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Apprenticing to wise folk to solve the woes of our World.
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Patrick Jones (Artist as Family) - Emergency Response and Preparedness #4

Sacred Lab PodcastNov 14, 2022

Gerry Gillespie #3 - Rethinking Waste
Dec 08, 202347:54
The Finch and the Psyllid
Dec 07, 202304:41
Christianity Without Proselytising
Dec 07, 202307:42
Jacob Fry - Faith and Charity
Jul 08, 202353:46
Dr. Tim Moss - Men's Health #1
Feb 24, 202301:42:27
Stephen Jenkinson - Grief and Love #1

Stephen Jenkinson - Grief and Love #1

Stephen and co are touring this next year in Australia - find the dates here
Buy his books, his music and read his ongoing blog posts from the road here at Orphan Wisdom.

Some of the areas we cover:
Does the Land grieve?
Do lands grieve?

What is Love?

How to shuck relationship baggage?
How do we change?

What is the cost of entering a Village?

What is being responsible without owning?

Are Father's needed now more than ever?

Dec 12, 202248:48
Patrick Jones (Artist as Family) - Emergency Response and Preparedness #4
Nov 14, 202201:15:16
Tim McNeilly (Creative Cultures) - Emergency Response and Preparedness #3

Tim McNeilly (Creative Cultures) - Emergency Response and Preparedness #3

Tim McNeilly hosts semi-regular Fermenting workshops, having been Fermenting now for 25 years his workshops are very clear and the processes are very simple.
You can find out more about Tim and any upcoming dates for his workshops through his
facebook page.

Next Workshop - 23rd of October and the 4th of December at the Lighthouse Regenerative Farm. Also some others, find out more above.

Show notes:

12 years of running workshops. Averaging fortnightly workshops but with recent move to Queensland, this has become a little less intermittent.

Looking for workshop spaces and interested people...*hint hint*

Doesn't buy anything that's advertised as they have to cover those costs and to a degree can't focus on the quality of the product.

Pasteurised factory Kombucha.

Mead... The good stuff! Make more than you can drink quickly and keep making batches.

Clover honey. Gum honeys. Manuka honey, complex sugars, 12 month brew - amazing and potentially medicinal?

Me not very well sharing John Marco Allegro's Sacred Mushroom and The Cross.

Alot of history buried beneath cultural priorities about ancient fermenting practices.

Why Organic is ideal. Monocropping and Petro-chemical defoliators and pesticides.

Metabolising toxins. Kombucha can help pass BPAs.

Bioferments. All failed ferments go into Garden. Fermenting weeds and fruit scraps.

Working with the local animals and plants not against.

Life span of ferments: (Temperature, moisture levels, Larder/Cellar, etc)
Sauerkraut will last several years. Can lose nutrient value and flavour profile changes but long term storage of cabbage, this is ideal.
Viili doesn't last very long but you can do repeat top ups with leftovers.
Milk Kefir can last a few months.
Tepache (very tasty) can last a couple months.

Decarboxylated Amanita in honey.

Pee on your citrus trees!

Shelf stable foods for supply chain disruptions. Rice, Beans, Grains.
Get out of the city.
Start a vege garden.
Network with people already growing food.
Eat weeds. Keep in mind Into The Wild.
Balance stocks of what you can produce and eat with what you can trade.

Monsanto and their monopoly on seeds.

Distilling water can remove fluoride.
Add a bit of salt and bicarb.
Vortex and pray over.

Oct 04, 202236:18
Alasdair Bednall - Emergency Response and Preparedness #2

Alasdair Bednall - Emergency Response and Preparedness #2

Show notes (Summarised and not in order):

La Nina macro weather system wet season
Indian Di-pole - The Monsoon winds
Negative Indian Di-pole - Monsoon travelling south into Australia
Two types of flood - Slow flood from consistent rain, building up the local creeks and soaking the ground. Fast flood from heavy downpour which moves logs and stones and deposits debris onto plants, suffocating them.
Situation of many farmers in Hawkesbury River area walking away from farms until a better time when they can restore the land and infrastructure without heavy downpours and when the growing season picks up.

Agroforestry - a response to several situations. Perennial systems are more resilient. Perennial systems are also more productive as there is a diversity of crops and canopy. Various animal species can be included in the system too. Working slowly in perennial systems allows the reduction of chemical use
and smart approaches of weed reduction (Shading out Lantana with tree species that will come up on canopy floor, planted beneath the Lantana).

Standard farming operations keep the Earth in a low state of complexity in order to turn out Annual crops.

Syntropic Farming - Reducing energy expenditure of plants to maximise plant growth and foliage output. Works to feed energy back into systems, doubling down on them and operates in the opposite direction to Entropy.

Troubles with Conservation - Weeds are targeted above all else and with chemical sprays, creating more problems than we started with.  

Sep 11, 202202:29:41
Gerry Gillespie Returns - Emergency Response and Preparedness #1

Gerry Gillespie Returns - Emergency Response and Preparedness #1

I have the great pleasure of speaking with Gerry for a second time. This time I focus on Emergency Response and Preparedness, which will be a consistent theme for this latest run of the Podcast.
Go to
Gerry's website to find out more about what he has going on and his previous work.

