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Rock Your Voice Podcast

By Emma Harding

The Rock Your Voice Podcast is where you will find vocal coaching tips that will transform your voice, interviews to inspire, industry guidance and more. Whether you are a beginner or professional singer looking to develop your vocal skills, be inspired by platinum selling artists and special guest interviews or learn more about the industry as an emerging artist, this podcast is the ultimate resource for singers of all levels.

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5 Mistakes Singers Make - Part 5: Relying Entirely on The Internet

Rock Your Voice PodcastAug 14, 2023

Episode 96: Meghan Patrick on Surviving and Overcoming Her Experience with Domestic Violence.

Episode 96: Meghan Patrick on Surviving and Overcoming Her Experience with Domestic Violence.

In this episode I’m joined by Meghan Patrick.


The Canadian born, Nashville resident is a Juno and CCMA winning singer & songwriter, who’s latest release is a song that prompted us to have a deep and meaningful conversation unlike any other I’ve had on the podcast.


Her song, ‘The Boy Who Cried Drunk’ is a very personal journey through Meghan’s experience with Domestic Violence. 


Having recently met Meghan at the CCMA’s, where she shared about her new song, I immediately wanted to have her on the podcast so that we could share our stories in the hopes that it can help anyone who may currently be in an abusive relationship.


We talk of our experiences, as well as how the journey is frequently very similar from case to case, and how you are not alone in this. The statistics are astounding. The one thing that shook me and really helped me to manage my situation was hearing that, on average it takes the victim, on average, 7 times to try to leave. For me this was entirely true, and helped to alleviate the shame and guilt I felt when I kept going back.


Today we also celebrate what Meghan refers to as Part 2 to ‘The Boy Who Cried Drunk’ with her follow up single ‘God and a Good Man’ her story of hope and the love and life that is waiting for you.


Although not overly graphic, this episode is a deeper topic that requires listener discretion and may contain triggers for some listeners, however, the biggest thing this episode does contain is hope. The fact Meghan and I are both now in happy and in loving, safe and healthy relationships we are here to show you that with the right support, your recovery and a very happy life is entirely possible.


If you or someone you know needs help, please reach out to your local authorities, or use the links below to find the guidance and support you need.



If you are local to Calgary, Homefront is an incredible resource and they helped me hugely.


Some international resources can be found here:


The book Meghan recommends is:

The Gift of Fear – Gavin De Becker



Sometimes when you are in the situation, you have become numb to how serious it is. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your local authorities if you are in danger or fear for your safety.

Follow and support Meghan on her Instagram @megpatricmusic or by visiting her website.

Oct 20, 202348:39
Episode 95: The Journey as An Artist with Noah Derksen
Oct 17, 202331:50
Episode 94: Songwriting, Touring & Rocking Country Music with Dan Davidson

Episode 94: Songwriting, Touring & Rocking Country Music with Dan Davidson

In this episode I'm joined by the wonderful Dan Davidson.

With 7 CCMA nominations, 10 ACMA awards, a platinum record, a number 1 selling Canadian song and record, top 20 charting numbers and hundreds of performances – it's easy to forget that he is still independent. 

This episode has a ton of motivation if you are an emerging artist or a beginner wanting to understand the overview of the musicians landscape.

Dan is doing it all! He writes not only for himself but other successful artists and now even writes for K-pop bands too!

We chat about his current single, He Met A Girl, his retro vibe for the latest video as well as his upcoming tour and documentary.

There's tons to learn from this conversation as well as the importance of your vocal cool downs! Ha!

You can follow Dan on Instagram, but for now I hope you enjoy the conversation and thank you Dan for chatting with me!

Oct 10, 202324:52
Episode 93: Aaron Goodvin
Oct 01, 202329:47
Episode 92: The SiriusXM Top Of The Country Competition

Episode 92: The SiriusXM Top Of The Country Competition

In this episode I am thrilled to be joined by Hailey Benedict, this years winner of the SiriusXM Top of The Country competition.

We have a quick chat about the experience, her vocal routines and how she keeps her instrument in check as well as what's next for this rising Canadian country music star!

Thank you Hailey and to the entire team at the CCMA's & Red Umbrella PR for everything this weekend!

Learn more about the event here:

SiriusXM Canada, in partnership with the Canadian Country Music Association® (CCMAÒ), celebrated the epic ending of the SiriusXM Top of the Country competition by crowning Hailey Benedict from St. Albert, Alberta as the 2023 winner. The finale of Canada’s most exciting country music showdown marked the official kickoff to Country Music Week 2023 and was broadcast live on Top of the Country Radio (ch. 171), allowing fans across the nation to join in.

The event showcased a captivating headlining performance by 7x CCMA Award winning duo, The Reklaws, followed by each finalist performing their hearts out for fans and a panel of industry professionals, one last time. In a career-changing moment, Hailey Benedict was crowned this year’s winner, walking away with the coveted title and a grand prize of $25,000. The runners-up, Noah Derkson and Teigan Gayse were also celebrated for their outstanding performance throughout the competition, each receiving $10,000.

