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The Rise & Shine Speaking BLOG

The Rise & Shine Speaking BLOG

By Tim Neale

Showing new possibilities in life by sharing a fresh new perspective on what holds people back and causes suffering in their lives, and how to shift that.

We know that not everyone likes to read, so we record our BLOGs and put them on this channel.

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Are emotions causing my back pain? - S1:E8

The Rise & Shine Speaking BLOGJan 11, 2022

Are emotions causing my back pain? - S1:E8

Are emotions causing my back pain? - S1:E8

Do you have one of those physical pains that just keeps coming back,  no matter how many times you try to fix it? You get the message, you do the exercises, but the pain still comes back.

Do you ever hear your therapist say something like – there’s nothing wrong physically or structurally, it just doesn’t make sense? This is something that I’ve heard a surprising number of times from people.

I often get asked if a person’s physical pain could be linked to how they feel emotionally. After replying – yes, I usually share one of my stories that illustrates this point.

What I thought I’d do is to share one of those stories, in fact, the story of the first time I noticed the link between the emotional and the physical. This will also explain why I answered yes with so much certainty.

Jan 11, 202211:23
How do I stop negative thoughts? - S1:E7

How do I stop negative thoughts? - S1:E7

In this BLOG I eventually tell you how to stop negative thoughts, but first I'll tell you about on of our core concepts. All will make sense by the end of the episode.

Nov 30, 202108:23
How can I overcome my fear of public speaking? - S1:E6

How can I overcome my fear of public speaking? - S1:E6

It’s actually pretty easy when you use the right tool for the job, the problem is just that – finding the right tool.

And it’s really interesting when I look back because this subject has followed me throughout life and has become a pet topic of mine. It’s almost like life primed me to be ideally equipped to help people shift this common challenge.

I’ve been in so many roles where I got to witness this fear in people, and then, later on, assist them to overcome that fear.

What I want to share with you today, is what the deeper cause of the fear is, and why just following the advice that is commonly shared seldom removes the fear, and how even repeated practice can still leave you terrified.

Nov 19, 202119:30
Boost your results with our Number 1 ESSENTIAL telephone skill - S1:E5

Boost your results with our Number 1 ESSENTIAL telephone skill - S1:E5

We did some work with a group of people who were doing sales for a  network marketing company, especially around making recruitment calls.

The effects we had were incredible powerful, fast, simple, and took  very little time to implement. Again, this is a perfect example of the  difference how we feel about ourselves makes to the quality of our  connections and how we communicate to them.

More of that in a mo – let’s set the scene first.

Nov 15, 202107:43
How do emotions affect my business - S1:E4

How do emotions affect my business - S1:E4

It’s interesting as I often get this question which is often asked  from the place of emotional work seeming fluffy and not as practical as  mindset, or business coaching. Now, they all have their place, but I  would always start with getting the emotional landscape sorted first as  it really is the foundation that everything else is built upon.

To look at this from another perspective…

Mindset and business coaching are amazing tools when the actions they  require are implementable by the business owner. And this it where  emotion and it’s invisible forces can get in the way and stop them  taking action.

To illustrate this I’ll share an example with a past client. This  example is really obvious, but this can also show up in a much more  subtle way at times too. I’ll go more into that later on.

Nov 09, 202107:46
What is emotional trauma - S1:E3

What is emotional trauma - S1:E3

There is a growing consciousness around trauma and it’s far-reaching effects. It’s a subject that has been under the radar for many years but is now being recognised and spoken about much more.

We’ve been speaking about it for close to a decade now with our clients and decided that would share our simple perspective on this complex subject and hopefully give you a different way to view it.

Ever since we started doing our trauma work, we were always looking for a simple, easy way to explain what is going on inside the nervous system. We found that because trauma is invisible, it’s also hard for people to visualise and understand how it works, which makes it harder for them to let go of it and heal. So what we were looking for, was an easy to visualise, tangible analogy that people could easily understand.

Then, when I was in Cyprus working on a retreat, I got to work with a  local person whose first language wasn’t English. I wanted him to fully understand the process I was taking him through, so I came up with the splinter as a simple analogy.

That was 6 years ago, and now splinters are a common conversation around our work.

Oct 27, 202108:14
How do you desensitize the nervous system? - S1:E2

How do you desensitize the nervous system? - S1:E2

As you learn more about our work you will discover that we view whatever is holding you back, or causing you any kind of emotional pain or suffering, as having the same cause at its root. That being an over-sensitized nervous system.

We found that when you desensitize the nervous system that most people’s mental health problems just melt away. Actually, we don’t view them as mental health problems, we view everything as an overloaded nervous system. From that perspective, things are much simpler, and we’ve found we get much better results.

Listen to learn more about our perspective ❤

Sep 28, 202110:39
What is holding me back in life and how can I change it - S1:E1

What is holding me back in life and how can I change it - S1:E1

I’ve been a part of the self-development world for nearly 20 years  now and I believe that this is the question that most people are there  to figure out, even if they that’s not how they phrase it. Obviously,  that’s just my belief, but what I know for sure is that this is the  exact reason that attracted me into this world.

So now that I’m 2 decades into this journey, and that I’ve had huge  success in my quest to find out what was holding me back and  transforming that into powerful action, true happiness, emotional  freedom, and now a thriving business helping other people to do the  same, I felt compelled to share what it is I discovered, and what really  made the difference.

Sep 24, 202109:32