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Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Tech

Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Tech

By Salim Sheikh

This podcast features a series of audio recordings of articles written by *Salim Sheikh* an AI and Emerging Tech enthusiast and author.
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AI for Social Good

Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Tech Mar 20, 2021

Revolution of Society (for AI)

Revolution of Society (for AI)

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For AI to genuinely benefit all people (citizens), communities and society, we need to create an integrated model of social evolution and revolution, one that accounts for the complexity, inconclusiveness, and impediments of our society.

We need to develop constructs, laws, policies, and so on that uphold “Societal AI” (Copyright, ITE, 2021) – not only in terms of the capabilities of AI technology but more importantly what we are doing with it; potentially meshed with the behaviours, attitudes, intentions, feelings, personalities and expectations of people.

The bottom line is that if human societies are to be modified in directions more people find fulfilling, this can only occur if the nature of human hierarchies is acknowledged and understood.

If we apply the same thinking to the role (and opportunity) of “AI in Society”, then a paradigm shift, not a classical revolution, is in our future.

This means we need to challenge the status quo that includes historical constructs, social hierarchies and bureaucracies. We need to start re-imagining our collective future.

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Aug 29, 202114:29
Smarter Digital Banking

Smarter Digital Banking

This episode explores the role of AI and Emerging Tech on Banking. 

In every town across the UK, our high street is changing.

It’s not a phenomenon that’s limited to the UK either; all over the world, traditional banks are gradually disappearing and being replaced with more efficient services.

Post-COVID19 recovery has been hit hard by the financial crisis that is putting a lot of pressure on all business owners forcing them, at pace, to migrate their previous business models to digital models using ecommerce technology often underpinned by Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) algorithms and other emerging technologies such as Blockchain and Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR).

Automation technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are on the rise and, at the same time, consumers are themselves busy adapting their lifestyles which are fast becoming a hybrid of "work from home", "work from office" and "work from anywhere" options.

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Jul 19, 202110:16
AI and Future Society

AI and Future Society

This episode explores the role of AI and Emerging Tech on Future Society.  

Human society has reached a crossroads that will confront it with the task of choosing which path to follow to enable and realise "Society 5.0".  

In this future world, technology and data will be used to balance economic development with the solution of social challenges; people will finally be liberated from all restrictions that the information society proved unable to remove; and we will witness the formation of a human-centred society in which everyone is able to shine and flourish — reflected by #diversityequityandinclusion.  

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Jun 20, 202107:50
Building a 'Humanistic' AI-powered Business.

Building a 'Humanistic' AI-powered Business.

In this episode, I present share key considerations for creating (or adjusting to) a 'Humanistic' AI-powered Business.

Key building blocks include :-

1) Investing in an AI-enabled Operating Model

2) Building (and sustaining) an "AI" Talent Pool

3) Establishing collaboration structures to support "AI" Product & Service implementation.

A "humanistic" AI-powered business consciously embeds topics relating to ethics, equity, fairness, trust, transparency, and so on into its DNA.

This is in direct contrast to Digital Transformation initiatives where some businesses simply "bolt-on" applications, products and services in an effort to "digitalise" their business.

The original article (available here - provides more depth and details relating to Operating Models types and what types of roles you should consider for your AI Team (or Competency Centre). 

Whether you are already building an AI-powered business or on a personal journey of discovery, get in touch and I'll gladly provide advice, guidance and/or support to help YOUR COMPANY become an "humanistic" AI-powered business.

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May 22, 202110:26
Quantum Computing and AI

Quantum Computing and AI

Quantum technology has an immense power. It will allow us to do computing tasks that are outside of the reach of even the best computers today.   

Artificial intelligence, which is designed to analyse huge amounts of data, could benefit from this, as could materials and pharmaceutical research. 

The combination of quantum computing and AI will no doubt provide endless opportunities in the future.  

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May 09, 202111:04
Towards an "AI enabled"​ Society

Towards an "AI enabled"​ Society

These days the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) appears to exist almost everywhere. 

However, at the same time, it is mixed up with marketing hype, fears of a dystopian future where society is controlled by fear and oppression (think George Orwell, 1984) and mis- and dis-information (aka #fakenews).

Given we are in the throes of the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" (or, 4IR), we are literally on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. We have an opportunity to Restart, Reset, Reinvent.

But where do we start? Right at the beginning .. with Education .. the bedrock of sustainability and future societies.

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Mar 21, 202109:42
AI for Social Good
Mar 20, 202110:49
Are AI and Cognitive Computing the SAME thing?

Are AI and Cognitive Computing the SAME thing?

The terms Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive Computing (CC) are often used interchangeably but there the approaches and objectives of each differ. The two topics are closely aligned; while they are not mutually exclusive, both have distinctive purposes and applications.

This episode explains what the terms mean, differences and similarities and some thoughts. 

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Mar 20, 202110:42
Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Technologies
Mar 20, 202109:30