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By San Antonio Podcast Network

San Antonio's award-winning podcast. Hosted by Zachary Espericueta

The SA Talk series provides candid conversations and thought-provoking discussions that are relevant to San Antonio. Guests are occasionally invited to share their insight and opinions on the matter being discussed.

The Searching for San Antonio series showcases the local community by interviewing many of the wonderful small business owners, non-profit leaders, and influential people that the city has to offer. New episodes are available bi-weekly on Mondays.
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SA Talk #5 | Lizzy Perez

San Antonio Podcast NetworkJun 04, 2021

SA Talk #42 | Learning About The Texas YES Project (Feat. Danielle Gunter)
Nov 07, 202244:54
SA Talk #41 | An Interview With Alda P. Dobbs
Sep 30, 202250:03
SA Talk #40 | The Bubble Bath Car Wash (Feat. Nicholas Lopez)
Sep 12, 202259:15
SA Talk #39 | The Direction Of Texas A&M University-San Antonio Athletics (Feat. Darnell Smith)
Aug 22, 202250:06
San Antonio Changemakers | Jonathan Gutierrez

San Antonio Changemakers | Jonathan Gutierrez

On this episode of San Antonio Changemakers, Jonathan Gutierrez joins the podcast to talk about his experience in NLC-San Antonio.

From NLC Bio: Jonathan Gutierrez (he/him) is an organizer, educator, and voting rights advocate. He is passionate about developing young leaders in Texas, engaging in year-round community organizing, and in building long-term power in communities of the global majority. In his current role at MOVE Texas, Jonathan works to coach, support, and develop community organizers across South/Central Texas who engage in year-round peer-to-peer voter registration, voter mobilization, and power building campaigns in youth communities. Jonathan is motivated in his work by his belief in the transformative power of community, mentorship, and collective action. He is a proud graduate of Texas A&M International University and a proud alumnus of AmeriCorps Vista. Jonathan was born and raised along the Rio Grande, in Laredo, Texas and surrounding communities, but currently lives in San Antonio, Texas. He enjoys organizing around the issues that matter most to him, regularly tackling creative personal projects, and spending quality time with his friends, family, and being the very best tío John to his very funny and very huggable 3-year-old nephew.

Learn more about NLC San Antonio:


Donate: Nominate a Leader:

Aug 04, 202227:50
SA Talk #38 | Connecting With The 50/50 Podcast (Feat. Hector Cano)
Jul 26, 202201:04:41
San Antonio Changemakers | Nicolette Ardiente
Jul 21, 202226:34
San Antonio Changemakers | Mary Ellen Veliz, Jake Reyna-Casanova, & Taylor Watson
Jul 14, 202234:30
SA Talk #37 | The Impact Of Leadership SAISD (Feat. Austin Hawk)

SA Talk #37 | The Impact Of Leadership SAISD (Feat. Austin Hawk)

On this episode of SA Talk, Zach invites LSAISD Executive Director, Austin Hawk, to join the show to discuss the leadership program. Austin shares how he was brought on to LSAISD and what it's been like now that he's in a leadership role. He also explains what to expect of the cohort if you are interested in applying. APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN THROUGH JULY 16TH:

Leadership SAISD is a FREE 9-month education leadership development program that provides community members the information and skills to become thought leaders around education. Participants develop a nuanced understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing school communities with topics such as school finance, policy and advocacy, and educational equity. Cohort members meet once a month to hear from influential speakers and experts, review best practices, explore equity in education, and conduct site visits. Seminars provide a factual, non-partisan look at how schools function.

Cohort members explore the most relevant topics in education today including:

Data & Research in Education School Finance Education Policy & Advocacy Education Governance Health & Wellness in Education 21st Century Learning Education Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Education Leadership Community Engagement


Jul 05, 202230:42
Special Episode - NLC San Antonio Capstone

Special Episode - NLC San Antonio Capstone

On this special episode of the San Antonio Podcast Network, Zachary gives his NLC San Antonio capstone presentation. 

NLC develops, connects, and uplifts inclusive, cross-sector leaders who transform our country through social and political change rooted in equity.

