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“The Positivity Podcast” with Coach Campbell

“The Positivity Podcast” with Coach Campbell

By Robert Coach Campbell

Stories of how making the choice of positivity and a positive approach to life can change everything and give you the success and life you desire.
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#018 Mark Simmons

“The Positivity Podcast” with Coach CampbellMar 15, 2023

#018 Mark Simmons
Mar 15, 202301:08:11
#017 Nicola Hurricane Hopewell
May 31, 202251:51
#016 Corrie Mapp (part 2)
May 01, 202259:16
#015 Corrie Mapp (Part 1)
Apr 01, 202243:37
#014 George Galloway
Mar 01, 202250:19
#013 Rudolph Walker CBE
Feb 01, 202201:08:16
#012 Alice Theobald
Dec 31, 202159:44
#011 Chesney Hawkes
Nov 30, 202101:02:05
#010 Carole Baskin
Sep 05, 202101:01:32
#009 Rachel Gold
Aug 01, 202158:42
#008 - Dee Kelly
Jun 30, 202101:00:16
#007 Kellie Maloney

#007 Kellie Maloney

Episode 7 of the positivity podcast. Kellie Maloney is one of Britain's greatest ever boxing promoters with multiple world champions. Most recognisably the great Lenox Lewis who she guided to being the undisputed heavy weight champion of the world. Kellie has experienced adversity over the years but can always be guaranteed to come back fighting she was named ‘Transgender Champion’ at the 2015 Glamour Women of the Year Awards just a year after completing her transition. She is without doubt someone who is a key role model in the LGBT community , Kellie has helped break down barriers allowing for education and debate on all things gender related. Providing thought-provoking and entertaining stories focused on her life and career I hope you enjoy her amazing story just as much as I did and thank you for listening to the positivity podcast and remember “Choose Positivity” @ROBERT_COACH_CAMPBELL on Instagram @ROBERTCOACHCAMPBELL on Facebook
May 31, 202155:35
#006 - Brian Bradley
Apr 30, 202101:03:17
#005 - Paul C Brunson

#005 - Paul C Brunson

Episode 5 of the positivity podcast.

Paul Carrick Brunson Is a serial entrepreneur, television host, Author
and columnist whose specialty lies in teaching others professional and social skills. An internationally recognized expert in interpersonal relationships, personal development, and entrepreneurship.

He is well know for his various TV work which starred with TV icon Oprah Winfrey when the pair co-hosted her matchmaking show Lovetown. Oprah has previously said "Paul is much more than a matchmaker, he's a life coach."

He can be found regularly on British TV hosting celebs go dating and married at first sight where he has set all new records for successful levels in pairing couples. He also has one of the best podcasts out there "Better with Paul" a high recommendation is the affirmations available too.

I really enjoyed this episode and I hope you do to we cover so many different areas of Paul's life and what makes him the man who is considered to be the worlds number one matchmaker he is without a doubt one of the most genuine lovely people I know and it's a real privilege to bring his story

I hope you enjoy his story just as much as I did and thank you for listening to the positivity podcast and remember always... “Choose Positivity”

Check out Paul on Channel 4 in "Celebs go dating" and "Married at first sight"


Mar 31, 202159:23
#004 - Mark Williams-Thomas

#004 - Mark Williams-Thomas

Episode 4 of the positivity podcast.

Mark Williams-Thomas is a multi award winning investigative reporter and has amongst his awards, two Royal Television Society, a Broadcasting Press Guild and an International Peabody. He is also BAFTA nominated. It was Mark’s programme in 2012 for ITV’s Exposure that finally exposed Jimmy Savile as one of the nations worst ever paedophiles. As a direct result of Mark’s investigation, the Metropolitan police set up Operation Yewtree which led to the arrest of high profile celebrities Rolf Harris and Max Clifford.

Mark was given his own prime time ITV crime show – The Investigator. His first series reviewed the murder of Carole Packman who went missing in 1985, and whilst her husband is in jail for her murder, her body has never been found. As a direct result of this series and the NEW evidence Mark found, Dorset police have now re-opened the case. The Investigator is currently being shown worldwide on Netflix.

There are so many great lessons in the podcast from Mark especially about being a driving force to get answers and justice and no matter how hard or difficult a case can be that positivity and a strong mindset can keep you focused on doing the right thing when others fail!

I hope you enjoy his story just as much as I did and thank you for listening to the positivity podcast and remember always... “Choose Positivity”

Check out the investigator on Netflix


Mar 01, 202158:20
#003 - Keryn Matthew (Miss Scotland)

#003 - Keryn Matthew (Miss Scotland)

Episode 3 of the positivity podcast.
Keryn Matthew is the current reigning miss Scotland and part of the Miss World family she is a charity ambassador for Scotland and her amazing charitable work for Alzheimer's Scotland is truly inspiring. The experienced sales marketing manager with a degree in ancient history is the perfect example of why the perception of women who compete in miss world is so outdated to say the least. She is one of the amazing women who see the competition as a group of charitable ambassadors for their countries getting together to hold each other accountable in their ambitions to make the world a better place and help thousands of children world wide while creating a network and bond across the globe and inspiring young women to go out and achieve their dreams.

There are so many great lessons in the podcast from Keryn especially about being a positive inspiration for young women and the importance of listening to the inner voice that drives you towards what your heart desires and gives you success even when those around you are telling you the opposite. She is without doubt a great role model for young men and women and I have no doubt she will go on to achieve amazing things!

I hope you enjoy her story just as much as I did and thank you for listening to the positivity podcast and remember always... “Choose Positivity”

Feb 01, 202150:39
#002 - Siri Lindley
Dec 31, 202051:13
#001 - Big Phil Campion
Nov 30, 202042:57