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By Roy Mitchell

Never underestimate the vibrancy and beauty of rural living - interviews with local people and non-local people about what matters and what they are doing about what matters.
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Dealing with a Pandemic in Rural Ontario

HYBLA MINUTEApr 07, 2020

ELECTION FEVER! Running a Campaign in Rural Ontario
May 26, 202249:25
The Show Will Go On ☆ A New Start for Bancroft!

The Show Will Go On ☆ A New Start for Bancroft!


Guest: Tim Porter, Artist Director and Founder of Tweed and Company Theatre

Taking inspiration from the show business motto, "the show must go on!"  Hybla Minute is back! And this time it's all about the show as it concerns Bancroft's Village Playhouse. Under the new direction of Tweed and Company Theatre and its Artist Director, Tim Porter, the Village Playhouse is undergoing many good changes and we talk about them and also how the pandemic effected, not only Tweed and Company, but theatre in general. With the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel (we hope), theatre is a wonderful way to gather again and fall under the magic of everything theatrical. With an ambitious and exciting season ahead of them and the what the plans for the new theatre, Bancroft has gotten a lot sexier. 

And there is a quiz and a giveaway. We're excited to announce that the winner of the free ticket to see local hero opera soprano Hannah Crawford perform is JOEY SHULMAN!  So excited that Joey won, because he's mentioned in the podcast - big news!

And the Quiz. I can't believe I won! Tim did his best, but it was a gratifying win all the same. Here are the questions that Tim didn't get and I had to look up later. 

1) Dora Mavor Moore 

Mavor is her name before she married. It's not a middle name.

2) The oldest theatre in Canada according to Wikipedia: 

The Royal Alexandra Theatre, commonly known as the Royal Alex, is  a theatre in Toronto, Ontario, located near King and Simcoe Street.  Built in 1907, the 1,244-seat Royal Alex is the oldest continuously  operating legitimate theatre in North America. The Annapolis Basin in Nova Scotia served as the cradle for both French and English language theatre in Canada. Théâtre de Neptune, performed in 1606, was the first European theatre production in North America.

The tradition of English theatre in Canada also started at Annapolis Royal.  In Fort Anne, Nova Scotia, plays were produced for Prince of Wales' birthday. George Farquhar's The Recruiting Officer was produced on Saturday, 20 January 1733 to celebrate the birthday of Frederick, Prince of Wales

The music from today is a piano roll version of Scott Joplin's The Entertainer. Because? Thank you for listening to Hybla Minute and thank you to my guest Tim Porter. Great to be back!


Roy, Dolly The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Tim: Pippin

May 19, 202239:31
RATTLING THE CAGES: "So You Want to Have a Bylaw?"

RATTLING THE CAGES: "So You Want to Have a Bylaw?"

RATTLING THE CAGES: "So You Want to Have a Bylaw?"

GUEST: Councillor Bongo

MUSIC: Italian Dub Community

A roadside zoo has come to town, and it's as easy as pie if there is no bylaw to regulate it. Ontario is the only province without legislation around the ownership and care of exotic animals. In some municipalities in Ontario, owning a tiger is easier than having chickens. In fact, way easier. If there is no bylaw, you could keep a tiger, lion, zebra or any other exotic animal in your backyard with no regulations as to the height of the cage for example. You'd need a bylaw for that. So what is a bylaw and how do they happen?

Councillor Bongo, from the municipality of South Algonquin breaks down how bylaws come to be and how to understand what they are - Councillor Bongo makes municipal politics sound fun, and if not fun, at least accessible with clear and plain English. We break it down, chat it up and Councillor Bongo takes the Hybla Minute "Is This a Real Bylaw Quiz" and does a great job. 

With Hastings Highlands very own Tiger King of the North Drama unfolding before our eyes, knowing what a bylaw is and how it comes to be is helpful and useful information. This show is a great resource for people interested in municipal politics and how the system works.


