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Sales Made Easy

Sales Made Easy

By Sales Made Easy

Sales does not need to be complicated. You also can succeed even though you may be an introvert. It is not about saying the perfect words or having the best pitch. Being yourself, showing interest in others and coming from a place of serving will go a long way towards your success.

Harry has helped drive sales for the past 25 years in the corporate sales world.
Our goal in this podcast is to help you with simplifying sales. Each episode will dive into a different aspect of sales with the aim of showing how it can be made easy for you to put into practice. Serve first-The selling will follow!
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Communication That Adds Value with Robert Peterson

Sales Made Easy Feb 16, 2022

From Sneakerhead to CEO with Devin Johnson
Feb 15, 202343:05
From Construction Worker to Selling Success with Duane Dufault
Feb 08, 202347:02
Outbound Calling With a Serving Mindset- Jason Bay CEO of Outbound Squad

Outbound Calling With a Serving Mindset- Jason Bay CEO of Outbound Squad

How do you feel about making sales calls? Are you intimidated about the idea which causes you to shrink back from the idea of making some calls to prospects?

Making outbound calls or sending emails and engaging people can be a challenge. We are all bombarded with “scam likely” calls and way too many emails that many shrink back from doing what will help them grow their business.

In this episode,  Outbound Calling With a Serving Mindset, Jason Bay shares his insight as a master of outbound calls. There is a ton of value he provides in this conversation, this is just a glimpse of it below.

“I think that's super important and that's something that I'm really fascinated with prospecting. It's so important. Like when you pick up the phone and make a call to a prospect, or you send an email or you reach out on LinkedIn, what's that experience like for them to be on the receiving end of that?

Because you're not the only person reaching out to them. So how do you stand out? How do you do this in a way that feels good, you know, to do, how do you do this in a way that's effective because outbound is getting much harder.”



Jason Bay is Founder & CEO at Outbound Squad™. He’s on a mission to help reps and sales teams turn complete strangers into paying customers. A few of their clients include reps and sales teams from companies like Zoom, CBRE, Medallia, Xfinity, Gong, and many more. Sales is the only "adult job" he’s ever had. And he’s done everything from selling house painting services door to door, running outbound call centers, to helping thousands of reps master cold outreach.

Feb 01, 202339:57
Scale Your Business With Sales Processes

Scale Your Business With Sales Processes

Ken is a fractional executive specializing in aligning teams and systems to grow sales and increase profits. With over 35 years of experience, he can identify where leaders are stuck and put processes in place to measure key targets, improve communication, and get things moving forward again. He believes that everyone wants to be appreciated, do work that’s exciting, and be part of something greater than themselves. Connect with Ken at 616-822-2998 or

Jan 25, 202342:52
Keep Growing To Succeed in Sales With Jeff Goldberg

Keep Growing To Succeed in Sales With Jeff Goldberg

In this episode, Keep Growing To Succeed in Sales With Jeff Goldberg, we discuss a number of sales related topics. We talk about the need to plan, to work on the business versus working in the business. The need to take some time to think is discussed. What are we going to do to grow our business, to take care of our current clients and to be ready to replace clients that may go a different direction. Jeff is a no-nonsense person that realizes there is plenty of potential with sales and he encourages us to be better at the craft.

Jeff Goldberg is the Head Coach and Lead Sales Trainer at Jeff Goldberg & Associates ( where they’re dedicated to helping individuals and organizations attain measurable and sustainable sales increases. He’s an award-winning sales professional with almost 5 decades of sales, sales management, training & coaching experience. Jeff has had the opportunity to teach, coach, mentor and speak internationally in front of tens of thousands of sales professionals, ranging from financially successful veterans to the most junior new hires in a diverse array of industries.

Goldberg is the co-author of two books…”Leverage Your Laziness” and “How to Be Your Own Coach!” He delivers powerful, high-energy programs and speeches that draw on his years of experience as a performer in the theatre and stand-up comedy. He is relentlessly energetic and results-driven and injects humor, passion, and a strong dose of reality into all his programs. He has delivered training for clients such as State Farm, Aramark, Siemens, Newsday, Cisco, Citibank, Cablevision, and others representing nearly every commercial and industrial category.

Jan 18, 202343:16
David T. Habib

David T. Habib

In this conversation, David Habib shares the story and valuable lessons learned from starting a consumer packaged goods business in his parents kitchen to where his products are in 16,000 plus stores at the time of this podcast.

The tremendous value of doing what is not necessarily comfortable, driving to stores and talking to customers and trying to sell his $18 a jar spaghetti sauce is incredible. But wait, there’s more! Selling versus playing office, doing what needs to be done to grow and scale. Listen in and leave  review please, it will inspire others to do the same!

For more about David:

David Habib was inspired by his mother's ability to unite people of all cultures and backgrounds around the table through healthy and delicious foods. In 2017, he left his job as a Deloitte Consultant to start Yo Mama's Foods. Launched on Mother’s Day 2017, Yo Mama’s Foods crafts healthy pasta sauces, salad dressings and condiments with no preservatives, no fillers, and no gums. All items are Keto and Paleo Certified by the Paleo Foundation and are a delicious alternative to competitive sauces loaded with sugar and sodium.

David Habib was honored by Forbes with the Forbes 30 Under 30 award in 2022 and the company was listed as a top 50 Florida Company to watch in 2022.

Today, Yo Mama’s Foods can be found in more than 16,000 retail stores in the USA, including Publix, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Target, Walmart, Giant and Amazon. The company also exports to 7 countries overseas. Yo Mama’s Foods is currently ranked as Amazon’s #1 best selling brand of Pasta Sauce, Pizza Sauce, and Ketchup and has been featured in numerous national press articles; including Forbes, Clean Plates, Good Housekeeping, Southern Living, Fox, ABC, and NBC.

Yo Mama’s Foods Co. Founder & CEO

Clearwater, FL

Jan 11, 202335:36
 Stay the Course With Eda Rosa
Jan 04, 202339:41
From "Hippie" to Successful Entrepreneur With Nitzan Mosery

From "Hippie" to Successful Entrepreneur With Nitzan Mosery

Sometimes the best selling we do is when we sell ourselves that we are better than what we thought we were. We should be buying this daily. For some reason, many of us have the internal battles of “I’m not good enough or smart enough” to live the life we desire.

This is part of the discussion with Nitzan Mosery who at one time was roaming the world without purpose, a stereotypical “hippie” to becoming a person who found purpose and became a family man and successful entrepreneur.

Nitzan Mosery, The Traveling Investor. is a serial entrepreneur, world traveler, family man, radio personality, co-founder and CEO of Cornerstone Investment Partners , and a multi family real estate investor, coach, and mentor.

He was born and raised in New York City to immigrant parents . After his father died, Nitzan fell into depression. he dropped out of school and left home to travel the world. He became a stereotypical long-haired hippy with no direction in life.

Real estate was responsible for turning his life around. Through many years of trial and error, he learned how to acquire multi-family apartment buildings and manage them in order to make huge profits .

Today, he’s on a mission to share the secrets to his success with others .He travels the country working as a speaker, coach, and mentor in order to give people the tools they need to create a passive income stream so they can start living life on their own terms .