"This victory is a dream come true, and I couldn't be more grateful for this incredible opportunity," said Hailey, the newly crowned champion. "The SiriusXM Top of the Country Competition has been an amazing journey, and I want to thank SiriusXM Canada and the Canadian Country Music Association for their unwavering support as I hit my stride throughout this experience.”

The finale was a culmination of months of hard work, beginning with artists from across Canada applying for their chance to fight to the finish, followed by the announcement of eight talented semi-finalists. Public vote narrowed down the group to our top three, who experienced exclusive mentorship sessions and showcases in Nashville and unforgettable performances at major Canadian events including Lasso festival in Montreal.

"We're incredibly proud of the impressive talent showcased in this year's competition and want to congratulate Hailey for this achievement, which is sure to accelerate their rise to stardom,” says Michelle Mearns, VP, Programming & Operations, SiriusXM Canada. “SiriusXM Top of the Country and Top of the Country Radio continue to be major platforms for emerging Canadian country artists to gain the recognition they deserve."
"The partnership between the Canadian Country Music Association and SiriusXM Canada has been instrumental in nurturing and promoting home-grown Canadian country music talent,” says Amy Jeninga, President, CCMA. “We’re thrilled to witness the growth and success of the SiriusXM Top of the Country Competition and its impact on our country’s music industry. Congratulations Hailey!”

Sep 18, 202311:57
3 Things You MUST do if you are in a Choir or a Band

3 Things You MUST do if you are in a Choir or a Band

If you sing in a choir, here are 3 things that are SO important to maintain voice health, build strength and stamina for long singing sessions.

This also definitely applies if you are in a band that rehearses regularly for long periods of time.Here are the links to the vocal warm ups and cool downs I mention in the audio.

Easy & Effective Warm Up:

Vocal Therapy & Cool Down:

If you'd like to work further on developing your voice check out the Experienced Singer VIP Program that is all taught live, by me in real time. It kicks off Sept 6th!

Here's more on the topic!

Warming up, cooling down, and staying hydrated are essential practices for anyone involved in singing, including choir members. These practices help to maintain vocal health, optimize performance, and prevent potential strain or damage to the vocal cords.

Here's why each of these aspects is important:

Warming Up:Singing is a physical activity that involves the use of various muscles, including those controlling the vocal cords, diaphragm, and supporting muscles. Warming up helps to prepare these muscles for the demands of singing.

A proper warm-up routine includes gentle vocal exercises and stretches that gradually increase blood flow to the vocal cords and surrounding tissues.

This can improve vocal flexibility, range, and overall control. It also reduces the risk of vocal strain or injury during intense singing sessions.

Cooling Down:Just as warming up is important, cooling down after singing is equally crucial. Cooling down involves gentle vocal exercises and relaxation techniques that gradually bring the vocal cords and muscles back to their resting state. This can prevent abrupt vocal strain that might occur when transitioning from intense singing to silence.

A proper cool-down routine can also reduce muscle tension and promote vocal recovery after a performance or rehearsal.

Hydration:Hydration is vital for maintaining healthy vocal cords.

The vocal cords require moisture to vibrate effectively and produce clear, resonant sound. When the vocal cords are properly hydrated, they are less prone to irritation, inflammation, and strain. Drinking enough water throughout the day helps to keep the mucous membranes of the vocal tract moist, ensuring optimal vocal function.

However, it's important to avoid excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption, as these substances can dehydrate the body and negatively affect vocal performance.In addition to these practices, proper vocal technique and posture are also essential for choir singers.

Good technique ensures that the voice is produced efficiently and without unnecessary strain, while proper posture supports optimal breath control and vocal projection.

Remember that each individual's vocal needs can vary, so it's important to consult with a vocal coach or a speech-language pathologist who specializes in voice to receive personalized guidance on warming up, cooling down, and maintaining vocal health while singing in a choir.

Don't forget to subscribe to the Weekly Vocal Workout for more voice training every week!

Thanks for listening!

Aug 22, 202310:26
90: Breath work for Performance Anxiety & Relaxation
Aug 22, 202316:03
5 Mistakes Singers Make - Part 5: Relying Entirely on The Internet

5 Mistakes Singers Make - Part 5: Relying Entirely on The Internet

My goal as a voice coach is to make sure that everyone who enjoys singing, has a healthy technique, a confident mindset and the understanding of how to get the best from your instrument.

There are so many amazing learning opportunities online, but sometimes it's really important to make sure you are singing correctly and in a healthy way that will get the most from your instrument.

Whether you want to learn regularly for fun, or just want one check in to make sure you are doing things safely and correctly, I am here for you! If you are wanting to try a free beginners class, check out this link to register for the Beginner Singer FREE live online class that will take place Weds August 23rd at 2pm-3pm MST. Get real time training and feedback from me as I walk you through a vocal warm up, work out and cool down and we chat about the foundations of good vocal technique.

