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The Innkeepers by Sanctuary Inn

The Innkeepers by Sanctuary Inn

By Steven Price

A podcast by Sanctuary Inn - We believe we are called to equip, refresh, and restore God's Global Workers. On this podcast we will be interviewing guests who have much to teach us about the many facets of Missionary Care. Let's learn together and be encouraged to press on in the work that God has given each one of us to do.

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How to Have Crisis Conversations

The Innkeepers by Sanctuary InnMay 09, 2022

Thriving Missionaries

Thriving Missionaries

Dr. Rachel Heffied unpacks the significance of wellbeing and thriving in missionary life.

ABOUT BRIAN HEERWAGEN: Dr. Rachel Heffield has been engaged with missionaries and called to international ministry most of her life. Growing up as a PK and headed to the mission field, she began studying counseling to meet people where they were at in their journeys, to bring hope of the gospel. She finds great joy, helping people navigate the highs and lows of life. She served in East Asia for eight years, where she learned firsthand with some of the challenges and joys of being a global worker. In her own life, as well as professional and academic research, she developed a passion for helping global workers thrive and grow in this important work. She currently serves as Assistant Professor and Chair of the Center for Personal and Spiritual Formation at Western Seminary and provides counseling through A New Day Counseling.


Articles & Books:

Organizations providing Member Care & Tools:

Sep 25, 202352:06
Local Church Care

Local Church Care

A Portland church pastor shares from his experience on how a church can tangibly care for their global workers.

Sep 11, 202351:36
Getting Started in Missionary Care
Jan 24, 202334:57
Good Mourning
Jan 09, 202350:35
Healing for Adult TCKs
Dec 09, 202243:03
Missional Living

Missional Living

Clint & Valerie share their story of living missionally in two different countries. God’s call on their lives has not changed despite their location changing.


Clint and Valerie and their family have pursued God's call on their lives to serve and work amongst cultures who have little to no access to the Gospel around the world.  They've done this through starting a business in a limited access nation to serving in a more traditional role of missions among the Diaspora in North America.  Their heart and hope is that everyone would have an opportunity to understand the possibility of reconciliation with God through Jesus.  They have four children who keep them super busy.  They currently live in Toronto ministering to others who are from among the Diaspora.  They have a heart for seeing more people mobilized into the Great Commandment and Great Commission.

Nov 07, 202252:23
TCK Education

TCK Education

Nancy Elwood shares with us from her breadth of experience on TCK education issues and resources.


Nancy and her husband, Mike, lived in eastern Europe for 35 years and recently returned to the U.S. to care for elderly parents. They started out in Croatia, then lived in Vienna where Nancy worked at Vienna Christian School. In 1994, they moved to Budapest where she helped found SHARE Education Services to provide resources and counsel to parents as they educated their children cross-culturally. She served as Acting Director and then became Executive Director, guiding the team of consultants from SHARE’s international office in Budapest. In addition, Nancy and a colleague co-founded PACE to train and mentor mission educators for consulting roles throughout the world. She also serves as MK Education International Coordinator for Greater Europe Mission. Nancy has been married to Mike for 47 years and they have two grown sons, Steve and Phil. Steve is married to Rachel and they have two children, Katie and Josh. Nancy enjoys hospitality, gardening, reading and playing with her grandchildren.


The Globally Mobile Family's Guide to Educating Children Overseas by Karen A. Wrobbel

Oct 24, 202242:30
Dust & Devotion - Dr. Mary Wilder’s Missionary Story
Oct 10, 202253:48
Business as Mission

Business as Mission

Larry Sharp explains the realities and misunderstandings of the Business as Mission model.


Larry W. Sharp is the Founder and current consulting specialist with the consulting firm, International Business and Education Consultants ( He served 21 years in Brazil and then 20 years as Crossworld VP of Operations and as Vice President of Business Partnerships. He is currently a VP Emeritus and consultant with Crossworld. Since 2007 he has devoted energies toward Business as Mission (BAM) and currently is a consultant on BAM and education themes.

He holds degrees in Bible (Prairie College), business (BA Seattle Pacific University), and education (MA Azusa Pacific University) and a PhD (University of Calgary, CANADA) in comparative sociology of education and administration.  His career focus has been in business, education, and supervisory roles.  While in Brazil he served as teacher and headmaster of the Amazon Valley Academy (15 years) and President of the Missao Crista Evangelica do Brasil (MICEB) for six years.