Jun 03, 202154:19
A Brazilian in New York
Apr 15, 202131:01
GOING BACK: What Home Means
Apr 08, 202131:18
Good Food and Good People: Opening a Restaurant in a Pandemic
Mar 18, 202120:05
Accelerating Hate: The Ku Klux Klan in Canada

Accelerating Hate: The Ku Klux Klan in Canada

Guest: Allan Bartley, author of The Ku Klux Klan in Canada: A Century of Promoting Racism and Hatred in the Peaceable Kingdom
Music: Zap Momma
Writer Allan Bartley talks about his book, The Ku Klux Klan in Canada.
The Klan was an import from the USA and grew into an coast-to-coast organization that had influence and power in Canadian society. Bartley's compelling and important book that shows how racism and hatred is part of Canada's past and present. An eye opening book that helps bring to light something dark and evil from our past.
Allan Bartley's book The Ku Klux Klan in Canada: A Century of Promoting Racism and Hatred in the Peaceable Kingdom
That story I told about the KKK in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario. This collaborates it.
Wikipedia page for D.W. Griffith's film, Birth of a Nation - the film that inspired the KKK.
Mar 11, 202137:42
Glad Day Bookshop: The Magic of Surviving and Thriving for 50 or More Years
Feb 06, 202139:04
Winnipeg is GAY! GAY! GAY!
Jan 28, 202133:37
Cult Life: On the Other Side of Scientology

Cult Life: On the Other Side of Scientology

Scientology is a monster.

Los Angeles based actor Doug Kramer talks about how the cult was part of his life since childhood. Now being free from it, he is working to heal from the trauma it brought to his life and is helping others through his YouTube channel, Dazed but Not Confused. Doug's videos are raw, insightful and often times hilarious monologues about his life and the evil insanity of this monster of cults.

Doug Kramer Youtube Channel, Dazed, but not Confused
Steve Hassan's book Combatting Cult Mind Control
Cullah Instagram @cullahmusic
Cullah Website
Josh Woodward Website
Jan 22, 202148:26
The Holidays and the Pandemic: They Too Shall Pass

The Holidays and the Pandemic: They Too Shall Pass


GUEST: Dr. Greg Mendelson, Psychologist

MUSIC: Will Heikoop, The HoHoHos and Maya Soloveg

Christmas is an amazing time of year, but for some who don't celebrate it, don't want to celebrate it or have other things on their minds, this season sucks and Christmas really sucks. And throw a pandemic in there and there will obviously be some concerns. So what do we do about those concerns? 

Guest, Dr. Greg Mendelson talks about how people, especially LGBTQ people, can find ways to navigate the holiday season. We talk about the anxiety and other heavy feelings that can come around this time of year. And we also talk about  this pandemic's impact on our lives and our communities' lives. 

I invited Greg on Hybla Minute because I've been thinking about this a lot lately. A friend died by suicide this fall and I heard about other gay men who did the same. It seemed like a lot. I'm concerned.

I'd be interested to know what you come away with after listening to this podcast. I'm hopeful. 

Although things are pretty bad these days, the bottom line is they won't change if we don't take care of each other. I think some of "the how and why" are talked about in this podcast. 

Whatever you do or don't celebrate, I'm writing this on a cold dark Solstice Night in Hybla. Here's to the coming sun and the year ahead.  And all the best of the Season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and Happy Solstice. 


Dr. Greg Mendelson

San Franscisco LGBTQ Centre's Guide to Surviving the Holidays

Dec 22, 202028:43
Councillor Bongo: Good Times and Good Politics in South Algonquin
Dec 16, 202044:36
The Kind of Revolution We Need: Rebuilding Democracy
Dec 12, 202001:01:50
Deputations, Questions and Emails: How to Talk to Council

Deputations, Questions and Emails: How to Talk to Council

Highlights of Highlights! 

Hastings Highland Council Meeting Highlights! 

Hybla Minute's Hot Minute!
HASTINGS HIGHLANDS December 3, 2020 Council Meeting has all the drama as if Jaws and Tiger King had a baby. I swear.

It's exciting to see people engage in municipal politics because municipal politics can be an exciting place when it's a good thing we're working toward - a world  that is based in kindness and justice. I'm all in. Addressing racism and  homophobia in our community and dealing with the possibility of a tiger  attack. This council meeting has it all!