If you are looking for more, or are looking for regular affordable voice coaching, check out the Weekly Vocal Workout and subscribe for weekly training for less that $10cad per month and get a new voice training download every week!

You can also check out more of my live group coaching programs for beginners to emerging artists HERE.

This episode digs deeper into this topic and learn why I'm passionate about helping you discover what your voice can do in a safe and healthy way! The BEST part is, it doesn't have to mean a long term commitment.

In many cases I can help you resolve issues or develop a strong practice routine in just one session.

Hiring a voice coach can offer numerous benefits

  1. Skill Development: A voice coach is trained to identify your strengths and weaknesses and design a personalized training plan They can provide you with specific exercises and techniques to enhance your vocal range, tone, pitch control, and projection.

  2. Confidence Boost: Working with a voice coach can boost your confidence in your speaking or singing abilities.

  3. Effective Communication: Clear communication is crucial in both professional and personal settings.effectively and understood by others.

  4. Public Speaking: If you're looking to become a more effective public speaker, a voice coach can help you with techniques to modulate your voice, control nerves, and engage your audience. You'll learn how to maintain a steady pace, emphasize key points, and use pauses effectively.

  5. Singing Improvement: They can help you expand your vocal range, work on dynamics, and develop your own unique singing style.

  6. Correcting Bad Habits: Over time, people can develop vocal habits that might be limiting their potential. A voice coach can identify these habits and provide guidance on how to correct them, preventing potential vocal strain or damage.

  7. Personalized Feedback: Voice coaches provide personalized feedback tailored to your specific needs and goals.

  8. Professional Goals: If your career involves using your voice extensively, such as broadcasting, acting, or singing professionally, a voice coach can be an invaluable asset. They can help you maintain the health of your voice, prevent vocal fatigue, and ensure your performances are consistently top-notch.

  9. Stress Reduction: Learning to use your voice effectively can reduce stress associated with communication challenges. As you become more confident in your vocal abilities, you'll naturally feel more at ease in a variety of situations.

  10. Long-Term Investment: The skills you develop with a voice coach are long-lasting. Once you've learned proper vocal techniques and communication skills, you'll continue to benefit from them throughout your life.

Whether you're looking to enhance your speaking, singing, or communication skills, a voice coach can make a significant positive impact on your journey.

Follow me on Instagram for more free tips and guidance, or to be able to reach out and chat about your vocal journey!

Aug 14, 202314:03
5 Mistakes Singers Make -Part 4: Overthinking

5 Mistakes Singers Make -Part 4: Overthinking

Overthinking while singing can negatively impact your performance in several ways. Here's why you shouldn't overthink when singing:

  1. Loss of Authenticity: Singing is an expressive art form that requires a certain level of emotional connection to the lyrics and the melody. Overthinking can lead to a loss of authenticity as you become more focused on technical aspects rather than conveying genuine emotions.

  2. Stifled Creativity: Overthinking can hinder your creative flow. Singing is not just about hitting the right notes; it's also about adding your unique style and interpretation to a song. When you overthink, you might become overly cautious and limit your creative choices.

  3. Tension and Strain: Overthinking can lead to physical tension and strain in your vocal cords and body. When you're constantly analyzing your performance, you might unconsciously tense up, which can negatively impact your vocal quality and range.

  4. Interference with Muscle Memory: Singing involves muscle memory, where your body learns how to produce certain sounds through practice. Overthinking disrupts this natural process, causing you to second-guess the muscle memory you've developed through practice.

  5. Diminished Performance: Overthinking can cause anxiety and nervousness, which are detrimental to a good singing performance. Anxiety can affect your breathing, pitch control, and overall vocal quality, leading to a diminished performance.

  6. Focus on Imperfections: Overthinking tends to magnify perceived imperfections. Instead of enjoying the act of singing, you might become fixated on small mistakes, leading to a negative self-assessment and reduced self-confidence.

  7. Rigid Vocal Technique: While technique is important, overthinking can lead to a rigid adherence to rules and guidelines. While you should aim for good technique, it's also important to let yourself experiment and adapt as you connect with the music.

  8. Lack of Flow: Singing should feel fluid and natural. Overthinking can disrupt the flow of your performance, making it feel disjointed and disconnected.

  9. Unnatural Phrasing: Overthinking can lead to unnatural phrasing as you try to analyze every nuance of the song. This can result in a performance that sounds robotic rather than emotive.

  10. Loss of Enjoyment: One of the main reasons people sing is because it brings them joy. Overthinking can take away the enjoyment of the experience, turning something you love into a stressful endeavor.

To counter the negative effects of overthinking, it's important to practice mindfulness and stay present in the moment while singing. Focus on the emotions you want to convey and trust in your training and practice. Remember that singing is not just about technical perfection; it's about sharing emotions, connecting with your audience and most importantly, ENJOYING the act itself!

If you are interested in the upcoming fall programs, such as Singing For Beginners, or the Weekly Check In & Tune Up, check out the information HERE,

Sign up here for the FREE Beginner Singer online class on August 23rd.

