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Sales Genius

Sales Genius

By Joe Ingram

"Sales is only a numbers game until you become educated!" This podcast is for sales professionals at every level. If you want to convert more prospects into paying customers, listen to The Sales Genius.

The Genius skills learned here will allow you to spend less on leads for the top of your funnel by converting more of the ones you already have in the funnel.
I have spent the last three decades mastering buying behaviors, personality types, and emotional and logical triggers.

Learn how to give your prospect a logical reason to justify their emotional decision and sell more today!
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Discover Your Stand Out Strategy with Chantal Cornelius and Joe Ingram

Sales GeniusOct 16, 2023

🔥 The War Games Group and the Sales Genius Podcast with Joe Ingram feat. Dominique Fraser 🔥

🔥 The War Games Group and the Sales Genius Podcast with Joe Ingram feat. Dominique Fraser 🔥

Are you ready to take your life and business to the next level? Join Joe Ingram in an exclusive interview with internationally recognized change agent, business mentor, and online success strategist Dominique Fraser. Get ready to transform your mindset, attract your ideal customers effortlessly, and turn your expertise into an attractive and upmarket offer! In this episode, Dominique shares her inspiring journey and how she revolutionized the digital economy market. As the founder of Sublim Business, a leading online school, Dominique guides experienced entrepreneurs to unleash their full potential and build highly successful businesses. She has doubled her revenue, generated passive income, and positioned herself as a key figure in her industry, all in record time! Dominique's expertise extends beyond business mentorship. She leads a group of companies, a creative studio, and a world-class training center. Her studio, Sublim, has collaborated with renowned clients such as Giorgio Armani, Moët & Chandon, Victoria's Secret, and many more. With her wealth of knowledge, Dominique continues to grow and improve lives by mentoring ambitious entrepreneurs and helping them become their own brands. If you're ready to clarify your vision, optimize your mindset, and attract your ideal customers effortlessly, this episode is a must-watch! Join Joe Ingram and Dominique Fraser as they discuss the secrets to success and reveal powerful tools and strategies to transform your life and business. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from a true industry expert! Start your transformation today by booking a FREE Strategy Session with Dominique. Click the link below to claim your spot: 👉 FREE Strategy Session: 👈 Subscribe to The War Games Group and the Sales Genius Podcast to stay updated with the latest episodes, insightful discussions, and game-changing strategies for your business success. Hit that notification bell, and get ready to elevate your game! 🎧 Listen now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and all major podcast platforms. #BusinessMentorship #SuccessStrategies #Entrepreneurship #OnlineBusiness #PodcastInterview #DominiqueFraser #JoeIngram #TheWarGamesGroup #SalesGeniusPodcast

Nov 10, 202347:24
The Sales Genius with the Sales Doctor's "Chet Lovegren" Prescription for Revenue Success

The Sales Genius with the Sales Doctor's "Chet Lovegren" Prescription for Revenue Success

Welcome back to The Sales Genius podcast and War Games Group! This week, we're thrilled to introduce our guest trainer, Chet Lovegren, known as "The Sales Doctor." Chet is a seasoned sales and sales leadership pro with over 11 years of experience. In 2020, Chet launched The Sales Doctor with a mission to prescribe effective solutions for revenue problems and struggling go-to-market strategies. He's the go-to guru for diagnosing and curing what ails your sales process. Chet's track record is impressive. He's been pivotal in building sales processes and teams that have helped companies secure over $100 million in VC funds. With a "prescriptive" approach, Chet equips go-to-market professionals with the practical and tactical knowledge needed to stop the revenue bleed caused by outdated practices and methods. Get ready for a dose of wisdom and a prescription for success as we dive into the world of revenue enhancement with "The Sales Doctor" himself, Chet Lovegren. find him here: Let's get started!

Oct 31, 202344:45
Unleashing Sales Success Online with Hailey Rowe

Unleashing Sales Success Online with Hailey Rowe

Welcome back to The Sales Genius podcast! This week, we've got the dynamic Hailey Rowe in the spotlight. Hailey's all about helping health and life coaches level up their online sales game and make a massive impact.

Now, here's the kicker – Hailey's journey wasn't always a smooth ride. She started from the bottom, selling coaching sessions for a mere $50 and struggling to find clients. Yup, you read that right – just one client in her first six months of business. (#yikes indeed!)

Despite having all the "right" qualifications – a burning passion for success, multiple health coach and behavioral change certifications, and some sales experience – she was in a bit of a pickle. No social media engagement, no systems in place, just a frazzled coach staring at her laptop, hoping for a miracle.

But here's where Hailey's story takes a turn for the better. She summoned the courage to break free from her scarcity mindset and invest in learning from top online business experts. And guess what? Within just 30 days, she tripled her clients and turned a $97 investment into a whopping $3,000.

As time went on, the clients just kept rolling in. Hailey began working with small group coaching clients and private clients she genuinely loved, even selling her first $25,000 package!

So, what's the secret sauce that led to these incredible results?

#1 Hailey stopped trying to be the right coach for everyone and started tailoring her marketing and offers to address the specific needs of her niche. This move alone tripled her client base in a month!

#2 She transformed from a coach with a quivering voice into a confident messenger of her purpose. Hailey boldly owned her message, growing her email list into the thousands.

#3 Hailey implemented a high-converting sales process that consistently brought in profits, respecting her true worth.

#4 She shifted her focus to client-generating activities, ditching busy work to gain control over her schedule without compromising results.

All the wisdom Hailey gained the hard way has now transformed into the F.A.S.T. Framework, the very framework she shares with her clients today.

Prepare to be inspired as Hailey Rowe takes us on a journey from struggling coach to online sales sensation!

Find her here:

Let's dive in and supercharge your online sales game!

Oct 27, 202331:28
DJ Dreams to Real Estate Success: John Papaloni's Journey

DJ Dreams to Real Estate Success: John Papaloni's Journey

Welcome back to The Sales Genius podcast / War Games Group Live! This week, we've got a remarkable entrepreneur in the spotlight - John Papaloni. His journey from DJing to dominating real estate is truly inspiring. John's entrepreneurial spirit ignited at 15 when he started a DJ business. He even landed a gig at a local radio station, opening doors for DJs at live events. Post-college, John founded KMG Digital Inc., a Print and Marketing Business. A significant milestone was securing Bally Total Fitness as a client, propelling him into North America's Top 100 Print Businesses. Expanding his horizons, John created two distinct businesses - one for wholesale and one for end-users. In 2007, he sold both and launched ClickGTA and ClickRadio. ClickGTA, an online media company, provided event info and media from Greater Toronto. ClickRadio was an internet/mobile radio broadcasted nightclub music and live events. In 2013, personal reasons led John to close the shop. In 2015, he ventured into real estate, becoming a successful agent serving the Greater Toronto Area and Niagara Region. But the story doesn't end there. John founded Papaloni Capital Inc., a real estate investment fund where he partners with investors. Join us on this incredible journey of entrepreneurship, DJing, real estate, and ambition with John Papaloni. Find him at Let's dive in!