When I started this podcast, I was depressed. It seems a no-brainer: creating a  bylaw to stop the ownership of exotic animals in our municipality.  There are no provincial laws that regulate ownership of exotic animals. Right now only municipal bylaws regulate exotic animals. Exotic animal  businesses like the one in the podcast are catalysts for community organizing across Ontario. I  wish we didn't have to go through all this, but seriously it'd suck to be the last municipality to create a bylaw for this.

Maynooth is the fourth community that this business has settled in.  More and more municipalities are writing bylaws making there fewer and fewer places for these businesses to set up

This podcast actually cheered me up in the end - People are involved.  People sent letters, people sent in questions, people did deputations.  It was democracy working on a community level.

So sit back, get ready for some real Tiger King of the North  Realness! If not for the love of my friends and this great community,  I'd be crying.


Hastings Highlands "Communicating with Council and Committees of Council" Page

Hastings Highlands December 3, 2020 Municipal Council AGENDA - letters can be found under Item 21


Dec 08, 202038:30
HOLY, HOLY Snark! - Christian Fundamentism on Fundie Fridays
Dec 04, 202030:13
LESBIAN SANTA: A Joy to the World

LESBIAN SANTA: A Joy to the World

Hybla Minute Holiday Exclusive

LESBIAN SANTA CLAUS is coming to Town and Hybla Minute! 

Before the season gets tedious, or if the season is already tedious, nothing illustrates the real meaning of the holidays than LESBIAN SANTA. Taking a break from the prep and commitments of the holiday season, Lesbian Santa joined Hybla Minute to talk about the magic of the season, the pandemic, Bobby Orr and animal advocacy and support among other things - a show full of love and joy and music too.

This show is dedicated to all the queers out there who might find this time of the year rough. Hybla Minute loves you, Lesbian Santa loves you and we will all make it to the other side of the season in this 

Music: in this Hybla Minute Episode

A Song for a Winter's Night - The Nancies

My Itty Bitty Christmas Ditty - Kathleen Martin

Santa Claus Forgot about Me - Rene Wilson

For Absent Friends at Christmas - Squire Tuck

O Tannenbaum - Dan Lerch

Nov 26, 202026:37
I Feel a Song Coming On! MUSIC and MUSICALS
Nov 19, 202051:47
HOT MINUTE! Tigers and Lions in Rural Ontario
Nov 17, 202025:06
HYBLA READS! Books, Lyrics and Inspiration for the Writing Life

HYBLA READS! Books, Lyrics and Inspiration for the Writing Life

Hybla Reads is here! This show features writers of books and lyrics. The panel has assembled. We discuss books and music and the writing life. No rules, no losers - everyone is a winner. You'll be inspired!

Christine McRae is a writer and an Algonquin Woman who has a deep commitment to this  land and the Algonquin people - she is a young and important voice that  is part of the movement to rebuild and relearn who her people are. 

Farzana Doctor is a writer, activist, and psychotherapist. Her ancestry is Indian, and  she was born in Zambia while her family was based there for five years,  before immigrating to Canada in 1971. Her new novel is Seven (Sept. 2020)

Lisa Myers is a musician, independent curator and artist with a keen interest in  interdisciplinary collaboration. Myers has a Master of Fine Arts in  Criticism and Curatorial practice. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Environmental  and Urban Change (formerly Faculty of Environmental Studies) at York  University. Myers is a member of Beausoleil First Nation and she is  based in Port Severn and Toronto, Ontario.


Christine McRae on Instagram @@waaseyaaconsulting for information about her work

Farzana Doctor's Website for info about the release of her fourth novel Seven's release and tour dates


Lisa Meyer's Website for more about her art/writing/music

  • Christine's Picks

Natalie Babbit's Tuck Everlasting (1975), Lee Maracle's My Conversations with Canadians (2017), Jesse Thistle's From The Ashes (2019)

Robin W. Kimmerer's Braiding Sweetgrass (2013)

  • Farzana's PIcs

Zadie Smith's White Teeth (2000), Cherie Dimaline's Empire of the Wild (2019), Shaukat Ajmeri's Keepers of the Faith (2020)

Check out the film adaption of White Teeth on Youtube!

