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Running Wild with Christine

Running Wild with Christine

By Christine Wild

Sex, Success and other Slippery Rabbit Holes. A sex-positive, intersectional & inclusive podcast about life. On indefinite hiatus!
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Ep 125: Birth Control Minefields, with Dallas Barnes from Reya Health

Running Wild with ChristineAug 18, 2022

Ep 125: Birth Control Minefields, with Dallas Barnes from Reya Health

Ep 125: Birth Control Minefields, with Dallas Barnes from Reya Health

HELLO EVERYONE! I know it's been a hot sec but what can I say? Mama's on vacay! It's fair to say this one was SO WORTH going back to the keys for.
Meet Dallas Barnes, CEO of Reya Health - a digital platform for personalized contraceptive counselling. Dallas created her company to help people with ovaries navigate their birth control journey. If you're like us, it's been a wild fucking ride figuring it out with NO guidance and you'll be screaming alongside the episode: ME FUCKING TOO!
In our RWWC custom, we retrace some of the steps which led Dallas to where she is today and how Reya Health came to be two years ago. Sadly too many of us are familiar with feeling dismissed or unserved by the medical community when negative side effects arise. Funding for research in marginalized genders' health must be prioritized in order for a lot of us to avoid unnecessary trials and tribulations. Help us spread the word, echo our plea for more research funding and help yourself with Reya Health. The app launches September 1st, and while the website and services are currently only available in Canada, if you are able to help Dallas cross borders do get in touch.
Topics: the challenges of starting your first business, celebrating small wins, discovering your sexuality, accessing the RIGHT birth control methods for yourself, setting boundaries, safety and access to information, advocating for yourself, feeling validated.
Mention: Dr Sarah Hill.
Give @reyahealth a follow and as always please do share this episode if you've found it helpful! With all my love, C. xox
Aug 18, 202246:11
Ep 124: Just a Feeling, with Milica Radak

Ep 124: Just a Feeling, with Milica Radak

This week let me introduce you to Mili, from @barenaked_me! The forces of nature, otherwise known as Mili's mother, brought us together one fateful morning, over some Kajmak and Jaffa cakes. Today, about a year later, we finally sit down to share what we've learned about emotions. Mili is an empowerment coach, who works with women on finding their true emotional selves. Join us in discussing what empowerment feels like and the effects of discovering it. If you've cried yourself to panic lying on the floor, because of a story you've been telling yourself, this one is for you. 

Topics: #bodyimage, #patriarchy, covid #cocooning, #motherhood and #dietculture, debunking self love, learning is cyclical, #trauma, adrenal consequences of stress, #negativeselftalk, #validation, #storytelling, #nuance and MORE! 

This episode has some true nuggets of gold, belly laughs and rants, as is on brand in this podcast. If this conversation calls you, please share it with your friends. It is more important than ever that we find time for these conversations.  Topics:  Find Mili on Instagram if you find yourself called to work with her, or know someone who could benefit from this kid of self work. As always, I leave you with love, until our next talk. xx 

Jan 30, 202258:58
Ep 123: Being Alone Together, with Kristine Cofsky

Ep 123: Being Alone Together, with Kristine Cofsky

Hello lovers! Please meet the lovely Kristine. You might know her from @theportraitsessions or @persepective feminine on IG. She is here today to chat with me about definitions of intimacy, of community and of relationship models. Join us on this exploration of - well, our feelings, and - the effects of covid isolation on our non-monogamous relationships.  

Topics: pendulum swings, being alone together, codependency, control and consequences, cohabitation in non-monogamy, emotions vs reason, fear-based decisions, *a rant* about the lack of resources for ENM, loving your partner in opposing ways, living authentic lives in the good and the shitty, online dating and SO MUCH MORE. 

Come join us on this exploration of how we have learned to love, to have sex, to see ourselves, and to create community. 

Please feel free to refer back to episode 96 with Devon for context if you are curious! Go check out Kristine and her beautiful, awe inspiring work. Thank you so much for listening and remaining faithful to our human explorations. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for future episodes! With all the love, C. x

Dec 17, 202157:14
Ep 122: Representation Matters, with Janessa St. Pierre

Ep 122: Representation Matters, with Janessa St. Pierre

Hello everyone! We are closing off September, also known as Alopecia Awareness Month, with this vulnerable and rage-filled episode with Janessa St Pierre! Join us for this tour of the marks as she has experienced them, working in the film industry as a Black woman in Vancouver.  As usual, we go back to childhood and family, ballet dancing and high school socialization, to highlight how we got here. Listen in if you wanna rage with us about racism, misogyny, the male gaze and how toxic the filmmaking machine still is. Last but not least, Janessa takes the time and energy to share her Alopecia story with us and raise some awareness about the autoimmune disorder and its lack of representation. 