Jun 27, 202213:20
SA Talk #36 | Making A Difference In The Medicare Space (Feat. Victoria Cabrera)
Jun 06, 202244:47
SA Talk #35 | The Runners Rising Project - Creating Opportunities For UTSA Athletes (Feat. Eddie Benningfield)
May 23, 202252:59
SA Talk #34 | Keeping Up With The San Antonio Zoo! (Feat. Tim Morrow, CEO)

SA Talk #34 | Keeping Up With The San Antonio Zoo! (Feat. Tim Morrow, CEO)

In this episode of SA Talk, Zach sits down with Tim Morrow, the CEO of the San Antonio Zoo to discuss his backstory, how the Zoo weathered the pandemic, and the accolades they've been racking up recently. Tune in to learn more about what's been going on at the San Antonio Zoo lately!

May 09, 202239:49
SA Talk #33 | An Insider's View of The San Antonio Film Industry (Feat. David Michael Carbajal)
Apr 25, 202239:50
SA Talk #32 | Supporting Education & Financial Literacy (Feat. Jacob Cavazos & Shawn Hughes)

SA Talk #32 | Supporting Education & Financial Literacy (Feat. Jacob Cavazos & Shawn Hughes)

On this episode of SA Talk, Zach gives an update on the podcast, discusses the leadership development groups he's been a part of recently, and invites two Senior Vice Presidents of Broadway Bank to talk about what they're doing to support education and financial literacy in San Antonio. Guests Jacob Cavazos (Senior VP, Community Development Mgr.) and Shawn Hughes (Senior VP, Business Development & Integration Officer) share how their bank is giving back to the community through partnerships, education, and intentional giving. New Leaders Council - San Antonio Donation Link:
Apr 08, 202250:17
SA Talk #31 | See You Soon
Feb 14, 202219:48
Searching For SA | Feat. Phyllis Viagran
Jan 24, 202231:16
SA Talk #30 | MLK March Cancelled, CPS Raising Their Rate & A Family's Lawsuit Against Their Apartment

SA Talk #30 | MLK March Cancelled, CPS Raising Their Rate & A Family's Lawsuit Against Their Apartment

On this week’s episode of SA Talk, hosts Zach and Erika discuss:

MLK march cancelled for the 2nd year in a row. A family is suing their apartment complex for the death of their 7-year old boy. CPS is increasing their rate after a terrible PR year. Seen on Twitter: A questionable sign at Bentley's Beer Garden.

Local Recommendation Of The Week (By Zach): Mary Lou's Cafe - 4405 McCullough Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212

Jan 18, 202235:26
Searching For SA | Feat. April Ancira
Jan 10, 202238:53
SA Talk #29 | Noise Ordinance Task Force, The Missing Lina Khil, & Another Strange SAPD Officer Suspension
Jan 03, 202239:00
SA Talk #28 | Our Top-5 Bars In San Antonio
Dec 20, 202133:51
SA Talk #27 | What You Didn’t Know About The San Antonio Gaming Community (Feat. Ansley Partosa) + Our Top 5 Favorite Games
Dec 13, 202159:58
SA Talk #26
Dec 06, 202144:35
SA Talk #25
Nov 29, 202141:37
Searching For SA | Raul Jimenez Thanksgiving Dinner (Feat. Raul Jimenez III)

Searching For SA | Raul Jimenez Thanksgiving Dinner (Feat. Raul Jimenez III)

Nov 22, 202134:53
SA Talk #24
Nov 15, 202139:03
Searching For SA | Luminaria (Feat. Keli Rosa Cabunoc Romero)
Nov 08, 202155:47
SA Talk #23 | Bernadette Peña (Plus A Big Announcement!)
Nov 01, 202101:13:57
BONUS: Searching For SA | Hustle + Socialize (SASW Live Recording)

BONUS: Searching For SA | Hustle + Socialize (SASW Live Recording)

On this bonus episode of Searching For San Antonio, we re-invite the founders of Hustle + Socialize back on the podcast to catch up and see what they have planned for next year’s conference. We recorded this podcast live as a part of San Antonio Startup Week.