Oct 19, 202332:31
Discover Your Stand Out Strategy with Chantal Cornelius and Joe Ingram

Discover Your Stand Out Strategy with Chantal Cornelius and Joe Ingram

Welcome back to The Sales Genius podcast! In this enlightening episode, we introduce you to Chantal Cornelius, a marketing expert with a career spanning over two decades. Get ready to delve into the world of marketing strategies and learn how to uncover your unique Stand Out Strategy.
Since 1995, Chantal has been a driving force in the marketing arena, specializing in empowering small businesses to promote their services effectively. Today, she shares her wealth of experience through marketing services, workshops, presentations, and insightful blog posts.
Key Highlights:
🚀 Unveiling Your Stand Out Strategy: Join us as Chantal unveils the secrets to developing a Stand Out Strategy that sets your business apart. Her decades of experience come together to provide you with actionable insights.
📚 Authoring Success: Explore Chantal's two books, "Magnetic Marketing" and "One in Ten." These books encapsulate her extensive knowledge and offer tried-and-tested marketing planning processes, motivation, and real-world business experiences.
🐾 A Heart for Animals: Beyond marketing, Chantal's passion extends to fundraising for The Brooke Hospital for Animals and the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary. Discover the inspiring facets of her life, from horseback riding along the Ridgeway to running with her Border Collies.
About Chantal Cornelius:
With a career rooted in marketing and a penchant for helping small businesses thrive, Chantal Cornelius is a true luminary in the field. Her dedication to sharing her knowledge and experiences makes her an invaluable resource for business owners.
How to Connect with Chantal Cornelius:
Uncover your Stand Out Strategy by taking the test at
🎧 Tune in for Marketing Mastery and Business Inspiration!
Join us for a captivating conversation as we explore the power of marketing and discover your Stand Out Strategy with Chantal Cornelius. Like, share, and subscribe to The Sales Genius podcast for enlightening episodes.
Embark on a journey of marketing excellence and business growth, guided by the wisdom of Chantal Cornelius!

Oct 16, 202341:34
Unleash Your Inner Negotiator: Lessons from Brian Wills' 'NO...' Book

Unleash Your Inner Negotiator: Lessons from Brian Wills' 'NO...' Book

Welcome back to the Sales Genius Podcast!

In today's episode titled "Unleash Your Inner Negotiator: Lessons from Brian Will's' 'NO...' Book," we have a special guest, Brian Wills. Brian is a best-selling author and serial entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience in sales and negotiation. His book, "No: The Psychology of Sales Negotiation," offers 40 invaluable tips that can transform your approach to sales. We are thrilled to have him on the show to discuss his book and share some incredible insights. In this episode, Brian emphasizes the importance of avoiding technical jargon and unfamiliar terms in sales conversations. He explains that when listeners hear something they don't understand, their brain stops and tries to unravel the meaning, causing them to lose focus on the speaker. This leads to confusion and missed opportunities. Brian introduces the "pause for effect" technique, which allows salespeople to check in with their clients throughout the sales process and ensure understanding. While some may naturally employ this technique, others may need to practice it consciously. Through captivating examples and personal experiences, Brian reveals powerful strategies for overcoming objections, mastering sales closing, and building client trust. He highlights the importance of effective fact-finding, the impact of emotional connection in sales, and the necessity of understanding and accepting rejection. Brian provides practical techniques and specific scripting exercises to navigate common objections and create productive conversations with potential clients. So whether you're in the insurance industry, automotive industry, an entrepreneur, or a business owner on LinkedIn, this episode is packed with wisdom and insights to boost your negotiation skills. Join our hosts, Joe Ingram, and AmyLee Westervelt, as they explore the fascinating world of sales and negotiation with the brilliant Brian Wills.

Get ready to unleash your inner negotiator! Let's dive in. avoiding technical jargon, unfamiliar terms, sales presentations, sales conversations, loss of focus, confusion, pause for effect, checking in, conscious practice, "chicken" example, price range, middle range, lower-priced option, client hesitates, interest, decision, gathering information, effective fact-finding, talking too much, remembering, successful connections, positive reactions, engagement, sales process, sales organizations, goal, handling rejection, clear response, sales managers, training and support, War Games, Brian Will, No: The Psychology of Sales Negotiation, Joe Ingram, Amy Lee, verbal contract, trust, likability, active listening, objections, connective response, talking too much, pausing for effect, anticipation, scripting techniques, trust-building, wall of mistrust, specific script, second book, understanding psychology, emotionally connecting, car sales, educating the client, own boss, guidance, clear instructions, Brian Will Media, insurance industry, automotive industry, entrepreneurs, business owners, negotiation, wisdom, insights

#salesgenius #brianwill #negotiations

Aug 29, 202340:51
Sales Genius Joe Ingram brings Paul Ross to help Elevate Your Sales Skills to Extraordinary Heights!

Sales Genius Joe Ingram brings Paul Ross to help Elevate Your Sales Skills to Extraordinary Heights!

Aug 17, 202341:16
Unleashing the Power of Email Marketing: Strategies for Sales Success

