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Creative Conversations with Roger Humphrey

Creative Conversations with Roger Humphrey

By Roger Humphrey

Conversations with "under the radar" ie. neighborhood or hometown artists (all disciplines) about the ups and downs of being a working artist.
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S5 E7 Lexi Mohney

Creative Conversations with Roger HumphreyOct 30, 2023

S5 E9 Carolyn Damstra
Nov 20, 202321:45
S5 E8 Gretchen Morse
Nov 14, 202350:58
S5 E7 Lexi Mohney
Oct 30, 202343:36
S5 E6 Sarah Manasreh
Oct 09, 202359:18
Randy D. Pearson S5 E5
Oct 02, 202341:23
Rod Sadler S5 E4
Sep 25, 202343:56
S5,E3 Anthony Glise
Sep 18, 202328:28
Wednesday Friday
Sep 11, 202301:10:04
Tom Heideman
Sep 05, 202336:42
Sarah Sims
Jan 05, 202353:57
Don Benson
Dec 08, 202232:60
Jamie-Sue Seal
Nov 22, 202245:26
Jane Rosemont and Jim Hoffmaster

Jane Rosemont and Jim Hoffmaster

Filmmaker Jane Rosemont has produced and directed an award-winning documentary about veteran character actor Jim Hoffmaster (Shameless, NCIS...). They join me to discuss the film and give us a backstage glance.

Nov 07, 202242:21
Doug Berch

Doug Berch

A charming conversation with musician/luthier Doug Berch. Please join us.

Oct 24, 202253:27
Justin Hatt

Justin Hatt

A delightful conversation with guitarist Justin Hatt about resuming his career in a post-covid era.

Oct 03, 202246:06
Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson

A nice chat with guitarist Scott Peterson about being a local musician. We talk about performing and teaching. 

Jun 06, 202201:05:07
Iskander Zakirov
May 10, 202252:45
Aaron Green
Apr 04, 202252:13
Paul Ojibway

Paul Ojibway

A great sax and piano player and a pretty terrific singer too. Paul has toured with Joe Cocker, M.C. Hammer, Mark Farner, and many others. He has some great stories about life on the road. I think you're going to like this a lot.

Mar 28, 202256:13
Mike Rosettes (Razz)

Mike Rosettes (Razz)

An enjoyable half hour with a friend and colleague. Drummer and music equipment specialist Razz talks about his business and other stuff.

Mar 08, 202228:13
Brad DeRoche #2
Feb 10, 202254:17
Taylor Taylor
Jan 17, 202242:31
Miguel Ferreyra
Dec 16, 202138:32
Gruca White Ensemble
Nov 05, 202151:48
Kelly Rogers
Jul 27, 202145:22
Marie Vavro

Marie Vavro

Talking shop with voice and piano teacher Marie Vavro. 

Jun 22, 202131:36
Geoff Sanderson

Geoff Sanderson

A wonderful conversation with Geoff Sanderson. Geoff is in entertainment management currently involved with movie and tv production. 

Jun 01, 202136:38
Ashley Korcal

Ashley Korcal

I had a lovely chat with former colleague Ashley Korcal. Just two music teachers talking shop and swapping stories.

Apr 16, 202141:22
Lisa Moore

Lisa Moore

Friend and long time duet partner Lisa Moore (flutist) and I spent some time on Zoom catching up. 

Nov 17, 202049:54
Tess Miller

Tess Miller

I had a very inspiring chat with flutist and life-coach Tess Miller about how the pandemic has affected us.

Nov 03, 202051:31
Tigran Shiganyan
Oct 27, 202053:20
Steve Pinckney
Oct 06, 202056:54
Jim Hoffmaster
Sep 30, 202001:01:52
Dick Rosemont
Sep 22, 202031:12
Anthony Glise
Sep 15, 202054:14
Jane Rosemont
Sep 08, 202054:28
Episode #21. Mark Kroos
May 19, 202056:46
Episode #20 Ken Cooke

Episode #20 Ken Cooke

A fun first meeting with Australian guitarist Ken Cooke. Our businesses are so similar that it makes one realize just how much we are all connected. Gigs, wedding stories, students, etc.   Oh - and a lot of laughing too.

Apr 28, 202043:37
#19 Kirk Redman
Apr 21, 202042:51
Episode #18 Mary McGuire
Apr 14, 202051:27
Episode #17 Tanya Ulsh
Apr 07, 202041:26
#16 Christopher Rollins

#16 Christopher Rollins

Chris is a talented guitarist and teacher. We've been friends for decades now but I had to beg him to be on this show. It turned out to be a fun time and I'm sure you'll like it too. 

Mar 31, 202045:27
#15 Holly Ross
Mar 24, 202042:28
Christopher Showerman
Mar 17, 202051:08
 Episode #13 Melissa Nott Schmitz

Episode #13 Melissa Nott Schmitz

A nice leisurely conversation with Melissa Nott Schmitz in my Lansing studio. We've been friends for a long time, but rarely get to sit and chat anymore. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.  Please take a moment to share this with your friends.

Mar 03, 202040:09
Episode #12 David Klein

Episode #12 David Klein

An informative and enjoyable conversation with colleague David Klein. You can learn more about him at:

Feb 11, 202036:02
Episode #11 Brad DeRoche

Episode #11 Brad DeRoche

Great conversation with classical guitar performer and  teacher Brad DeRoche. You can learn more about him at

Feb 05, 202047:37
Episode #10 Jimmy Madigan

Episode #10 Jimmy Madigan

Had a nice chat with Bob Seger's guitar tech and my long time friend Jimmy Madigan. We don't get to chat very often so this was a real treat.

Jan 21, 202032:34
Episode #9 Pat Zelenka

Episode #9 Pat Zelenka

In this episode I chat with singers/songwriter Pat Zelenka 

Jan 14, 202032:19
Episode #8. Carolyn Damstra

Episode #8. Carolyn Damstra

In this episode Painter/Photographer Carolyn Damstra talks about her process, marketing, and other things.  Please visit her website at to see her beautiful art.

Jan 07, 202043:51