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Rise of the Wisewoman

Rise of the Wisewoman

By Magi + Freya

Holding space to let wisdom flow.

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Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional

Rise of the WisewomanJun 23, 2021

Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional
Jun 23, 202137:11
Expansion is here. Can you feel it?
May 07, 202127:13
Put yourself in the power happens FOR you.
Apr 22, 202141:20
When a sure thing isn't a sure thing
Apr 04, 202139:36
Curling your way to an emotional state of flow
Mar 16, 202135:46
Change is our friend
Mar 02, 202133:01
Why Resist Joy?
Feb 09, 202136:02
Ask and then get ready to receive!
Jan 05, 202131:27
Motherhood: To be or not to be?
Dec 23, 202036:14
Accessing Freedom Anytime
Dec 01, 202037:12
The Opportunity of Death
Nov 09, 202040:29
The Fear of Being Who You Are
Oct 22, 202041:28
Loneliness, expectations and acceptance
Oct 06, 202047:36
How to BE when things feel overwhelming
Sep 29, 202027:42
Birthdays and expectations
Sep 02, 202034:57
Trigger me and I'll trigger you not
Aug 21, 202031:53
Facing Fear as the Lady of the Flies
Aug 07, 202035:37
Beings friends with myself
Jul 10, 202034:29
How to love what's on the outside
Jun 29, 202033:42
Feeling heavy + uncomfortable and that's okay.
Jun 15, 202030:55
You don't get what you WANT, you get what you're BEING.
May 29, 202034:17
Judgment is a projection of your fear
May 22, 202045:57
Just BE with it
May 15, 202038:29
Meaning is optional
May 09, 202051:03
Is it okay to feel joy while others are struggling?
May 04, 202030:55
Power isn't a bad word: mastering our inner power
Apr 26, 202036:47
Leaning into trust: Sinister ideas vs Hopeful ideas
Apr 18, 202037:36
Embracing change
Apr 11, 202038:14
Letting Go
Apr 05, 202033:02
Turning Toward Anxiety
Mar 28, 202031:33
Impacts of Physical Distancing
Mar 26, 202035:09