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Robin S Brown

Robin S Brown

By Robin Brown

After breaking through my own barriers of anxiety, depression, insecurity, and monumental low self-esteem, and wondering what on earth I was supposed to accomplish in this life, I became so passionate about helping others break through their barriers, too. It's my biggest WHY in everything that I do. Let's get real and talk about all the things.....feel good stuff from the inside out. Because seriously, YOU were meant to live a big, bold, feel-good, glittery life! Are you ready to journey with me?
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9 Tips For When You're Feeling Lost or Alone

Robin S Brown Nov 09, 2022

9 Tips For When You're Feeling Lost or Alone

9 Tips For When You're Feeling Lost or Alone

Feeling stuck?


Maybe a little lost?

We've all be there at some point.  Or, if you're like me, maybe you go there more than you'd like to admit?  Here's 9 super easy and quick tips I always use to bring me back to balance.



Nov 09, 202203:30
Who's Voice IS That!?

Who's Voice IS That!?

We all have one.  Our inner bitch.  The mean girl.  I call her Janis.

And it seems like she's always there hiding in the corners ready to pounce every damn chance she gets!  

Not today, Janis.  Not today.  I've learned how to control her and now you can too.

Feb 05, 202107:26
Kiss Off 2020!

Kiss Off 2020!


What's the ONE sentence you've seen so much of lately?  Probably something to do with "kiss off 2020" I right?   But even in the ugly, messy, chaos that has been this year, I've found some things to be grateful for. 

I'd love to know what you're grateful for - and ready for - and maybe what the chaos of 2020 has taught you. 

And here's wishing all things happy for you in 2021. 

Dec 31, 202005:52
Thank You, Covid

Thank You, Covid

2020 has been A YEAR, hasn't it?  Covid has changed so much for so many......but rather than focusing on what it's robbed me of, I am focusing on what it has given me!  And I bet if you shifted your mindset even just a little, maybe Covid has shown you some blessings, too.

Dec 22, 202005:27
A Message...from me to you.

A Message...from me to you.

I haven’t been honest.  But here I am… it to you straight.  My message all along has been “It’s okay to NOT be okay” so why have I been hiding it?

It’s been weeks.  The spiraling starts and before you know it, you’ve reached that dark place again.

Let’s talk about it.

Encouragement from this Episode
You are not alone.

Don’t hide from your symptoms. Feel them. Get to know them so you know how to recognize them.
Be honest and open and find your way to someone that you can speak the words “I am not okay and I need help” because in doing that, you start to find your way out.

Jul 23, 202007:47
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