San Antonio Startup Week is a no-cost, multi-day conference that brings together over 2,000 Texas entrepreneurs, hustlers and change-makers. This year, it ran from October 11th through October 22nd and featured all kinds of wonderful people from the San Antonio community. You can follow them @SAStartupWeek on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Watch the live recording on the San Antonio Startup Week YouTube channel. You can find the interview at the 3:31:55 mark:

About the guest: Hustle + Socialize is the premier and home-grown women’s entrepreneur conference here in Texas. Founded in 2018 by Christina Jovanna Olivarez and Michelle Vallejo, Hustle + Socialize was built by and for ambitious women of South Texas and throughout the Lone Star State. They bring together and empower women through conferences, summits, and workshops every year.


Where To Find/Follow Hustle + Socialize:






This episode is brought to you by Spectrum Reach & Live From The Southside. Thank you to our sponsors for supporting the podcast.

Oct 25, 202141:03
SA Talk #22 | Bennie Richardson (Extraordinary Gentlemen Podcast)
Oct 23, 202144:57
SA Talk #21 | Dr. Chawanna Chambers (AKA Dr. Chae)
Oct 16, 202154:56
Searching For SA | Felíz Modern/Rancho Diaz (Feat. Ginger & Mario Diaz)

Searching For SA | Felíz Modern/Rancho Diaz (Feat. Ginger & Mario Diaz)

Oct 11, 202131:33
SA Talk #20 | Kim Beechner
Oct 01, 202152:38
Searching For SA | Southbound Coffee (Feat. Adriana Ruiz)
Sep 27, 202130:14
Searching For SA | Child Advocates San Antonio (Feat. Angela White)
Sep 20, 202150:06
SA Talk #19 | Cora Lonning
Sep 17, 202149:29
SA Talk #18 | Catie White

SA Talk #18 | Catie White

On this week’s episode of SA Talk, Catie White (VP of Development at Family Service) joins the podcast to talk about volunteerism, community support, fundraising and how San Antonio can be better at all three. Throughout the conversation, Zach and Catie talk about some of their experiences, as well as what may lead to some people not volunteering or knowing how to give back to the community.

About Catie: Catie is a musician turned nonprofit fundraiser. A native of Birmingham, Alabama, she proudly calls San Antonio home. Catie has more than twelve years of professional nonprofit experience. She is an expert in nonprofit fundraising, donor cultivation, donor portfolio management, grant writing, event management, strategic planning, and marketing. Catie is devoted to creating a San Antonio that is strong for everyone, and towards that end, is highly engaged in the nonprofit community as a board member, volunteer, and community advocate.


Local Recommendation Of The Week (Brought to you by @SALunchador): Shiro Japanese Bistro


Question of the Week: What are your favorite volunteer opportunities in San Antonio?

Sep 10, 202154:28
Searching For SA | San Antonio River Authority (Feat. Derek Boese)
Sep 06, 202142:43
SA Talk #17 | Jared Kalmus + Adrian Bermudez (Alamodome Audible Podcast)
Sep 03, 202101:21:52
SA Talk #16 | San Antonio IG Foodies (Feat. The Masked Foodie & Reona Sasaki)
Aug 27, 202147:13
Searching For SA | SATX-Rated (Feat. Donovan Thomson)
Aug 23, 202154:56
SA Talk #15 | April Monterrosa
Aug 20, 202132:55
Searching For SA | Brooster's Backyard Ice House (Feat. Norm Velez)
Aug 09, 202136:44
SA Talk #14 | Thea Setterbo
Aug 06, 202157:26
SA Talk #13 | Irma Iris Duran

SA Talk #13 | Irma Iris Duran

This episode invites Irma Iris Duran on to the show to discuss how San Antonio, as a whole, can improve the lines of communication between schools and households. Irma is the Community Initiatives Administrator with the City of San Marcos, but is still a resident of San Antonio and has been for many years. She is very involved with local school districts, non-profits, boards and even campaigned recently for an NISD board of trustees role.

During the episode, you will hear host Zach Espericueta and Irma talk about the challenges that San Antonio has faced in the past and what the school districts in the city still face. From the digital divide to the pandemic, many families have taken a step back in 2020 and even into 2021. The two talk about some of the ways San Antonio can improve and overcome those obstacles.