Unleashing the Power of Email Marketing: Strategies for Sales Success

Welcome back, Sales Geniuses/War Gamers Group! In this captivating episode, your host Joe Ingram, The Sales Genius, sits down with the brilliant Kyle Stout, the Founder of Elevate & Scale and an expert Email Marketer & Digital Marketing Strategist. If you're a sales professional or entrepreneur eager to take your revenue to new heights, this episode is a goldmine of insights you can't miss. Join us as we explore the world of email marketing, unlocking hidden revenue, and putting your sales on autopilot without spending a dime on extra ad spend. Key Discussion Points: 💌 Mastering Email Marketing: Discover the art of crafting compelling emails that engage your audience and drive them to take action. Learn how to use email as a powerful tool for building strong customer relationships and driving sales. 📈 Scaling Content with AI: Kyle shares his expertise in leveraging artificial intelligence to scale content production efficiently. Find out how to create engaging content at scale, enhancing your brand's reach and impact. 🛍️ Retention Marketing Strategies: Maximize customer retention and boost customer lifetime value with effective retention marketing techniques. Kyle sheds light on how to turn one-time buyers into loyal brand advocates. 💼 Email Marketing for E-commerce: Whether you're a seasoned e-commerce professional or just starting, Kyle's decade-long experience in e-commerce email marketing will provide you with actionable strategies for success. About Kyle Stout: As the founder of Elevate & Scale, Kyle Stout has helped direct-to-consumer brands unlock their hidden revenue potential through email marketing wizardry. With a freelance copywriting and brand storytelling background, Kyle's frameworks consistently drive results across various niches. Now, he specializes in email marketing for e-commerce businesses, where he's achieved remarkable success. You can find him passionately educating his audience on marketing strategies on his ever-evolving YouTube Channel. Beyond his professional endeavors, Kyle is a loving husband and a proud girl-dad. How to Connect with Kyle Stout: Ready to elevate your email marketing game? Book a call with Kyle at and explore your brand's growth possibilities. 🎧 Listen Now for Sales and Marketing Brilliance! Don't miss this exciting episode that will elevate your sales and marketing prowess. Like, share, and subscribe to The Sales Genius podcast to stay updated on future episodes filled with valuable insights. Share this episode with fellow sales professionals. Get ready to revolutionize your approach to email marketing and drive your sales to new heights! #EmailMarketingMastery #SalesGenius #ElevateAndScale #DigitalMarketingStrategies #RetentionMarketingTips #SalesSuccessSecrets #MarketingBrilliance

Aug 14, 202301:00:53
Leveraging AI for Certainty, Revenue Growth, & Risk Reduction A Masterclass by Manuj Aggarwal

Leveraging AI for Certainty, Revenue Growth, & Risk Reduction A Masterclass by Manuj Aggarwal

Joe is excited to share the screen with Manuj Aggarwal. Manuj is an instrumental driving force in the world of AI and startups; he has left an indelible impact on over 10 million individuals worldwide while generating an astounding $500M in value. His portfolio of clients is decorated with industry giants like Microsoft and IBM, demonstrating his unparalleled expertise and proficiency in his field. Manuj's insights have been sought on prestigious global platforms, not confined to the business arena, with his voice resonating at the United Nations alongside the Secretary-General and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. His groundbreaking work has earned the recognition of influential figures such as President Obama and tech titan Bill Gates, adding another layer of distinction to his sterling reputation. Armed with an impressive portfolio of four patented AI innovations, Manuj's brilliance continues to shape and disrupt the technology industry. An encounter with Manuj is a valuable opportunity to comprehend and harness the transformative power of AI directly from a leader who stands at the forefront of this revolutionary field. #AIInnovation #Startups #ManujAggarwal #AIRevolution #TechLeadership #DisruptiveTech #FutureOfAI

Aug 14, 202337:56
"How to Make Millions by NOT-selling: Business Psychology with Staci Wallace

"How to Make Millions by NOT-selling: Business Psychology with Staci Wallace

Welcome back to The Sales Genius podcast! In this extraordinary episode, we are joined by the incredible Staci Wallace, a leading expert in business psychology, growth hacking, and personal life mastery. With over 35 years of corporate and entrepreneurial success, Staci's transformative 1% Method of Micro-Progress has led to 9-figure achievements and empowered countless small business start-ups. Her powerful "warrior" story of miraculous physical and financial breakthroughs is an inspiring foundation to teach business leaders how to turn setbacks into monumental comebacks. Key Highlights: 🚀 The 1% Method of Micro-Progress: Discover how Staci's revolutionary approach to growth hacking drives massive success by focusing on continuous, incremental improvements. 💼 Purpose-Driven, Profitable Businesses: Staci and her husband, Larry, left their corporate executive positions to become the driving force behind the Fueled by Fire Mastery Program and Elite Mastermind. Learn how they empower CEOs, thought leaders and entrepreneurs to build purpose-driven, highly profitable, and faith-based lives and businesses they love. 🔥 Transforming Lives: Staci's passion for giving back shines through her non-profit organization, EMwomen, dedicated to rescuing and restoring the lives of women and girls who have overcome life's most challenging obstacles. About Staci Wallace: Staci's expertise in business psychology and her journey from setbacks to comebacks make her a sought-after leader in the industry. She inspires audiences on stage and online with her profound experience and unique perspectives. How to Connect with Staci Wallace: Eager to learn from Staci's wealth of knowledge and experience? Connect with her on LinkedIn and explore the transformative resources she offers. 🎧 Tune in for Business Mastery and Empowerment! Join us for a conversation filled with insights on business psychology, growth hacking, and personal life mastery. Like, share, and subscribe to The Sales Genius podcast to stay updated on more inspiring episodes. Prepare to be motivated and uplifted as we delve into "Not Selling" with the remarkable Staci Wallace! #salesgenius #staciwallace






#EmpowermentPodcast #TransformativeLeadership

Aug 11, 202341:22
 "The Death of Cold Calling: What Lies Beyond Cold Calling"

"The Death of Cold Calling: What Lies Beyond Cold Calling"

Tune in to "Sales Genius: The Death of Cold Calling—What Lies Beyond Cold Calling" and become part of a community that embraces innovation, customer-centricity, and groundbreaking sales practices. It's time to step into the future of sales mastery and unlock your true potential! Welcome to "Sales Genius," the podcast that unlocks the secrets of sales mastery and propels your success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

In this highly anticipated episode hosted by Joe Ingram, we delve into the future of sales beyond cold calling and reveal the transformative strategies that will elevate your sales game.

Joe dissects the limitations of traditional cold calling and unveils the ingenious methods his Genius Training Network Graduates employ to achieve remarkable results. Say goodbye to outdated scripts and embrace cutting-edge, customer-centric approaches that resonate deeply with your prospects.

Sales Genius, sales mastery, future of sales, cold calling, transformative strategies, customer-centric approaches, cutting-edge tactics, data-driven insights, social media, digital platforms, psychology of sales, fear of rejection, building connections, empathy, active listening, persuasive storytelling, differentiation, insider strategies, expert advice, success stories, sales trailblazers, sales professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs, podcast.