Topics: reaching awareness of racist micro-aggressions, performative activism vs. accountability, belonging & internalized racism, inclusivity & imposter syndrome, toxicity in the film industry, the 3 different types of Alopecia, why is hair loss scary?, beauty standards, storytelling and the way it informs the collective self, and much more. 

The first half of this conversation ties into a lot of stories featured by @iastories about the potential strike of film technicians in the US at the moment and I urge you to educate yourself about what it takes to make the TV shows and movies that you love, and amplify the voices fighting for our workers' rights. 

Shout out to Jason ALM for introducing us way back when and to Sommer from @raisethatbarre. If you enjoyed this episode, please share it widely as the intent here is to spread a moment of vulnerability, togetherness and awareness.  With love, C. xox

Sep 25, 202157:29
Ep 121: Breakups and Backpacks, with Erin E. Davidson

Ep 121: Breakups and Backpacks, with Erin E. Davidson

Hi everyone! Meet Erin Davidson, sex and relationship therapist from Vancouver, BC, here today to talk about her new book Break Through the Breakup. Join me in discovery Erin's story of the "reformed good girl/people pleaser" as we discover which rules she decided to scrap and how she ended up here. Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault content. We talk about unlearning religious sexual scripts and messages, highschool boyfriends in university, and embodying the attributes that we personally decided were valuable. What would happen if sex didn't exist? Or not in the way we conceive of it? Join us on this ride down my favorite rabbit holes. 

Topics: Christianity vs Sex, hearts as the backpacks of our lives, heartbreak, shame & guilt, sexual debuts, therapy, processing sexual assault openly, #metoo, the power of writing, healing, the 3 Components of Self Compassion, and so much more! 

For more about Erin, go to or find her on IG @erin.e.davidson. Thank you so much for listening to the podcast and sticking around. I see you and I'm so grateful for you. So much love, C. xo

Jun 18, 202149:28
Ep 120: Trials and Tribulations of Mental Health, with Tony Ganton
Jun 11, 202152:34
Ep 119: Dissociating & Associating, with Ariel
Jun 04, 202101:11:55
Ep 118: Good Grief, with Oona Krieg

Ep 118: Good Grief, with Oona Krieg

May 21, 202154:36
Ep 117: Soft And Squishy, with Josh Banday
Apr 30, 202101:09:34
Ep 116: Post-Covid Dissection, with Mark

Ep 116: Post-Covid Dissection, with Mark

Welcome back my lovers. Well, this one is a personal one. My partner Mark recently recovered from COVID 19. We talk about what it was like: from finding out he tested positive, to balancing isolation from each other in a one bedroom apartment. The mental toll of this disease is unlike anything we've been through in our lifetimes and we get into those feels. Mark describes his symptoms, his fears and the impact of social media on his recovery. "We're stuck with each other, but I'm not even there," are words that haunt me still. Join in if you have experienced this situation and need to feel not alone in this. Or if you are curious and want to be prepared, should this happen to you. 

Topics: #covid19, social isolation, the privileges required to actually quarantine, the strain on our relationship, resentment, fear, #boomers, the irony of survivalist mentality, shame, capitalism, Glennon Doyle's Imagination, anger and social stratas. 

Please, please, please take this seriously. We are not out of this yet. I need you all to make it so we can continue to tear it all apart for a better reconstruction. 

Ps: This episode was recorded outside so bear with us in the first few minutes of heavy breathing sounds. We are learning as we go here, always have and always will. Shoutout to Kevin Costner's Yellowstone for keeping me alive. 

Thanks for being part of the journey and now more than ever, I send you all my love and well wishes. C, xo.

Apr 23, 202154:51
Ep 115: Filmmaking Today, with Neil Fox

Ep 115: Filmmaking Today, with Neil Fox

It's a warm welcome back to Neil Fox from episode 22!! Over two years later, the host of the Cinematologists podcast is back. The movie he'd just finished is now being distributed globally next month, and we catch up on the movie industry today and the hurdles film makers may (should?) face. 

If you want the full back story, listen to the previous episode, but in brief, Neil is a senior lecturer in Film at the School of Film & Television, Falmouth University, a screenwriter, podcaster and very lovely all around human. We catch up today about what it's like teaching the next generation of filmmakers and learning from them in turn. We talk about his film Wilderness (2017, Baracoa Pictures) and how it might hold up today. It was written five years ago, and depicts social and personal themes that are quite timely. Please do consider giving it a watch. Now, join us for this conversation about the realities of our industry. 

Topics: hindsight, what stories need telling, shifts in mindsets, #metoo and #blm, the problem with the film industry, you vs. the machine, the missed opportunities for post-COVID work life, modern day exploitation vs. worthy sacrifice, rethinking filmmaking, and some hopeful notes. 

For more about Neil, go to! Thanks for listening to another episode and for your continuing support. With all my love, C. 