Dec 28, 202250:29
Social Selling For Results with Tim Hughes

Social Selling For Results with Tim Hughes

In this podcast, Social Selling For Results with Tim Hughes. Tim shares insight about how to generate actual revenue by selling socially. Before a sale happens, a conversation needs to happen first. Tim shares that our posting should start conversations and not just be posting for the sake of posting.

is universally recognised as the world leading pioneer and innovator of Social Selling.  He is currently ranked Number 1 by Onalytica as the most influential social selling person in the world. In 2021, Linkedin said he was one of the top 8 sales experts globally to follow and Brand 24 announced recently he was the 16th most influential person in marketing globally, based on measured social media influence.

He is also Co-Founder and CEO of DLA Ignite and co-author of the bestselling books “Social Selling - Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers” and “Smarketing - How To Achieve Competitive Advantage through blended Sales and Marketing”.  He has recently launched a second edition of “social selling - techniques to influence buyers and change makers” which has been fully updated.  All three books published by Kogan Page.

Company Website:



You Tube:



Clubhouse: @timothy_hughes

Tik Tok

Dec 20, 202250:08
Lessons from the Business Heroes of the Pandemic with Duane McHodgkins

Lessons from the Business Heroes of the Pandemic with Duane McHodgkins

Duane McHodgkins is the owner and operator of Duane’s Reliable Computer Services in Parker, Colorado, where he lives with Becky, his wife of thirty-six years, and Misty, their long-haired chihuahua. He has two grown children, Miranda and Parker, who gave him insight into the struggles of younger people during the pandemic.

Duane has grown his business and adapted to changing conditions for more than ten years, helping small businesses and individuals manage their technology issues. Many of the ideas for his book, Lessons from the Business Heroes of the Pandemic, came from his personal experience as a successful business owner and from his friends and networking partners who also have built successful careers. Prior to running his own business, Duane worked in a management capacity in a number of other successful companies. He learned about being innovative and resourceful while serving in diverse roles in the business world. You can learn more about Duane’s Reliable Computer Services at

Dec 14, 202233:52
Make Good Use of Your Connections to Grow Your Business with Bianca Morieras
Dec 14, 202234:48
Being Authentic and Conversational With Jennifer Fisher

Being Authentic and Conversational With Jennifer Fisher

Chief Sales Officer of Higher Ed for Worldstrides, Jennifer Fisher joins the podcast. She brings a wealth of experience and is fresh back from a trip to India. We quickly relate the experiences of travel and humanity with being successful in sales. Yes it is all about people and the way we treat them.

Listen in as to how Jennifer talks about being an authentic caring listener. Listening is a huge part of sales success and it can’t be overstated. So many think its about talking, but listening is where the sales will blossom.

Jennifer Fisher is the Chief Sales Officer for WorldStrides Higher Education, where she leads three brands/business units dedicated to developing study abroad programs for university partners. She has over 30 years of experience in sales and sales leadership and is a sought-after speaker. Jennifer has appeared as a guest on numerous podcasts and hosts her own sales podcast titled A Life You Love: Sales Tips with Jennifer Fisher.

Dec 08, 202237:09
Is Franchising for You with Irving Chung

Is Franchising for You with Irving Chung

In this podcast, Is Franchising for You, Irving Chung discusses with us the concept of owning a franchise and the benefits that go along with it.

It certainly isn’t easy to start and run a successful business. A franchise though has the background of a proven success model. It makes a lot of sense to look into it. One is given a detailed map that all they need to do is follow it. Of course, the most important factor is related to the owner and if they are going to get out and sell their product and service. This is the key to any business’s success.

For more on franchising, get in touch with Irving. He has a great reputation and its worth the conversation if you are thinking about it.


Dec 08, 202239:29
Live On Purpose with Dr Paul Jenkins

Live On Purpose with Dr Paul Jenkins

In Live On Purpose with Dr. Paul Jenkins, we discuss how sales relates to psychology and psychology to sales. One quick example we discuss is how buyers pick up our intentions if we are all about ourselves versus helping the prospect, especially if we need the sale.

I believe you will get a lot out of this podcast as it will be helpful in sales and in everyday life too. Dr Paul has a gift he is offering here: 

Reviews are always appreciated!

Dr. Paul is a clinical psychologist specializing in the science and practice of positivity.

As a coach, keynote speaker and trainer, author, and host of a popular podcast and YouTube channel, he empowers individuals, families, and influencers to go far beyond traditional therapy or positive thinking programs to create and live the life they love through powerful positive psychology processes.

Dr. Paul has identified principles that when practiced lead to a more positive and therefore happy life. He has created models that when understood can lead to a paradigm shift in your thinking and open up possibilities creating hope.

Dec 02, 202252:38
Dominate The Game WIth Jennifer Garrett
Nov 23, 202240:24
Gain More Clients By Mastering The Perfect Close-James Muir

Gain More Clients By Mastering The Perfect Close-James Muir

Do you struggle with moving the sale forward? Do you get stuck because you’re not asking for the business because you don’t want to appear salesy?

In this podcast Gain More Clients By Mastering The Perfect Close, James Muir shares an abundance of valuable content that will surely help your sales.

We talk about what The Perfect Close is. Instead of trying to remember the 837 closing lines that people have recommended over the years, these are simple and you can use them in every step of your sales process.

We discuss mindset. If you don’t want to be viewed as the pushy salesperson, James provides the value regarding putting ourself in the best frame of mind to serve our prospect.

Another quick topic is how to do a Discovery call to give you the best chance at earning trust with your prospect. They will help you to win the business.

This podcast is a Keeper. Please rate it and share it so others can benefit from it too!


The latest science shows that old counter-productive closing tactics hold you back. In The Perfect Close you will learn a closing method that is nearly always successful (in the 95% range). It’s zero pressure and involves just two questions. It’s a clear & simple approach that is flexible enough to use on every kind of sale at every given stage. It can be learned in less than an hour and mastered in a day. It is especially helpful for new and inexperienced salespeople and professionals who dislike the “stigma” of selling and/or find the selling process awkward or uncomfortable.

A Gift From James

Get the new version of The Perfect Close   Once you download the Free Resources you will have the option for the book. All you have to pay for is the shipping!

Nov 15, 202252:25
Is it time for your 2000 Percent Raise? With Guest John Cerasani
Nov 10, 202239:47
Neena Perez Straight Talk-No Sugar Added

Neena Perez Straight Talk-No Sugar Added

If you are the CEO of your business, you need to sell. In this podcast Straight Talk-No Sugar Added with Neena Perez, we discuss just that. She is a coach, entrepreneur, author, speaker, podcaster, and chef. She uses all she has been through to encourage and impact lives one at a time.

Neena has written her autobiography called “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” - How I Overcame A Hard Hitting Life, which is a story of abuse, teen pregnancy, domestic violence, abortion, hard times, divorce, poverty, finding faith, overcoming and hitting life back when life hits us hard.

She is currently a business strategist and coach for women helping them create the profitable and impactful businesses they envision.

Neena says that encountering many challenges has made her the woman she is today, determined, strong and full of faith in God.

She has started her own YouTube / Podcast called Straight Talk No Sugar Added, to impact others using her story and the story of other people that have overcome. The Goal is to encourage, support, love and lead people to be their best selves by challenging and transforming their thinking.

Nov 03, 202233:59
Introverts Can Succeed in Sales with the Real Estate unSalesperson Barry Karch

Introverts Can Succeed in Sales with the Real Estate unSalesperson Barry Karch

Introverts Can Succeed in Sales with the Real Estate unSalesperson Barry Karch

This conversation, Introverts Can Succeed in Sales with the Real Estate unSalesperson Barry Karch is one that sellers who are not naturally outgoing, will enjoy. Barry has made for himself a very nice career in selling homes. He is not the Type A personality but takes the “unsalesy” approach. The approach that must of us like when we are buyers. Nobody wants to be pushed or pressured into a decision by the strong closer. Barry does the right thing and people want to work with him. Go figure!