Show/Guest Links: 

Texas Grandparents Raising Grandchildren FB Group: Digital Inclusion Alliance of SA: Volunteer Match SA: Senior Planet SA: Mindshift:

Where to Find/Follow Irma Duran:

Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Email:


Local Rec. of the Week (Brought to you by @salunchador): Al Carbon Pollos Asados


Question of the Week: How are you involved with your local neighborhood or community?

Jul 30, 202159:36
Searching For SA | Once In A Wild (Feat. Amanda Winter)
Jul 26, 202141:30
SA Talk #12 | Jennifer Navarrete
Jul 23, 202101:07:10
SA Talk #11 | Julian Trevino & Marisabel Jimenez (Live With J&M Podcast)
Jul 16, 202154:27
Searching For SA | Fahrenheit 209º Coffee (Feat. Amanda Meszaros)
Jul 12, 202129:32
SA Talk #10 | Demonte Alexander
Jul 09, 202146:19
SA Talk #9 | Cleto Rodriguez
Jul 02, 202101:01:35
Searching For SA | Any Baby Can Of San Antonio (Feat. Elyse Bernal)
Jun 28, 202147:30
SA Talk #8 | Morgan Hoogvelt
Jun 25, 202148:39
SA Talk #7 | Father's Day Special Episode
Jun 18, 202133:55
Searching For SA | Hemisfair (Feat. Andres Andujar)
Jun 14, 202137:01
SA Talk #6 | Olga Moucoulis
Jun 11, 202144:01
SA Talk #5 | Lizzy Perez
Jun 04, 202150:18
Searching For SA | Palo Alto College (Feat. Dr. Robert Garza)
May 31, 202152:43
SA Talk #4 | San Antonio Update
May 28, 202115:19
SA Talk #3 | Natalia Sabrina Ortiz
May 21, 202152:09
Searching For SA | World Affairs Council Of San Antonio (Feat. Armen Babajanian)
May 17, 202146:27
SA Talk #2 | Eric Olivarez
May 14, 202143:59
SA Talk #1 | Mother's Day Special Episode
May 09, 202144:22
Searching For SA | Bridal Buzz Podcast (Feat. Erika Perez)
May 03, 202139:29
[Archive]: Hustle + Socialize (feat. Christina Olivarez & Michelle Vallejo)
Apr 05, 202140:34
[Archive]: Boys & Girls Clubs Of San Antonio (Feat. Clara Guerrero)
Mar 29, 202140:25
[Archive]: Big Brothers Big Sisters Of South Texas (Feat. Hugh Farr)
Mar 22, 202134:44
[Archive]: Juanita Sepulveda

[Archive]: Juanita Sepulveda

3/15/2021 - Juanita Sepulveda joins the hosts to discuss her many ventures and what led her to this point in her life. She shares some of the obstacles she has had to face in her life that taught her valuable lessons.

Mar 15, 202121:38
[Archive]: NSITE High School (Feat. Randy Neuenfeldt, Principal)
Mar 08, 202129:53
[Archive]: San Antonio Museum of Science & Technology - SAMSAT (Feat. Doug King)
Mar 01, 202129:45
[Archive]: SBG Social Media Marketing (Feat. Christina Olivarez)
Feb 22, 202143:24
[Archive]: UTSA Alumni Association (Feat. Steve Woodall & Heather Green)
Feb 15, 202137:41
[Archive]: The Dating Doc (Feat. Chris Feliciano)
Feb 08, 202132:03
[Archive]: San Antonio Food Bank (Feat. Eric Cooper, CEO)
Feb 01, 202139:55
[Archive]: Venture For America (Feat. Sarah Olivarez, Director of SA)
Jan 25, 202136:59
[Archive]: Selena The Series (Feat. San Antonio Native, Raymond Perez)
Jan 11, 202128:02
[Archive]: Wong's Bodega (Feat. Raul Salinas)
Jan 04, 202124:45
[Archive]: YOLO TX (Feat. Aerin Carreno & Ariel Tawil)
Dec 21, 202031:46
[Archive]: VIVA Brewery (Feat. Bobby Jones & Michael Johnson)
Dec 14, 202034:09
[Archive]: Haven For Hope (Feat. Celeste Eggert)
Dec 07, 202031:47
[Archive]: A Teacher's Perspective 2: Two Local Educators Discuss How COVID-19 Has Impacted Their Students