He travels within North America speaking and teaching in conferences, colleges and churches on themes related to Business As Mission (BAM, B4t).  His travels abroad relate to BAM, crisis preparation, management, and team building. He writes a weekly blog on and blogs on other sites occasionally.  He serves on four boards including the Freedom Business Alliance where he serves as chairperson; and is working with two university curriculum teams developing the integration of business with missional faith.

Larry and Vicki live in Washington state and have been married for 51 years and have four grown children and eight grandchildren.




Sep 27, 202252:08
What is Missionary Care?

What is Missionary Care?

Dr. Laura Mae Gardner, a pioneer and expert in Missionary Care shares some of the key distinctives of effective care.  


I have served in WBT and SIL International for 60+ years, most of that time with my husband, Dick. My contributions or roles included: translator, candidate assessment, trainer, counselor, developer and director of International Counseling Department, creator of Member Care for missions, International Vice President For Personnel, and International Personnel Consultant and Trainer. I have traveled, trained and consulted in 65 countries, done a lot of crisis work, interventions and debriefing. I am also an author including the book Healthy, Resilient and Effective in Cross Cultural Ministry which has now been translated into Indonesian, Korean, Chinese, Ukranian and Russian. I co-authored with Dr. Lois Dodds the three-volume series on Global Servants. Other writings include chapters in books, and probably 500 articles. I have a theological diploma, two undergraduate degrees and two advanced degrees, including a doctorate from Denver Seminary. I am an adjunct professor at Columbia International University. I have served on a number of boards. My husband, Dick, preceded me to heaven a few months ago thus I continue on alone reading, speaking, teaching, consulting, and serving as requested.  


Global Member Care Vol 1*: The Pearls and Perils of Good Practice by Kelly O'Donnell

Global Member Care: Vol 2*: Crossing Sectors for Serving Humanity by Kelly O'Donnell & Michele Lewis O’Donnell

Doing Member Care Well*: Perspectives and Practices From Around the World (Globalization of Mission) by Kelly O'Donnell

Global Servants Cross-cultural Humanitarian Heroes Volume 1 Formation and Development of These Heroes by Lois Dodds & Laura Gardner

Global Servants Cross-cultural Humanitarian Heroes Volume 2: 12 Factors in Effectiveness and Longevity by Lois Dodds & Laura Gardner

Global Servants Cross-Cultural Humanitarian Heroes Volume 3 The Art & Heart of Agency Care by Lois Dodds

Healthy, Resilient, & Effective in Cross-Cultural Ministry: Electronic Version by Laura Mae Gardner

Sep 12, 202254:37
Young Adult MK/TCK Care

Young Adult MK/TCK Care

Tammy Sharp gives her perspective as an adult TCK and as an MK care specialist into the needs of young adult missionary kids.  


Tammy was born and raised in Brazil where her parents served as teachers and administrators at Amazon Valley Academy. She attended Wheaton College to become a history teacher at a MK school somewhere in the world. She ended up teaching back in Brazil after 5 years at a school in Alaska. Tammy then finished her Master's in Education and planned to head back overseas, but instead worked at a missions agency for 17 years as the MK Coordinator serving MKs ages 0-80.  In January 2018 Tammy joined Barnabas International as a TCK Consultant and Director of MuKappa. Tammy is excited to serve on the Board of Sanctuary Inn to continue caring for Global Workers and their families.  


•  MuKappa
•  TCK Counseling Network
•  Compass Ministries

MK Transition Seminars: 

•  Interaction International Overview
•  Barnabas MK Transition Seminar
•  Narramore Christian Foundation holds MK ReEntry Seminar
•  Classic ReBoot Canadian Re-entry Seminar
•  TCK Snow Camp (for college-aged TCKs)


•  Third Culture Kids 3rd Edition: Growing up among worlds by by Ruth E. Van Reken, Michael V. Pollock, David C. Pollock
•  Raising Up a Generation of Healthy Third Culture Kids: A Practical Guide to Preventive Care by Lauren Wells
•  Third Culture Kids: A Gift to Care For by Ulrika Ernvik
•  With: Reimagining the Way You Relate to God by Skye Jethani
•  "I Have to Be Perfect": (And Other Parsonage Heresies) by Timothy L. Sanford M.A.
•  The Grief Tower: A Practical Guide to Processing Grief with Third Culture Kids by Lauren Well
•  Unstacking Your Grief Tower: A Guide to Processing Grief as an Adult Third Culture Kid by Lauren Wells

Jun 18, 202250:38
Sabbath Rest
May 23, 202243:53
How to Have Crisis Conversations

How to Have Crisis Conversations

Rob Lloyd shares from his expertise the impact a Crisis Debrief can make in the life of someone who has experienced a powerful event.