#Sales Genius #sales mastery #future of sales #socialselling #cold calling #transformativestrategies #customercentricapproaches #cuttingedgetactics #datadriveninsights #socialmedia #digitalplatforms #psychologyofsales #fearofrejection #buildingconnections #empathy #activelistening #persuasivestorytelling #differentiation #insiderstrategies #expertadvice #success stories #salestrailblazers #salesprofessionals #aspiringentrepreneurs #salespodcast #genistrainingnetwork

Jul 16, 202303:41
"Climb Higher in Faith and Life: Transforming Business with Kelley Tyan"

"Climb Higher in Faith and Life: Transforming Business with Kelley Tyan"

In this episode of the Sales Genius Show, we are thrilled to have Kelley Tyan, a renowned coach and founder of a membership program that has transformed the lives of thousands of women. Kelley shares her inspiring mission to reach and transform one woman a day and shows us exactly how she does it through her coaching and membership programs. She reveals the powerful mindset and faith-based strategies that have helped her clients overcome their obstacles and climb higher in their lives. Join us to hear Kelley's inspiring story and learn how to take the first step towards transforming your mind, body, and soul and reaching new heights in your faith and life. Kelley Tyan is a faith-fueled coach, motivational speaker, author, and podcaster. She is a 4X national bikini champion, breast cancer survivor, and a proud wife and mother of 2 children. Both her book and podcast are called Addicted To The Climb, a faith-driven movement for women to break free from fear and limiting beliefs to become the courageous leader of their lives. Her motto is, “Your life is worth climbing for,” and she’s ready to show you how!

May 19, 202339:54
Unlock Your Sales Spirit with Rhonda Petit! 💥 Secrets of a 3x5 Coach

Unlock Your Sales Spirit with Rhonda Petit! 💥 Secrets of a 3x5 Coach

🔥 Get ready to skyrocket your sales skills in this EXPLOSIVE episode of The War Games Group hosted by the Sales Genius: Joe Ingram and featuring his special guest, the legendary Rhonda Petit! As a Sales & Business Peak Performance Coach, Founder & CEO of 3x5 Coaching, Rhonda's insights have transformed the careers of countless professionals in both Fortune 500 & Fortune 1000 companies. 🚀 In this episode, Rhonda shares her valuable expertise, honed through 35 years in sales, and dives deep into her book, "The Spirit of Selling: Using Universal Laws for Sales Success." Discover how to tap into the hidden power of universal laws to crush your sales goals, unleash your true potential, and dominate the competition. 💪 Don't miss out on this game-changing interview, where Rhonda reveals her top strategies for achieving peak performance in sales and business. Learn how to accelerate your career, develop a winning mindset, and break through barriers that hold you back. 🌟 📌 Visit Rhonda's website for more info: 🔗 Connect with Rhonda on LinkedIn: Hit that Like button, and don't forget to Subscribe for more Sales Genius Show episodes, where we bring you the best tips, tricks, and expert advice to master the art of sales! 🔔 #SalesGeniusShow #RhondaPetit #3x5Coaching #SalesSuccess #BusinessGrowth

May 12, 202345:46
Mastering Mind, Money, and Marketing: Insights from Business Pro Faride Sisniega

Mastering Mind, Money, and Marketing: Insights from Business Pro Faride Sisniega

Join Joe Ingram, the Sales Genius, for an inspiring conversation with Faride Sisniega, a seasoned Business and Financial Professional who has been an entrepreneur for the past 30 years. In this interview, Faride shares her insights on how to take your business to the next level by mastering the art of MIND, MONEY, and MARKETING. Faride has built multiple successful start-ups and has become a mentor and coach for many new entrepreneurs and professionals. She focuses on extracting the inner master of people she directly coaches and developing master systems to take control of the marketing and sales of any organization. Tune in to learn from Faride's wealth of knowledge and experience in the world of business and entrepreneurship. #FarideSisniega #BusinessProfessional #FinancialProfessional #Entrepreneurship #MindMastery #MoneyMastery #MarketingMastery #Mentorship #Coaching #StartUps #MasterSystems #Sales #SuccessTips #BusinessAdvice #Leadership #Inspiration #Motivation #wargamesgroup #salestraining

Apr 07, 202356:44
"Boost Your Sales in 2023: The Ultimate Guide to Leveraging a Remote Sales Agency" Joe Ingram and Kevin Warner

"Boost Your Sales in 2023: The Ultimate Guide to Leveraging a Remote Sales Agency" Joe Ingram and Kevin Warner

In this video, we'll share the most effective strategies for utilizing a remote sales agency to increase your sales in 2023. You'll learn how to find and hire the right sales agency, communicate with them effectively, and maximize the benefits of working with a remote team. Whether you're a small business owner looking to expand your reach or a seasoned entrepreneur aiming to optimize your sales process, this video has sometahing for everyone. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your sales game to the next level!  

Joe Ingram the Sales Genius invites his newest Sales expert Kevin Warner, the Founder, and CEO of Leadium an award-winning B2B lead generation agency.  he will be discussing  1. Sales agencies are the singular path to revenue with definable ROI 2. Never hire a full-time (FTE) Sales Development Rep  

Kevin is a core visionary behind the rapid growth of the outsourced sales development industry. He has proven that top-of-funnel sales can be scaled through an agency model, by creating over $1 billion in revenue pipeline across 1200 organizations, playing a part in 76 acquisitions, and seeing clients receive $6.5 billion in funding and 5 IPOs. He has experience managing a global team of 600 sales reps, data researchers, content creators, and sales strategists. Find him here on LinkedIn

Feb 24, 202352:13
Boost Your Sales with Facial Analysis: A Revolutionary Marketing Technique!

Boost Your Sales with Facial Analysis: A Revolutionary Marketing Technique!

Are you struggling to convert your prospects into customers? Want to learn a cutting-edge sales technique that will give you an edge over your competitors? Look no further than facial analysis! In this video, we'll show you how you can use facial analysis to better understand your prospects and tailor your marketing message to their unique preferences and emotions. By using this revolutionary technique, you'll be able to increase your sales and create a more personalized experience for your customers. Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity – watch now and start reaping the benefits of facial analysis!  

Brian Galke is the CEO and Founder of Subtle Skills. He joins Joe Ingram, the Sales Genius, on the show to talk about what people's facial features can tell us about their personalities and to help you sell more today!    

Brian has over two decades of business coaching and public speaking experience. He believes that finding a way to engage with every person you meet allows you to support the growth of others.  Brian's fascination with the science behind body language, micro-expressions, and facial feature recognition. This fascination turned into a passion, and he is now considered a facial feature recognition expert. He uses his skills to help people break free from their minds and form stronger connections and relationships. 