Barry Karch has always considered himself an unlikely Realtor - quiet, introverted, unsalesy.  Not your prototypical formula for success!  Yet, Barry has been a top selling Realtor for 36 years, selling as many as 100 homes per year.  He has come to realize that being an introvert in real estate gives him many advantages over his more extroverted colleagues.  He has created a podcast called The Real Estate UnSalesperson to encourage and inspire his fellow introverted Realtors.  His mission is to teach introverts that they have what it takes to succeed in real estate.

Oct 26, 202242:38
Lead Gen and Marketing With Dignity -Eric Quanstrom CMO at Cience
Oct 26, 202243:12
Social Sales With LinkedIn- Bob Woods
Oct 18, 202255:19
Be Yourself in Sales with Matt Wolff of Ticket Time Machine
Oct 18, 202253:09
Selling Can Be a Real Joy with Vicki L. O’Grady-Longo
Oct 12, 202250:54
Selling Is a Skill With Austen Hempstead
Oct 11, 202255:56
Are You Living On Purpose With Kevin McCarthy

Are You Living On Purpose With Kevin McCarthy

In this episode we discuss Living On Purpose with Kevin W. McCarthy. He helps define the difference with Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values. Kevin is the creator of the website: He’s a man on a  mission to eradicate meaningless from the planet one person at a time. In other words,  he wants to help you know your purpose in life.

Kevin says, “If you’re truly disheartened, then you’re suffering from the absence of  purpose and meaning. Knowing your purpose sets your life on a profoundly positive path. There’s no benefit remaining mired in a life without meaning when you can know your 2-word purpose in minutes.

Website Promo (ONPURPOSE dot Me) where you discover your 2-word purpose statement – online learning center – all things on-purpose – speaker site – book site

Additional Background on Kevin W. McCarthy

Kevin’ first book, The On-Purpose Person, Making Your Life Make Sense is a timeless  classic. This “Modern Parable” was originally published in 1992 and updated in 2009. In  this short, easy-reading story, you’ll experience a life-changing journey of personal Discovery, Transformation, and Reward.

Kevin is also the author of:

• The On-Purpose Business Person, Doing More of What You Do Best More  Profitably (1998 and 2013);

• FIT 4 Leading, Discover the Joy of Taking a Hard Look at Yourself (2013) • Chief Leadership Officer, Increasing Wealth so Everyone Profits (2017)

Kevin is the Chief Leadership Officer at On-Purpose Partners, a business consulting firm  based in Winter Park, FL. He earned an MBA at the University of Virginia Darden  Graduate School of Business and a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics from  Lehigh University. He married Judith, a Darden School classmate, in 1984 and they have  two adult children Charles and Anne.

Oct 05, 202235:59
Using A Better Sales Strategy With George C. Scott

Using A Better Sales Strategy With George C. Scott

George Scott MBA President at Business Consulting Solutions LLC joins The Sales Made Easy podcast as we discuss Using a Better Sales Strategy. George is a fan of Selling With Dignity and doing things “the right way”. In sales, rather than be out for just getting the sale, George talks about the pull strategy. The pull strategy is understanding what your buyer needs and then providing it for them politely with a servant mindset. That is definitely aligned with the host!

George understands business – both as a business owner and as a business consultant/business broker. Beginning his double roles in 1983, he has been, and is, able to observe (up close) the internal operations and financial conditions of hundreds of businesses. Consequently, George has a unique perspective as to why some businesses achieve resounding success while others fail.      In addition to the hands-on experience as business consultant and broker, George earned a Bachelor of Science degree in 2007 and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in 2009. Earning both degrees while working full time, he shared MBA Top of the Class honors with an International Vice President of a well-known service business. The two degrees were earned through SUNY Empire State College (ESC) FORUM WEST management program and its School for Graduate Studies.      As a business, management, and economics adjunct college instructor for the SUNY Empire State College’s Center for Distance Learning from 2001 to 2018, George taught a number of advanced business courses, which included Consumer Behavior, Marketing Principles, Marketing Communications – Advertising and Promotion, Public Relations, and Sales Management. Additionally, he was lead instructor and course reviewer of the Public Relations course.      George is a business writer, having written numerous articles about various aspects of owning, operating, and selling a business. Most recently, a number of his articles have appeared in FOCUS, the magazine of the Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM). (Links to those articles can be found in the articles section of this website.) As member of SBAM, George was a member of SBAM’s Strategic Communications Advisory Committee and SBAM’s Government Relations Entrepreneurial Task Force. Additionally, George has been quoted as a business source for other articles in business publications in Michigan and other states.      For the 2011-2012 term, George served as the Public Relations Officer of Toastmasters International District 62, which encompasses nearly all of Michigan. Many years prior, he served as the Public Information Officer of his Army National Guard unit.

Oct 05, 202242:49
Doing Business Like a Woman With The Information Diva Deborah Thorne

Doing Business Like a Woman With The Information Diva Deborah Thorne

Doing Business Like a Woman With The Information Diva Deborah Thorne

In this episode Doing Business Like a Woman With The Information Diva Deborah Thorne, Deborah teaches Harry what doing business like a woman can mean. As the man, very rarely did I (Harry) ever have to worry about taking a kid to work. But women, frequently have to deal with all of the activities and responsibilities as a Mom, and her business as well. Most of us guys would be a mess or fall apart at the thought according to Deborah. I think she’s right!

Deborah Thorne is The Information Diva, America’s She E.O. …not C.E.O.TMCoach

She is an award-winning, internationally known, author, coach, trainer, speaker. She is the founder of The Leverage Conference for Speakers, Authors, and Entrepreneurs, in its fourth year, happening November 10-12, 2022.

Deborah is a connector and opportunity creator. She connects people to people and people to opportunities. For almost two decades, she has been advising and supporting women entrepreneurs.  She advises and supports them to transition from employee to six-figure income-generating entrepreneur.  Her PhD from the School of Hard Knocks, as well as formal education, allow her to start where people are. She helps her clients reduce their learning curves, saving them time and helping them make more money. By demystifying business principles and systems, she helps them create income-generating businesses, not glorified hobbies. Always encouraging women to do business like a woman, not like a man… She E.O. ...not C.E.O.TM

Sep 28, 202238:21
Ben Gay III Sales Legend and Author of The Closers Sales Books

Ben Gay III Sales Legend and Author of The Closers Sales Books

Ben Gay III has been called a living legend in the sales world.

After 50+ years in professional selling, he has been the

#1 salesperson in every organization in which he has worked.

At age 25 he was president of what was then the world’s largest

direct sales/network marketing company, having been personally

trained by fellow sales legends J. Douglas Edwards, Dr. Napoleon

Hill, Earl Nightingale, William Penn Patrick, Zig Ziglar and many

other sales giants.

One of the most famous, popular and powerful sales trainers

in the world, Ben now writes/publishes/produces “The Closers”

series of books/audios/videos/newsletters/teletrainings/live

seminars, a series that is considered to be “The Foundation of

Professional Selling.”

Ben was the founder and is the current Executive Director of The

National Association of Professional Salespeople.