Rob Lloyd is the founder and CEO of the Responders Resource Center, a senior chaplain and the Lead pastor of Freedom Community Church. He created the vast majority of the courses in our chaplaincy training program and is a certified instructor of the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) through UMBC. He holds a certificate of specialized training in Schools & Children Crisis Response from ICISF and UMBC, is a member of the SMART team for public school incidents and leads the CISM ASSIST team for private school incidents. He is also the clinical director of the SW Washington CISM team and is trained in the FEMA Incident Command System and National Incident Management System. It is Rob’s passion to provide excellent training for those who have a desire to assist people who have experienced events that have the potential to overwhelm them.


The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel van der Kolk M.D.

Hope for the Heart Series by June Hunt

ICISF online training - Psychological First Aid

Responders Resource Center (RRC)

May 09, 202253:49
Support Raising Through Building Relationships
Apr 18, 202243:14
Singleness and Missions
Mar 21, 202253:16
Missionary Care On the Field

Missionary Care On the Field

Karen DeGraaf shares from her life experience and perspective as a Counselor and Missionary Care provider in West Africa.


Karen (M.A., Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (NC), SIL Africa Area Counseling Coordinator) joined Wycliffe Bible Translators when she was 22, and met her husband David as they were both training to do translation and linguistic research in French-speaking West Africa.  They spent 11 years in Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa, and had 3 children there. They were forced to leave in 2002 when a civil war tore the country apart, and Karen made the not-so-obvious shift from language work to counseling and member care. In 2006 she received her MA in Counseling from Western Seminary in Portland, OR. She served as a counselor at the Wycliffe JAARS Center in North Carolina for 8 years, then relocated to Cameroon, Africa to take the assignment of Africa Area Counseling Coordinator.  Karen’s areas of specialization include depression, anxiety, trauma recovery, stress/burnout, relationships, transitions, grief and loss. She is a facilitator for Strengthening Your Interpersonal Skills workshops, Trauma Healing workshops, and has training as a Life Coach. She works with adults, couples and adolescents. Karen loves to help both individuals and teams discover how to live and work with grace and resilience.

Mar 07, 202253:48
Bearing God’s Name Among the Nations
Feb 21, 202249:08
Retirement Finances & Missions

Retirement Finances & Missions

This interview with seasoned missionaries Dennis Beck and Mark Downing explores how missionaries can prepare for their retirement years.

About Dennis Beck:

As an international missionary with Campus Crusade for Christ (branded as Cru in the USA) in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) for 38 years, Dennis was asked to move from student ministry to administrative roles as the 20 countries devolved in 1991.  As Area Financial Manager his challenge was to bring order out of the post-communist chaos introducing financial systems, western style accounting and auditing skills across the 20 national ministries involving 800 staff.  He introduced retirement savings plans for those same CEE staff, starting with Poland in 1994.  He continues to teach retirement seminars and to facilitate individualized sessions with his missionary colleagues.

About Mark Downing:

He is currently enjoying retirement after serving 26 years in Brazil with the Baptist General Conference, now called Converge. After language school, he began teaching Greek and New Testament courses in a seminary in Campo Grande, near the middle of the country, training pastors and missionaries. After doing that for 10 years he did some retooling to help start a missions degree at the seminary. After directing the Missions Department and teaching missions for another five years, he then transferred to Rio de Janeiro to help launch the world missions training center of the Brazilian Baptist Convention where he served as one of the coordinators for another 10 years. He and his wife helped to train more than 350 Brazilian Baptist Convention world missionaries. Mark has been married to Helen for 54 years and they have three children and four grandchildren.