Or Subscribe to the Weekly Vocal Workout for new voice training audio each week.

Thank you as always for listening and please keep in touch via social.

I'm most interactive on Instagram @rockitvocalstudios but feel free to email me as well!

Have a wonderful day!


Aug 11, 202313:06
5 Mistakes Singers Make Part 3: Ignoring Your Genuine Voice

5 Mistakes Singers Make Part 3: Ignoring Your Genuine Voice

The third tip can be a tough one to take on board as often we don't realize we are even doing this.

Here's a metaphor for you... When you take an amazing photo and share on instagram and it needs no filter, one of the main things people like to point out is that there is NO FILTER! #nofilter

This also applies to your voice. I

t's really common for less confident singers to add a filter to their singing voice. This is something that we can subconsciously feel is necessary to make our natural voice sound better. It's a very vulnerable position to be in when sharing your natural and genuine voice. We fear judgement and worry that people wont like the sound so we add the filter. Now filters can also be thought of as stylistic choices.

When they are used intentionally, they are great. They are fun to play with and create the tones sounds and styles you want as a vocalist. However, you need to be able to connect with your genuine voice before adding filters as you'll tire your voice and use more effort than necessary. Once you have a solid foundation, feel free to add filters that can help you sing the genres you love such as Metal, country, rock, pop or classical. But don't add things until you are ready and confident with your genuine sound.

Good luck exploring your genuine voice and making sure you are letting what is special about your voice shine through!

Be sure to check out the new programs this fall that will dig deep into connecting with your genuine voice, including Beginner Singer Group Course and the Vocal Check In & Tune Up!

You can also subscribe to the weekly vocal workout to get new voice training audio every week to keep your voice in top shape while learning new skills and techniques!

You can subscribe HERE. For only $9.99 cad per month.

Aug 09, 202307:41
5 Mistakes Singers Make Part 2: Practice Makes Permanent

5 Mistakes Singers Make Part 2: Practice Makes Permanent

As singers we fight a daily battle with our mind! We are always trying to do our best and work towards being better singers.


This gets tricky when we start to improve and our voices get stronger. This messes with your head because you no longer have to work as hard as you used to as singing becomes easier.


Like learning anything, you’ll improve as you practice, and its unnatural sometimes for certain things to feel easy.


Our first response with the singer brain is that if something feels really easy, we must be doing it wrong. Especially if it was really challenging to begin with.


This is where your approach to practice is really important as you can find yourself at a dangerous crossroad.


If you are a beginner singer and you are unaware that the voice is made of muscles that need to be trained and strengthened to create the sounds you want, you may think that pushing and reaching for a note will get you the result you want.


A lot of singers go for years just pushing at notes or using volume to reach a challenging point in a song. Over time the brain trains itself to accept that the pain, pinching and forcing is normal and that is what it feels like to sing challenging songs. This is WRONG and how you develop injuries from bad technique over time.


If you start with a correct foundation and use flexibility and movement through your range, you’ll be able to reach higher notes. They will be softer and weaker to start, but with the correct training you’ll build strength and stamina very safely and will be able to hit the notes with power and volume very quickly.


Practice Makes Permanent! Incorrect technique can very quickly get locked in place with regular incorrect practice.


Some indications that you may be doing it wrong are:

You save a certain song for the end of your set because it tires you out.

You have a scratch or a cough after working on a certain song or note.

You have to get loud to hit a note or line in a song.

Your voice feels tight and tired after singing.

You have trouble speaking or singing the day after using your voice.


If you are experiencing any of this you need to work with someone who can show you how to get the same sonic results, tones, volume and power without using your instrument incorrectly.


It will also help for you to develop a closer relationship with your instrument and understand how it works and start to trust the flexibility and movement in your range.


Don’t grip and push big notes. Allow for space, flexibility and movement.


In a very short time, you’ll have more power, add more notes to your range and be singing with ease. Controlling your voice, does not mean Locking things in place or holding them down.


When things start to feel easier, don’t panic! It just means you are getting better!


Email me with any questions or follow @rockitvocalstudios on social for more tips!

book a session or a free consult with me here.

Aug 08, 202311:10
5 Mistakes Singers Make Part 1

5 Mistakes Singers Make Part 1

Part one of this series looks at the first mistake singers of all levels make.

With the best of intentions and a strong desire to sing songs well, we often neglect taking the time to build a relationship with our instrument aka voice and go straight to controlling and correcting it instead of letting it flow freely and how it is meant to be used.

We jump in wanting to control our voice before we even understand it.

You don't need to be a voice science nerd to understand how your voice works for YOU.

Just being able to relate comfortably to how different notes feel when you sing them, where your breaks are and when to transition, you'll be able to get so much more from your voice.

In this episode I give you a very simple exercise that will allow you to build a great relationship with your voice and vocal range immediately!

If you have any questions or need help with this please reach out! Follow @rockitvocalstudios on instagram for more tips and be sure to listen to the next episode about how Practice Makes PERMANENT!

Good luck! Keep Rocking Your Voice!

