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Run The Layers with Creative Bobbie

Run The Layers with Creative Bobbie

By Creative Bobbie

Peeling back the layers behind the creativity we see and exhibit in our everyday lives with Creative Bobbie (Robert Bratcher). Robert Bratcher is a logo & visual brand identity designer. He has designed branding for National Conventions, magazines, logos, and much more! He also presents workshops around the country on the use of media for the furthering of your cause and your brand.
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Everyone & Their Creativity with The Brothers From EATB

Run The Layers with Creative BobbieAug 11, 2022

Everyone & Their Creativity with The Brothers From EATB

Everyone & Their Creativity with The Brothers From EATB

On this episode, I talked with my co-hosts from the Everyone & Their Brother podcast (be subscribed! - EATBPODCAST.COM), William Davis, Sam Davis, & TJ Tooley! We talked about how we express our creativity and how creations can snowball into more creations.


William, Sam, TJ, and Robert are four friends and brothers inviting you to join them at their family dinner table. The guys play games, discuss current events and pop culture, and most importantly, have a lot of fun doing it. So come join the family and join in on the laughs!


Everyone & Their Brother podcast

“Starch Madness”

Brian David Gilbert, “Dances Moving!” series (2017)

The Designer & The Writer
The Designer & The Writer, Hogwarts Houses

For The Love of Story podcast

Whatcha Doin? podcast

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Twitter - @daviscommawill


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Tik Tok - @notthatsamdavis



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Creating A Web Series: The Designer & The Writer

Creating A Web Series: The Designer & The Writer

In this very special episode, I talk with my friend T.J. Tooley about our YouTube & Facebook Watch show, THE DESIGNER & THE WRITER

In typical us fashion, our conversation goes beyond the surface to touch on creative collaboration, the role of storytelling in branding, the power of friendship, and more!

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and Facebook page to get notified of new THE DESIGNER & THE WRITER episodes.


Designer Creative Bobbie and Writer T.J. Tooley explore the colorful world around them, looking at everything from books, TV shows, & movies to sports teams and cities (real and fictional) all through the lenses of design and storytelling.

Follow T.J.:

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The Magic of Artistry with Todgi Dozier b.k.a. The Black Onion

The Magic of Artistry with Todgi Dozier b.k.a. The Black Onion

In this first episode of Season 2, I have a fantastic convo with the extraordinary artist and entrepreneur The Black Onion! We talk surviving 2020, the magic of creating art that evokes emotion, executing on that idea before someone else does, and MORE!

Follow The Black Onion:

Mentioned in this episode:
Gordon Parks
"Born Targets" (2018)
Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert
Dreamville Fest
North Carolina A&T State University Blue & Gold Marching Machine

Music by:
Kid Azul Productions

The Black Onion was established in February 2016 by Todgi Dozier. The Black Onion's name derives from cultures globally using onions to flavor, season, and enhance palettes. The Black Onion offers to bring the same fresh pop of flavor to the Visual Arts. As onions have been an essential part of healing, The Black Onion puts the same spin on healing the imagination as art should be interpreted without judgment and with fair representation while advocations for a diverse people.

Feb 25, 202123:28
S1: The Mission of Run The Layers with Creative Bobbie

S1: The Mission of Run The Layers with Creative Bobbie

I am a self-taught graphic designer that worked with churches, companies, fraternities, sports brands, and more in North Carolina. Currently, I am the Publications Manager & Multimedia Designer at the National Headquarters of Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band Fraternity & Sorority in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I’ve had the pleasure of designing the branding a National Convention, the re-brand the National Headquarters itself, magazines, logos, and more! I also present workshops around the country on the use of media for the furthering of your cause and your brand.

I want to help others maximize their creative potential. Understanding the importance and the process of design and branding will help you succeed. Success is the by-product of consistent effort, focus, and learning. As I push forward, improving and learning, I want to teach what I learn and assist you where I can.


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Truly 4 The Love of Storytelling with TJ Tooley

Truly 4 The Love of Storytelling with TJ Tooley

In this episode, I chat with my friend, author & podcaster TJ Tooley of 4 The Love of Story (also hosted here on Anchor) and Everyone & Their Brother fame. We talk about believing in yourself and dreams of the impact our creativity can have on the world.

4 The Love of Story Podcast: Original stories written and read by T.J. Tooley
(Available on various podcast platforms)

Everyone & Their Brother: In Everyone and Their Brother, Robert, TJ, Sam, and William invite listeners to share in their "family dinner table" experience. The show brings in opinions from everyone and their brother to discuss everything from pop culture to food to the news, and hopefully grows closer together along the way.

Quidditch (for reals!)
Fiction City Logos

Music by Kid Azul:

Sep 24, 202029:55
The Unapologetic Creativity of Justin Shepard

The Unapologetic Creativity of Justin Shepard

On this episode, I welcome my friend, artist/animator Justin Shepard (Moonbeams), to discuss how he sees creativity, the things he wants to create, the process, inspirations, and all things animation and art.

Mentions in the podcast:
We both marched trumpet at the illustrious North Carolina A&T State University in the Blue & Gold Marching Machine.
Donate: Blue & Gold Loyalty Foundation

Gurren Lagaan
Kill la Kill


Instagram: ;

Music by Kid Azul Productions

Sep 17, 202025:45
What I Want For My Friends And This Podcast
Sep 10, 202013:30