  • Lisa's Picks

Fleetwood Mac's Go Your Own Way

Patsy Cline Greatest Hits

Slints Spiderland 

  • Long Branch


Get Long Branch's Music HERE

ROAM Lyrics by Lisa Meyers

Come for your empty ties

Spent just to roam

Come for your unpacked lies

Finding your way home

Threads they’re sewn so tight

Edges frayed and worn

Gather them up together

I watch them unravel on their own

Pulling nails from the wall

Dust falls to the floor

Stains and wash colliding

I guess I always want more

Bup-ah I leave it all behind

I leave it all behind

Bup ah I leave it all behind

I leave it all behind

Aug 13, 202052:57
RISE UP! Sharing Power in a Song
Jul 30, 202050:51
Count Klassy is Black, Gold, Queer and Hip Hop
Jul 23, 202034:34
Anti-Racism North Hastings is Taking On Anti-Blackness in Rural Ontario

Anti-Racism North Hastings is Taking On Anti-Blackness in Rural Ontario

GUESTS Marlena Zuber and Sheila Wilmot from Anti-Racism North Hastings

Marlena Zuber is a community arts builder, and an illustrator based in  Maynooth. Marlena inspired by the groundswell of activism against  anti-Black Racism following the murder of George Floyd found a group of  amazing local people and started Anti-Racism North Hastings.

She is joined by Sheila Wilmot is a Toronto-based educator and  organizer who has been working with people in the North Hastings area on  anti-racism and other social justice issues.

We talk about Anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism  and how it is a Canadian social problem; a white supremacy problem. We talk about organizing in a pandemic and in a rural area and how people can stand  in solidarity with Black and Indigenous people. We talk about defunding the police and what that means and we talk about how to move forward in our communities for a better world.

Many of us in this area are no stranger to LAL - many of us have danced  on dance floors here and in Toronto to their music and been inspired by  their lyrics that demand justice and inspire some ass-shaking. Thanks  to Rosina Kazi, the band's lead singer for the generosity of this music.

Contact Anti-Racism North Hastings at


Video: "Defund the Police" Explained

Sheila Wilmot's book Taking Responsibility Taking Direction: White Anti-Racism in Canada

Printable Black Lives Matter + Anti-Racist Signs and Posters

Find Out More and Support the podcast's Musical Guest: LAL

Dark Beings Lyrics by LAL

We have always destroyed what we have

To create something new

If you add fire to the equation

And then you throw in the truth

We’ve been doing this for a while

We remember we’re proof

And as the sky comes falling down around

Some still don’t know what to do

Some still don’t know what to do

Some still don’t know what to do

Maybe its time we felt and we listened

To vibrations in depths of the system of

Dark Beings We are We are

Dark Beings We are We are

Dark Beings We are We are

Dark Beings

Grown to cultivate all around us

Despite all the scars

We have seen for centuries lined up

Are we with the stars

We are planted seeds in the ground

Inside us is goddess, I feel free in

the presence of it all

Bow down to what we have lost

I Bow to what we have lost yeah

Pray pray for what we got

I said maybe it’s time felt and we listened

To vibrations in depths of the system of

Dark Beings We are We are

Dark Beings We are We are

Dark Beings We are We are

Dark Beings

photo credit: Marlena Zuber

Jul 16, 202043:22
Nunavut Day! A Life in the Arctic

Nunavut Day! A Life in the Arctic

Guest: Jason Rochon
Music: Dave Walker
And the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT of who won the Hybla Minute Coffee Mug! A draw to kick off Season 2!
On Thursday June 9th, it's Nunavut Day and Hybla Minute will take you there.
We're having a heat wave and what better way to cool off than bring Nunavuut to Hybla!
Jason Rochon is a activist and community worker in Iqaluit. He moved there almost two decades ago from his hometown of Pembroke. He served as the first LGBTQ city councilor, helped campaign for Nunavut's current MP - Mumilaaq Qaqqaq (Inuktitut: ᒧᒥᓛᖅ ᖃᖅᑲᖅ) and is engaged in his community and helping to build and make it better.
We talk about we talked about how hard the new MP is working for Nunavut, the beauty of Nunavuut, the activism, the raising of the Pride Flag in Iqaluit and how he got chased by a polar bear!
Jul 09, 202025:29
Martha Chaves - Behind the Red Velvet Curtain of Comedy
Jun 23, 202046:24
To the Stages of the World: A Young Woman's Start as an Opera Singer