Mar 12, 202154:09
Ep 114: Life By Design, with Thomas K Girard
Feb 12, 202150:11
Ep 113: Sustaining Happiness in Long-term Relationships, with Andreia Scotto

Ep 113: Sustaining Happiness in Long-term Relationships, with Andreia Scotto

Jan 29, 202157:22
Ep 112: Let's Talk About Sex, with Tatyannah King
Jan 22, 202149:48
Ep 111: Fighting Online Abuse, with Pheebs Jameson

Ep 111: Fighting Online Abuse, with Pheebs Jameson

Welcome back friends, lovers and strangers. Meet @fatpheebs! She's a superwoman, a kind soul, and a true sunshine. Today, she shares with us her harrowing story with online abuse and mental health. [TW: SI, SH, MH, SA, Violence]

Pheebs is a well-rounded activist, covering body acceptance, self-love, fatphobia, fat positivity, sexual violence, mental health and lately only abuse and harassment. We get to listen in on how one interview about "How Fat Feels" led Pheebs to discover, and own, her voice and place in the world, giving her the strength to go down the rabbit hole of activism and social work.  Please join us for this crucial conversation that should be mandatory listening. There are significant trigger warnings for this episode so please use your discretion. Pheebs is very clear about her duty of care when it comes to the topics at hand. However, it is necessary that we start developing tools to effectively deal with violence online. Please join us on this mission. 

Topics: being silenced, shame, bullying, unlearning, transparency & vulnerability, living in a fat body, trauma, mental illness, therapy, self-harm, IRL vs Online,  trolling and death threats, misogyny, fatphobia, doxing, suicide attempts, the inadequacy of resources to deal with online crime, how to protect oneself (HINT: there's no good solution yet), CALL TO ACTION (around 50').

References: Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in the UK; Ep 96 with Devon.

Please, if you have any constructive input or resources to share with Pheebs, you can find her @fatpheebs on social media. You can also reach out to me if you prefer and I will forward any pertinent information. 

Today, and all days, please take care of yourselves and each other. With all my love, 

C. xox

Jan 14, 202159:27
Ep 110: Fixing Ourselves, with Irving Chong

Ep 110: Fixing Ourselves, with Irving Chong

Hi Lovers! Meet Irving, the host of Asians in Space, the man behind The Asian Canadian, and one of the participants of @menwhotakebaths. He joins us today to talk the world over. We discuss growing up in Alberta and figuring out how to do this thing called life. We then delve into what led him to creating @theasncanadian page and what matters to him most today. 

Topics: internalized racism, basketball, being a dickhead in high school, childhood vs adulthood, fears, trauma, the continuous path of fixing ourselves, perfectionism, therapy, guilt & shame, how we share and find news today, academic gatekeeping, belonging, experience vs. expertise, systems of oppression, the discomfort of the unknown, conspiracy theorists, shifting to a more sustainable system of society, cancel culture, the pedestalization of individuals vs. the eternity of the planet, the ability to be wrong, modernization theory, ... It spirals from there. Tune in you won't regret it.

Big shout out to Nicolle Hodges from episode 74 and Ji-Youn Kim from episodes 78 and 104! 

For more from Irving, I highly recommend you follow @theasncanadian on IG, or listen to @asiansinspace! Thanks again for listening my darlings and stay tuned for the next episode. Lots of love, C. xox

Oct 30, 202001:06:31
Ep 109: Body And Soul: Dancing & Disorders, with Sommer from RaiseThatBarre

Ep 109: Body And Soul: Dancing & Disorders, with Sommer from RaiseThatBarre

Hello Lovers! Meet Sommer! She's a dear friend and the bright and compassionate mind behind a new awareness IG account called @raisethatbarre. Her mission is to start a conversation, to shed light on the harsh realities of the dance world, as well as to come up with collaborative, community-based solutions to the hardships faced by dancers. She bares her heart and soul today in this very candid conversation about her experience in the ballet world and her relationship with her body. At 22, she suffered a spinal injury that would end her dance career, AND begin her healing and self-love journeys. 

Topics: the toxicity of the dance world (and ballet in particular), body dissatisfaction, eating disorders, socialization and stigmatization, shame around resting, injuries and healing, substance abuse, social pressure, health and sustainability, mental health, feeling not good enough, self-worth vs. looks/thinness, "productivity" and guilt-trips, collaborative solutions, competition vs community, SELF-LOVE and empathy! 

Shout out to @maddiebless on IG. You can go and participate in her survey via her link in bio. And many thanks to @paulazulkoskey for the happiest picture of Sommer. 

Please do give her a follow @raisethatbarre and engage in the conversation. Thank you all for listening and for sticking around. I have decided to relax my publishing schedule and focus on quality conversations, over self-imposed rigorous scheduling. Thank you for trusting me and sticking around. #humaninprogress 

All my love, C. xox

Oct 03, 202053:28
Ep 108: Up in the Air: Reducing Polarization, with Jakub Ferencik

Ep 108: Up in the Air: Reducing Polarization, with Jakub Ferencik

Hello friends! Change of pace today! Meet Jakub Ferencik, author of upcoming debut book titled “Up in the Air: Christianity, Atheism, & the Global Problems of the 21st Century”. Jakub just arrived in Slovakia, his homeland, to weather this COVID storm and we catch up on his travels, background and interests before taking a deeper dive. We explore where the inspiration to write came from and what he hopes to accomplish. Join us on this epistemological adventure in the fight against certainty. 