#wargamesgroup #wargames #briangalke #joeingramsales #facialanalysis #sellmore #salestraining

Feb 21, 202301:07:14
The Sales Genius speaks with Ron Medlin
Jan 27, 202350:36
Sales Genius talks Artificial Intelligence with Collin Mitchell

Sales Genius talks Artificial Intelligence with Collin Mitchell

The Sales Genius Joe Ingram invites Collin Mitchell onto the podcast/Show.  

Collin will share with us how he can help you to prospect, move through your funnel and sell more with Humantic AI.   Collin Mitchell - 4x founder and the Chief Evangelist at Humantic AI. 

Meet Collin Mitchell, a 4x founder passionate about Sales, Entrepreneurship, and Podcasting. 

Collin is the Chief Evangelist at Humnatic AI, helping sellers personalize the entire sales process to build rapport and close more deals.  

Collin is also the host of Sales Transformation. He started with nothing but managed to grow his first business from 0 to 5M ARR in 26 months!

Jan 06, 202341:47
The Sales Genius talks marketing with Henry D Sims

The Sales Genius talks marketing with Henry D Sims

Joe Ingram, the Sales Genius, is happy to share the wisdom of his friend and clarity expert Henry D Sims.  

A little about Henry: He grew up in a successful entrepreneurial family that has allowed me the opportunity at a young age to see behind the scenes (the good and the ugly) and work on projects for multiple businesses in varying industries.

My formal education began in Mechanical Engineering and Kinesiology after being brought down the traditional path. Still, he quickly understood that a job in either of those fields wouldn't fulfill me. That’s when I understood how my talents and mindset are advantageous in branding and marketing.

I bring clarity and simplicity to my client’s current business goals and bring the right branding and marketing strategy into the picture. I’ve helped clarify and amplify the brands of consultants, coaches, mortgage professionals, real estate investors, concierge services, mobile apps, local service businesses, and politicians.

Not sure if your brand is showing up the way it could be?

Let's chat:

Dec 29, 202236:41
The Sales Genius welcomes Christene Marie to discuss creating meaningful and compelling

The Sales Genius welcomes Christene Marie to discuss creating meaningful and compelling

Dec 22, 202241:12
The Sales Genius Joe Ingram welcomes his friend and entrepreneurial authority, Marta Spirk.

The Sales Genius Joe Ingram welcomes his friend and entrepreneurial authority, Marta Spirk.

In this episode, Marta will show you how to Leverage your unique personality for an authentic market (using the Enneagram) and/or become a sought-after speaker and personality to stand out


Marta will help you grow your confidence and your business too!

With over twenty years of experience as a teacher, translator, and interpreter, I have been able to engage with my audience and build a 6 figure empowerment & marketing coaching business. I get to the point with strategies that work for entrepreneurs who struggle to show up confidently and engage their audiences with their offers.

On my weekly podcast, The Empowered Woman, I open up the conversation about personal growth, visibility, and profit and give women a chance to share their voices about their wins, struggles, and questions as entrepreneurs who also wear so many hats in their personal lives.

To support women entrepreneurs in beginning their journey into confidence and visibility, I wrote the book The Empowered Woman: The Ultimate Roadmap to Business Success, which helps women identify how they're positioning themselves to their audience and how to nurture them into paying clients.

As a leading authority in my field, I have used my knowledge about visibility and engagement to create The Empowered Woman School, an online course and membership that provides women entrepreneurs with all the action, inspiration, and support they need not only to win over current insecurities but also to implement systems and support for future challenges.

Because of my experience supporting women facing a block in their business growth, I have been featured on several podcasts, blogs, and local news to share my tips and strategies on women's empowerment.

Look her up on her website:

Nov 28, 202251:02
The Sales Genius learns story telling by the master - Rain Bennett

The Sales Genius learns story telling by the master - Rain Bennett

Joe Ingram, the  Sales Genius, is happy to connect you to Rain.   

Rain Bennett is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker, author, keynote speaker, and storytelling coach with over 15 years of experience producing documentary films. He hosts a weekly podcast called The Storytelling Lab which features the top storytellers in the world, and recently released his first book, Six Second Stories. His mission is simple: to teach people how to leverage storytelling to grow their communities, deepen their connections, and maximize their impact in minimal time.  

Check out his podcast here:  

Buy one get one free book offer - discount code: WGG2022

Nov 11, 202250:55
War Games Group with Joe Ingram The Sales Genius - Market Research

War Games Group with Joe Ingram The Sales Genius - Market Research

Joe Ingram talks about Market Research Market research provides critical information about your market and your business landscape. It can tell you how your company is perceived by the target customers and clients you want to reach. It can help you understand how to connect with them, show how you stack up against the competition, and inform how you plan your next steps.   Market research can also play an important role in the process of developing your products and services, bringing them to the marketplace, and marketing them to consumers. Here are a few ways that market research can help inform your business strategy:   It can give you an accurate view of your business and your marketplace. For example, you can see how you are perceived in comparison to your competitors, and evaluate what your competitors are doing to attract customers. It can help you determine who and where your customers are, and which customers are most likely to do business with you. (In fact, for customers who indicate that they don’t want to do business with you, market research is your opportunity to ask them, “why not?”.) It can reveal how customers and prospects view your existing business and products and show you if you are or are not meeting your customers’ needs. It’s even possible you may uncover some opinions about your business and/or products that you weren’t aware of. It can help you decide whether a new idea for a business or product will fly – that is if customers will find it appealing – based on how similar products have performed in the marketplace. It can help you make wise product packaging, promotional decisions, and effective marketing messages.

For Business Trends

For Social Trends

Oct 28, 202238:46
The Sales Genius Joe Ingram is proud to have his friend Andy Nguyen “mash-up king in the food industry.” discussing disruption

The Sales Genius Joe Ingram is proud to have his friend Andy Nguyen “mash-up king in the food industry.” discussing disruption

War Games Group hosted by Joe Ingram, The Sales Genius is proud to have Andy Nguyen the designated “mash-up king in the food industry.”   Andy Co-founded Afters Ice Cream and has reshaped the millennial age Food & Beverage industry. With 30 locations in Southern California, Afters Ice Cream has been both an entrepreneurial and social media phenomenon with thousands of people turning up for their store openings/events. And that’s only one of the many restaurant concepts Andy and his team have started, to spice up the new dining and lifestyle scene! But Andy's journey to ice cream-filled donut success wasn't easy...  Like many entrepreneurs, Andy and his school didn't get along so well, and he was quickly bored with his first "real" jobs.  After a dozen+ years of struggle including adventures in real estate, re-selling sneakers, and Coachella VIP vendor, Andy founded a worldwide clothing brand, several food ventures, and a consulting agency. He has even started his own non-profit, Passion Chasers, to help the next generation of dreamers find their own entrepreneurial spark. Andy's story from the inside, including how he uses brand awareness and storytelling to appeal to future brand builders of their own. His influence and goals of helping improve the food scene and pumping new life into other cities. It's his unorthodox approach and insights into modern branding, marketing, and how to get your grind on; that have set him apart from the rest of Brand List: Afters Ice Cream Ground House Burger Shomi Noods Ramen Bar Portside Fish Co Dough & Arrow Matte Black Coffee Mad Bun Orng Cnty Pig Pen Delicacy Sticky's Chicken