Ben and his lovely wife Gigi live near Lake Tahoe in the little

Northern California town of Placerville, California – where the

California Gold Rush began!

Sep 27, 202201:03:54
Simon Hares, A Sales Trainer Who Sells
Sep 20, 202229:13
Converting Your Conversations to Sales With Tony Morris

Converting Your Conversations to Sales With Tony Morris

Sep 20, 202245:26
Patrick Tinney 3X Sales Author Extraordinaire Talks Sales With Harry

Patrick Tinney 3X Sales Author Extraordinaire Talks Sales With Harry

Rainmaker, Author, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Entrepreneur and Consultant.

Patrick Tinney is the founder and Managing Partner of Centroid Training and Marketing and author of three sales books 1) “Unlocking Yes The Revised Edition”(Negotiation) 2) “Perpetual Hunger” (Sales Prospecting) and 3) “The Bonus Round” (Consultative Selling)”. Prior to Centroid, Patrick held various corporate sales and management positions at The Southam Newspaper Group, Hollinger Inc. and CanWest Media.

Over his 30 year career Patrick has concluded multi-million dollar media sales and negotiation solutions for many of Canada’s largest advertisers. An expert on the topic of sales & business negotiation, techniques and trends, Patrick is frequently published in online and print business journals. He is one of the most sought after sales and negotiation podcast guests in the market today.

Patrick is a founding Director of the FDSA (Flyer Distribution Standards Association of Canada) and a past member of the Sheridan College, Advertising Program, Advisory Committee. Patrick was the very first sales person to hold the certification of C.P.P.P. (Certified Print Production Practitioner) No time limit.

Patrick Tinney is the most published Sales and Business Negotiation Author in Canada.

Patrick is one of only three solo sales authors in the world to have completed a Sales prospecting, Consultative Sales and Sales Negotiation trifecta of books. The other two authors having completed this rare triple are authors Jeb Blount and Brian Tracy.

Sep 13, 202255:19
Sell it Like a Mango with Donald Kelly

Sell it Like a Mango with Donald Kelly

n this episode, Sell it Like a Mango with Donald Kelly, we have a blast discussing some island experiences. Donald grew up in Jamaica and I had some similar mango buying experiences in the Dominican Republic. People were selling the same fruit on every street corner. What made some more successful than others? Relationships. Wouldn’t you rather buy your mangoes from a happy, positive conversational street vendor? This is just a small part of the conversation. Donald brings energy and value. You will enjoy this podcast.


Donald’s mission is to evangelize the method of effective selling and motivate sellers of all

levels to DO BIG THINGS!

As a former top-performing technology sales professional, who has successfully sold in both the

public and private sectors, Donald was able to crack the code of helping teams thrive in b2b

sales. He is also the author of “Sell It Like A Mango - A New Sellers Guide To Closing More


Donald has designed his training around concrete fundamental principles adaptable by any


He has helped sellers from companies all over the world build confidence in their selling abilities

and increase revenue as a result. Organizations such as Rock Venture (Quicken Loans),

HairClub, VMWare, Consolidated Electrical Distributors LLC. (CEB), Salt Edge, Charter

Spectrum, Hibu/The Real Yellow Pages, Yotpo, Citi Group, and New York Life.

Along with helping for-profit organizations, Donald has also assisted non-profit firms such as

Florida State Minority Supplier Development Council, The Eastern Minority Supplier

Development Council, GEAR UP, and Cal Poly University.

Donald has spoken to audiences all across the country and has shared the stage with speakers

such as Aisha Tyler, Sarah Koenig, Guy Ross, Chris Brogan, and Marc Maron.

In addition to training sales professionals in workshops, online courses, keynote presentations,

and students as an adjunct professor at Brigham Young University-Idaho, Donald is the host of

a popular sales podcast called “The Sales Evangelist.” With listeners in over 155 countries and

over 3.7 Million+ all-time downloads, the podcast has received recognition from publications

such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Success Magazine, Inc Magazine, Forbes, HubSpot, The

Huffington Post, and the South Florida Business Journal.

Sep 13, 202234:40
Selling with a Purpose-Janine Bolon
Sep 13, 202231:35
Growing Your Business By Fulfilling a Need With Dan Gittere
Sep 06, 202245:13
Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker

Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker

In this episode, the Value of Collecting True Friends with Relationship expert, Elizabeth Duncan Hawke, the topics of body language, communication, good judgment, overcoming fear and being an effective communicator are discussed in this jam packed with value episode. Elizabeth shares a ton of insight that can help you to overcome the nervous jitters by the way we position ourselves. Standing straight up, shoulders out, open stance, breathing, this will help tell ourselves how confident we look and thus leads to acting more confidently.

Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker, MBA

International Best Seller Author / Award Winning Speaker/ Growth Consultant

Award Winning Speaker, Bestselling Author, Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker has trained thousands of professionals to increase sales, referrals, and collaborations by learning how to effectively engage with others.

Whether she's speaking from a live or virtual stage, or consulting entrepreneurs, Universities, and organizations in workshops, her techniques enable leaders to hit higher goals.  Elizabeth’s results-driven experience was molded over two decades in executive strategic leadership for an $8b company.

In 2016, she founded the Red Hawk Strategic Solutions consulting company. Today, she provides custom trainings on advanced soft skills, body language, and the customer experience.  Her ultimate goal is to help employers retain top talent longer by creating a favorable work environment which in turn grows customer market share.

Her international bestseller guidebook Collecting True Friends, provides busy men and women the practical, yet forgotten, strategies to cultivate more quality relationships everywhere they land.

Elizabeth regularly guest speaks on podcasts and has been seen on news and media sources such as CBS and FOX.  She welcomes all media inquiries.

Grab your FREE GIFT of knowledge at

Easily Connect with Elizabeth at

Sep 06, 202254:07
Develop Core Values to Grow with Doug Mitchell

Develop Core Values to Grow with Doug Mitchell

Doug Mitchell joins the Sales Made Easy podcast. Develop Core Values to Grow is all about Doug and his company evolving from the early days of his youth. We all have heard of the work hard play hard mentality and Doug shares what some of that looked like, to where he is today with solid core values. As Doug has matured and focused on solid core values, it is no great surprise that his business and the outlook for the future look very bright. He shares some of his insights about systems he developed, hiring the right people, and developing a great culture as a man of faith.

Aug 30, 202246:53
Grow Faster With a Mastermind Group-Kevin Kepple
Aug 23, 202234:48
Serve Others First-Freedom to Ascend Author John Grdina

Serve Others First-Freedom to Ascend Author John Grdina

Superheroes are not just in the movies. You have to meet this fellow, John Grdina. Author of the book, Freedom to Ascend, John is an Intervention Specialist with teens who have behavior challenges.

John Grdina is a special education teacher, podcast host, leadership coach, and so much more. He has taught in public education for the past 18 years, including career and technical education as well, where he began his career. He has also coached baseball and golf and teaches a leadership class at his school.

John graduated from John Carroll University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, earned his Master’s in Education in 2009 from Notre Dame College, and his Education Innovation and Leadership endorsement in 2019 from Fort Hays State University. He continues to coach varsity golf and a leadership course at a suburban school on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio.

In his spare time, he is an ultra-endurance athlete. He also helps train other athletes across the United States, is the owner of a TrueSupporter Group that prays for those in need, and the founder of 40 Days of Deliverance, a program to improve individuals’ mind, body, and spirit.