Topics: Christianity, blogging, human connection, values & epistemology, the reality of nuances and the bypassing of reality in political discourse, reducing polarization, morality, the thought exercise of defending "the opposition", drawing lines where empathy ends, the discomfort of preaching radical vulnerability vs. human rights battles, going beyond the self-affirming echo chambers, progress and regress, the meaning of life, the experience of suffering, mindfulness and guilt, social taboos and many more light topics. 

Reference: Chris Erickson's (from Ep. 9) The Poetics of Fear: A Human Response to Human SecurityJonathan Gottschall's The Storytelling Animal, Stephen Fry quote mentioned: "I believe one of the greatest human failings is to prefer to be right than to be effective."

More from Jakub at: IG @jakub.ferencik.official,, Twitter @JakubFerencik and watch out for the book this fall! Shout out to the Vancouver Podcast Community

Thanks so much for listening. As always, feedback is welcome as I am but a human in progress. The schedule might start to change for next few episodes as my work life begins again, but stories will always find their way here. Because stories are all we have. I love you. C. xo

Sep 04, 202051:03
Ep 107: Finding & Honouring Your Purpose, with Ericka Gail, M.S.Ed
Aug 28, 202050:60
Ep 106: Authenticity and Empowerment, with Victoria Henrietta

Ep 106: Authenticity and Empowerment, with Victoria Henrietta

MY LOVERS. Meet the lovely Victoria. She is the host of The V Word Show on the Applewood channel on Youtube, a badass Mama, actress and former teacher. She made time for us today to discuss her journey, and the state of the world and our place in it. She tells me about her experiences with mothering, about speaking out, about growing up Black and mixed race in the UK, about sexuality and self-acceptance. This episode is funny, sincere and beaming with energy thanks to Victoria's honesty and forthcomingness. I am crushing on our gal so I hope you all enjoy this mix of rant and hopefulness.
Topics: quitting a life you've settled into, teaching, the life of a woman, the need for open conversations, taking up space, community building, race conversations, "good" parenting, privilege, giving yourself license to be yourself, BLM, kindness, internalized racism and misogyny, learning and unlearning, queerness and periods, liberation, and SO MUCH MORE.
Resources: Channel Four's "The Talk", Steph Auteri @stephauteri on Sex-Positive Parenting, Rachel Ricketts @iamrachelricketts and this article "Reframing Cancel Culture: Why Calling Someone Out Is an Act Of Service"
For more on Victoria, go to @thevwordshow on Instagram and find her on YT! Thanks again for listening my babies and take sweet care of yourselves this week. You are enough. Always yours, C. xox
Aug 21, 202059:33
Ep 105: Finding Your Passion, with Andreia Scotto
Jul 24, 202053:35
Ep 104: White Supremacy vs. Anti-Oppressive Counselling, with Ji-Youn Kim

Ep 104: White Supremacy vs. Anti-Oppressive Counselling, with Ji-Youn Kim

Jul 17, 202047:01
Ep 103: Radical Compassion and Vulnerability, with Eman Salem

Ep 103: Radical Compassion and Vulnerability, with Eman Salem

My lovers you are in for a treat today! Meet Eman Salem, our fave badass life coach and CEO of Iron Self! We dive right in, without much intro, into the meat of it. Listen in if you've ever felt unable to be true to yourself, either due to your upbringing, your current setting or your imposter syndrome. I say this, but the episode is all about Eman and I's personal experiences and families. This is not a "things you should do" episode, it's lessons we've learned. There's tons of incredible stuff in here, and Eman was so very generous with me. Let's get radically vulnerable together.
Topics: difficult conversations, vulnerability, immigrant mentality, feeling sexually caught between two cultures, cognitive sexualized dissonance, queerness!, self-work as privilege, validation culture, tough love, the role of the ego, resistance to healing, empowerment, community building, and feeling valuable.
To find out more, go to @ironself18 on IG and stay tuned for the online course! SHARE her platform if it genuinely speaks to you!
Thank you so much for listening my loves. The platform is available for any BIPOC should they want it! Do not hesitate to reach out or share if it can be of interest. In the meantime, let's get to work. Yours, C. xo
Jul 10, 202052:08
Ep 102: Art Around the World, with Kriss Munsya
Jul 03, 202046:53
Ep 101: Here Comes Season 3!

Ep 101: Here Comes Season 3!

Welcome back my lovers. How are y'all holding up? 

