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TradeScope Podcast with Rob Hand

TradeScope Podcast with Rob Hand

By Rob Hand

The TradeScope Podcast is a broadcast by Rob Hand, longtime industry expert in trade promotion and consumer products who breaks down the most important issues facing manufacturers and resellers around the efficiency and effectiveness of trade promotion, revenue growth management, consumer marketing and engagement, and data & analytics. Rob brings his knowledge and expertise to focus on the news, technology, process and overall business impact driven by smart revenue growth management across all of the consumer shopping and purchase channels.
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The Cost of TPx

TradeScope Podcast with Rob HandApr 15, 2022

The Cost of TPx

The Cost of TPx

What is the cost of a full transformation of trade channel promotion technology?

This is an elusive figure because in the midst of this global expansion of trade promotion technology and the growth of TPx vendor innovation, consumer products manufacturers are challenged to understand realistic costs in advance of beginning the initiatives in order to properly budget. In this podcast episode, Rob Hand breaks down the issues and problems that drive the costs to the levels we are seeing, and offers an opportunity to better plan for these expenses before beginning a major modern TPx transformation. For the White Paper that goes with this podcast episode, request a copy at

Apr 15, 202222:37
Why I Wrote The Book

Why I Wrote The Book

This episode answers the many questions I have received about why I wrote the book, “The Invisible Economy of Consumer Engagement,” and how I decided on the content and subject matter it covers. The time for a book like this has never been better. We are on the precipice of innovative technologies never before available to plan, execute, analyze and manage the nearly $1 TRILLION of global trade and channel promotion spending; but we continue to suffer failure in promotion ROI, heavy out-of-stocks (even before the pandemic), and the lack of accurate historical data granular enough to drive the powerful AI and machine-learning engines we are building. The strides being made to improve trade promotion management are certainly considerable; however, we are behind the curve in the ability to leverage that $1 TRILLION to better align all of the promotional channels required to effectively engage the CONSUMER. “The Invisible Economy of Consumer Engagement” is the most comprehensive treatment of all aspects of modern trade and channel promotion management, execution, and analysis ever written, and it is released at a time that is more critical than any other in mercantile history.

Feb 26, 202218:52
The Book of TPx

The Book of TPx

Rob announces the impending release of his first book on trade promotion, The Invisible Economy of Consumer Engagement. He explains how he  relates the practices and processes of trade promotion management, analytics, and execution (TPx) to the mission-critical objective of consumer engagement excellence. It is truly “The Book of TPx.”

For more: 

Sep 09, 202115:51
Change Management in Modern Trade Channel Promotions

Change Management in Modern Trade Channel Promotions

Trade Channel Promotion implementations are long and hard. But they don’t have to be. The success of critical change management that takes place after a TPx implementation has a lot to do with HOW you take the design steps before a single line of code is written. Take the time to listen to this TradeScope Podcast and learn how you can improve your chances of not only a successful implementation, but gain the acceptance of the new technology and process by everyone who will use it.

Jun 19, 202121:55
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