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Wednesdays with Wesley

Wednesdays with Wesley

By Robert Kaylor

Every other Wednesday, host Bob Kaylor and guests take a deep dive into the sermons and writings of John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement. This is great introduction to Wesley's sermons and writings for clergy and laity in the Methodist tribe as well as for those who are interested in learning more about this grace-filled and "methodical" theological tradition.

Dr. Bob Kaylor is Lead Pastor at Tri-Lakes United Methodist Church in Monument, CO.
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A Show Update

Wednesdays with WesleyApr 12, 2023

A Show Update

A Show Update

Host Bob Kaylor offers a brief update on the show and his impending move into a new season of ministry. Wednesdays with Wesley will be back in a few weeks but, in the interim, send your suggestions for future episodes to (note the new address). Watch for new episodes coming soon!

Apr 12, 202306:17
The Way to the Kingdom
Mar 22, 202326:38
John Wesley's Four Spiritual Laws

John Wesley's Four Spiritual Laws

Many evangelical Christians are aware of The Four Spiritual Laws as a shorthand version of the gospel used in evangelism. While millions of Christians have come to faith through this simple presentation, which has its roots in the Reformed tradition, those in the Methodist tribe might wonder if there is a Wesleyan version of The Four Spiritual Laws that expresses not only the salvation we have in Christ but also a version of the "wonderful plan" for our lives that involves sanctification, restoration in the image of God, and power over sin. 

Host Bob Kaylor believes he may have found it in John Wesley's letter to Ebenezer Blackwell on December 20, 1751. Near the end of the letter, Wesley outlines in four statements the gospel that the early Methodist preached and believed:

1. God loves you: therefore love and obey him.

2. Christ died for you: therefore die to sin.

3. Christ has risen: therefore rise in the image of God.

4. Christ lives evermore: therefore live to God till you live with Him in glory. 

"This is the scriptural way, the Methodist way, the true way," said Wesley. "God grant that we may never turn therefrom, to the right hand or to the left." What would it mean for 21st century Methodists to adopt this as our "Four Spiritual Laws" for evangelizing the world? 

Send your questions and comments to Bob Kaylor at and follow Bob on Twitter @revbkaylor. 

Mar 08, 202327:07
The Nature of Enthusiasm

The Nature of Enthusiasm

The spontaneous revival at Asbury University has now moved into its second week. What started as a regular Wednesday chapel service has grown into a move of God that is attracting hundreds of people to Wilmore, KY, to experience this outpouring of God’s Spirit. People are coming to experience the power of confession and repentance, healing and reconciliation, testimony and spontaneous praise. There’s no central leader, no direction or agenda, just people gathering together, drawn in and sent out by the Spirit  in a way that is so unusual that national news outlets are picking it up.

But while many are rejoicing at this movement of God that began with college students and is spreading to other campuses, others are skeptical and even critical--and, not surprisingly, a lot of that criticism seems to be coming from those who are actually in the church. Some merely chalk up the revival to emotionalism, while others sniff that it’s not immediately following their prescribed social justice agenda. Still others have never been part of such a spontaneous outpouring and question any kind of ecstatic experience. In Wesley's day, movements of the God outside the established church were considered to be a dangerous form of "enthusiasm," or an irrational religious madness. 

The reality is, however, that these kinds of revivals and spiritual watershed events are a hallmark of the Wesleyan holiness tradition. Asbury experienced a similar revival back in 1970 that launched a generation of pastors and missionaries. Camp meetings and other gatherings were, and in many places still are, opportunities for the Spirit to bring renewed vision in the midst of prayer, worship, healing, and testimony. Indeed, from the very beginning, Methodism has been a movement of the Holy Spirit and a movement that has always raised questions for those in the institutional church. 

In "The Nature of Enthusiasm," written in 1750, John Wesley responds to critics of the movement by redefining what "enthusiasm" actually means and offers a prescription for discerning the work of the Holy Spirit and the will of God. It's a timely sermon for this moment in history and one that both supporters and critics of revival need to consider. 