Firstly, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. It has been amazing to host the last two seasons and I am beyond ecstatic that we are back for another one. To kick things off, Julia from @soihadanabortion takes the reins in a flipping of the script. I got to experience what it's like relinquishing control and being in the hot seat. Julia has me blabbing about the origins of the podcast, as well as its current process. She asks me poignant questions about the lessons I've learned, in this space we've created, and how they highlight where we are at as a society. We then move on to the AMA questions that you submitted! 

Topics: avoidance, cognitive dissonance, survival, generational patterns, being called in/out, learning as a process of elimination, certainty as the basis for oppression, accountability, non-monogamy, learning about the kink community while entering it, kink anxiety, bullying, the evolution of my understandings of sex from childhood to now, every experience having inherent value, masturbation, world change, activism, anti-racism and other slippery rabbit holes. 

Here are some Black sex-positive advocates you should be following (as promised in the episode) : 

Ericka Hart, M. Ed @ihartericka, Ev’Yan Whitney. @evyan.whitney, Ashley Cobb @sexwithashley, Afrosexology @afrosexology_, Goody Howard @askgoody, Unf*ck Your Polyamory @polyrolemodels, Cindy Lee Alves @cindyleealves. Vagesteem @vagesteem, Jimanekia Eborn, MS @jimanekia, Javay Frye @javaydabae and so many more! 

Plug: Cicely Blain and Ji-Youn Kim's Processing Rage Workshop and the Stratagem Virtual Conference. 

Thanks again my loves. It feels weird releasing an "about me" episode in these times, but the battle continues and will always be an intersectional fight. I hope some of the insights in here are valuable and that we remember this work is only possible today thanks to Marsha P. Johnson and other black trans activists. 

Ps: you still get 20% @intamopleasurables products with our promo code WILD20! 

Jun 26, 202001:13:04
Ep 100: Black Lives Matter
Jun 05, 202002:34
Ep 99: Toxic Masculinity & Misconceptions of Pleasure, with Cam Fraser
May 29, 202055:43
Ep 98: Sex Work is Work, with Danica Darling
May 22, 202049:36
Ep 97: Activism: from Grassroots to Corporate, with Cicely Belle Blain

Ep 97: Activism: from Grassroots to Corporate, with Cicely Belle Blain

Hello world! This week, I had the honour and pleasure to chat with incredible Cicely Belle Blain! They are a black, mixed raced, queer writer and entrepreneur, CEO of a diversity and inclusion consulting firm, and activist powerhouse. I'm excited for you all to hear this story of how they founded Black Lives Matter Vancouver and discovered how they could best positively impact society. 

Topics: emigrating to Vancouver, discovering queerness over Rihanna, reinventing oneself, feminism, anti-racism activism, entrepreneurship, #diversity, "fake it 'till you make it", basics in inclusion, the Stratagem conference, broadening education & resources for everyone who can't necessarily afford a consultancy, audience capacity, expertise and imposter syndrome, and being in progress! 

For more on Cicely, go to or @cicelyblainconsulting on the socials! Be sure to watch out for Stratagem 2020 that will take place during the month of July online! You can also find out more about Strategem The Podcast @stratagemvirtual on Instagram!

Thanks so much for listening to this inspiring episode! Please do let me know if you have any suggestions for upcoming episodes and continue to rate, share and like this podcast! With love, C. xo

Resources mentioned: and Black Lives Matter Vancouver on Facebook.

May 15, 202048:20
Ep 96: Alternatives to Monogamy & Tales of Pleasure, with Devon
May 08, 202001:05:55
Ep 95: Counselling For and By Queer, NB and Trans Folx, with Maverick
May 01, 202041:10
Ep 94: Isolation and Feminization, with Adri Koc Spadaro
Apr 24, 202044:43
Ep 93: Is There a Gender Opt-out Button? with AJ Lowik

Ep 93: Is There a Gender Opt-out Button? with AJ Lowik

Apr 17, 202052:25
Ep 92: Life, Movies, and Collective Trauma, with Odessa Young

Ep 92: Life, Movies, and Collective Trauma, with Odessa Young

MY LOVERS! Meet my new fave long-distance love, Odessa Young. Odessa is an Australian actor, whom you might have seen in Assassination Nation (2018), The Daughter (2015) and High Life (2017). She will also star as Frannie Goldsmith in the upcoming CBS mini-series The Stand. We were finally able to sit down and download on how we feel during this real-life pandemic. 

We start off retracing her steps as a young actor inevitably ending up in LA. We then meander through the difficulties of choosing a vocation with no "natural" progression, and having to make your own path. We digress into our respective reviews of Marriage Story and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, because why not? You'll just have to listen to hear where we go from there because it's wonderfully bizarre and yet wholesome! There's also some comforting life advice in here. You belong here.

Topics: discerning between hobby and career, the concept of stability, "fake it 'till you make it", expectations, the bubble of the film industry and its perversions, myopic storytelling and alienation, #metoo, networking and morals, feminism, wine, THE ISOLATION, staying the fuck at home, therapy and mental health, creatives in chaos, hustle culture (boo), socialism and SO MUCH MORE. 