John currently lives in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, with his wife (Megan) and four children (Giuliana, Benjamin, Calvin, and Elijah). He enjoys nature walks with his family in his leisure time, coaching and supporting his children’s local sports teams, and spending time with his extended family. He loves helping others grow and wants everyone to “exhaust all their gifts” that God has given them in this life.

John’s first book Freedom to Ascend is now available. He shares his personal journey and the uplifting experiences of his inspirational friends to show there is hope where many think there is none.

From John:


To serve the Lord and imitate His ways while exhausting my gifts for His Kingdom.


To seek wisdom so I can serve the Lord in the manner of His will.  To use my gifts of podcasting, writing books, and creating fellowships through programs to bring people to know Christ and ultimately salvation.  To also be a vessel of hope for everyone I meet by sharing the Good News across the world.

Aug 23, 202242:05
Make Your Client Experience Epic with Sarah Martin

Make Your Client Experience Epic with Sarah Martin

CEO & Founder of Experience Epic

In this episode we talk about the value of making your client experience memorable/Epic with Sarah Martin. Sarah exudes positivity and professionalism with a servant mindset. Her clients love her and there is a lot to learn from this marketing and business professional in this podcast.

Sarah Martin is a firecracker, making an IMPACT through events. A proud mother and wife, she is also the Founder/CEO of Experience Epic, LLC created 10 years ago. With 25 years in the industry, Sarah has brought her firecracker energy to her events, creating excitement and innovation to the private, corporate and destination event industry. Sarah brings her expertise and cutting edge innovation in marketing and production of spectacular events such as Dinner in the Sky, Savor the Avenue, Delray Beach’s 100 Ft. Christmas Tree, to her clients. She has grown her events production/planning agency to serve companies and brands nationwide including NFL Super Bowl, United States Presidential Debate, Major League Lacrosse, Casa de Montecristo and more. Her events have drawn the likes of Ashley Graham, Ray Lewis, Black Dada, Jason Derulo, John Salley, Bryant McKinney, Sarodj Bertain, Tyson Beckford, Scott Stapp among many others.

Sarah has been recognized by Bizbash as Event Producer of the Year, By Sun-Sentinel Newspaper as Top Workplaces, Bizzabo Top Event Planners and many others. Sarah has served the events industry through Visit Florida, Leadership Business Council, Florida Festivals and Events and Bizbash to name a few.

Aug 18, 202249:05
How To Do Discovery Like a Pro with Sales Author Jim Irving
Aug 17, 202254:55
Use Your Social Voice to Grow Your Business
Aug 10, 202237:31
So That for Relationships with Jennifer Andersen Smith

So That for Relationships with Jennifer Andersen Smith

“So That” for Relationships with Jennifer Andersen Smith is a fascinating conversation with one who has overcome childhood trauma. She joins the Sales Made Easy podcast and shares some of her journey with us. What you may find interesting too is the fact we can all take note of things we do and say that may bring a person back to that situation in their lives.

Jennifer today helps other people who have also experienced their own trauma. She is clearly all about serving so look her up in the links below.

A motivational speaker of rare power and an inspiring life coach, Jennifer Andersen Smith is
also the author of a compelling memoir entitled So That For Relationships. The book tells her
story of childhood trauma, teen motherhood, and a loveless marriage, in order to inspire other
women to overcome hurdles as she has.

Born in a Catholic family in rural Illinois, Jennifer grew up on a farm with many siblings. Rooted
in her faith from a young age, Jennifer was a strong believer in saving herself for her husband.
But one day, this deep-seated value was ripped away from her by a man who sexually abused
her as a child. This traumatizing event had ramifications throughout her life.

As a teenager, Jennifer believed that, since she had been deprived of her virginity, she had no
impetus to save herself for marriage, which led to her teenage pregnancy. The following year,
she became pregnant again with her second child. And the year after that, she made the choice
to marry the father of her children even though she didn’t love him, marking the beginning of a
difficult twenty-three-year marriage marked by emotional abuse.

Now divorced and remarried to a wonderful man, Jennifer was finally able to regain control of
her life. After overcoming her trauma, she was able to manifest joy, love, and abundance, in
spite of her struggles with depression. Now, she has become a life coach to help other women
through their life challenges and has started a community of women who support each other
and themselves.
Living in Georgia, Jennifer and her husband Craig have a blended family of 9 children and 15
grandchildren, who Jennifer calls “her greatest legacy.

Aug 04, 202242:28
Know Your Clients Well and Serve with Jeff Robles

Know Your Clients Well and Serve with Jeff Robles

In this conversation, Know Your Clients Well and Serve, Jeff and I discuss the importance of knowing your clients today, not just when we sold to them. Showing up for meetings, being well prepared for our client conversations, being a good listener, providing value, and the importance of The Napkin! (Jeff and I had a previous conversation at the local pub and found a need to do some writing for goal setting. That napkin is kept in a safe place many months later!)

How many times do we take some of our clients for granted? It isn’t intentional. We get busy. They get busy. Before we know it they may have been a client for years and could be in some kind of contract that doesn’t meet their needs any longer. There is a risk in this. The client might have a new vendor calling on them or they may shop us because they start to question the value of the expense they are paying.

What can we do to prevent this? Schedule a meeting. Get on the calendar. Things change. Companies pivot and must adapt to the changes in the economy. Do we truly know what they are facing today compared to the months or years since our last real conversation with them?

How prepared are we for these conversations? Do we read up on their industry challenges? How can we bring value? If we can’t help with something, can we offer a referral of someone that may be able to help? Bringing value is not just selling. It can mean showing genuine interest in the person across from us and thinking about how we can serve them.

Bottom line, we always should be looking to serve our clients and keeping them top of mind so we are not caught by surprises. Instead of having to scramble because of change, we can help the client with transitioning.

Jeff Robles CTO, Client Advisory Services at Synoptek can be found on Linkedin

Aug 02, 202250:36
Growing Your Business by Utilizing Video With Dr. Tachi

Growing Your Business by Utilizing Video With Dr. Tachi

Growing Your Business by Utilizing Video With Dr. Tachi

Dr Chetachi Egwu, AKA, Dr. Tachi, joins the Sales Made Easy podcast and we discuss Growing Your Business by Utilizing Video.

Let’s get started with video. We know that people watch videos. We become more realistic. Unfortunately some are afraid to start. Its OK to show our authenticity. We will get better. As Dr. Tachi says, people are looking for us to be Martin Scorsese or Spike Lee.

Dr. Tachi Professor, filmmaker, director, writer, journalist, artist, dancer/choreographer, all things media, tech & pop culture, knew as a young child that she was going to be involved with media in some form or another based on her fascination with television. She has built quite a career for herself. Fast forward to today, she is helping others to grow their business with video.

Chetachi A. Egwu, Ph.D. is a media/communication professor, writer/producer, journalist, filmmaker, media consultant, dancer/choreographer, artist, and actor. She earned a BA in Communication from the University of Buffalo in 1996, then moved on to Howard University in Washington, DC, where she completed a Masters and Ph.D. in Mass Communication.

Dr. Egwu has served as a faculty member in the communication departments at Howard University,  Morgan State University, The George Washington University and Nova Southeastern University. She is currently communication faculty at the University of Maryland University College.

Her work has been featured in academic journals, newspapers and online publications such as The Grio and is a contributor/media producer for The Burton Wire. Her creative work, however, reaches beyond writing. Dr. Egwu is also a dancer/choreographer and was a member of Carla and Company, Coyaba Dance Theater, Choreographers Collaboration Project in Washington DC and featured in several other projects.