Aug 04, 202311:14
Episode 84: What I learned from Grammy winners and number one hit song writers

Episode 84: What I learned from Grammy winners and number one hit song writers

What A Weekend!

I've just returned from the 97 South Song Sessions, where a group of Rockit clients joined me in Penticton British Columbia for a Rockit Roadtrip!

In this episode I talk about the event as well as my biggest take aways from the Song To Stage workshop where we learned from 18x CCMA music publisher of the year and 4x Grammy winning music publisher, Robert Ott.

We were also joined by Tim Nichols, who has written hits for artists like Alan Jackson for whom he penned the top hit “That’d Be Alright”, Reba McEntire, Keith Whitley, LeeAnn Womack, Blake Shelton and Jason Aldean. He also penned Dustin Lynch’s charttopper, Cowboys and Angels.  His #1 hits include JoDee Messina's"Heads Carolina, Tails California", Terri Clark’s “Girls Lie Too”,and homage to the aforementioned - “She Had Me At Heads Carolina” for Cole Swindell.    

Rik Emmet also shared stories and songs at the Storyteller Icon session, which didn't get me feeling too emotional until I recorded this episode and reflected on how beautiful it was and how important it is to share your voice as a singer.

In this episode we dig into the importance of sharing your songs with the world, removing psychological blocks as a singer and allowing the joy to flow through you and your music. Why making connections and building a genuine community with great artists and industry professionals is so important. I share why this weekend was so important and impactful to me as a singer and songwriter and talk about the amazing music and stories we heard from Tim Nichols, Wendell Mobley, Jamie O'Neal Paul Brandt and Lee Thomas Miller on the "Spotlight on Nashville" stage.

Over on the Discovery stage we heard music from

Teigen Gayse

Dan Davidson

Cole Bradley


What an incredible weekend it was.

Thank you to the entire 97 South Songs team for making it so special.

This episode is in no way endorsed by 97 South Songs, I just love the event so much and will continue to share about it until everyone who deserves to know about it, has heard about how great it is!

Jul 26, 202326:49
Episode 83: Is Singing A Natural Talent - Nature Vs Nurture
Jun 13, 202329:25
Weekly Vocal Workout -Episode 27: Vocal Warm Up For Singers Of All Levels
May 29, 202323:50
Episode 82: The 97 South Song Sessions with Robert Ott

Episode 82: The 97 South Song Sessions with Robert Ott

In this episode I'm joined by Robert Ott, the founder of the 5th Annual 97 South Song Sessions presented by Stingray, and music industry professional, (See episode 62 for my conversation with him about music publishing and his incredible career in the music industry)

We talk about the guests who will be performing at this years event, including writers who have penned hits for Chris Stapleton, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney and many more songs you know!

Writers include Tim Nichols, Jamie O'Neal, Wendell Mobley, Lee Thomas Miller and Paul Brandt.

PLUS experience the Storyteller Icon event with Rik Emmet of the band, Triumph.

One element that has really excited me about this year, is the Discovery Series featuring up and coming artists, including Dan Davidson, Teigen Gayse, Sykamore and Cole Bradley.

I'll also be hosting the Song to Stage workshop, a special event to take your performance to the next level. The perfect weekend getaway for any singer songwriter or performer. Surround yourself with inspiration and motivation in the beautiful Okanagan valley!

I truly hope to see you there this summer!

Apr 17, 202323:27
Episode 81: Tips for Becoming a Confident Singer
Feb 22, 202322:10
Episode 80: How To Sing - Singing For Beginners Masterclass.

Episode 80: How To Sing - Singing For Beginners Masterclass.

If you are just starting your vocal journey and want to learn more about singing and your voice, this episode is FOR YOU! 

PLUS if you have been singing for a while, but you are looking for some new techniques and approaches to get the best from your instrument, this is also going to help you a ton! 

Join me for this training where I talk about how to use your voice in a healthy way, how to think of your voice as your 'instrument', free your range and access higher notes without restriction pushing or forcing.   

We cover:

  •  Breathing Technique 
  • Placement 
  • Accessing High Notes  
  • Reaching Low Notes 
  • Bridges and breaks 
  • Managing pops and cracks 
  • Confidently using your voice 
  • How to practice challenging songs or build confidence with the easy ones like Happy Birthday!  
  • Singer Mindset and what may be holding you back,   
  • But most importantly, why ANYONE, AT ANY AGE - YES THAT'S YOU, can learn to sing, with the voice you want and deserve!   

If you'd like to take this to the next level, try ther From Beginner To Singer in 7 Days program, which can be found here

As a thank you for listening to this episode, you can use the promo code January and get the program for $19.99 cad  

You can also continue learning with the Weekly Vocal Workout where you'll get a new vocal training session from me each week for only $9.99 cad per month!  You can sign up here

Thanks as always for listening and if you have any questions or would like to learn more about my programs or train with me personally, you can email or visit the website for more info!

Our 10 Year Anniversary party will be held in Calgary on March 25th and is proudly sponsored by 97 South Song Sessions

Hope to see you there! 