Dave Ramsey 

Ron Blue “Mastering Your Money”

Ron Blue “Raising Money Smart Kids” 

Randy Alcorn “Money, Possessions, and Eternity”

Feb 07, 202251:22
A Year in Review

A Year in Review

Steve Price & Kara Githens discuss the first year of podcasts and highlight some of the episodes that have stood out. We encourage you to go back to any episodes you may have missed. Our podcasts are here to equip you!

Dec 13, 202117:41
Training Global Missionaries
Nov 29, 202153:31
The Value of Missionary Care

The Value of Missionary Care

Dan Sered, COO of Jews for Jesus, and his lovely wife Dinah share about the value and necessity of good care from their own experience in ministry. They also share practical ways in which their organization is striving to grow in effective care for their workers.  


Dan Sered was born in Israel to a secular Jewish family and later relocated to the United States while he was in his teens. Dan attended Stony Brook University in New York where he met Dinah, a Jewish believer in Jesus who showed him how Yeshua (Jesus) fulfilled the prophecies of the Messiah. Dan’s eyes were opened and he committed his life to the Lord. In 1999, Dan & Dinah were married and soon after began serving as missionaries, joining Jews for Jesus and later moving to Israel. In 2006, Dan became the Israel Director of Jews for Jesus, which quickly became the largest branch of the ministry worldwide. In 2019, Dan was appointed as a Chief Operating Officer for the organization and specifically supervises the day-to-day efforts of the branches in Europe, South Africa, Israel, and Australia. Dan received his M.A. in Ministry and Leadership from Western Seminary and his D. Min. in Leadership from Dallas Theological Seminary. He is the President of the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism and serves as Co-Catalyst for Jewish Evangelism in the Lausanne Movement. Dan is also an adjunct professor at Israel College of the Bible in Netanya and helped to pastor All Nations Church in Petah Tikvah, Israel for 17 years. He & Dinah have 3 children; Yael, Eithan, and Yoav.

Nov 08, 202146:07
Best Practices for Short-Term Missions

Best Practices for Short-Term Missions

Brian Heerwagen, executive director of Standards of Excellence gives us much to consider on how we can maximize the impact of Short Term Missions.


Brian’s first short-term mission (STM) was in 1980.  He has been the CEO of Standards of Excellence - SOE (formerly Delta Ministries) since 1985 and has been on countless short-term ministries and partnered with nationals and long-term missionaries in 29 countries.  He has a degree in Business and Organizational Leadership.  He is the lead author on the collaborative work for “The Next Mile” with more than 30,000 books sold and was part of the national leadership movement that wrote and established the Standards of Excellence in short-term missions.   He has been the Missions Pastor at Montavilla Church in Portland, Oregon since 1997.  Brian and Lorraine were married in 1986 and they have three grown and married children and five grandkids.

Oct 25, 202141:52
Cultural Humility
Oct 11, 202159:29
Millennials & Missions

Millennials & Missions

Dr. Jolene Erlacher is an author and trainer in mobilizing millennials in missions and ministry. You don’t want to miss out on her wisdom and insights on how to engage and empower the next generation for the Kingdom.  


Jolene worked for eight years at North Central University, specializing in leadership training, student development and personnel management. During that time, she identified the need for building awareness of generational differences as young leaders entered the workplace, especially in ministry contexts. This began an extended journey of researching the experiences and needs of Millennials in ministry positions. Her book, Millennials in Ministry (Judson Press)  documents her findings. Jolene's new book, Daniel Generation: Godly Leadership in an Ungodly Culture, was released in August 2018. 

Jolene specializes in providing training and consulting on team effectiveness and inter-generational leadership. She works with community organizations, government agencies, churches, missions agencies, and small businesses. Jolene teaches continuing education courses for Eduspire. She is also an adjunct faculty member and teaches graduate courses on Organizational Leadership at North Central University, and serves on the Boards of Directors for GoCorps and The Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission.

Jolene's education background includes degrees in Education and English, and a graduate certificate in International Leadership.  Her doctorate is in Leadership from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. She has also completed training on the StrengthsFinder assessment through Gallup Consulting and is a certified IPSAT (Identity Profile Self Awareness Tool) leadership coach. Jolene is also a Certified Church Consultant through CC.U (ChurchConsultation.University). Jolene is fluent in Spanish and has volunteered and studied in various countries including Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Kenya, and South Africa. She is actively involved in her local church and community. Jolene lives in central NC with her husband, twin daughters and their dog Rex. She enjoys reading, writing and drinking coffee.

