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Mentor MashUp

Mentor MashUp

By Ruffle Mentoring

Join us for an incredible podcast where we delve into the stories, secrets, and strategies of remarkable female mentors and coaches. 

Our mission? To uplift and champion women in every facet of business, career, life, and personal growth. 

Your host, the amazing Anne Wicking, has a knack for unraveling captivating stories and sharing life-enhancing hacks from our extraordinary guests. 

But here's the real game-changer – each episode wraps up with three practical, actionable takeaways that you can start implementing right away. 

Tune in and let's embark on this transformative journey together! 

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Burned-out Perfectionist to Profitable Powerhouse - Kc Rossi

Mentor MashUpSep 25, 2023

Why Low Carb Food? - Food Coach, Pauline Swinkels

Why Low Carb Food? - Food Coach, Pauline Swinkels

Anne dives into an enlightening conversation with Pauline, a seasoned nurse and food coach who shares her insightful journey towards understanding the profound impact of diet on women's health. 🍏🤰

Key Highlights:

1. 🔍 Rise of Type 2 Diabetes: Pauline highlights the significance of diet in managing and preventing health issues like gestational diabetes.

2. 🥗 Back to the Roots: Pauline advocates a shift back to eating whole, natural foods - just like our ancestors and grandparents did. Fresh, unprocessed, and homemade is the way to go!

3. ⚠️ The Rise of Modern Health Issues: Pauline draws a clear line connecting the surge in obesity, autoimmune disorders, and cancers to the last century's spike in processed food consumption.

The episode also delves deep into:

🔥 The Role of Inflammation: Discover how our diet can either fuel or fight inflammation, which is at the heart of many diseases.

🍞 Rethinking Dietary Guidelines: Pauline challenges popular dietary norms like the food pyramid, citing their heavy reliance on grain-based foods leading to excessive carbohydrate intake and related health complications.

Listen for Pauline essential takeaways!

1. We are what we consume…Food, skin & household products and the clothes we wear.

Keep everything as natural and as close to nature as possible. Real whole unprocessed food, cleaning products and clothing.

2. Manage your stress

Learn strategies to help manage your everyday stress, and the stress of modern life.

Learn to give yourself time to connect with yourself and nature.

3. Sleep well

Modern life can affect our sleep. Sleep is important, because when we sleep we heal. “Cleaning up” the other aspects of our lives can positively impact how well you sleep.

4. Eliminate all seed oils from your diet and home

They are rancid and highly toxic to your Body.

Brought to you by Ruffle Mentoring

Connect with Pauline here

Nov 21, 202359:04
The Money Gamechanger - Melissa Meagher

The Money Gamechanger - Melissa Meagher

🚀 From Finance Exec to Business Owner: Discover how one woman's career shift ignited her mission to empower women financially. 🌟

Finance guru, Melissa Meagher, shares stories, secrets & strategies...

1. Big Leap: Trading corporate life for entrepreneurship revealed the real game-changer: our mindset about money. 💡


2. Beyond Numbers: Financial savvy isn't just about experience; it's unraveling the psychology behind our money habits. 🔗

3. Gender Gap: Unpacking how societal scripts can hinder women's financial confidence and control. 👩‍💼✊

4. Breaking Myths: Time to ditch the old tales—women are more than capable of mastering and controlling money matters! 🚫

5. Aha Moment: Even top businesswomen can overlook personal finance, a sign that change isn't just about skills but mindset. 🤯

🔗 Embrace the power of mindset to transform your financial future—because when women thrive, societies prosper. 💪💰 

Key Takeaways:

Flex Your Financial Muscle!

1. Get clear what makes up your Money Pot:

  1. What do you own?
  2. What do you owe?
  3. What do you have coming in?
  4. What do you have going out?

2. Understand how your relationship with money impacts your motivations and behaviours every…single…day!

Start observing your internal dialogue and self-talk around money…and what comes out of your mouth.

3. Open up the space to discuss, love and embrace all things money!

Organise to have a regular Money Date with your partner and/or a trusted friend (you might even like to start a Money Club)

Brought to you by Ruffle Mentoring

Connect with Melissa Meagher

Nov 06, 202334:59
Zero Confidence to a Life Transformed - Zoe Westcott

Zero Confidence to a Life Transformed - Zoe Westcott

Imagine going from paralysing anxiety and zero confidence to a life transformed through the power of the mind!