Show notes:
IBI - International Biochar Initiative
Biochar water filtration
Frank Strie
Opportunity over mess - clean water in days, healthy food in weeks with Biochar
Contiki Pyroliser to Gasifier
Lismore Flood damages
Worm farm processing:
- Islands in the Stream
- Nutrisoil
Source separated waste
AKT International - KIX System
Peter Davies - ID Gasifiers
Herpes virus to kill -
Feraliser - $1 per KG of feral pig, turned into Foliar spray (Hydrolisate).
Hydrolisate - simple biofertiliser foliar spray. Dilute 100 to 1 or 200 to 1 (Quite low PH). 5L per HA.
Organic Nitrogen in the form of Hydrolisate stays where you put it, whereas Inorganic or synthetic Nitrogen is lost at a rate of upto 90% to rain and wind.
Waste Between Our Ears - Gerry Gillespie
Soil as basis for disaster resilience and recovery
Green Cover -
Axton's from Canada using multiple grain species to mitigate fertiliser use. Investing in high quality sorting machine instead of wasteful poisons and synthetic fertilisers.
Grant Sims
Compensatory payments for Farmers in light of price hikes with low output of high value crops.
Measuring water retention capacity of soil and nutrient density of food as ways of accounting for regenerative practices and paying a premium or compensating farmers in some way.

Carbohydrate for LAB Serum, high amounts in bioferment guides from Gerry are to do with longevity of product and can be reduced quite dramatically.
Various ends covered with the use of weeds for creating hydrolisates. Seeds for creating LAB inoculant and leaves/timber making protein (Macerated) for the hydrolisate.
Fungal skin growing on the top of my LAB serum, can just stir these in (for those wondering!)
1L per 10 Cubic Metre of SPICE. 40% of water and a cup of SPICE for 2 Cubes
Think along the lines of biology, very effective and powerful in very low quantity.

David Hardwick, Agro Ecologist -

Jul 24, 202201:06:08
Robyn Francis (Djanbung Gardens)

Robyn Francis (Djanbung Gardens)

Show notes with links and key concepts:

Interview begins, post ramble, at 7.38

Australasian Permaculture Convergence

Third ethic: Fair share/limits to population and growth

Permaculture Designer's Manual

Ecological footprint - Australia using 3x planet's capacity

Energy Audit 

Bitcoin energy usage

Djanbung Gardens

Antarctic Beech Forest west of Wauchope anti-logging protests

The importance of more political involvement from Permaculture

Aquarius Festival

15km radius of Nimbin there are 40 plus Intentional Communities

'Visions of Nimbin' as part of raising $118 thousand to buy the school as a community

Rainbow power company

Jarlanbah Community - a 55 acre village, the first multiple occupancy community title in NSW, designed in part by Robyn

Billen Cliffs - Strata title for establishing a body corporate which distributes freehold title to occupants, took three years to be granted.

Chrystal Waters - Similar occupancy title to Billen Cliffs

Dry compost toilets

Lee Davidson, Southern Cross Uni

Ray Flanagan

Food Connect Brisbane

Queensland Floods

Community resilience

Forgotten Arts Fare - 7th of August

August PDC at Djanbung Gardens - August 14th to 28th

Djanbung Gardens on Facebook

Aug 07, 202101:08:17
Gerry Gillespie ( Author of The Waste Between Our Ears)

Gerry Gillespie ( Author of The Waste Between Our Ears)

Show notes with links and key concepts:

The Waste Between Our Ears from Paper Chain and Acres Magazine

City to Soil

Focus on engagement and education.

Queanbeyan, the location for the first City to Soil program.

"We need this stuff really clean because it's going into the soil to grow food to feed your children."

Recycling program success is measured by contamination levels. The initial program in Queanbeyan had a contamination level of less than half a percent. With four councils involved, Goulburn, Canberra, Armidale and Queanbeyan, the levels were at .2%.

City to Soil research lead to the yellow lidded recycling bins.

With a paper survey about the program, the response rate was 55%!

Soft drinks bottles are the same material as bicycle helmets.

Non-hodgkin Lymphoma related to Glyphosate - (unrelated but interesting) Maurice Blackman legal case

$2B increase in Agricultural value over next decade at the same time as $800m of land degradation due to salinity in the Murray Darling Basin alone.

455 million hectares under Agricultural practices in Australia. 70% of this has less than 1% organic matter, which increases water retention and microbial activity.

Minton Farmer growing 5 different grains, that support each other microbially. Uses an expensive seed mill to sort them. No poisons used.

Fleabane can be bailed and composted, with an inoculant, to become biostimulant.

Weed control has to do with time of removal and how it is disposed of.

Scotch Thistle has a high protein content, higher than grains. Often treated as weed but cattle can be trained to eat it.

William Albrecht

Weeds in City to Soil compost have 0 viable seeds due to heat in compost and the time of their removal/collection.

NSW Environment Trust

Sir Albert Howard, author of An Agricultural Testament.

Maye Bruce - Quick Return Method of composting, developed during WWII. Student of Rudolf Steiner. Had a dream that the essence of everything was in the flower. 6 week turn around for Compost.
Journey to Forever - Quick Return Method

Compost from City to Soil in Armidale is sold for cost recovery.


Research on Estuarine systems by CSIRO

International Biochar Initiative

Inoculate your charcoal/Biochar before using it in your garden.

Turning cyclone debris into biochar for filtering water and growing vegetables quickly.

Gerry's site

May 04, 202101:08:22
Interview with Hayley Dickinson (Eat For Baby)

Interview with Hayley Dickinson (Eat For Baby)

Eat For Baby, Dr. Hayley's nutrition and wellness company focussing on healthy pregnancy, is now taking Pre-orders for their wellness bites - Lemme Feel Well Bites

I am going to provide a bunch of references here (Thanks to Dr. Hayley Dickinson for providing all of the resources):

If you want to get in contact with Hayley, go to her Linkedin.

Oct 03, 202001:58:39
Cameron Semmens And Local Poetry

Cameron Semmens And Local Poetry

I sit down with the very inviting and distinguished Poet, Cameron Semmens.
We filled the tank on this one, so no poem or local music.
Apr 08, 201859:05