Sep 28, 202156:33
Global Missions Training

Global Missions Training

Dr. Steve Hardy, a global missions trainer and consultant, talks with us about the challenges, needs, and realities of training missionaries around the world. You may be surprised to hear some of his stories from missions movements around the world.


Steve has served as SIM International's Advocate for Theological Education as well as a senior advisor to the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE). He worked as a missionary educator primarily in Brazil, Mozambique and South Africa, although has traveled extensively as an educational consultant. He developed an Institute for Excellence in Theological Education for Overseas Council and directed the international scholar program for Langham Partnership (John Stott Ministries). His writings have focused on issues of quality in training and educational administration. He has been married for 48 years to LeAnne and has two grown daughters (Katie and Erika) and three grandkids.

Sep 13, 202148:06
Meet a Sanctuary Inn Guest

Meet a Sanctuary Inn Guest

We’re excited about Season 3 beginning on September 13. Listen to hear what is in store for our next season. Also, in this brief bonus episode Tiana shares with us a little of her story and how Sanctuary Inn has been a part of her journey.

Sep 01, 202111:16
Self-Care in Missions
Jul 27, 202145:46
What is Cross Cultural Stress?
Jul 13, 202152:48
Sending Church Care

Sending Church Care

Brian Heerwagen, the Missions Pastor of Montavilla Baptist Church for over two decades, shares his passion and practical tools for growing your church’s heart and connection to Global Missions and the missionaries your church supports.  


Brian’s first short-term mission (STM) was in 1980.  He has been the CEO of Standards of Excellence - SOE (formerly Delta Ministries) since 1985 and has been on countless short-term ministries and partnered with nationals and long-term missionaries in 29 countries.  He has a degree in Business and Organizational Leadership. He is the lead author on the collaborative work for “The Next Mile” with more than 30,000 books sold and was part of the national leadership movement that wrote and established the Standards of Excellence in short-term missions.  He has been the Missions Pastor at Montavilla Church in Portland, Oregon since 1997.  Brian and Lorraine were married in 1986 and they have three grown and married children and five grandkids.  

Unoffendable: How Just One Change Can Make All of Life Better by Brant Hansen 

SOE Equips the Short-Term Mission World By empowering churches, organizations and schools to implement the 7 Standards of Excellence

Jun 21, 202145:06
Shepherding Missionaries

Shepherding Missionaries

Perry Bradford, Director of Barnabas International, shares about his life and the work of Barnabas providing pastoral care for missionaries all across the globe.

ABOUT PERRY BRADFORD: Perry and Sandi Bradford began their missionary journey in 1980 with Wycliffe Bible Translators. In 1994, they returned to the United States after 10 years of service in Papua New Guinea to join Barnabas International. Perry currently serves as the Executive Director of Barnabas. For 17 years Sandi served as the Director of Women’s Ministries for Calvary Community Church in Williams Bay, WI. Together, Perry and Sandi have a heart to shepherd missionaries and national church leaders around the globe. They are the proud parents of 3 adult children and 7 grandchildren!   


• Barnabas International - Providing pastoral care, missionary and MK care, and encouragement. Their focus is traveling to the missionary on the field. They also provide excellent conferences and retreats. Pastors to Missionaries; Equipping Women International, Debriefing Retreats etc.   

• MuKappa International - Is a collegiate organization for students who have grown up in a cross-cultural setting (campus based and online for MK’s to meet other MK’s and share their experiences.)

Jun 07, 202150:32
The Significance of Forgiveness
May 17, 202142:16
Marriage and Cross-Cultural Stress

Marriage and Cross-Cultural Stress

John Leverington, a counselor with decades of experience working with Global Workers, helps us to understand the joys and challenges of marriage and life outside your home culture.


John Leverington has over 25 years of experience working as a therapist, consultant, trainer and supervisor. John was the founding director of Olive Tree Counseling Center in Antalya, Turkey and served as an SIL counselor in Papua New Guinea and Dallas, Texas. He has worked with numerous organizations responding to individual and group crisis situations in Eurasia, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. He has been married to Becky for 48 years and enjoys running, snow shoeing, hiking and photography.


Marriage Resources mentioned in this Podcast with John Leverington:

Cross-Cultural Marriage:

Marriage Betrayal:

Gottman Institute:

  • Card Decks App for your phone or device to help guide you through meaningful conversations with your spouse.

