

Listen in and let us know what you think -- thanks as ever. 

You can connect with Andy on Twitter where he posts articles and jokes. He is usually on the UKRunChat hour (Sun & Weds at 8pm #ukrunchat). His website is Winning Lane.

May 11, 202101:34:35
Dai Rees - transformational coach, teacher, mentor
May 04, 202101:09:34
Jackie Walumbe -- Advanced Practitioner Pain Physiotherapist & Clinical Research Fellow
Apr 27, 202101:10:27
Miles with Michelle ~ running coach
Apr 20, 202139:34
Katie Ledger -- a trusted guide

Katie Ledger -- a trusted guide

Katie Ledger is a Senior Practitioner at Complete, coaching executives, guiding teams and hosting international conferences. For 12 years Katie worked as a journalist and TV news presenter for the BBC, ITN, Channel 5 News and TVB in Hong Kong, followed by 9 years of running her own communications business. 

Katie now uses her skills in the business sector to help leaders shift from ‘turning up’ to ‘showing up’. She enables individuals to both increase their capabilities and capacity using practical tools to deliver desired results.

Katie coaches senior leaders in multiple markets and geographies. For the last 14 years, she has worked extensively with leaders and innovators in media and technology sectors in companies such as Xerox, Microsoft and Google helping them to unlock their potential and deliver results despite the pressure.

Katie is a qualified professional level coach, trained by Integral Coaching Canada in their Integral Coaching method. Ken Wilber has described this to be ‘the most complete and comprehensive coaching program available’. Katie is also a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

You can read more about Katie on LinkedIn and the Complete website.

Apr 14, 202149:52
Simon Austin -- Sports journalist and founder of Training Ground Guru

Simon Austin -- Sports journalist and founder of Training Ground Guru

Simon created the Training Ground Guru in 2017 for people interested in the latest developments in analytics, coaching, conditioning, leadership and youth development, with news and innovations from practitioners, entrepreneurs and academics.  Why? 'We believe the backroom staff are football's unsung heroes and this platform will give those coaches, sports scientists, medics, analysts and physios the spotlight they deserve.'  He has been a sports journalist for almost 20 years, writing for publications including the New York Times, Daily Telegraph, Sun and Daily Mail. From 2000 to 2013, he worked for the BBC, latterly as features editor of the BBC Sport website. Prior to this, Simon spent a year at a local paper where he developed his nose for a story together with other skills that have served him well through his career.  Now he has his dream job, continuing to develop the Training Ground Guru website, podcast and events. Simon interviewed me about Pain Coaching in football. You can read the article here.  You can see more here: Training Ground Guru website, articles, events & podcast.  Follow on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
Apr 13, 202153:16
Dani Mugridge ~ Director of Sport & Coach

Dani Mugridge ~ Director of Sport & Coach

Dani (or Miss Mugridge if you are one of her pupils...) epitomises both the modern director of sport and the positive coach, being an overt advocate for Girl's sport. She runs the department at LEH, a girls' school in Hampton, and is the Assistant Coach of Surrey Storm netball team. 

Life is full for Dani, so I was lucky to grab her for an hour during her break. It's been a busy time for all teachers over the past year or so as they have tried to help kids remain active at home and now guiding them back to school sports. 

Her passion, purpose and energy shine through as Dani talks about her career, being a Director of Sport and coaching in elite sport.

We talk about Covid, encouraging participation in sports at school, women in sport, TV coverage, being an assistant coach, offering opportunities to kids, coaching style, Spurs and more.

You can follow Surrey Storm on Twitter, the Netball superleague, and Dani on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Apr 06, 202151:18
Celine Ivari -- Wholy Me Founder

Celine Ivari -- Wholy Me Founder

Celine started the Wholy Me business in lockdown last year, the idea coming from caring for her mum who was suffering pain from rheumatoid arthritis. Wholy Me is all about natural solutions for health and wellness with a focus on the person and importance of self care to live your best life. Celine tells me about the products, the scrutiny and transparency that are driven by her values, and her desire to keep building a community around these values. 

Chronic pain is one of the largest global health burdens, affecting perhaps 20% of people, including children. Traditional medical approaches have not provided any sustainable ways forward, mainly because the treatments are passive or based on a quick fix. To overcome pain needs a proactive approach with the creation of new habits that are in line with long term improvements and wellness. We talk about this, habit formation, the need for recovery and recharge time to make a difference. 

Just taking a fe moments each day for yourself can start to create a difference as you build on this day by day. 

You can find information on the Wholy Me products on the website (use the code paincoach10 to get your discount), and follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

I am pleased to be an Ambassador for Wholy Me, using the products as part of my wellness routine and for recovery from ultrarunning. 

Mar 30, 202158:13
Evie Martin -- founder of Online Physios

Evie Martin -- founder of Online Physios

Evie Martin is a physiotherapist from Ireland, based in Norway where she lives and has her practice. 

During lockdown, Evie brought people (physios) together under the banner of Physios Online that she created with her wife Christine. It was just what was needed at a time when many therapists were unsure about their next steps, particularly those with practices. 

In this chat, Evie tells me about the idea of Physios Online coming to her before Covid but how it was parked for several reasons that she shares. With Covid and a boost in confidence from a conversation with a colleague, Evie took the plunge. Just shows what connections and encouragement can do!

Since then, the project has taken off with many physios on board and sharing messages about what we do to help people. We talk about the ups and downs, the challenges, measuring success, effective altruism, what is to come with Physios Online and more. 

If you are doing online sessions or thinking about it, you might like to listen.

You can find out more on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the website. Evie also talks about GiveWell and Giving What We Can, being a fan of the Effective Altruism movement.

Mar 24, 202101:00:57
Kevin Nicholson ~ Football consultant & coach

Kevin Nicholson ~ Football consultant & coach

A really energising and positive conversation with Kevin Nicholson, who has spent most of his life in the world of football, initially as a player and now as a consultant and coach. Currently he works for Double Pass, helping clubs and players optimise their talent. 

Kevin steamed through the UEFA coaching badges to the top (Pro Licence), which he talks about. He is the youngest-ever English UEFA Pro Licence & FA Elite Coaching Award graduate, plus over 15 years of professional experience. Kevin talks about the importance of both qualifications and experiences -- you need both. He is obviously passionate about what he does and has clear purpose in helping others achieve success as a modern coach and consultant. Kevin's openness, thirst for learning and connecting with others come across as some of his many strengths. 

As ever with these Positive Encourager chats, we get into the nuts and bolts, with plenty of examples to illustrate. 

Kevin uses the person-first approach, whether he is working with players to develop their talent or coaches at different clubs. He has travelled the world plying his trade. He talks about the importance of adaptability, empathy and being present, noting that these strengths and skills are applicable in all forms of leadership. 

In my mind, Kevin encapsulates all the qualities of the positive modern coach. 

And as you would expect, we cover a lot more in this fantastic chat! Great for coaches, leaders, people in HR, learning and development as well as those who just love footy!  

You can find Kevin on LinkedIn and Twitter

Mar 23, 202101:16:12