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The Insureds Corner

The Insureds Corner

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As a top Colorado insurance attorney, David Roth wants to level the playing field between policyholders and their insurance companies. The Insured's Corner offers tips, education, statistics, and more to help you navigate the complicated world of insurance claims.
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Marshall Fire - The Insureds Corner

The Insureds CornerFeb 19, 2022

What if I get hurt while skiing? Your rights and Colorado's Ski Safety Act
Dec 02, 202209:49
Colorado Marshall Fire Update - October 2022

Colorado Marshall Fire Update - October 2022

It's been 10 months since the Marshall Fire in Colorado.  What does the burn area look like today?  How is the rebuilding process going? David Roth of The Roth Law Group answers these questions.  Homeowners are dealing with new and evolving challenges including ALE (Additional Living Expense) costs and insurance companies discussing deadlines on coverage.  We also talk about an issue with smoke damage creating challenges for homeowners. 

Oct 20, 202210:28
Auto Accidents, Insurance, and Someone else driving your car.

Auto Accidents, Insurance, and Someone else driving your car.

Colorado is number 1 in the nation for car theft. 

This week, David wanted to discuss what the ramifications of theft of your vehicle, then working with your insurance and what kind of insurance you will need to be sure you're covered!

If you haven't taken time to review your auto insurance, be sure you take time to understand where you're protected, how it can affect you if you're dealing with your insurance, to replace what's happened if your car is stolen and then in an accident. When you look at your auto insurance, look to see if you have comprehensive insurance. 

David tells a few stories, and what's happened. What do you do in the case of theft of a client's car, when valet has your keys and drug use leads to an accident, all while you're not in control of your keys? That, and more, tune in this week!

Oct 04, 202209:59
Do I need a Lawyer?

Do I need a Lawyer?

One of the frequently asked questions The Roth Group get on a regular basis, "Do I need a Lawyer right now?" 

Listen in as David takes a few minutes to really answer this question in depth. First off, you should know that when you call a lawyer, or law group, to figure out if you need a lawyer. Most, if not all, lawyers want to know more details about your case before committing to anything. You've heard this, perhaps without really knowing it, but a free consultation is for your benefit, as well as the lawyers. 

You should never feel like you're committed to one group, after knowing what you're up against. 

Insurance companies, insurance adjusters and those groups that look into claims are trained, in some cases, to frame questions and look at your claim through a specific lens. Having legal counsel on your side, from the beginning, usually will lead to a different outcome. 

More to the point, having legal counsel, with injury claims especially, allows you to focus on getting back to the level you were before an accident, while a team is dealing with insurance on your behalf. 

If you think you need an ally, call someone you trust, ask for a referral, talk to a few lawyers, see who you feel most comfortable working with, and work with them. 

Of course the Roth Group would like to get your call, but take the first step, and talk to a lawyer about your specifics early on. 

Sep 30, 202211:04
Insurance Inflation Protection, is it what you think?

Insurance Inflation Protection, is it what you think?

This week, a big question that arises from Marshall Fire, and victims dealing with their insurance now. Does having Inflation protection on your insurance policy cover everything that you will need from a full loss? 

David Roth gets into some of the details and has done research finding what insurance companies are using as their Inflation Protection number, as well as factors. 

With the most recent problems with inflation, the numbers actually seemed low, and in short, talk to your network, find someone that understands what's going on to be sure you know what you're buying with your insurance. If you don't know what your insurance coverage actually is, and how to figure it out, that may come back as an issue. 

Sep 21, 202210:45
Marshall Fire Underinsurance continued

Marshall Fire Underinsurance continued

A Denver Post article has come out discussing Marshall Fire victims taking action to sue insurance companies as well as a few others. The article dives into some of the details about how the lawsuit is structured and what the homeowners are trying to do with this lawsuit. 

An interesting point of contention is that insurance companies are pushing back saying that homeowners should have the information they need to discern what type of insurance you should have on your own home. The question of, "why were Marshall Fire victims underinsured" Putting the owness on homeowners to understand what type of insurance they should have and at what level, which sounds off. 

This was a conundrum as even people within the industry may not understand what a level of coverage they have on their own homes. 

Listen in as David Roth jumps into the ins and outs of this argument of educated decisions and what type of insurance people have and why. 

Sep 07, 202211:37
Recession Proof - Insurance Companies

Recession Proof - Insurance Companies

This week, David Roth discusses an interview about Warren Buffet, where they discuss insurance companies and how they are recession proof. A lot of people are hedging bets for what people consider to be another recession in the making. Now, no business is truly recession proof. In a recent interview with Warren Buffet, he discusses how out of many types of companies, insurance is a great business to be in, as the company can use money as an investment vehicle, and done properly, that can make money depending on the time to pay out on claims that keeps insurance companies in business long term. 

When you think of how much you spend on insurance, and multiply the amount of people that spend vs. claim. One can see how the many avenues for an insurance company to use money to make money will keep them afloat long term. Knowing how a business works helps to understand the industry as a whole. 

Use the insurds podcast as a regular way to know and understand the industry and how things work. Follow today!

Aug 18, 202210:16
4th of July and Fireworks!
Jun 30, 202210:13
Hail season is upon us in Colorado - Be Proactive!

Hail season is upon us in Colorado - Be Proactive!

The Insured's podcast is all about being proactive with your insurance and insurance claims; today's discussion goes into some finer details how to help yourself with an insurance claim focusing on hail damage to your roof. 

David Roth discusses how, currently, insurance companies are not checking your roof on a regular basis when they are renewing your home insurance policy. 