Counseling Centers around the world for global workers:

Places to get away as a couple:

May 03, 202101:04:14
Thriving in the First Missionary Term
Apr 19, 202154:18
TCK Training - Preventative Care for our Missionary Kids
Apr 05, 202150:32
Continuum of Care
Mar 08, 202152:13
Caring for Your Missionary Through Prayer

Caring for Your Missionary Through Prayer

Doug Hazen gives practical tools and amazing insight into how we can effectively pray for missionaries around the world.  


Doug Hazen is a devoted husband, and a proud parent of four adult children, and in addition to their four, later in life he and his wife Ruth adopted two more wonderful kids. Doug and Ruth are also doting and grandparents to 17 grandchildren.

Doug was born to missionary parents and then as an adult he and his wife and four young children served in Congo with WorldVenture. Doug served for 30 years with WorldVenture and the last role that he held was as the National Director of Mobilization Prayer for WorldVenture. He is now retired from WorldVenture and is faithfully serving in a pastoral capacity in a small church in Southern Oregon.

Feb 22, 202158:11
A Missionary Care Pioneer
Feb 08, 202159:55
A Conversation with a Counselor to Missionaries

A Conversation with a Counselor to Missionaries

Lynn Paulsen from CarePort Counseling shares some of her story and her passion for caring for missionaries through CarePort Counseling, an online counseling service.

About Lynn Paulsen

Lynn is the founder and service provider for Care Port. She has spent over 20 years working overseas in a variety of contexts – living in large cities as well as a small village, and being a traveling counselor. Though much of her work was in Asia, she has also traveled to Europe, Africa and the South Pacific. Having worked in a large organization for many years, she is now following a dream to broaden her services to those who have little access to counseling.

“I’ve lived in a village where tours of ‘white skins’ came through to see the ‘primitive’ people. And I’ve watched tanks roll down the street during a coup. My own journey included a time of crawling out of the pit of depression. I’ve learned so much by living in another culture and by walking with others on their personal journeys of growth. They’ve both contributed to who I am today.” - Lynn

Personal Background – Lynn went to the University of California at San Diego as an engineering major. But after several variations on the engineering theme, ended up with a Psychology degree. After spending many years overseas as a linguist, she finally returned to her first career love – Psychology. Wheaton College provided both excellent academic training as well as exceptional mentoring in the field. She’s been a licensed counselor since 2002.

Jan 25, 202151:39
The Five Things Your Missionary Won’t Tell You
Jan 11, 202142:15
Clinging to the Sovereignty of God

Clinging to the Sovereignty of God

Meet Dennis and Kasia Beck and hear their incredible story. They are missionaries with a story full of loss, grief, and a beautiful picture of God’s faithfulness and goodness.

Click this link to view the PDF of the story mentioned in this podcast.

About Dennis and Kasia Beck

Dennis and Kasia Beck have served in Eastern Europe, with Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru in the US), for more than 40 years. They are currently overseeing the FamilyLife Ministry in Eastern Europe and Russia. Currently they live in Ohio and and split their time between developing FamilyLife ministry in Eastern Europe and reaching and discipling University professors in Ohio.

Dec 14, 202001:14:53
A Third Culture Kid (TCK) Story

A Third Culture Kid (TCK) Story

Learn along with us from Tim Boettcher on what it has meant to grow up  overseas as a missionary kid/third culture kid and then have the  opportunity to raise his own kids cross-culturally. He has much wisdom  and insight on the challenges and beauty of living life among worlds.

Nov 30, 202045:30
Do Missionaries Experience Trauma?

Do Missionaries Experience Trauma?

In this podcast we are privileged to speak with Dr. Steve Tracy, author of “Mending the Soul” and learn from him about the realities of trauma and missions. Do you ever wonder if you or a missionary you care about has experienced trauma and you're not quite sure what to do? We hope this podcast will help answer your questions and give you direction and hope.

Nov 16, 202058:40
The Innkeepers: Introducing Ourselves

The Innkeepers: Introducing Ourselves

In this brief introductory episode you will get a chance to meet "The Innkeepers" hosts Steve Price and Kara Githens. They share a bit of their life  stories and how God brought each of them to serve and work at Sanctuary Inn and gave them a passion for Missionary Care.

Sep 28, 202008:16