You can find Odessa @ayoungcowgirl on Instagram. And remember, you get 20% off your purchase at with the promo code WILD20! 

Thanks again my darlings for listening to another episode. Please do follow, subscribe, rate and share this podcast at your leisure. 

With all my love, C. xo

Apr 10, 202001:10:09
Ep 91: Isolate and Masturbate, with Airial Clatney from Intamo Pleasurables

Ep 91: Isolate and Masturbate, with Airial Clatney from Intamo Pleasurables

Welcome MY LOVERS! Meet Airial, our sexual health educator of the week and our newest and only PARTNER of the podcast! She's the CEO of Intamo Pleasurables, a company aimed at facilitating sex that feels better, using plant-based ingredients and the soothing properties of hemp-seed oil. Join us today for a hilarious and deeply personal ride on Airial's journey to today. We saunter through her Kitsilano childhood, through choosing a vocation, and spend some time investigating sexual woes. (Not for the faint of heart friends, crass depictions of what cervix healing procedures feel like - FUN.) 

Topics: self-care, mental health, sexual health, empowerment, abortion, HPV, LEEP procedures, shame, sexual education for people with diverse abilities, getting creative, entrepreneurship, challenges of marketing sex-related products, masturbation, and SO MUCH MORE.

Shout out to the University of Alberta's graduate certificate in Sexual Health! Look it up if this online program speaks to you! Also, Polycystic ovary syndrome is what I couldn't remember around 26'! 

Get 20% off your Intamo purchases (and FREE shipping for orders of 25$+) with our promo code WILD20! Simply go to or @intamopleasurables on the socials! Remember, for every sale that Intamo Pleasurables makes, a portion of the proceeds goes towards providing free local (Vancouver Island & Vancouver) inclusive sex education.

Thanks again my lovers for sticking around for yet another episode, and please have yourself some SLIPPERY pleasure this weekend. (Get it - lube pun?) Yours delectably, C. xox

Apr 03, 202047:21
Ep 90: Recovering from Toxic Mothering, with Julia Gillis
Mar 27, 202053:50
Ep 89: Why Stories Matter, with Charlotte Daniel

Ep 89: Why Stories Matter, with Charlotte Daniel

My lovers! Meet my dear friend Charlotte, our writer, director and locations manager of the today! She walks me through her Scottish childhood, big move to London and travel discoveries across Australia and Canada. We talk about the film industry and its less-known Locations department, balancing creativity versus money, and creating one's own films. Follow us down these rabbit holes on narrative and creating positive discourse on trans people amongst other things. 

Topics: storytelling, travel, taking Europe for granted, small town ambition, inevitably COVID-19, happy life accidents, logistics vs. creativity, problem solving, privilege, trans lives, acting, directing, gender representation, making space, expanding past our lived experiences, growth, writing, and trusting your instincts!! 

Keep your eyes peeled for Eyes Down, Charlotte's short that we discuss at length. You can keep in the loop on IG @chard_films and on her personal page @charlottedaniel2. Shoutout to the Beaumont Society in the UK and to the Scottish Trans Alliance. 

Thanks again for listening and I hope to be able to continue recording amidst COVID-19, as we all need more real talk and community during these trying times. I hope everyone is keeping safe and at home. 

With all the love, from my little bleeding extroverted heart to yours, your little C. 

Mar 20, 202056:09
Ep 88: Sex Up Your Life, with Julie Archaumbault
Mar 13, 202055:16
Ep 87: Just Bad Timing, with Christine Wild

Ep 87: Just Bad Timing, with Christine Wild

Hello my lovers. Happy international women’s day and happy book birthday to me! This one is me rambling about storytelling and podcasting and love. You get a freebie read of chapter One and you might want to buy the book after that, who knows? I’m just grateful for all of you and love you all so much. Take this time to celebrate the womxn in your life and hug the storytellers. I’m excited for what’s to come and I talk a bit about future projects here. So if you can’t think of any other gestures, you can start with subscribing to this podcast, reviewing my book, giving me a review anywhere really... even a bad one as long as it’s honest. That’s all I ask. Much love. C, xo.
Mar 08, 202034:19
Ep 86: Dating & Digressing, with Ash Belluz from Kilter&Mint
Feb 28, 202057:29
Ep 85: Virginity & Self-awareness, with Jaden

Ep 85: Virginity & Self-awareness, with Jaden

Hi my lovers! Meet my colleague Jaden! This aussie import was open enough to come chat with me about his relationship to his sexuality, his body image issues and his sex life (or lack thereof). We go through his early life, student years, and coming out journey together. We spend some time talking about first relationships and self-sabotage. We digress into some highly entertaining stories of first moves and awkward flirting, before diving in deep. Listen in if you too feel like your inability to love yourself is hindering your ability to find a loving partner. Listen especially if you're fully aware of it and just haven't gotten to the point where you can help yourself. 