[Archive]: A Teacher's Perspective 2: Two Local Educators Discuss How COVID-19 Has Impacted Their Students

11/30/2020 - The hosts follow up an earlier episode that interviewed two local educators. This time, two different educators are interviewed to give their perspectives on how the school year has gone so far. One is an administrator and the other is a special education teacher; you may know him as James Espinosa AKA @SirEdwardJames, South Texas podcaster & HS football sports broadcaster. James even gives us his take on the recent top draft pick of the San Antonio Spurs. Both educators provide different angles on how the coronavirus has affected their districts, yet show us that we can still be positive throughout all the challenges. Also, they discuss how the virtual learning environment probably won't be leaving any time soon.

Where To Find/Follow James Espinosa:

Personal Twitter:

Podcast Twitter:



Nov 30, 202040:14
[Archive]: Scooby Van Of San Antonio (Feat. Linda Pearson)
Nov 23, 202027:39
[Archive]: Leading You To & Through Retirement (feat. Zachary Espericueta, Independent Advisor)
Nov 16, 202025:39
[Archive]: Pabst Blue Ribbon (Feat. Matt Bruhn, GM)
Nov 09, 202017:53
[Archive]: Padilla Law PLLC (Feat. Jose Padilla)
Nov 02, 202022:54
[Archive]: Amor Eterno (feat. Aaron Pena & Brian Correa)
Oct 26, 202023:38
[Archive]: Some Elbow Room (feat. Erin & Patrick Callahan)
Oct 19, 202021:25
[Archive]: Pre-K 4 SA (Feat. Sarah Baray & Elaine Mendoza)
Oct 12, 202030:10
[Archive]: Junior League Of San Antonio (Feat. Courtney Ringelstein)
Oct 05, 202023:26
[Archive]: Jaime's Place (Feat. Jaime Macias)
Sep 28, 202018:34
[Archive]: Startups San Antonio (feat. Iris Gonzalez)
Sep 21, 202032:48
[Archive]: Coffeecionado (Feat. Patricia Butler)
Sep 14, 202026:02
[Archive]: Buying A Home In San Antonio (Feat. Amanda Grothues)
Aug 31, 202026:29
[Archive]: Live From The Southside (feat. April Monterrosa)
Aug 24, 202021:27
[Archive]: Mission To Education (feat. Ashley Faz)

[Archive]: Mission To Education (feat. Ashley Faz)

8/17/2020 - In this week’s episode, guest Ashley Faz from Mission To Education joins the podcast. Ashley shares her story and discusses how her non-profit organization helps teachers by providing them with classroom supplies. Teachers can spend upwards of $500+ out of their own pocket on classroom items every year. Ashley's organization helps alleviate some of their stress by raising money to provide our local teachers with the supplies they need.

Aug 17, 202024:03
[Archive]: Active Capital (feat. Cat Dizon)
Aug 10, 202029:04
[Archive]: A Teacher's Perspective - An Interview With Two Educators About COVID-19

[Archive]: A Teacher's Perspective - An Interview With Two Educators About COVID-19

8/3/2020 - In this week's episode, the hosts are joined by two teachers from different school districts in San Antonio. They provide insight into how the Coronavirus affected them last spring and what to expect this upcoming school year. Listen in to hear some of the changes that schools will be implementing this fall. You won't want to miss this episode, as these teachers share with us their first-hand experiences. 

Aug 03, 202034:58
[Archive]: 7to7 Dental & Orthodontics (feat. Travis Dezuba)
Jul 27, 202029:44
[Archive]: In The Weeds Natural Skin Care (feat. Lika Torline)
Jul 13, 202045:15
[Archive]: Ohana Academy (feat. Jason Yerrington)
Jul 06, 202048:44
[Archive]: Quick Sip Coffee (Feat. Jacob Hurrell-Zitelman)
Jun 15, 202035:18