Feb 05, 202344:30
Episode 79: How To Sing One Sweet Day Mariah and Boyz II Men
Jan 25, 202324:55
Episode 78: How To Sing How Far I'll Go

Episode 78: How To Sing How Far I'll Go

Musical Theatre Fun Time! 

In this episode I break down how to sing the song How Far I'll Go from Moana! Be sure to warm up before this one, there is some heavy lifting. If you want, you can join the weekly vocal workout, where I JUST recorded a warm up specifically for this song! 

Don't push or strain your voice, this song can sound really big, and you can definitely engage a full voice but it should feel effortless if done correctly. If you are struggling, you should get to work on some easier songs, and build your strength and stamina! Or better yet, get in touch with me for a private voice coaching session!

As always, let me know if you have any questions and I hope to sing with you again soon! 

Dec 20, 202225:10
Episode 77: Singing When Sick

Episode 77: Singing When Sick

99% of the time I'll tell you NOT TO SING IF YOU ARE SICK!

But this episode is for the rare occasions, (explained in the audio) when you may need to GENTLY work or rehab your voice. 

In this episode I use the Singing Straw. You can purchase them here, use the code Rockit10 for a discount.

You don't need the specific straws to do these exercises, alternative modifications are also described in the audio. 

Please take care of yourself and your voice if you are sick and avoid singing until you feel healthy again! 

All the best!


Dec 06, 202218:30
How To Sing "That Song From Dawsons Creek"!

How To Sing "That Song From Dawsons Creek"!

Skip through to the 5 minute mark if you don't want to hear my ode and tribute to Paula Cole, whom I consider to be one of the greatest voices on earth! 

Also skip this entirely if you can't handle me attempting to sing like her! hahah! But there really are some fun techniques in this song that are worth noting and enjoying! So have a listen and see what you think! I hope it helps you sing the trademark tune of the 90's "I Don't Want To Wait".

The audio is a little crappy as I totally got into this before even hooking things up ... blame my excitedness to sing this song! Apologies! But you get the drift!


PS Paula, if you ever want to join me on the podcast and talk all things music... I don't know if I'd be able to breathe. But I'd love it. 

Nov 29, 202219:22
Episode 75: Pre-Fun Warm Up & Work Out

Episode 75: Pre-Fun Warm Up & Work Out

In this episode I run through a warm up and a bit of a vocal work out to prep your voice for either performing, rehearsing, jamming or writing. 

This afternoon I'm working on some songs for a performance as well as finishing off some songs I'm writing, so I want my instrument to be able to really dig in and have fun with the songs. 

I used the singing straw to kick off the warm up, if you want to get your hands on a set, you can use this link and the code Rockit10 for a discount. 

If you are into learning more about the Karaoke Chorus or the Songwriters weekly workshop & showcase in Calgary, visit the website here

Be sure to follow rockitvocalstudios on instagram for all the latest updates and for more of these types of vocal warm ups, join the Weekly Vocal Workout, right here through the podcast.




Nov 22, 202227:40
Episode 74: Singers & Smoking

Episode 74: Singers & Smoking

This is NOT a lecture! As a previous smoker myself I understand the challenge of quitting. 

In this episode I go deep into my relationship with cigarettes and alcohol, the affects they both have on your voice and how to manage your voice as a smoker and what to expect if you are able to quit.

I include some vocal therapy exercises to use when you quit and experience a detox after smoking and share tips on how to rebuild your voice and accept your new and improved instrument! (See the weekly vocal workout subscription if you'd like more detailed exercises)

This episode definitely contains swears and is one of my more passionate and personal episodes. My goal is to support you through any transitions with smoking and encourage you to do whatever you choose, not to lecture anyone about their personal choices. 

If you are trying to quit here are a few resources that really helped me

I read the book by Alan Carr, Easy Way to Stop Smoking:

Also the Alcohol Experiment was fascinating

For vocal rehab, the Singing Straw is a fantastic tool, use this link and promo code rockit10 to get a discount on your purchase. 

If you are trying to quit I commend you and I'm here to support you! Good luck and congrats on your choice! Please let me know if I can help you with your voice in any way as you go through this process.

If you'd like to get more interactive in our community be sure to follow @rockitvocalstudios on instagram or follow on facebook. 

Oct 04, 202238:23
Episode 73: Co-writing, Singing and Fire Alarms with Teigen Gayse

Episode 73: Co-writing, Singing and Fire Alarms with Teigen Gayse

A BIG thank you to Teigen Gayse for joining me on this episode! We dig deep into co-writing in Nashville, overcoming imposter syndrome when writing with big name artists as well as how she manifested her manager!

Poor Teigen had the alarms being tested in her building at the exact time we hit record, so there are a few beeps here and there but it's all sounds great, just like her awesome new single 'Messed Up' which is available now on all streaming platforms. 

If you are interested in learning about becoming a singer, songwriter or producer, Teigen's stories will inspire and motivate you! This up and comer has so much to offer and I can't wait to see where this journey will lead her! 