To the Stages of the World: A Young Woman's Start as an Opera Singer

This show's guest, Hannah Crawford is at the beginning of her career as an opera singer. She talks about why she decided to become an opera singer, people who inspire her, music she wants to perform and how things have changed for her now with the Covid19 Pandemic. Talking to Hanna was a wonderful way to spend some time - her optimism and beautiful voice are important to hear in times like these.  And you will hear her sing some Mozart and even a little bit of rock opera too! Enjoy

Jun 18, 202030:14
Transforming the World - Solidarity with Black Lives Matter in Rural Ontario

Transforming the World - Solidarity with Black Lives Matter in Rural Ontario

Rallies in solidarity with Black people and the uprisings in the US, Canada and places that I didn't expect like Belleville, Ontario are sharpening the focus on police brutality and the systemic racism we live in. Bay of Quinte Society of Friends Against Racism's Fiona Dodsworth joins me to discuss the groups recent Belleville rally and vigil in to support the lives of Black people in the USA, Canada and Belleville. It was an enlighting conversation that covered a lot - allyship and how to be an ally; how to organize a rally in a pandemic and what a radically transformed world could look like. Big thanks to Fiona for the great interview and BQSFAR's other members for making this interview happen - hat tip to Kayla Koomans who connected me to Fiona who stressed how much this was a team effort to make the rally and vigil happen. 

Added bonus! Local poet Serena Rykert shares her poem, Memory, The Handmaid from her 1995 book of poetry One Leaf One Place One Time. The poem is read by  Ken Fraser.

Music: Dangerous System by Pad Anthony

Jun 16, 202026:50
Rural Journalism and Social Justice
Jun 11, 202039:50
A Life in Music: Playing for the National Ballet of Canada Orchestra

A Life in Music: Playing for the National Ballet of Canada Orchestra

CT Rowe shares stories about what it was like to work for the National Ballet of Canada Orchestra, how she ended up playing what she did there and what she's playing now - CT is a remarkable person who tells me that she lived her whole live practicing how to live her life here in the country - from the glamorous concert halls of the world to a lovely home on Fraser Lake. We talk about it all. I love that she picketed Carnegie Hall. She'll tell you why.  And an added treat, the music at the end is CT playing. Enjoy!


And last week was a hard week for many, especially people of colour who are exhausted from having to explain again and again how their lives are in peril by the police and the system of anti-black racism that is destroying lives. Give a listen to these podcasts - Black people talking about Black Lives. We've been told it will get better - it won't if we don't do anything. I am posting these links in the hope that they will amplify the voices of Black people at a time when we should all be listening. Things have to change.

Canadian Podcasts
I highly recommend Sandy and Nora Talk Politics Podcast. Sandy Hudson was one of the co-founders of Black LIves Matter Toronto and she and co-host Nora Loreto talk about important issues - they hold no punches and are a refreshing voice and reality check.

Sandy and Nora Talk Politics

The Globe and Mail's Podcast Colour Code

Podcasts from the USA
1. Still Processing Podcast about Colin Kaepernick 

2. The Daily Podcast Systems that Protect the Police

3. Code Switch Podcast A Decade of Watching Black People Die

Jun 09, 202031:14
A Beautiful Thing: Bringing the Knowledge Back
May 28, 202035:02
In the Forest, to see the Trees: Long Talks in the Woods

In the Forest, to see the Trees: Long Talks in the Woods

Guests Barb Lindenberg and Shaun Sellers are the minds and bodies behind Long Talks in the Woods, a monthly speaker and conversation series that grew out of the work Shaun is doing as a PhD student in the Leadership for the Ecozoic program at McGill University and a common their common interest in understanding the world and how it works. They talk about what "economy" really means and what are the things they value. We talk about how this pandemic has shone a light on how the economy works and how what seemed sure is no longer inevitable. It's an engaging discussion. We even discuss that toilet paper shortage. 