Read The Nature of Enthusiasm

Read Kevin Watson's helpful summary

Send your questions and comments to host Bob Kaylor at and follow him on Twitter @revbkaylor. 

Feb 15, 202334:42
The Law Established Through Faith, Discourse II
Feb 08, 202322:26
The Law Established Through Faith, Discourse I
Feb 01, 202323:49
Satan's Devices
Jan 25, 202323:49
A Caution Against Bigotry
Jan 18, 202335:25
Catholic Spirit
Jan 11, 202328:41
Jan 04, 202340:24
The Wesley Covenant Service
Dec 28, 202221:44
On the Resurrection of the Dead
Apr 06, 202235:03
On Schism
Mar 23, 202233:07
Thoughts Upon Methodism
Feb 23, 202226:42
The Holy Spirit in Methodism: A Conversation with Madeline Henners
Feb 09, 202242:50
Wandering Thoughts
Jan 26, 202232:38
Primitive Physick
Jan 12, 202224:29
Heaviness Through Manifold Temptations
Nov 17, 202124:49
The Wilderness State
Nov 10, 202133:53
The Use of Money
Nov 03, 202123:33
The Character of a Methodist
Oct 27, 202137:41
Preaching Wesley's Sermons
Oct 20, 202137:10
On Working Out Our Own Salvation
Oct 13, 202134:14
On Sin In Believers

On Sin In Believers

Does the Wesleyan doctrine of "Christian perfection" mean that believers no longer have to deal with sin? John Wesley uses this sermon to clarify some points about the nature of sin in believers--that sin may remain, but it need not reign. Mediating between the view of a hopeless continuation of sin in the totally depraved on the one hand and the idealistic idea of sinless perfection on the other, Wesley offers a third way that he argues from Scripture, experience, tradition, and reason--a way in which the believer can embrace the power God gives us to overcome sin while still recognizing its presence. 

Email your questions and comments to host Bob Kaylor at Follow Bob on Twitter @revbkaylor. 

Oct 06, 202127:56
The Cure of Evil-Speaking
Sep 08, 202132:24
The Duty of Constant Communion
Sep 01, 202151:11
The Great Assize
Aug 18, 202131:10
Upon Our Lord's Sermon on the Mount: Discourse, the Thirteenth
Aug 11, 202129:24
Upon Our Lord's Sermon on the Mount: Discourse, the Twelfth
Aug 04, 202131:12
Upon Our Lord's Sermon on the Mount: Discourse, the Eleventh
Jul 28, 202127:10
Upon Our Lord's Sermon on the Mount: Discourse, the Tenth
Jul 21, 202131:26
Upon Our Lord's Sermon on the Mount: Discourse, the Ninth
Jul 14, 202137:09
Upon Our Lord's Sermon on the Mount: Discourse, the Eighth
Jul 07, 202127:48
Upon Our Lord's Sermon on the Mount: Discourse, the Seventh
Jun 30, 202133:53
Upon Our Lord's Sermon on the Mount: Discourse, the Sixth
Jun 23, 202156:56
Upon Our Lord's Sermon on the Mount: Discourse, the Fifth
Jun 16, 202141:32
Upon Our Lord's Sermon on the Mount: Discourse, the Fourth
Jun 09, 202142:50
Upon Our Lord's Sermon on the Mount: Discourse, the Third
Jun 02, 202141:13
Upon Our Lord's Sermon on the Mount: Discourse, the Second
May 26, 202154:57
Upon Our Lord's Sermon on the Mount: Discourse, the First
May 19, 202154:55
The Scripture Way of Salvation
May 12, 202132:52
Christian Perfection
May 05, 202132:00
The Circumcision of the Heart
Apr 28, 202136:23
The Means of Grace
Apr 21, 202145:06
Scriptural Christianity
Apr 14, 202150:60
The Marks of the New Birth
Apr 07, 202132:42
Salvation by Faith
Mar 31, 202137:51
The Almost Christian
Mar 24, 202125:07
The Spirit of Bondage and Adoption
Mar 10, 202130:18
Free Grace
Mar 03, 202101:02:25