Follow Teigen on instagram or visit her website to keep up to date with all of her news. 

Sep 27, 202224:20
Episode 72: How To Sing "Feels Like Home" by Chantal Kreviazuk
Sep 07, 202215:35
Bonnie And The Jets - The Story Behind Wait To Cry

Bonnie And The Jets - The Story Behind Wait To Cry

This story truly highlights the magic of music and how it connects people!

How a song that is over 50 years old, was revived to be part of something that literally connected generations from across the world.

It all started with a facebook message asking if I was Eddie Hardin's daughter! And I really wasn't sure what it could be about! But thankfully, the interaction lead to something quite special! 

In this episode I talk with Caroline Bonnet of Bonnie And The Jets about how we connected at random and how I was invited to recreate some lines from the Hardin and York song "Tomorrow Today" on their original song "Wait To Cry." which also features Steinar Albrigtsen and Monika Nordli.

It was a song originally performed by my father so when I was asked to be on the record it was such an honour but also, as you will hear, I was quite tentative at the beginning! 

Thank you to Caroline and Dagfin for this opportunity! I hope you enjoy the song as much as I enjoyed the adventure of producing it with this team! 

You can check out the single here

Aug 05, 202226:03
Episode 70: Bridge Work and Managing A Vocal Break

Episode 70: Bridge Work and Managing A Vocal Break

In this episode we look at managing your vocal break and how to strengthen your voice safely so that you have the option to choose different vocal approaches in that area of your range. Whether you chose to flip to a heady tone or stay connected in a full sounding voice, these exercises will help you strengthen the muscles required to eliminate popping or cracking and help build confidence when singing higher notes. 

As always, NEVER PUSH YOUR VOICE. If you experience any pain, stress, strain, please stop. You can also email with any questions or to find out about booking a one on one session with me, please visit the website.

If you are interested in the singing straws used in the warm up, please use this link to receive a discount on your purchase.

Good luck and be kind to your voice! 

Jul 28, 202231:29
Sync Licensing With Michele Vice-Maslin
May 18, 202253:40
Episode 68: Developing multiple streams of income as a singer
May 09, 202238:27
Episode 67: My Conversation with Justine Giles
Apr 21, 202246:18
Episode 65: Write, Record, Release.

Episode 65: Write, Record, Release.

This is a big one! 

In this episode, I talk with each participant of the "Write, Record, Release." Program and share their new music!

If you've been following @rockitvocalstudios on instagram, you'll know all about this incredible project that started in February. 

5 singers took the leap to start a journey to write, record and release new music in just 8 weeks. 

We covered everything required to do the job properly. Starting with branding, marketing strategies, artwork and cover design and preparing for when the songs were ready. We learned from an entertainment lawyer all about music rights and royalties, and how they need to register their songs and themselves as artists. 

The singers spend a weekend at a rustic songwriting retreat with help from 2 coaches and created their new music. From there they went on to work with session musicians to arrange and rehearse their songs for live and studio production. 

We recorded at award winning MCC Studios in Calgary, and the results were incredible. Althought they all came through the same program, each singer has written a totally unique song, and they are all varying genres. 

Their songs went live this morning, March 30th, 2022. And tonight we celebrate with their release party and live stage show in Calgary, Canada. 

I'm so proud of each and every one of these artists. Please follow them and support their new music, and stay tuned for much more!

If you are interested in trying something like this, visit the website to learn about "Write, Record, Release, ROUND 2!"







Mar 30, 202201:13:55
Episode 64: Ear Training Exercises
Mar 08, 202217:30
Episode 65: My Conversation with Jeff Trott
Mar 07, 202241:42
Episode 63: My Conversation with Natalie Weiss
Feb 08, 202229:58
Episode 62: My Conversation With Robert Ott

Episode 62: My Conversation With Robert Ott

In this episode I'm joined By Robert Ott. His experience in the music industry and in depth knowledge of music publishing specifically, made for a thouroughly fascinating conversation about how someones love of music and songs can lead to sharing songs throughout the world and the launch of Ole,  one of the world’s largest independent music publishing, recorded music and rights management companies. 

Robert and his wife have teamed up to produce the 97 South Song Sessions,  a music performance event located in Penticton in British Columbia’s picturesque Okanagan Valley and growing international wine destination region. Shows feature award winning, multi-genre Songwriters and Recording Artists sharing the stage ‘in the round’, entertaining the audience with tales of the creative journey that inspired their hit songs which they perform throughout the evening.

Tickets are available now!

Jan 27, 202251:34
Episode 61: My Conversation with Tiffany Sparrow
Jan 06, 202250:04
Episode 60: Can Anyone Learn To Sing?

Episode 60: Can Anyone Learn To Sing?

This is one of the most common questions I get. So many people who enjoy music and would really like to sing confidently, approach me and laugh, saying things like “I love to sing but no one needs to hear that”! Or “Oh I can’t hold a tune”, or assume they are “Tone Deaf”.