This has led to an interesting case in the court system now, where an individual didn't know they had hail damage, and the insurance company is fighting the claim because of the time passing for the insurance claim to be filed. In some cases insurance companies require one to file a claim promptly, or within a years time. What happens should a hail storm hit while the insured is across town, and doesn't know the storm was as bad as it was?

This leads to a discussion about how on a yearly basis, when your insurance is renewed, you should be proactive and have a professional come out and check your roof for any damage. If none is present, have them put that into a letter and keep with your files. This is a step one can take to make your insurance claim that much more effective and help move the process along. 

Not every claim will run smoothly, that's why you, as the insured, have the ability to control the claims process by being proactive, and if you find yourself in an interesting situation, that's why you can call a lawyer to discuss your situation and find the best result. 

Jun 23, 202211:15
Common Terms and Verbiage in an Insurance Policy

Common Terms and Verbiage in an Insurance Policy

Being proactive about your insurance policy on your property is paramount. When an insurance company sends you an updated policy and terms - you need to know what's being changed, or what is covered. Things like "actual cash value" is a very specific term for replacement costs on a vehicle or your home insurance policy that can be rather confusing. 

It is important to know your policy & know how you will be compensated when dealing with your insurance. Researching and knowing your policy as updates happen can save you time, money and confusing situations if you experience a loss that is covered. 

David Roth, Principle at Roth Law Group, goes through some common questions clients have when looking through their insurance policy to know risks and coverage for the property they are insuring.  

May 23, 202213:50
Who is in the Insureds Corner? - The Lawyer

Who is in the Insureds Corner? - The Lawyer

Many question when it is the right time to call on a lawyer to review your situation. This episode is to help demystify the timing, when to call a lawyer, as well as answer frequently asked questions The Roth Group receive on inbound calls. 

You should never lose sleep on a question, and many lawyers have a free consultation. Use that time to explain what you are dealing with, and if it's the right time to have a lawyer involved. In the case of this firm, David will explain if it's a bit early for his team to get involved. 

As an example, if you are injured and unsure if you need a lawyer, or not sure where to start, earlier is always better. Other claims, such as property damage claims or working with an adjuster, or your insurance, there may be a process that needs to happen before a lawyer really needs to be involved. That being said, if you're dealing with an insurance company, and you don't feel things are right, call and ask your questions. 

There is no harm in getting answers to your questions. 

Apr 30, 202211:57
Who are the People in the Insureds Corner

Who are the People in the Insureds Corner

Field adjusters, general contractors, desk adjusters, and the insurance company. Everyone is on your team.  When you are dealing with a property damage claim, there are a bunch of new people you must work with to file an insurance claim appropriately. The discussion today, there can be a situation where contractors and insurance companies may each have a field adjuster to come out and assess the insurance claim. When this happens it can be overwhelming and hard to understand what is happening on your behalf.

On the Insureds Corner, David Roth takes time to talk about the process and people all involved in an insurance claim. The process should be easy, straight forward and you should know what's happening during this process while your insurance works to get a new roof on your house. You should know who does what, and how the process should be going when dealing with your insurance on a property damage claim.

Apr 18, 202214:52
Hail Damage Claims in Colorado from the perspective of a homeowner

Hail Damage Claims in Colorado from the perspective of a homeowner

What to do when you have hail damage in Colorado? The average homeowner can’t tell what hail damage looks like on a roof, unless it’s severe. Documentation of the event and the damage on your roof is important. Your best bet is to take photos of your roof (safely), take photos of the hailstones themselves in the palm of your hand, take photos of the change in your roof that you notice. This little step can help you out in your insurance claim.

Professionals have seen thousands of roofs, know how hail damage will affect the look, and feel of a roof and can assess things with ease. They have tools and data that will help direct to an event.  What they don't have is your experience of the specific event which can make the process of filing an insurance claim a little more difficult. 

If you are proactive, and working with the information you have early in the process, you should have no problem filing a claim. 

Apr 07, 202212:25
Marshall Wildfire topic for homeowners

Marshall Wildfire topic for homeowners

The Marshall Wildfire in Colorado has had a recent update. The topic of the hour is insurance and, more specifically, the pressure on many homeowners who are finding out they are underinsured. Today, David Roth is talking policy limits in certain circumstances. 

At the end of February in 2022, insurance companies in Colorado were tasked with resolving all fire damage claims for homeowners. In addition to the majority of claimants being underinsured, inflation and increased building costs have created a perfect storm that is dashing the hopes of rebuilding for many families.  

If you are a homeowner affected by the Marshall Fire, The Roth Law Group is available to help answer questions about your insurance policy. While we always suggest discussing your policy with your carrier and relaying any questions through an adjuster first, this is not always feasible. In the event you are having difficulty communicating with your insurance or you feel your concerns are not being dealt with appropriately, please contact our office. We are here to help. 

Mar 19, 202210:51
Marshall Fire - The Insureds Corner

Marshall Fire - The Insureds Corner

An introduction to the Marshall Fire, which happened in Colorado. This show starts mid-February 2022, two months after a wildfire destroyed approximately 1,300 homes around Marshall Lake. The area that was impacted was a combination of Louisville, Superior, and unincorporated Boulder County. Homes and businesses in the area were severely impacted.  

The idea for this podcast came from David Roth, lead attorney at The Roth Group. With a specialty in insurance claims, David's and his staff are dedicated to doing good work and helping people. As more information develops in the wake of the Marshall Fire tragedy, David plans to discuss issues surrounding the fire and its long-term effects. 

The Marshall Fire was an historic event in Colorado that has resulted in thousands displaced from their homes. Many are now trying to navigate the claims process. Final determinations are yet to be made, but David Roth will be here to keep you up to date and informed of what to expect next. 

Feb 19, 202212:55