Music: local musician, Ian Russell

May 26, 202028:05
Putting on a Show in a Pandemic, A Cabaret Even!

Putting on a Show in a Pandemic, A Cabaret Even!

Vicki Fraser is on this podcast, as a guest and as a performer. This is a two-song Hybla Minute. And that's great because it's about music and how Vicki organized a cabaret that spans three Ontario cities and 15 singer-songwriters. The Cabaret to Support Artists was Vicki's way to gather some friends and create something to support musicians in light of what this pandemic is doing to their livelihoods and lives. It's a feel good story. And Regina Gently performs her new single Whole Wide World.  Jam packed show!

May 21, 202025:34
Parenting and Writing in a Pandemic

Parenting and Writing in a Pandemic

Writer and frequent contributor to CBC Radio on all things parenting, Ann Douglas is this Hybla Minute Guest. Ann talks about her beginnings and inspiration. Her strong sense of justice fuels her work as a writer and citizen.  We talk about parenting, now especially in this pandemic, and what concerns she is hearing from parents.  Ann believes writing can change the world, and Hybla Minute is totally onside. We also talk about erotic fan fiction. You'll have to listen.


Eden Standing, Rick Joudrey and Anne Wilde

This inter-provincial project features Eden Standing from BC and two local residents, Rick Joudrey and Anne Wilde. People around here may have heard Rick and Anne more recently in the band The Salt Cellars which was featured on the very first Hybla Minute.

May 19, 202032:30
Loving Music, Teaching and Talking to Shania Twain

Loving Music, Teaching and Talking to Shania Twain

Local Hastings Highlands High School Music Teacher, Dianne Winmill talks about what got her on the road to becoming a music teacher, her enthusiasm for her students, the profession and love of her job is evident in this exuberant and heartwarming interview. Even with the restrictions that this pandemic has brought us, Dianne although concerned about what it will mean for education and her students, sees there is some silver lining to it. That's just the way she is. Hybla Minute thinks that Dianne's positivity is just what we need right now. Give it a listen. 

Music: Local Quinte Band - Kliq

May 14, 202037:46
Is Fishing Boring? Fish Hatcheries Aren't!

Is Fishing Boring? Fish Hatcheries Aren't!

Ian Hendry joins Hybla Minute to talk about Hastings Community Fish Hatchery - its beginnings, what it does and what challenges it faces with the pandemic. While Ian doesn't convince me that fishing is not boring, he gives a spirited and informative interview about the hatchery where he has volunteered for six years and is now volunteering as a director for the not-for-profit organization. 

We can't talk about spring without preparing for it too! So tuck your pants into your socks and listen to Hybla Minute's guide to Avoiding Black Flies.

Music: Barefoot McCoy

May 12, 202022:36
Rural Library in a Pandemic

Rural Library in a Pandemic

Libraries are social hubs and for many in rural communities, libraries are vital for the well-being of the community. Hastings Highlands Public Library is in the centre of Maynooth and is the heart of Maynooth.  Jessica O'Reilly, HHPL's Info Tech Librarian talks about libraries, her work at the library and how the library is dealing with the pandemic. 

Music: Semme

May 07, 202028:48
Dogs and Cats in a Pandemic

Dogs and Cats in a Pandemic

Animal Shelters are seeing an uptake in adoption applications because of this pandemic. People wanting to deal with the isolation by having a pet to keep them company. But is it a good idea? Hybla Minute's guest is Vice President of local Pet Rescue Home Again. She's part of a committed team of volunteers that help find unwanted dogs and cats homes. The road from being without a home to finding that forever home is a long one and Christine explains how it's done and how Home Again is dealing with the pandemic and putting the animals first. There is also a poignant reading of Stan Rawlinson's 1993 The Ten Commandments of Dog Ownership by Ken Fraser.
Music: Alien Threat

May 05, 202021:28
Rural Medical Centre in a Pandemic

Rural Medical Centre in a Pandemic

Hybla Minute spoke with Sandra McGrath, the Executive Director of Bancroft Community Health Team. She heads a group of dedicated health care workers and talks about how she ended up in this position, how the Centre works and how it's rising to the challenge of the pandemic in our rural community. Sandra has some insight and sound advice on how to deal with our new reality - and Gray's Anatomy is not a suitable comparison.