Zoe unpacks the magic behind hypnotherapy, revealing how it dives deep into our subconscious to rewire those patterns holding us back.

Whether it's weight reduction, battling anxiety, stress, addictions, or even defeating that lurking imposter syndrome – Zoe has seen it all and has the stories to prove it.

Dive into this episode as Anne has Zoe sharing her incredible journey from not even being able to drive due to anxiety to discovering the game-changing world of hypnotherapy.

Hear captivating tales of rapid transformation that have reshaped lives in mere hours!

Stay tuned until the end for some solid gold takeaways.

And guess what? Zoe has a special gift for you – a FREE online abundance hypnotherapy session! Don't miss this!" 🌟🎧🧠 Actionable Takeaways

1. Thirty second habit.

This shows your subconscious mind that you do keep promises to yourself.

Think of a 30 second action you can tag on to your morning routine.

Examples:  Drink water before your cuppa -  Run on the spot -  Tidy a drawer.

If you do more than 30 seconds, the next day you only need to do 30 seconds you do not have to increase it.

When the new habit is part of your routine you may add a new 30 second habit.

2. Squeeze Your Fingers •The thumb and forefinger are the ones for anxiety and calming. •Just wrap your finger with your other hand and squeeze as hard as until you can almost feel your pulse.

3. Nine Day Negative Thinking Fast •When you catch yourself having unhealthy thoughts change the channel to a healthy thought • You have 2 minutes to notice the unhealthy thoughts and change them. • If you take longer than 2 minutes you have to start the 9 days again.

After doing this challenge you will have changed the hard wiring of your mind and find it automatic to switch your thoughts.

⁠Connect with ⁠Zoe

Brought to you by ⁠Ruffle mentoring

Oct 22, 202343:04
Why your Life's Vision Starts with a Question - Lois Weinblatt

Why your Life's Vision Starts with a Question - Lois Weinblatt

Motivating! What do you want 5 years from now? How do you achieve your vision? Listen to Anne extract the strategies and secrets from Lois Weinblatt on how to map and action your career, business and life visions. Here's how to head in the right direction purposefully and intentionally to achieve your driving purpose!

Actionable Takeaways:

1. Clarify your Timeframe

Do you feel like you want to gain clarity for the next 5 years of your life?  If 5 feels too far out, how about 3 years?  If the thought of 3 years feels overwhelming, how about clarifying *your* definition of success for the next 90 days?  Listen to your instincts and go with what feels right for you!

2. DON'T Start with the End in Mind

When I say the word “Vision”, most people think of “future”. And while Visioning is about clarifying *your* definition of success at a specific point in the future, “starting with the end in mind” can actually backfire.  Before you start trying to figure out what you *really* want for the next stage of your life, you’ve got to understand how you got to where you are, then you’ve got to be honest with yourself and take stock of where you are now. After that point you’ve peeled back enough layers to clarify the non-negotiables for your next chapter and use those to help you write your Vision.  So rather than feeling overwhelmed with jumping straight to your future, start by connecting the dots on the patterns that have led you to where you are now.

3. Carve Out and Protect "Visionary Time"

If you’re not feeling ready to start the Visioning process, begin by carving out 1 hour on your calendar each week for ‘Visionary time’ - time that you focus on what’s important but not urgent.  Then, protect that time! The more you get in the habit of Visionary thinking, and making that kind of thinking a priority, the more ready you will become to think more deeply about clarifying your Vision.

Connect with Lois

Brought to you by Ruffle mentoring

Oct 08, 202354:41
Burned-out Perfectionist to Profitable Powerhouse - Kc Rossi
Sep 25, 202355:19
Personal Brand - Core Secrets from Michelle Scheibner
Sep 11, 202354:29
Karyn introduces CEO Mentor & Podcast Host - Anne Wicking

Karyn introduces CEO Mentor & Podcast Host - Anne Wicking

Introduced by Ruffle CEO, Karyn Lynch, Anne Wicking shares stories, secrets and strategies about her 16 years as a CEO, Imposter syndrome, Taking on a Mentor, Neuroscience in Leadership, Common Challenges for Women and her new role as Ruffle's podcast host.
Check Anne out here:

Aug 18, 202324:49