The fact is a very small population are actually tone deaf. It’s like saying you aren’t a mechanic, because you’ve never learned the parts of the car’s engine. How can you possibly fix the car if you don’t know how the parts work? Or just deciding you’ll never be able to swim well, because you’ve never jumped in the water! You have to LEARN to improve your singing voice. And no matter where you are at, it is definitely possible to improve your pitch, tone sound and most importantly your CONFIDENCE!


Training the voice is about training a group of muscles.

Healthy vocal technique relies on correct coordination of the muscles and airflow to create the desired sound.


If there’s too much pulling, pressure, pinching, you can get a strained sound and even damage your voice.  Imagine lifting heavy weights without the proper training or positioning. But with TINY muscles!


If you feel you have a weak voice there are ways to strengthen it gently with simple yet highly effective exercises that can build power and stamina very quickly.


Essentially there are different exercises to achieve any sound, tone, effect or level of power that you wish to achieve with your voice. Like learning to swim, or drive a car, or any other instrument for that matter, it takes some time to understand how it works and learn to control it the way you want.


I have a LOT of clients who are musicians but only play instruments. They often want to develop their voices to be able to enjoy singing with their guitars or join in confidently on backing vocals with their band. If you already have a musical mind you can totally do this very easily and quickly. A lot of it is based around confidence.


This goes especially for new singers with zero experience. If you ENJOY singing and want to use your voice more, the only way to really build confidence and improve is to learn how your instrument works and keep doing what you love! Sing the songs you enjoy with the right techniques and your voice and CONFIDENCE as well as your ear training and pitch control will develop quickly.


If you want to start your vocal journey, check out the online course Singing for Beginners that starts January 19th on Zoom!

The course runs for 6 weeks and will cover all the foundations to get you started confidently and will arm you with all the tools needed to develop your instrument and your sound.

6-7pm MST  $99 Cad   

Register here.

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Episode 59: My Conversation With Brayden Lowe
Dec 01, 202123:19
Episode 58: My Conversation With Clayton Bellamy
Nov 10, 202131:24
Episode 57: Voice Health With Shelby Rollins
Oct 19, 202148:06
Episode 56. My Conversation With Devon Cole
Oct 15, 202146:07
Episode 55. My Conversation With Mama Jan
Oct 06, 202147:27
Episode 54: My Conversation With Krissy Feniak
Sep 29, 202127:22
Episode 53: My Conversation With Nicole Gill

Episode 53: My Conversation With Nicole Gill

On this episode I’m joined by Nicole Gill a voice coach who specializes in extreme singing techniques and distortion.

We talk about how to access the different types of vocal distortion used by different singers and how to use aryepiglottic distortion to sing like Christina Aguilera or Dave Grohl, as well as false fold distortion for heavier metal sounds.

We dig into how these techniques should always feel easy and safe when done correctly, Please do not dig into these if they feel in any way uncomfortable! I encourage you to reach out to Nicole if you would like further training on the subject of extreme singing and scream vocals.

Also a big shout out to Rebekah of the Eat Sleep Sing Repeat podcast who has a great episode with Nicole that has even more examples and resources to dig into.

Please be sure to follow @rockitvocalstudios on social media for all the latest updates and I invite you to join me for the Weekly Vocal Workout where I coach live vocal technique and training sessions every week on Zoom for only $19 cad a month! 


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Episode 52: Breathing Techniques For Singers
Aug 26, 202137:51
Episode 51: My Conversation with Lindsay Butler
Aug 11, 202134:16
Episode 50: Voice Therapy & Vocal Cool Down
Jul 28, 202129:40
Episode 49: Weekly Vocal Workout Using Blank Scales

Episode 49: Weekly Vocal Workout Using Blank Scales

Every week I get together with a fabulous group of singers for the Weekly Vocal Workout.  This week I'm unable to host the live class, so it is prerecorded. I thought it would be nice to share the session here, and also use the blank scales from episode 48, demonstrating how I would choose to use them and which exercises I would match with each scale. 

The blank scales are for you to use as you please, but I wanted to share some exercises that I'd run with my weekly vocal workout class along with the scales to help you get the maximum benefit. 

Here’s the outline, with timestamps too.

1: Straw with revs at the top 

Slide on a 5th

2: Long form lip rolls (2:30)

1.5 octave run

3: Hum with ahh, and a descending scale. Can be a hum or with a straw (5:00)

Slide on 5th with steps down

4: NG from top note. You can also use the straw for this one as well. (8:30)

Slide on 5ths

5: Low placed luh shape. You can pull dopey chest tones up or just let it move freely towards the top (remembering we are warming up not strengthening, but it’s good to wake up the lower tones)Jumping through a triad

6:Be. Gently tap through the notes using compression on the “B” (12:50)

5ths hitting each note up and down

7: Whys or Meows to dig into pharyngeal / nasal resonance in your head. (16:20)

1 octave at intervals.

Jul 14, 202124:25
Episode 48: Blank Practice Scales
Jul 14, 202121:40