Music: The Polish Ambassador

Apr 30, 202027:23
Comedy in a Pandemic

Comedy in a Pandemic

Paul Bellini, writer, comedian - known for wearing on a towel on Canadian comedy show Kids in the Hall, is this episode's guest. He talks about comedy, death and other timely things.  He also is debuting a soon-to-be hit single Tactile by Mouth Congress, the band he and comedian Scott Thompson began in Paul's basement.
I've also got a story about how going to the laundry in rural Ontario...I'm a big fan of laundromats but not in a pandemic. The story has a happy ending.

Apr 28, 202030:57
Putting Out Fires in Rural Ontario

Putting Out Fires in Rural Ontario

What does it take to be a volunteer firefighter in Northern Ontario? Svinda Heinricks talks about what inspired her to became a firefighter in the rural community of Hastings Highlands.  She makes the links between her faith and her service and talks about how the Covid19 pandemic is having an impact here. You may consider signing up. Svinda tells us why you should and why you shouldn't. Your host is a pretty good candidate.

Apr 23, 202026:41
Rural Radio Gaga

Rural Radio Gaga

Hybla Minute spoke with Matthew Reisler about journalism and what lengths he would go to for pancakes.  To be starting your career as a reporter in rural Ontario in a pandemic is going to get you some new skills pretty fast. Our conversation touches on aspects of life up here and advice on how to comsume media....especially when so much is at stake now.  The Mayor of Essonville, Albert Saxby is our musical guest. Enjoy and always remember to fact check!

Apr 21, 202025:57
Nothing About Us Without Us Is For US

Nothing About Us Without Us Is For US

Hybla Minute welcomes Spring!
Guest: Shannon O'Keefe, Support Worker and HouseShare Coordinator at North Hastings Community Trust in Bancroft, Ontario. 

Spring is very welcome right now - but away your winter boots and no worries about getting the firewood now - at least for this year. The Hybla Minute will be talking with Shannon about the programs she's involved in at the Trust. Housing for people in precarious situations and Harm Reduction share some unique approaches in a rural setting - While we talk the seriousness of what's happening here, the conversation is hopeful and insightful. She and North Hastings Community Trust are changing things for the better in our communities. Shannon because of her strength and smarts give me hope. I know listening to what she has to say will do the same for you. In these dark times, as Harvey Milk said, "You got to give them hope." Shannon gives us hope.

Music: California Kilowatt, a music project by singer, songwriter and record producer Matt Leger

Apr 16, 202027:04
Community Centres in Crisis

Community Centres in Crisis

Across rural communities, community centres are being torn down or condemned. Public spaces are important spaces and who better to tell us how important they are than our guest Tammy Lin Foreman tells stories about the important role the community centres in the area played throughout her life, and makes a strong case for recognizing how community centres are the heart of a place.  Also a singer-songwriter, Tammy recorded two songs for the Hybla Minute.  The lyrics are the late poet Pete Jones and the music written by TammyOne song is Hybla Hollow! Sweet!

Apr 14, 202027:49
Dealing with a Pandemic in Rural Ontario ll

Dealing with a Pandemic in Rural Ontario ll

Rural Ontario has to deal with the Covid19 like the rest of the world, although rural life brings specific challenges and benefits. Hybla Minute talks to Bancroft Mayor Paul Jenkins about what his municipalities and others are doing at this time. There are bears to consider! And musical guest singer-songwriter Donna Leclair sings one of the most beautiful songs - her song Red-Winged Blackbird.  

Apr 09, 202032:04
Dealing with a Pandemic in Rural Ontario

Dealing with a Pandemic in Rural Ontario

Rural communities are grappling with how to adjust our lives to the new normal. The Hybla Minute will be talking with rural mayors about their preparedness and plans for what's ahead. Host Roy Mitchell talks to Hastings Highlands Mayor Vic Bodnar about how he and the municipality re dealing with the Covid 9 Pandemic and how the community is responding.  Musical Guest: Local band The Salt Cellars are featured with a song from their recent CD The Crooked Tree.

Apr 07, 202021:46