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Podcasts with Safee Peter

Podcasts with Safee Peter

By Safee Peter

Life, Love, and Everything worth listening to.
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“Finding Happiness”

Podcasts with Safee PeterDec 23, 2019

Don't Lose Yourself!

Don't Lose Yourself!

As we go on living our lives daily, we tend to lose ourselves. We tend to lose parts of us that are so essential to our survival. The parts of us that make us feel alive. Sometimes, we lose the spark and we barely create time for the things we love to do. This episode is a reminder that you shouldn't lose the things that add meaning to your life....listen and hear it yourself! With love, Safee ❤️
Mar 13, 202204:32
Little choices....

Little choices....

On this episode, I talked about the "little consistent actions" and how they impact the quality of life. There is so much that we can achieve if we pay attention to the little choices we make every single day. #Pressplay and Enjoy! 🥂
Nov 01, 202104:49
On Validation - Lessons from my younger self.

On Validation - Lessons from my younger self.

In this episode, I share a little part of the struggles of my younger years and the most important lessons I've learnt in relation to seeking validation and self-worth/self-esteem. Sit back, relax and listen to this wonderful episode. Enjoy!
Jan 31, 202115:09
What makes a meaningful life? #ConversationsThatMatter

What makes a meaningful life? #ConversationsThatMatter

The Meaningful life episode is so beautifully put together, from conversations with 10 amazing people!

The essence of this episode is to drive bigger conversations around 'meaning' in life. What does it actually mean to different people and why is it important we find meaning in all we do?

You are in for a treat!
Grab a drink, relax and listen to this episode with your full chest! lol.
With love,
Dec 06, 202025:29
The Mind Journey: Why you should take care of your mind.

The Mind Journey: Why you should take care of your mind.

The year 2020 has taken our minds everywhere, from excitement to anxiety, fear, happiness sadness, hope, joy, confusion, surprise, shock and many more.
Recently, I have learnt how powerful the mind is and how it pretty much determines and affects your success or failure in a lot of ways. I've learnt to pay a lot more attention to this thing in my head called my mind.

On this episode of Podcast with Safee Peter, I share my "mind journey" so far, lessons learnt and practical tips on how to take care of your mind.

Just as we take care of our bodies, our minds crave that care and attention too.
Sep 26, 202017:56
“Finding Happiness”

“Finding Happiness”

So much for Happiness
So much for wanting more
So much for the struggles and troubles life ever willingly brings to our doorsteps
So much for being alive and never giving up
This thing called...”Happiness”
How do you “find happiness”
Do listen to this and let me know what you think
You could share a quote or two that you resonate with so deeply
I’d be glad
You’d be more glad💛
Cos this is done with so much love
Just for you.
Let’s “find happiness” together..

Enjoy! 🤗🤗

- Safee Peter.
Dec 23, 201912:28
Nurturing your gift✨✨

Nurturing your gift✨✨

Have you ever wondered what your gift is? Do you ever find it difficult to grow your skills and abilities? This episode is about nurturing and growing your gifts to become the best at what you do! Press play and turn it up! ☺️
Apr 18, 201906:21
Finding You: The part you don't wanna miss.

Finding You: The part you don't wanna miss.

The concluding part of the topic "Finding You". One key part of this podcast that I love very much is the part where I talked about 'spending time with You'. How much time do you spend with you? Are you comfortable being by yourself? How much do you even know about yourself? Let's talk about this and more! Go listen! 💛
Feb 08, 201907:23
Finding You: What next?

Finding You: What next?

A continuation of the previous episode which includes the next steps to take in the course of finding one's self and getting to discover more about yourself. You will be glad you listened! 😊
Jan 25, 201906:10
Finding You by Safee Peter.

Finding You by Safee Peter.

This is my very first episode titled "finding you". A lot of people struggle with getting to truly discover their innermost self and in this episode, I discussed certain steps that can be taken to discover all that lies within and so much more. Enjoy!
Jan 18, 201907:31
January 17, 2019

January 17, 2019

This podcast doesn't have a description yet. Stay tuned!
Jan 17, 201900:58