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By Rochelle Rodney

Self-Cared goes deeper then self-care, it dives into a lot of different topics that have to do with society and other pressures of this world; along with how to love ourselves and treat ourselves during the process; it dives into how we could improve not only as a society, but improve within ourselves. As a 17-year-old growing young woman, who is easily effected by society, I have a lot to say, and want to share my thoughts, & tips, my experiences/my stories.
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Self-CaredOct 25, 2019

Episode 2: The UPS & DOWNS of 2019
Dec 30, 201923:13
Ep 1: Life Update + How to deal during a season of drought

Ep 1: Life Update + How to deal during a season of drought

In this episode I will be introducing you guys to strategies I've implemented in my life for 2020 that I've also found is helping me during my season of drought. I hope any teens or young adults like myself, that are having a rough time taking their next step, will find this episode relatable, giving you that push you may have been looking for. Though this episode was all over the place I'm excited to say that this is the very first Self-Cared podcast episode and that's an exciting achievement for me. I'm ready to tackle this podcasting journey every Saturday with a new episode & a new topic. I hope you'll join.
Dec 15, 201933:07
Oct 25, 201901:45
Oct 24, 201900:13