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rob & jack america: a return to the road

rob & jack america: a return to the road

By jack henry

after fifty years lost in the wastelands of amerika, rob & jack reunite to further destroy the moral fabric of amerikan poetics. this podcast is all about underground poetry and poets you have probably never heard of. the ultimately goal is a 10 episode season on Netflix which would feature Charlize Theron beating up bad guys and reading poems.
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rob&jack america: Oct 2008

rob & jack america: a return to the roadJul 29, 2020

rob&jack america: Oct 2008

rob&jack america: Oct 2008

the irony with this episode is that it's original title, "two meat eaters at a vegan convention." rob is vegan, but i am not sure he was back in those days.

when the show first started i tried to come up with odd, strange, and/or stupid titles for the show.  this was the second or third show.  

the high point of this show is when we had a caller.  we didn't have many listeners, if any, and had yet to have a caller, other than the featured guest.  a random vegan calls in going on and on about being vegan and what we thought, and what not.  you can barely understand him.  but this show still makes me laugh.

Jul 29, 202001:51:17
Test recording.

Test recording.

Test recording. Still know how to add people. Working out the kinks.
Jul 25, 202002:18
rob&jack america: blast past - scott wannberg

rob&jack america: blast past - scott wannberg

in 2006 ish i got to know scott wannberg on Myspace.  we traded stories and barbs, and shared a love for poetry.  scott truly was one of a kind.  

when rob and i started the radio show in 2008 or so we wanted to have all our friends on, keep it low-key, and laugh...a lot.  sometimes we read poetry, sometimes we made social commentary, and then we had scott on the show.  one of the highlights of this insane show.

unfortunately scott passed way too young, 2011, and i am still sad about it.

from Google books, sharing a book of scott's from lummox press:

Scott Wannberg was a unique voice and a gifted writer, the gift being mostly for the rest of us, poets and friends of his. He was born in Santa Monica, California in 1953. A big man with an even bigger presence, he attended Venice High School and then went on to receive his Master's Degree in creative writing from San Francisco State in 1977. A "Carma Bum" from the beginning, Scott rode shotgun from 1989-2009. He was a poet's poet and a human's human who spent his life working as a sales clerk and book buyer for independent bookstores, most notably Dutton's Books in Brentwood, where he held court and worked the stacks for almost 25 years. His book, Nomads of Oblivion, made the Los Angeles Times bestseller list in 2000, and in the late 1990s, Los Angeles Magazine named him one of the "Top 100 Coolest People" in L.A. In August 2008, he relocated to Florence, Oregon, where he passed away too soon at the age of 58 in August 2011. Widely anthologized, his list of titles includes Mr. Mumps, The Electric Yes Indeed!, Nomads of Oblivion, Amnesia Hotel, Tomorrow Is Another Song and The Official Language of Yes.

Jul 24, 202001:29:42
Rob & Jack America: Past Blast

Rob & Jack America: Past Blast

Eleven years ago Rob Plath and Jack Henry did a radio show that no one listened to but thanks to modern technology these radio files were saved.  Why?  No one knows.  But here is an episode from 2008 featuring the indomitable Puma Perl.

Jul 24, 202001:30:09