An avid filmmaker, she is co-produced and co-directed the award-winning documentary Runway Afrique and No Justice, No Peas: Getting A Veggie In The Hood. She also co-produced, directed and did the cinematography for the documentary Sunshine Chic. Dr. Egwu is currently the director of a talk show in Atlanta.

Dr. Egwu is also a social media enthusiast and consultant and has fully jumped into the live streaming revolution. In addition to consulting groups and individuals on effective social media, video and live stream production, she is the host of MediaScope on Instagram, Facebook Live, LinkedIn Live,  YouTube, and Gospel 107.1 FM in Nassau, Bahamas.

For more with Dr. Tachi, check out her linktree

Jul 29, 202252:16
Selling With Partnerships in a Hybrid World with Fred Copestake

Selling With Partnerships in a Hybrid World with Fred Copestake

Selling With Partnerships in a Hybrid World with Fred Copestake

Fred Copestake-Author - 'Hybrid Selling' and 'Selling Through Partnering Skills talks about sales and bringing the value on the Sales Made Easy podcast, Selling With Partnerships in a Hybrid World.

Fred has been training and coaching sales teams for a couple of decades. He shares his insights about modern selling where the client is the hero. Are we going through our own sales process to check the boxes or can we be more flexible based on the person in front of us, the prospect?

What are our questions like? Are we asking questions to get the client to think? This can be how we differentiate ourselves from the competition by getting the prospect to think a bit more about their problem.

Fred also talks about the challenge of making change. Some will jump at the idea of change whereas others may deal with change more like the mourning process. For these folks, change is going to be more difficult.

For more about Fred:

Fred Copestake is Founder of Brindis, a sales training consultancy

Over the last 22 years he has travelled round the world 14 times visiting 36 countries working with 10,000 salespeople. Using this to understand the challenges salespeople face he has taken what really makes a difference in modern selling and used these in his book 'Selling Through Partnering Skills’.

These ideas form the basis of his work with sales professionals involved in complex B2B sales to develop their approach and ensure it is up to date and has maximum impact.

Aware of the unprecedented speed of change in the world of sales in his second book 'Hybrid Selling' he addressed how salespeople can adapt and evolve their approach to avoid becoming irrelevant. This quickly went to number one on Amazon after it’s launch.

He has a strong belief that people can get better through learning and sharing, and that with better collaboration we can all really make a difference.

Jul 27, 202248:25
Reach Your Potential for You and Your Business with Jeff Forrester

Reach Your Potential for You and Your Business with Jeff Forrester

Reach Your Potential for You and Your Business with Jeff Forrester

Sales superstar, leader, and author of Unleashed Potential, Jeff Forrester joins us in Reach Your Potential for You and Your Business. We don’t often think of Awareness in sales or business for that matter. As an entrepreneur, much of the time, you are on your own. Do we do what we set out to do? The challenge sometimes is to look ourselves in the mirror and be honest with ourselves. Did we do what we set out to do?

Other times, we may be trying to ask for the order and it doesn’t feel right. Did we do the job we needed to do to ask for the business? Does the prospect need what we are selling? Sometimes, it just isn’t a good fit. What do we do then? It may mean we state that this doesn’t look like a good fit right now, but can we ask for a referral perhaps?

Jeff brings a lot of wisdom to the conversation. Both from a sales aspect as well as coming from leadership too. Find out what motivates people and use that to help them reach their goals. Hint, it isn’t a stick that truly motivates people for the long term.

About Jeff Forrester:

"Positively change lives through meaning partnerships."

Jeff was born and raised in Gainesville, FL and graduated from the University of Florida. He is a fifth-generation Floridian and carries tremendous pride in being a true Florida Pioneer.  After graduating from the  University of Florida, in 1999 started in healthcare sales. He was involved in pharmaceuticals, laboratory and diagnostics sales, training, marketing, and leadership until December of 2021 when he was downsized.

He wrote a book in 2020 titled, Unleashed Potential, and started a business coaching and consulting company, Conquer It Consulting, where he partners with individuals and organizations to find and unleash the hidden potential within. Jeff is also excited to build a strong presence in real estate in the central Florida area. It is our time to unleash our potential.

Jul 14, 202248:30
Living the Life YOU Choose with Russ Hedge

Living the Life YOU Choose with Russ Hedge

How many of us are living the life we really want to live? This is what we discuss in the conversation. Russ survived a severe car accident as a teenager and shares his thoughts about surviving and living a life of purpose.

He believes that we all have a talent in us and we need to spend the time to discover what that is. What is your talent? Do you know it already? Are you holding back from pursuing it because you feel like an imposter? This is too common. How many lives are being lived without fulfilling the dream? We don’t have to be that way. We can choose our own life and be great at it!

Russ Hedge is a Marketing Coach, Keynote Speaker, Livestreamer/Podcaster, and Author of “Befuddled? Live the Life You Choose!” He is a positive force in today’s busy, hectic, and often negative business environment.

He is a master connector, working in marketing and sales for over 30 years. He has been recognized as a Top Salesperson in multiple industries and for his skills in Networking and Connecting!

Russ loves to encourage, inspire, and make people smile. That’s why he is known as an “Inspiration Specialist.”

He has been married to his beautiful wife Leah for almost 34 years and has 2 adult children, Kyla and Connor, and a daughter-in-law, Gabby. His goal is to add value to people by encouraging and helping them live a more engaged and positive life.

Russ is available to Speak at events, one on one or team coaching, and consulting. He is here for groups looking to be inspired and move forward in life with a positive mindset and purpose.

Check out his website at and schedule time to chat, or contact Russ today at Also, check out his video/podcast “Marketing with Russ... aka #RussSelfie,” and Live Shows, “The Experience Live with Russ & Scott, and “Russ Reals Live,” all available weekly on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and most audio podcast platforms.







Russ’ Calendar:

Jul 13, 202246:11
Keeping it Healthy in Business and Life with Patti Scallan
Jul 08, 202237:39
Social Selling Ideas from the Pro Brynne Tillman
Jul 07, 202234:05
Growing Your Business With Jason Integrity
Jun 29, 202244:04
Sales Skills Required While Running for Office -Jesse Smith

Sales Skills Required While Running for Office -Jesse Smith

Sales Skills Required While Running for Office -Jesse Smith, Candidate for Oregon State House of Representatives District 18.

The Sales Made Easy podcast enters the political arena, well sort of anyway. I am friends with fellow author Jesse Smith on Linkedin. I like his personality and his genuine concern for people. Coincidentally, Jesse is running for office so I wanted to discuss the sales aspect of that to a degree.

We discuss how Sales ties into running for political office in Running for Congress with Jesse Smith, Candidate for Oregon State House of Representatives District 18.

Without getting into a political debate, here are some of Jesse’s goals for his district from his website:

“I’m just a local Dad who wants to see the public schools fully funded. I’m also an author, musician, web developer, and world traveler.

In my travels, I have spent time in the developing world, where the absence of labor laws and environmental regulations has led to widespread poverty and unbelievable pollution. But I have also spent time in Europe, where publicly funded social services provide a higher standard of living for everyone. In my life, I have worked for minimum wage; and I have started a business of my own. I taught myself to code, and I learned accounting principles in business school.

The first step to making a change is to believe that change is possible. I believe change is possible.”