Oct 28, 202233:12
3 stages to transforming beliefs & rapidly increasing sales with Rene Zamora

3 stages to transforming beliefs & rapidly increasing sales with Rene Zamora

Joe Ingram the Sales Genius welcomes Rene Zamora He is the President and Founder of Sales Manager Now and the author of the Sales Management Book for small business owners titled Part-Time Sales Management. He was a pioneer in 2006 in an emerging service now more popularly known as Fractional Sales Management. While building his business he still stays active with the client sales team so his knowledge is not based on what he “used to do”; it’s what he keeps discovering. He loves to share his knowledge so ………………..  I'd like to elaborate on my expertise. In its true sense, Fractional Sales Management is managing multiple companies' sales teams. It sounds easier than it is as we have to gain trust, provide leadership and know what we are doing or we are asked to leave as nothing gets better. We are good salespeople but great sales leaders/managers. We need to be both to help small businesses take the next step in growth when a sales team is needed to make this happen. As well I have been a lifelong sell learning and am into self-improvement. I spent my years out of high school working in sales to pay for workshops I was doing in the evenings and weekends for about four years. From there I never stopped learning and where I was taught the three steps to start the change of changing your negative beliefs.

Oct 21, 202251:07
The Sales Genius Joe Ingram brings Next Level Mentor Bob Donnell to talk about personal development

The Sales Genius Joe Ingram brings Next Level Mentor Bob Donnell to talk about personal development

Oct 14, 202250:33
Joe Ingram the Sales Genius talk negotiation with a hostage negotiator - Guest Paul Nadeau

Joe Ingram the Sales Genius talk negotiation with a hostage negotiator - Guest Paul Nadeau

The Sales Genius team is excited to bring Paul Nadeau onto the show. 

Paul is a passionate keynote and motivational speaker on business and life negotiations, conflict resolution, and mental health, whose client-focused approach will help you and your team build strong, lasting relationships with your customers for rewarding results.
★ Why consider me your’ keynote speaker for your next event? I’ve been highly successful in dealing with hundreds of suspects, hostage takers, and persons in crisis, and my in-the-trench, on-the-job experience, and professional training have helped me develop useful and transferable skills in the art and science of positive influence and conflict resolution, which I now share successfully in keynote lectures globally.
★ I’ve developed an easy to follow 4 steps simple approach to successful business and life negotiations, and I motivate my audiences to action, leaving them with tools they can immediately use to negotiate to win, resolve conflict, and thrive – everywhere.
★ I’ve experienced many professional accomplishments that include a HarperCollins published book, "Take Control of Your Life,” and a 2015 TEDx Toronto talk on "Finding Humanity Amid Global Unrest."
★ News consultant & regular guest on SiriusXM’s Canada 🇨🇦 talks
What people are saying about my keynotes:
"Paul Nadeau is a guy that will keep your audience captivated. His stories are out of a Hollywood movie, and their corresponding lessons are unforgettable. As an expert communicator and negotiator, Paul will help your audience understand the essence of building important human relationships that will ultimately lead your organization to higher success!" Stuart Knight, Author/Keynote speaker
“The ‘new most interesting man in the world’ who captivates his audiences with thought-provoking, inspirational and illuminating lessons..." King Siu
Hostage Negotiator | Keynote Speaker | Keynote | Author | Negotiations and Conflict resolution expert | Speaker | Consultant | Major News Consultant | Motivational Speaker

Oct 08, 202257:40
The Sales Genius Joe Ingram is talking LinkedIn Leads with Elisa Bennett.

The Sales Genius Joe Ingram is talking LinkedIn Leads with Elisa Bennett.

The Sales Genius Joe Ingram is proud to offer you an introduction to Elisa Bennett. 

Elisa B. Bennett, Founder of EB Bennett Media, has been turning her lifelong love affair with lead generation into the secret weapon that coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs use to unlock the power of LinkedIn to unleash an avalanche of leads nearly on autopilot.  

In her free time, she's trained a group of over 650 digital marketing agency owners on how to get all the leads they’ll ever need with no ad spend, no management fees, and no commitment and today she’s here to tell you how to transform your profile into a perfectly converting LinkedIn landing page that delivers leads without adding connections, without messaging strangers and without creating new content.

Oct 07, 202201:03:35
Joe Ingram the Sales Genius brings back his friend the Value Driven Coach - Mat Koenig
Oct 05, 202201:04:56
The Sales Genius Joe Ingram talks lead generation with Crystal O'Connor

The Sales Genius Joe Ingram talks lead generation with Crystal O'Connor

Joe Ingram (The Sales Genius) is proud to invite his guest trainer.

Crystal O’Connor, CEO of the education-based and marketing media company Moxie Entrepreneur, international speaker, and now, the celeb-adored author responsible for millions in client sales over the past twenty years. Her fresh business insights have already helped thousands of companies, big and small, to find financial success and balance, and she’s not slowing down anytime soon. In 2015, Crystal launched“Unleash Your Moxie: A Girls Guide to Becoming Fiercely Bold, Incredibly Happy, & Practically Superhuman.” The motivational read quickly generated buzz, where advocates like ABC’s Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran declared it “the ultimate ‘how to book for female entrepreneurs.” Drawing upon her journey as a homeless teenager turned successful entrepreneur, Crystal’s book inspires and transforms the lives of high-profile business owners and fledgling entrepreneurs. Over the past twenty years, Crystal has developed razor-sharp systems to help her clients obtain financial independence and balance. Whether working with small business owners or established entrepreneurs, Crystal’s fresh sales strategies and immense marketing knowledge consistently result in more customers and more revenue and work to generate multiple income streams. Her clientele ranges from personal trainers to caterers, from event planners to midwives, and everything in-between. There is absolutely no field she can’t tackle. Crystal’s modern approach to “business coaching” leverages the mastery of product development, strategic planning, email marketing, and goal setting, so entrepreneurs may obtain the financial independence and freedom that led them to pursue an entrepreneurial life path, to begin with. “Entrepreneurial overwhelm” sets in when owners get caught working for their business when rather, it is their business that should be working for them. Via her proprietary programs, such as The Moxie Money Making Blueprint System and Rapid Cash Infusions, and of course her book, “Unleash Your Moxie,” Crystal has continuously guided clients towards financial success, life balance, and control. Her extensive experience and track record give her an advantage over any other program.

