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The Saddled Stallion

The Saddled Stallion

By Chad Kanyer

Our world needs strong men.

No, not men who see power, money, sex, and freedom leading to purpose. Men who serve, love, sacrifice, admit mistakes, and build things that matter.

This podcast is meant to equip and encourage those men -- men who walk in true purpose.


Hosted by Husband, Father, Author, IT Management professional Chad Kanyer. More at
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The Well (Epilogue)

The Saddled StallionMar 06, 2022

Hold Me Accountable
Jul 07, 202242:45
When Marriage & Family Clash (Chad + Daniella)

When Marriage & Family Clash (Chad + Daniella)

Another one with both me and my better-half, Daniella. Countless marriages fail due to unhealthy, lingering dynamics with each person’s family of origin. How do you avoid this? What role do boundaries play? When hurts occur, what are the steps to healthily repairing those relationships? Oh, boy, so much to unpack — we do it based on tons of counseling, failures, and victories. This is KEY for couples approaching marriage or navigating early marriage. Enjoy!
Jun 09, 202254:04
Things Marriage Taught Us (Chad + Daniella)

Things Marriage Taught Us (Chad + Daniella)

A little change-up here! My wife Daniella and I simply share some things we did NOT know about marriage coming into ours, but also the beauty and growth in those lessons, of which we’re grateful. We have some fun here and (shocker) she cuts me down a good bit, but we flat out WISH we would’ve had this kind of insight before saying “I do.” Enjoy!
Jun 03, 202236:50
Worthy Entrustments

Worthy Entrustments

When relationships get serious, our pasts and her parameters play a larger role. Maybe we’re asked (or told) to cut and change things that we see no issue with. These can be make-or-break moments for budding relationships.

How should strong men respond to such rules and requests? Do we fight them, ignore them, or give in to them? What is submissive and what is strong?

In this one, I share some of the dynamics behind the trust in my 7-year marriage, some key decisions I made along the rocky early path, and the now-clear aftermath of those decisions.

Whether you’re considering leveling-up a relationship or building trust in your longstanding marriage, this will help you.

May 19, 202249:43
When You Want To Quit
May 11, 202233:57
Our Issues with Issues
Apr 23, 202229:03
Lessons from the Lost
Apr 06, 202233:19
Men of Purpose | Taylor Condrin
Mar 20, 202259:03
Gifts of Grind
Mar 10, 202228:18
The Well (Epilogue)
Mar 06, 202223:48
Muddy Diamonds (Ch. 12)
Mar 04, 202221:13
The Two Conquerors (Ch. 11)
Mar 02, 202221:45
Thirsting For Poison (Ch. 10)
Feb 27, 202222:49
A Foggy Summit (Ch. 9)
Feb 25, 202221:04
The Saddled Stallion (Ch. 8)
Feb 23, 202222:41
Suffocated Statues (Ch. 7)
Feb 20, 202221:54
Beauty of the Beast (Ch. 6)
Feb 17, 202220:19
Nature's Mirror (Ch. 5)
Feb 14, 202222:18
Primal Survival (Ch. 4)
Feb 04, 202220:56
A Hollowing Following (Ch. 3)
Jan 25, 202220:25
Agony Enjoyed (Ch. 2)
Jan 19, 202226:43
Bleeding & Grinning (Ch. 1)
Jan 15, 202222:33
Dying in the Wilderness (Preface + Intro)
Jan 12, 202222:45
The Strength of Inaction
Jan 02, 202234:43
Open Doors
Dec 19, 202131:49
Killing Associations
Dec 11, 202155:40
The Call Of The Crown
Nov 26, 202132:50
(Quick-Hitter) You Feel Rejected
Nov 16, 202110:25
(Quick-Hitter) You're Fighting With Someone
Nov 14, 202108:07
Heavy Karma
Nov 05, 202143:19
(Quick-Hitter) You're Running Too Fast
Oct 27, 202105:16
(Quick-Hitter) You Just Got Fired
Oct 23, 202105:07
Lead Like a Child
Oct 18, 202138:22
Wrong Garden
Oct 06, 202145:36
Red Lights
Aug 26, 202119:20
goods to gods
Apr 28, 202137:24
Digging Ditches (for Coach Bartel)
Apr 13, 202127:47
Boomerang Buddies + Follower Friends
Apr 09, 202137:05
The True Vaccine
Apr 06, 202138:07
Cry Like a Man
Mar 05, 202132:49
Why "The Saddled Stallion?"
Feb 05, 202112:28
Playing in the Snow
Jan 27, 202133:00
5 Blockers to Defining Your Mission
Jan 20, 202133:25
The Problem with Creativity
Apr 16, 202037:42