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Salgood Sam's Processpod

Salgood Sam's Processpod

By Salgood Sam aka Max

A work and life journal podcast by a 30yr veteran of the arts. Check-ins about my comics, talking about creative work, what's going on in the professional arts, some tutorial content, and whatever else strikes my ADHD/ASD brain. You can also subscribe via my Substack [] and get additional content there with the show notes.
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Processpod 12: Happy Global Orbital Anniversary!

Salgood Sam's ProcesspodJan 03, 2023

Processpod 12: Happy Global Orbital Anniversary!
Jan 03, 202325:16
Processpod 11: AI Art Again; How it works; Kardashshev scale; Infinite growth myths; Who or what is art is subjective; Ethics are less so.
Dec 05, 202225:24
Processpod 010: Deaths in the family, ExpozineXX, & the #tweetpocalypse!
Nov 18, 202221:20
Processpod 009: Blockage and the T Rule + looking at my RAADS-R and CAT-Q scores!
Nov 06, 202221:47
Processpod 008: Getting back to ink on paper, PC problems, and Passage
Oct 26, 202222:47
Processpod 007 : Marking the passing of a Master, RIP Kim JungGi
Oct 08, 202226:52
Processpod 006: It's my 52nd this comming week!
Sep 12, 202216:01
Processpod 2.0 : Ep5 I Chat about sick cats, copyright & AI + Work strategies while neurodivergent!
Sep 04, 202232:09
Processpod 2.0 : AI Art Pt2! My findings after a week and a bit of trying it out!
Aug 28, 202227:00
Processpod 2.0: How do you feel about AI art?
Aug 21, 202242:06
Processpod 2.0 : ASMR beard scratching : AMA on gaming mechanics as story devices & what pens I don't use as much as I used to do?

Processpod 2.0 : ASMR beard scratching : AMA on gaming mechanics as story devices & what pens I don't use as much as I used to do?

Hi again, it's time for another Processpod installment, I talked about Intuiti cards, and Story dice, so links there! Not a sponsor I just like them.

I left books in a few tinny little libraries in Montreal, and started mapping them in my area. You can see pics of two of the boxes on my Instagram here.

Leave me audio AMA questions on Anchor here, either about art and comics stuff, creativity, animation work, all that obvious stuff? But also you could just do something silly? And I'll use those to make new call in cutups like my old voice mail mini shows? Scrub to 14m 40s to hear what I mean ;)

Aug 14, 202222:60
The Processpod Trailer

The Processpod Trailer

A quick intro to my podcast and me!

Salgood Sam's Processpod is a semi regular work blog and brain dump of Comics creator and
professional artist Max Douglas.

I'm an old dog in a human suit, who makes comics and art for a living. I've been passing as a human artist for about 30 years and no one has been the wiser. Recently after teaching art part time for bones for several years, I switched back to working in animation to keep up the kennel payments, designing props and supervising at Sphere Animation in Montreal [formally Oasis Studios].

I'm still pawing out comics, my most recent is ‘Dracula: Son of the Dragon’, with Mark Sable published by Dark Horse. I think I'm possibly most well known for ‘Therefore, Repent!’ With Jim Munroe; I'm most proud of my self published ‘Dream Life: a late coming of age, book one’ and ‘Revolver’ One and Zero. I've done a lot more, it's all listed here.

I've worked in many other fields, if that kind of info is interesting I've listed most of it on my LinkedIn

Aug 07, 202201:26
Processpod 2.0 : Comic Book Christmas; ADHD/ASD ; what's going on and what i'm doing with Substack
Aug 06, 202239:52