Oct 05, 202248:53
Joe Ingram talks about "Ask" the newest book from Author Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Dwyer Hansen.

Joe Ingram talks about "Ask" the newest book from Author Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Dwyer Hansen.

Joe Ingram the Sales Genius is thrilled to have the long-time friends of the show Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Dwyer Hansen here to share with us their book "Ask."  

You were born with a destiny. Your job is to discover it. Once you begin to practice the art and science of asking to discover your destiny and start to move toward it, you can manifest innumerable blessings for yourself and others. This isn’t a complicated process; it’s a simple gift that lies dormant within you. Once you learn to access that gift, everything changes for the better. Ask! will help you access your hidden dreams and reveal them to be recognized and fulfilled in miraculous ways.  You matter. The world needs you to find your destiny and live it. This book is your guide. Start crossing the bridge to your destiny today!  Mark Victor Hansen: Focused solely on helping people from all walks of life reshape their vision of what's possible, no one is better respected in the area of human potential than Mark Victor Hansen. Creating powerful change in thousands of organizations and millions of individuals worldwide for over 30 years, Mark delivers proven messages of possibility, opportunity, and action. "You can easily create the life you deserve." - Mark Victor Hansen  Crystal Dwyer Hansen is an Entrepreneur, Certified Life Coach, and Wellness/Nutrition Expert whose personal coaching, speaking, CD, and video programs, books, and articles have helped people all over the world. Crystal’s expertise is in the field of human potential.  

Get your copy of ask today:

Oct 03, 202253:46
Joe Ingram the Sales Genius shares how to become instantly Motivated

Joe Ingram the Sales Genius shares how to become instantly Motivated

How to become motivated instantly.  Motivation is the desire to act in service of a goal. It's a crucial element in setting and attaining our objectives.

Oct 01, 202221:17
Joe Ingram and the Sales Genius Team welcome Brent Keltner, Ph.D

Joe Ingram and the Sales Genius Team welcome Brent Keltner, Ph.D

Joe Ingram and the Sales Genius Team welcome Brent Keltner, Ph.D. as the guest trainer for War Games Group.  Brent is the founder and President of Winalytics LLC, a go-to-market- and revenue acceleration consultancy. 

He is also the author of "The Revenue Acceleration Playbook." Winalytics helps clients reach their top growth potential by shifting from product-driven conversations to authentic conversations that anchor on buyer-defined value.

Find more about Brent and Winalytics at

Get his book here:

Sep 29, 202244:45
Sales Genius talks Winning with Coach Sherry Winn
Sep 27, 202233:50
Joe Ingram talks personal leadership with Josh Terry
Sep 26, 202243:49
The Sales Genius with Guest Mike Moll

The Sales Genius with Guest Mike Moll

The Sales Genius staff is happy to bring you, Mike Moll.  

Mike will share: How to Build Simple Business Systems to Make Hiring More Successful  Mike's info: Mike is like you; he started as an ambitious entrepreneur, determined to make a difference and create sustainable revenue, doing what he loved.   But being an expert is hard, and building a successful business is even harder. Stepping beyond referrals and word of mouth is an unfamiliar place, full of rejections, too many options, and not enough clarity. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of marketers and salespeople telling you what to do and when and how. And none of them know your business. None of them understand your problems.   As a business owner, I get it.   You can craft a great product and create a good living, but making an impact doesn’t happen with hard work. It takes a system. A system designed to get the right people to understand the right things about what you do and how you will fix their problems. Because you got into this to make a difference. Let me show you how.   If you want to... ✅ Reignite the drive you had when you started this business ✅ Work from anywhere in the world, however much you want ✅ Create sustainable financial freedom ✅ Future-proof your business ✅ Make an impact doing what you love.

Market Me Podcast 🎙️

Aug 31, 202252:22
The Sales Genius is interviewed by Robbie Cornelius - How to become a Sales Genius
Jun 29, 202201:26:03
The Sales Genius talks Entrepreneurship with The Rob Luna

The Sales Genius talks Entrepreneurship with The Rob Luna

Hosted by Joe Ingram the Sales Genius is excited to have Robert Luna as the Guest Trainer.  Who is Rob? Rob Luna is confirmation that the American Dream is alive. He went from growing up hungry and battling the tough streets of Los Angeles, to becoming an Ivy League Alumnus and earning MBA degrees in two countries. His 25 years of experience include consulting with companies such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook, managing money for some of the world’s wealthiest individuals, and building a multimillion-dollar business that was sold to a publicly-traded company.

Look into Rob at

May 20, 202230:44
4 levels of selling explained by Joe Ingram

4 levels of selling explained by Joe Ingram

The four levels of sales 

1. Regulations

2. Rules of Engagement

3. Strategy

4. Engagement

Regulations: These are the governing rules for engagement


Company Ethics

Company Culture

Customer Service Beliefs

Rules of engagement: Defined mission and objective

•What is the goal?

•What is the overall objective?

•What is the sales process?

•What is a “success”?

•What is a qualified lead?

•What is the follow-up process?

Strategy: Game plan for accomplishing a sale

Preparing your:



Accusation Audit

Sales presentation

Objection handling

Points of pain


Defined end state

Call to action

Next Steps

follow Joe everywhere on the web by visiting

Apr 13, 202224:38
The Sales Genius talks with Mikey C-Roc about making it to the top

The Sales Genius talks with Mikey C-Roc about making it to the top

The Sales Genius Joe Ingram spends some time with C-ROC discussing How to monetize your knowledge/expertise with blooprinted.   Mike "C-Roc" Ciorrocco is the Co-Founder of the innovative tech platform blooprinted, the powerhouse behind the "What Are You Made Of?" podcast, and the best-selling author of ROCKET FUEL Convert Setbacks. Become Unstoppable.  He is a performance coach, author, dynamic public speaker, tech visionary, and thought leader.  He has been featured by Yahoo! Finance as one of the Top Business Leaders to Follow in 2020 and is on a mission to build unstoppable people. He is consumed with the passion to help people break free from the confines of complacency and propel to untapped levels of success.