Topics: high school awkwardness, relationships, body image, the importance of swimming lessons, university/college self-reinvention, rejecting physical touch, frustration, self-awareness of being one's own worst enemy, depression, escaping home vs escaping problems, virginity as a myth, spontaneity and more! 

I am so grateful for open souls. Thank you Jaden for this refreshing dose of vulnerability and honest storytelling. Sorry for not being more helpful! Lovers, come get your dose of self-deprecating humor and cackles. 

Thanks again for listening and speak to you next week. Please consider supporting this podcast financially at the appropriate button somewhere on this page, or reviewing and rating this podcast on your favorite platform. I love you mucho. x

ps: seriously tho, DM me if you're down to entertain Jaden and I with your dating profiles ;) 

Feb 21, 202043:41
Ep 84: Anxiety & Ego Death, with Mark

Ep 84: Anxiety & Ego Death, with Mark

Well lovers... This episode comes to you three days late, because life happens. I had planned to come out with a special Valentine's day episode about Love, with Mark, to talk about progress, learning and relationships. I wanted to be joyful, talk about us and celebrate the successes of this ever-changing relationship we are building. Instead, we had a bad weekend of arguments and anxiety. Here is our unedited, unchecked, vulnerable couch therapy session about mental health and our version of non-monogamy. Please do feel free to skip this one. 

I love you all. May you all be kind to yourselves and take life one step at a time. 

Yours, as always. C. x

Feb 17, 202044:09
Ep 83: Rewilding the Feminine, with Fiona McCoss
Feb 07, 202054:18
Ep 82: Vulnerability as Strength, with Shane Sandiford
Jan 31, 202046:25
Ep 81: Mind-Blowing Sex is Not a Myth, with Sarah Trivett
Jan 24, 202046:02
Ep 80: Comedy & Audacity, with Claire Marie Pollock

Ep 80: Comedy & Audacity, with Claire Marie Pollock

Happy new year!!! Welcome back my lovers! What a treat we have prepared for you today! Meet Claire, our superstar comedian, dancer, actress and producer. She came over to the couch to talk about The Dirty Betty Show, Feminism, and small towns! Naturally, we kick off the episode by discussing strip clubs. We then do our usual "who are you" dance, from childhood in a small town to producing a provocative show to shake up said small towns. Join us for this candid and giggly episode about personal achievements and definitions of success.  New fave quote of the pod: "When you love something so much, you can squeeze it too tight and just break it." Claire's advice: start with something you don't love quite that much.  

She tells me about her funny, filthy, feminist femme-led comedy shows, and the challenges she faces touring across Canada. 

Topics: Luminesque, theatre, depression, bombing auditions, comedy, making your own big break, fuckboys, drag performances, handling negative reviews, creating something that isn't meant for everyone, TW: rape mention & lack of consent, learning, the smart use of half-measures, producing & casting a show, acting, extroverts vs. introverts, stage vs. screen, community building and storytelling, fostering JOY and so much more. 

Thanks Paula for the connection! For more on Claire, go to @clairemariepollock and @thedirtybettyshow on IG! I also encourage you to go see a show! You can find out more about the detes and dates at

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Ep 79: Queer Indigeneity, with jaye simpson

Ep 79: Queer Indigeneity, with jaye simpson

Welcome to the last episode of 2019!!! Thanks so much for sticking around for this very special episode with an indescribable human! (Let me attempt this anyway..) 

Meet jaye simpson, an Oji-Cree Saulteaux Non-Binary Two Spirit Queer Trans Woman (Sapotaweyak Cree Nation) poet, artist, performer and activist. They came over to the couch to tell me all the things. We go back to their 16 years in foster care, their art, advocacy and social justice work. In this episode, they tell me about their trials and tribulations, but also about stepping into their power and what the keys to their successes are.  

Topics: spotted owls, small town cruelty, queerness, slam poetry, erasure, violence, baby queers, call out vs cancel culture, privilege, indigeneity, social capital, colonialism, the tragic story of Tina Fontaine, the problem with the [white and capitalist] justice system, politics, land acknowledgments, the limitations of "awareness", gender identity, social work failures, coming out, bullying, sex, writing about sex, dating standards, power, and SO MUCH MORE, LIKE A FUCKING LOT. 

Bottom line: be unapologetic and consensual. 

Mentions: Maggie from @graceclubyvr, Billy-Ray Belcourt @nakinisowin, Kai Cheng Thom, Gwen Benaway @gwenbenaway, Arielle Twist @ArielleTwist, Sonya Renee Taylor, and probably a few more. 

For more, go to @jaye_simpson or look up HUSTLING VERSE (Arsenal Pulp) or go to Grain Vol 46, No. 5 for their writing! 

Thanks so much my beautiful souls for feeling all these feelings with us. Thank you for being part of this journey, for broadening your conversations, for laughing, crying and raging with us. I wish you rest, constructive energy and purpose in these reflective days. See you in the roaring twenties for more unabashed, unfiltered, uncomfortable topics with new and familiar souls. 