Quick correction in podcast :

In discussing a recent news item about Unilever, I was trying to recall a list of brands owned by the company, and I incorrectly mentioned Ben and Jerry's. In fact, Ben & Jerry's is owned by Colgate-Palmolive. I regret the error.

Jun 25, 202252:28
 Serving Others with Positivity Despite Obstacles with Sonya LaRae

Serving Others with Positivity Despite Obstacles with Sonya LaRae

Sonya LaRae

Fashion Psychologist, Lifestyle/Relationship Counselor, Motivational Speaker and Educator

Sonya LaRae, was born into a Latin Musical family.  Her father was the great Latin bassist, Victor Venegas.  Her Mother Myra was one of the first women of color at CBS television-Editor of the script for “Face the Nation.”  Surrounded by music and strong powerful women, Sonya came into her own at a very young age.

Since 1999 Sonya LaRae, has enjoyed developing her brand, business and client base.  She is one of the leading fashion industry insiders with affiliations with some of the leading fashion brands-i.e. Oscar de la Renta, Nicole Miller, Vera Wang, Sisa Design (Couture), Andres Aquino (Couture) and many more.  Sonya has had the pleasure of working with some of the hottest A-lister in the industry plus her affiliations with NYFW, Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Couture Fashion Week, just to name a few allows her to pour in and give her clients a full-spectrum of options.  She’s a positive voice amongst the noise and has mentored some of the top women in business, music, and fashion, to strike a healthy balance between life, love, career, family and wardrobe.

Sonya has overcome some major obstacles in her life which has opened her up for motivational speaking.  Sonya, was on her way in the music industry and ended up having to have a “minor procedure” which rendered her paralyzed and wheelchair bound for 5.5 years.  Though all this she never said “Why Me!” She always had a positive outlook and reinvented herself and dedicated herself to her business.  From there as they say “the rest is history,” and she has never looked back.

Sonya, has been featured on “The Goddess In Us Project”

Come get Social:

Join her tribe of Whispers for her dynamic podcast

Whisper In A Bottle “Grown Talk Cocktail Friday’s!”

You can also find WHISPERS IN A BOTTLE ON: Spotify, iHeart Radio, iTunes, Stitcher, Pandora, Radio Public, Apple Podcast, BlogTalk Radio, and wherever you listen to your favorite podcast shows.

Jun 22, 202246:40
5Ls for Lasting Success with Mike Mannix and Sal LaGreca
Jun 14, 202250:11
Growing a Retail and Online Business with Social Media
Jun 07, 202244:15
How to Stay Relevant as a Former “Old Schooler” with Randy Chaffee
Jun 02, 202245:12
Selling Cars with Dignity with Jim Shorkey
May 24, 202254:54
I'm Getting Older and So is My Mom

I'm Getting Older and So is My Mom

Scott Greenberg is the guest and author of Oh My God, I'm Getting Older and So Is My Mom. Scott is a former sales guy that didn’t love the early retirement and bought a struggling franchise and turned it into a great business that serves the elderly and their families. Scott has a Selling With Dignity mindset for sales and business. Treating people with dignity in their later years is what he’s all about. The conversation is filled with stories and humor about a potentially challenging topic. We all get older and so will our parents if we aren’t there yet.

Scott provides a roadmap to the aging highway with tips on how to avoid the potholes along the way. Through Scott Greenberg’s experience as a weekly radio show host dealing with issues that are confronting boomers and their parents, coupled with his tenure as President of a private duty home health care agency, Scott addresses many serious topics in a humorous but informative way. The later-years road is often believed to look like midnight rides on a sailboat with a glass of wine in our hand. All too often, Scott has learned, reality gets in the way. Bottom line: getting older can be tougher than we thought. Enjoy as Scott addresses topics as diverse as dealing with sibling rivalry (mom always loved you more), sex after sixty (yes, it still happens), funeral options (who knew there were so many), the value of volunteerism, along with other situations you never thought you would need to deal with. With a humorous look at aging, coupled with practical advice, Scott hopes this book will encourage you to look at where you are today and where you are going to be in the not too distant future so as to prevent crisis decision-making at the time when you are at your most vulnerable. Testimonials: "This is a MUST read for anyone wanting to learn more about the complexities involved in caring for ourselves & loved ones throughout the aging process. Simply stated, as a physician, this book has taught me a great deal about aging and the human spirit - I highly recommend it." Michael G. "Everyone needs to buy this book. Read it first, for your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc. You get the point...Great Read!!!" Regina N. "Your book: Well written, insightful and very helpful in dealing with us aging people. The checklists in each chapter are superb and could be made into a series of articles in the Palm Beach Post." Richard L.

May 17, 202253:05
You Have Networking Options With Austin Titus
May 10, 202243:27
Modernizing Sales With Chris Dawson

Modernizing Sales With Chris Dawson

In this podcast we talk about sales with Chris Dawson from the UK. Sales is still very old school with a lot of the perception and the techniques that people are still using. From being apologetic on one hand to being completely self-serving on the other, Sales needs fixing.

Chris Dawson is the Director of 6th Door Ltd, a forward thinking, contemporary sales training organization. Businesses across the UK and the globe approach him when they want to increase sales, margin and pipeline by developing their sales team with tailored training programmes that deliver innovative, proven and modern sales techniques.

After spending over twenty years in the sales arena he has held nearly every role; from door to door canvassing through to national sales management and training for FTSE 100 companies. His straight talking, enthusiastic and experience led approach to sales training is aimed at getting the outcome all companies want – more sales.

May 03, 202242:34
Making a Contribution with Chris Michel Author of The Red Chair Experience
Apr 26, 202242:07
Finding Your Sweet Spot in Sales with Autumn Britton
Apr 19, 202244:15
Storytime and Managing Stress With Professor Pete Alexander

Storytime and Managing Stress With Professor Pete Alexander

In this episode of Sales Made Easy we have Storytime and Managing Stress with our guest author and Giver, Professor Pete Alexander.

Professor Pete brings a wealth of sales and marketing experiences to the show and he is one who sells and treats others with dignity.

In addition to talking sales and marketing, Prof Pete brings up his stress related diabetes that he had to face head on or risk losing his life over stress. Now he helps people with stress reducing techniques. He shares this at about the 40 minute mark of the podcast. If you are driving though, pull over!!

Pete is President of the “greatest interior landscaping company in the San Francisco Bay Area” - Office Plants by Everything Grows. I post informative articles about the world of lush, living plants here:

From Professor Pete- “I help people more effectively deal with their stress because without your health, nothing else matters. This was a very hard lesson for me to learn, and I am proud to say that I have successfully battled the negative effects of stress head-on and developed the LIGHTEN™ stress management model that will motivate you and/or your team to take action in only a few minutes per day. After learning the stress management techniques I facilitate, participants can better protect their health and handle challenging situations with grace and success.”

He is also an adjunct professor for Antioch University, helping his students develop and apply key concepts of marketing specifically to their area of interest.

He can be found on Linkedin here:

Apr 12, 202254:26
Combining Mindset with Strategy for Success
Apr 05, 202236:03
Anthony Sully Sullivan, TV Personality, Loving Dad and Vermont Hemp Farmer

Anthony Sully Sullivan, TV Personality, Loving Dad and Vermont Hemp Farmer

In this episode we meet Anthony Sully Sullivan, TV Personality, Loving Dad and Vermont Hemp Farmer who is best known as being a pitchman. Anthony “Sully” Sullivan has made a living selling products first at county fairs and then on television. While you might recognize him from being the “OxiClean Guy” who was best friends with the late Billy Mays, the British-born, energetic pitchman owns Sullivan Productions where he has represented such clients as McDonald’s, Arm & Hammer, Nutrisystem, Swivel Sweeper, Sticky Buddy and countless more. He also starred on the TV shows “Pitchmen” and “Kings of Kush.”

