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The Plant-Powered Podcast

The Plant-Powered Podcast

By Samuel Anthony

I'm Sam, a vegan nutritionist, fitness instructor, gut-health nerd, and food lover. After I lost 4.5 stone, I want to show you how to reach your goals naturally, without counting calories and tracking every last meal. Transform your relationship with food, discover the journeys and successes of real people, and live your best life. Join me and my upcoming guests to chat about the benefits of a diet that limits animal harm, maximises nutrition and reduces water and land usage.
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Success Stories: Maria's Vegan Weight Loss Journey

The Plant-Powered PodcastMay 28, 2022

How Gut Bacteria Control Your Cravings

How Gut Bacteria Control Your Cravings

**DISCLAIMER: this is not to be received as medical advice, or actionable advice of any kind. You must always consult a professional who can understand and work with you as an individual, with unique requirements.

It's not you. It's bugs.

How do bacteria living in our gut influence our mind to make us crave foods they want or need to survive?

As a collective of species which have co-existed with us for millions of years, it is clear that many pathways exist that connect the gut, it's bacterial residents and your mind. This can mean changes to hunger, feeling full or the feelings of reward following specific foods or meals.

Discover how a rich, broad and vibrant whole food plant-based diet can potentially influence the balance and your cravings.

Sep 27, 202213:08
Can Meat be Healthy?

Can Meat be Healthy?

In the past, grabbing food would look like this:

  1. We would have caught one or two animals on a hunt and often failed.
  2. Hunting made us raise our activity and move long distances for a long time.
  3. The animals would have lived free, eaten many grains and plants, had ample sunlight, and moved often.

Compare that with how we eat now:

  1. We can eat as many animals as we can afford to as quickly as we choose and never fail to find meat in the shop.
  2. We can get this delivered without moving at all.
  3. The animals mostly live inside, eat one or two crops for their whole life, and are supplemented with growth hormones and antibiotics.

Meat has its problems.

But, in terms of our health, it may not always have been the case.

In today's world, we have ditched hunting.

We go to the shops, grab food, head home, and eat.

For the sake of convenience, this is great.

But, this is a disaster for our bodies and billions of animals.

Jul 18, 202209:21
Soy, Estrogen & Your Body

Soy, Estrogen & Your Body

Soy has recently come under scrutiny for containing phytoestrogen.

What is soy, where do we find it, what are the benefits and is it actually capable of being harmful to us?

Let's delve into the studies and articles and put this noise to rest.

As a common vegan staple for decades now, the negative effects of soy would surely be noticed?

Yet, vegans around the world are thriving.

Let's talk soy.

Jun 17, 202212:02
Success Stories: Maria's Vegan Weight Loss Journey
May 28, 202209:54