All my love belongs to you. C. xo

Dec 13, 201955:07
Ep 78: Processing Rage, with Ji-Youn Kim

Ep 78: Processing Rage, with Ji-Youn Kim

Rage.         How does it feel? Where do you feel it?

Welcome to this week's awe inspiring episode with Ji-Youn (pronounce Jiyanne) Kim. I had the pleasure of welcoming her over to the couch to talk about social injustice and feelings. We do our usual walk about her Korean roots and Vancouverite childhood. We zero in on her university days. Fun fact: if you google "UBC drop out" one of the first photos you'll find is of Ji-Youn! It's in those days that she started advocating for mental health after she went viral for dropping out following a suicide attempt. Check out the Tipping Point if you want to know more about an advocacy movement that aims to push post-secondary institutions to better support student mental health.

We wander around her steps from drop out to counsellor, to arrive at her work on Processing Rage. Follow us down this rabbit hole to hear more about the tools we might have or need to work through some of this world's most burdensome emotions.  

Topics: white supremacy, survivors guilt, social justice, assimilation, healing, the whiteness of the wellness industry, somatica, shame, anti-oppression, intersectional feminism, anger vs. violence, screaming, the socialization of expressing/suppressing emotions, non-closure, valuing the questions when there are no answers, attachment theory, de-colonizing socialization, labeling, self-responsibility, control issues and SO MUCH MORE. 

References: Cicely Belle Blain @cicelyblainconsulting, Lutze Segu @thefeministgriote (ep28), and you'll have to listen for the others! 

For more, go to @itsjiyounkim on IG or for her coaching and counselling services. 

Thanks so much for listening my loves. I wish you some grounding moments of peace. All yours, 

C. xo 

Dec 06, 201954:46
Ep 77: Trans Lives & Death Care, with Toni King-Rose

Ep 77: Trans Lives & Death Care, with Toni King-Rose

Meet Toni, our 20 year old advocate for gender inclusion and acceptance within death services for today! He is a transgender man, who identifies openly within the funeral and death care services profession. He is currently studying to become a funeral director and embalmer at the Canadian College of Funeral Services. Today, Toni candidly opens up to us about what it means to him and talks about the current system's implications for transgender and gender-nonconforming people. 

Death and Funeral services are not (yet) equipped for transgender care and it will take people like Toni to make it happen! Please do join us for this fascinating episode on a topic I had never thought about before (privilege!). Thank you so much Toni for taking my hand and leading us down the rabbit hole. 

Topics: death, coming out as trans, grief, the three main options you get once you're dead: embalming, cremation and no embalming, representation, trans rights within death services, mental health, death doulas, abuse, funeral rites and remembering, suicide, science and binaries, empathy, LGBTQI+ rights and services, and so much MORE! 

Bit of wisdom for today: "Accepting your own death is a really good way to learn to live." 

References: Coroner Talk podcast, The college he goes to:, Canadian network for the prevention of elder abuse:

Thank you so much Debbie for the intro! Sorry I got to tell the world about him first! (Everyone check out the Uncomfortable podcast!) And obviously, go support Toni @transdeathcare on IG and Twitter

Much much love and tenderness to you all. Yours as always, 

C. xo

Nov 29, 201944:06
Ep 76: Three Braless Women on a Couch, with Joanne and Julia

Ep 76: Three Braless Women on a Couch, with Joanne and Julia

Welcome to the much-anticipated follow-up episode to Joanne and Julia's Expressions of Self series on life after trauma. The women held three consecutive storytelling events, each one month apart, on the topics of Survival, Resilience, and Healing after trauma. They came over to my couch to discuss how it went, what they learned and what surprised them. Their aim was to gear the conversation towards the HOW, and not the who, what,  and why's of survival. Listen to this hilarious and empowering episode, led by your fave trio!  

For an intro to the girls, refer to episodes: 31 with Joanne, 39 with Julia, and 58! 

Topics: trauma, forgiveness, storytelling, thinking out loud with others, somatic exercises, resilience as a constant, healing as a non-linear concept, learning and connection from personal experiences, counseling, the pitfalls of certain post-traumatic services, imposter syndrome as a survivor, setting and expressing boundaries, battling negative self-talk, knowledge building, empathy, setting standards on treating each other with dignity and respect - and not doing it alone!! 

The common thread of these conversations was simple, and worth repeating: we need to practice showing the forgiveness and kindness that we show others, to ourselves.  

For more on Expressions of Self, go to or on Facebook. For more on So I Had An Abortion, go to the website, IG @soihadanabortion and twitter @soihadanabort

TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK. Tell me what you wanna hear my lovers. I'm happy to keep using this podcast as my personal platform for free education, but I'm happy to shift my attention to any potential blind spots! ;) 

I love you all. Thanks for coming to play. 

C. xox 

Nov 22, 201959:04