Sully took a detour from his television career when his daughter was diagnosed with a rare genetic disordered and needed an alternative to prescription medication which robbed her of her personality

This desperate Dad has entered a unique 2nd act as the owner of a hemp farm born out of his want and need to find alternatives to drugs for his young daughter. MONTKUSH ( is based on 116-acres in Vermont where Sully spent two years living in an AirStream on top of a mountain in freezing conditions. He has learned how to farm CBD and CBDA, the non-intoxicating chemical in the cannabis plant. MONTKUSH has received both USDA organic certification and Vermont’s organic certification.

While he jokes that some might call it a midlife crisis, Sully had that “a ha” moment when he visited a hemp farm with a friend and had that true epiphany of the tranquility of the farm and the understanding of wellness that can be derived from a plant.  Sully began administering CBD for his daughter’s symptoms and her seizures were then under control. Her weight and personality came back.

Mar 29, 202241:52
Selling lessons From Sports
Mar 23, 202242:49
Digging Deeper Into the Subconscious Mind with Eric Konovalov

Digging Deeper Into the Subconscious Mind with Eric Konovalov

Digging Deeper Into the Subconscious Mind with Eric Konovalov.

In this episode, Eric highlights the need to make the unconscious, conscious. Once we do, good things will happen when we are more aware of why we act and think the way we do.

Eric Konovalov is an immigrant, refugee, who’s family fled communist Russia in the early 90’s. Though they left physically, Eric grew up seeing how his parents’ communist mindset and belief systems were behind all of their decision making, which led to struggle and lack of freedom to do what they dreamt of doing.

Eric wanted something better for his life and set out to achieve it. After spending 8 wonderful years with the United States Marines, Eric excelled in the field of sales and sales leadership.

Today, Eric’s motivation is the same as it was when he was a little kid. It’s to live free and to help others live their version of freedom as well. That’s why he founded The Goal Guide Inc, a coaching, public speaking, and training organization, focusing on helping people achieve their goals, live out their dreams, and become the most amazing version of themselves.

He is the host of Lead Sell Grow – The Human Experience Podcast, and the Author of B2B Sales Secrets.

Eric has helped people lose weight, improve their marriage, make more money, learn to sell, and start their own business. He’s helped people realize what they’re capable of, and he’s helped set people free from their invisible shackles.

He is the coach that will always see more in you than you see in yourself. Best of all, he has the ability to show you your own greatness.

He can be found here and on Linkedin

Mar 17, 202241:39
How To Increase Sales Dr Nancy Zare
Mar 10, 202238:23
Promote Your Brand with a Little Storytelling Dominick Domasky

Promote Your Brand with a Little Storytelling Dominick Domasky

Are you using Social Media? In this podcast there is practical and valuable conversation about using social media and building your brand.

Dominick Domasky  breaks it down for us. Can you write one post this week? Maybe its sharing someone else’s post first. Inch by inch he suggests.

Let’s just get started. Simple introductions and thanking people for their post will get you going. Before long you can maybe share some insights about business or what to look for in the field of your business.

Social media is networking and building community. We shouldn’t think about “selling” every time we are on it. Maybe you’re a realtor and you start supporting someone else’s content. Will that increase your chances that they may will want to do business with you?

For more about Dominick Domasky:

“He is a publisher, author, storyteller, and founder of the inspiration sharing platform Motivation Champs. His greatest accomplishments are his two children and he aspires to be the best husband and father he can be. Dominick and Motivation Champs share inspiration, smiles, and positivity 24/7 and help others do the same. This mission is accomplished through publishing, screenwriting, a large social media footprint, in person events and work with nonprofits.

At Motivation Champs our passion is storytelling and we believe everyone has a story to share. Publishing a book shouldn't be so complicated and we help authors navigate these turbulent waters. Each author we work with has unique goals and no one program is right for everyone. Our services include concept development, cover design, eBooks, editing, formatting, ghostwriting, hardbacks, marketing, paperbacks, websites, and more.”

Find Dominick at Motivation Champs on all of the social platforms and his website

Mar 02, 202244:17
Selling in a Dignified Manner Hariprasad Menon

Selling in a Dignified Manner Hariprasad Menon

Organization Culture Expert
Partner & CEO Grid International India
Leadership Coach - Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching.

Selling With Dignity with a Man of Dignity Hariprasad Menon

Hari has been in sales for several decades in Bangalore India. He brings class and integrity to sales and built a career by doing the right thing.

Hari started out in sales and was trying to be the street-smart guy who looked at the prospect as an adversary. He learned soon afterwards that sales is way of serving people. Hari is selling with dignity and not only is he respectful to others, he opens up conversations by bringing the value and establish the real needs of his clients.

I find it fascinating that the idea of serving others in sales, is much more common than people may think. Hari from India is proof of that point.

Feb 23, 202251:53
Communication That Adds Value with Robert Peterson
Feb 16, 202244:30
Bringing Your True Value to the Market with Daniel Gomez

Bringing Your True Value to the Market with Daniel Gomez

There is so much to learn in this conversation with Daniel Gomez.

We discuss topics like:

The difference between someone in sales versus a sales professional. Why closing the deal on the first appointment isn’t always the best course of action. Dealing with mindset, positive and negative. Recognizing one’s value.

For many, we don’t necessarily recognize the true value we bring. Most of us think we bring less than what we really do. Think of all the experiences that you have seen over the years. How does that apply to your business? With that experience, people are willing to pay for your value.

Daniel Gomez is an Award-Winning Motivational Keynote Speaker, Business Coach, Corporate Trainer, Executive Coach, and Podcast of the Year Recipient. Daniel speaks and coaches at events all over the world!

He is the International Best-Selling Author of "You Were Born to Fly", a book written to inspire and give people the high-performance habits and confidence needed to be the leaders of their own destiny. Daniel’s high-energy and ability to unlock the untapped potential in people have made him a highly sought-out trainer for top organizations including the U.S. Air Force to develop their officers. He gives organizations the success principles, leadership skills, and champion's mindset to develop and build a winning team.

Daniel can be found

Feb 08, 202248:26
Shari Lueck Just Be Yourself
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To Succeed in Sales Be You
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The Road From Driving a Truck to Driving Sales and Leadership with Jeff Hancher
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Plan for a Great Year with Chris Michel
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Even Complex Sales Can Be Made Easy
Nov 16, 202133:12
Sales Made Easy Podcast 1 on the Neil Haley Show- Helping the Buyers Alleviate Concerns

Sales Made Easy Podcast 1 on the Neil Haley Show- Helping the Buyers Alleviate Concerns

Sales does not need to be so complicated. Being a good person and treating others well will go a long way in sales.

In this conversation we speak about what are commonly referred to as sales objections. We bring up the idea that “objections” are really concerns. We all have concerns when we are making larger buying decisions. This helps the seller to be relatable in helping a prospect with buying concerns.

Putting ourselves in the buyer’s position, will help us to see the situation from their eyes. When we do this, we are becoming more of an ally with the buyer. The goal is to be sitting figuratively speaking, on the same side of the table with the buyer compared to the me against them mentality.

Oct 22, 202134:11