Apr 08, 202230:57
The Sales Genius Speaks with Andy Paul

The Sales Genius Speaks with Andy Paul

The Sales Genius is happy to have Andy Paul as the guest trainer to share his talk on why you should stop persuading prospects in the sales process to win more deals. How you can stop selling out and start selling in. Influence Rules. Persuasion Drools. How to stop being so salesy in your approach.  Andy Paul is a best-selling author, sales leader, speaker, and global sales advisor focused on human-first selling.  Through his best selling books and industry-leading sales podcasts, he has reached millions of sellers who know that process, methodology and technology don’t win deals; people do

Apr 01, 202240:35
The Sales Genius talks with Joey Yak

The Sales Genius talks with Joey Yak

Joe Ingram the Sales Genius spends 30 minutes with Joey Yak.  Joey is going to share his "Don't ask for permission" philosophy and his Edutaining content approach to sales.  YAK packaged up his past and presented it as a product. “My Melody Your Message” for Entrepreneurs. YAK quit his job, took out all of his 401k ($3,500 lol), and started his business in his backyard in his Brother In Law’s RV.  Within 3 Months of starting this Business, YAK has worked with top Entrepreneurs such as Tim Grover, Billy Gene, Cole Hatter, Brad Lea, Casey Adams, Greg Walker, and many more.  YAK took “theme songs” and “jingles” which he calls bangers and turned it into a production company that is doing high-level catch production!

Mar 18, 202201:03
The Sales Genius talks with Jerry Isenhour about Niche to be Rich

The Sales Genius talks with Jerry Isenhour about Niche to be Rich

Jerry E. Isenhour Sr. serves as the lead coach for CVC Success Group and the lead consultant for Chimney & Venting Consultants.  He is a recognized expert in the field of chimney sweep service, chimney repair service, solid fuel installations, the industry standard of care, and other facets involved with the proper and improper operation of a chimney service company, hearth product retail sales, and hearth product installation company.   Mr. Isenhour is a certified speaker, teacher, and coach by the John Maxwell Group. Additionally, he is certified as a sales coach under the Jeffrey Gitomer Group.   Mr. Isenhour has authored 3 books alone and co-authored 3 other books with other subject matter experts:  Chaos To Reinvention / Jerry Isenhour Standardizing Standard Operating Procedures / Jerry Isenhour How To Move A New Recruit To A Skilled Technician / Jerry Isenhour The Small Business Owner’s Manual / Jerry Isenhour, Ed Krow, Patricia Lawrence Blue Collar Marketing / Taylor Hill, Carter Harkins, Jerry Isenhour Daily Differences In Life / Jerry Isenhour & 26 cooperative authors  Mr. Isenhour has served as the CEO of several companies involved in the industry; these have ranged from a chimney service company to a hearth retailer, and also with the manufacturing of products.

You can contact Jerry at

Mar 10, 202253:31
The Sales Genius speaks with Sofia Castro

The Sales Genius speaks with Sofia Castro

Joe Ingram discusses the rise to success and financial freedom with Sofia Castro.

Sofia Castro is a driven, dynamic, and fun-loving entrepreneur who brings a flair of energy and her own unique touch to every business she enters. She has been an entrepreneur since the age of 24, Sofia always had a passion for new opportunities and has ventured into different businesses. In 1993, she and her husband opened a leasing brokerage firm that transitioned to a company named BHG in 2001, which they started with $1,800 dollars and sold the company in 2019 for a 1 Billion dollar evaluation. During the growth of BHG, their passion for real estate continued to grow and they began buying and selling single-family homes, in 2003 they ventured into condo conversions and multifamily properties. In 2011 the real estate portfolio had grown to demand Sofia’s full-time attention and she transitioned full-time to start Ortsac Capital Group, LLC. Today, Ortsac Capital Group independently owns over 2550 doors between Florida, Tennessee, and Texas in addition to nearly 4000 doors through Joint Ventures. The Ortsac Family Office is also actively involved in multiple venture capital opportunities across various industries while maintaining an acute focus on multifamily real estate.

Mar 02, 202228:52
The Sales Genius talks Enclothed Cognition with Debbie Bettendorf
Feb 04, 202257:26
Sales Genius Selling

Sales Genius Selling

There are three markers on the way to a sale.




You need to expect a mess, get ready, define the outcome potential.

#strategiclistening #acusationaudit #strategyproduct 

Jan 19, 202237:40
Sales Genius Joe Ingram Talks Negotiation Basics

Sales Genius Joe Ingram Talks Negotiation Basics

War Games Group is the premier Sales and Marketing Training Group with an emphasis on Attitude, Mindset, Lead Conversion, and Techniques that will help you sell more today!

The trick is to determine which one you are going for prior to beginning

And being able to recognize what the other party is going for






Separate: Separate the person you are negotiating with from the issue

Interest: Determine the Interests of the other party

Criteria: Develop criteria that the solution must meet to be considered

Provide: Provide options to choose from

Jan 15, 202235:58
Sales Genius Joe Ingram Invites Mat Koenig to Talk Texting

Sales Genius Joe Ingram Invites Mat Koenig to Talk Texting

War Games Group is the premier Sales and Marketing Training Group with an emphasis on Attitude, Mindset, Lead Conversion, and Techniques that will help you sell more today!  Over the past twenty years, Mat has helped thousands of business leaders increase their quality of life by improving two key areas: Communication Accountability Mat is an Amazon #1 Hot New Release Author, Elite Life Coach, and Keynote Speaker. Whether he’s helping people learn to speak, create better social media videos, or coaching people through the roadblocks of life, Mat delivers massive value. If you want someone to help you identify and overcome the communication gaps that prevent you from hitting your goals, book a quick chat with Mat. You can learn more about Mat and the services he offers by visiting

Jan 14, 202201:15:22
Rockstar Marketing with Craig Duswalt

Rockstar Marketing with Craig Duswalt

Craig Duswalt is a Keynote Speaker, Author, Podcaster, and creator of the brands: RockStar Marketing and Rock Your Life.  Craig has written eight books and is a #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author. His background includes touring with Guns N’ Roses, as Axl Rose’s personal assistant, and Air Supply, as the band’s personal assistant.  Craig was also an award-winning copywriter, working as a Creative Director for a Los Angeles-based ad agency until opening up his own ad agency, Green Room Design & Advertising, which was named the 2002 Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year.

Dec 03, 202154:17
Joe Ingram the Sales Genius talks about the silent performance Killer!
Oct 30, 202129:29