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GENUINE, the podcast

GENUINE, the podcast

By Sarah Lipton

Co-hosts Sarah Lipton and Dr. Carlton Green converse with amazing humans from around the world who are sparking with kindness and igniting with creativity and inspiration because NOW is the time to show up and be who you are. The darkness of these times demands that we lean into our experience, investigate the shadows and choose to live a genuine life, anyway. We embrace the grumpy, toil with uncertainty, wrestle with discovery and challenge, and honesty, depth and truth by guiding listeners to be present and gently reflect on their own experience.
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16: Learning to Trust Yourself

GENUINE, the podcastMay 01, 2021

16: Learning to Trust Yourself

16: Learning to Trust Yourself

Sarah Lipton and Dr. Carlton E. Green welcome you to another episode of GENUINE, the podcast!

We cannot be fully genuine unless there is some measure of trust. So the journey of remembering how to be genuine dovetails with us learning to trust ourselves. Today, Carlton and Sarah introduce a diverse group of people who all think about things deeply and are willing to be open and vulnerable in sharing their stories. They pull back the curtain on the topic of trust and dive into what it means to trust yourself.

The world feels tumultuous right now for many different reasons, and there has been a lot of uncertainty lately. Covid has been a common experience for everyone, and that environment has presented many new questions and provided many new and exciting opportunities. However, when new opportunities arise and we need to pivot, many of us don’t know what we are supposed to do. Some of us might look to others for help in understanding things more clearly or figuring out what the next step is going to be.

Sarah and Carlton encourage you to relax, feel into your body and vulnerabilities, and stay present with this moment. Pause and allow yourself to be. Know that you are safe wherever you are.

Show highlights:

  • Dr. David Rivera is our first guest for today. Many things have gone into his journey of learning to trust himself.
  • Aaron Lurin feels that trusting himself is the only thing he can do with 100% confidence.
  • Amy Lepage’s approach to helping people trust themselves involves deep listening and building awareness.
  • Dr. Corey Capers had some difficult family dynamics. He has had to navigate different worlds as a biracial person. Learning to trust himself was a complicated and primal challenge.
  • Yvonne Hawkins experienced sexual harassment and sexual abuse. It disrupted her sense of safety, and healing from it was the key to her learning to trust herself.
  • Sarah Galbraith and Sarah Lipton connected around a piece she wrote about caring for the earth. She talks about dealing with our stuff and living into our experience as a way to learn to trust ourselves.
  • Tiffany Thomas loves to serve people. The book, A Course in Miracles changed her life. It taught her to use love rather than pain to learn to trust herself.

About our guests:

Dr. David Rivera  is a friend Carlton met while at graduate school. He is an Associate Professor of Counselor Education at Queen’s College in New York. He is also a scholar, author, researcher, consultant, and leader in his field.

Aaron Lurin is Sarah’s eighteen-year-old cousin who is currently a student in Austen, Texas. Sarah and Aaron have always had a strong connection.

Amy Lepage is a friend of Sarah’s from Montpelier, Vermont. She is a prenatal yoga instructor and a somatic embodiment teacher.

Dr. Corey Capers is Carlton’s friend and fraternity brother. He is also a father and husband. He is a historian, he studied with Angela Davis, and he served as a professor at the university level. Corey is brilliant and thinks about the world in very complex ways.

Yvonne Hawkins is Carlton’s friend. She was an award-winning newspaper journalist and a media executive. She is currently in Chicago, at the Garrett Theological Seminary, studying how to foster healing for black folks living with racial trauma.

Sarah Galbraith is a mother, writer, and journalist. She and Sarah Lipton connected around a piece she wrote about caring for the earth.

Tiffany Thomas serves as a city councilperson in Houston, Texas. She is an Assistant Professor at Prairie View A&M University, where she serves as a program coordinator.

May 01, 202101:01:33
15: The Promise of Spring

15: The Promise of Spring

Dr. Carlton E. Green and Sarah Lipton welcome you to this latest episode of GENUINE, the podcast! If you are anything like them, you could be feeling a little drained and fatigued right now. Not only from surviving the pandemic but also from living day-to-day with everything that’s been going on in the news recently.

Derek Chauvin was found guilty of the murder of George Floyd last week. Sixteen-year-old Ma'Khia Bryant got shot and killed by police in Columbus, Ohio. And the use of Johnson & Johnson vaccines got put on hold due to the possibility of deadly side effects. Not to mention an increase in suicide mortality rates, mental health diagnoses related to Covid-19, and the mass shootings in the United States in the last month.

With all of that going on, Carlton and Sarah decided to check in with you, the listeners, today. In this episode, they offer their thoughts on how to be present amid the turmoil of the times. They reflect on how they are doing and share how they are trying to be.

Sarah and Carlton hope you will enjoy hearing their conversation today. They urge you to pause, take a breath, and be present in this moment. And remember that now more than ever is the time to listen, spark, and ignite.

Show highlights:

  • Allow yourself to tune into your body breathing. Still your mind, and let your heart stay open.
  • We need to give ourselves permission to check in with ourselves and with each other.
  • Carlton helps people to connect in community and carry the burdens that communities carry. All of that feels quite oppressive for him right now.
  • Sarah sees the opportunity for learning, understanding, and growth in all that has been going on recently.
  • Growth can feel tiring.
  • Sarah talks about living beyond hope.
  • Carlton defines hope.
  • Learning to reside and cope in this place, with all the burdens and pain. And learning to stay with all your experiences, regardless of how painful they are.
  • Sarah and Carlton talk about pain. And letting go.
  • Carlton shares a powerful quote from the book, Against Racism by Valerie Kaur.
  • Stress can be exhausting! Focusing on your breath can help you relax. 

Links and resources:

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Book mentioned:

Against Racism by Valerie Kaur

Apr 24, 202146:16
14: Living on the Earth

14: Living on the Earth

Thank you for joining us for the latest episode of GENUINE, the podcast! This episode is all about being on the good green earth. Today, Sarah Lipton joins up with Dr. Carlton E. Green once again to share some interesting snippets with you, the listeners. We will be traveling to Israel to talk with Sarah’s cousin, Shira Danin, who works at a zoo. And we will also be visiting the Good Heart Farmstead in Worcester, Vermont, where we will be talking to farmers, Kate Spring, and Edge Fuentes.

Today, Sarah and Carlton offer you an opportunity to connect to the earth, tune in, and be present. You will hear Sarah’s interview with her cousin, Shira, where she shares the story of how she came out of a life-changing struggle into something unexpected, interesting, unique, and fun! After that, you will hear Sarah’s conversation with Kate and Edge, the two local Vermont farmers she visited at their gorgeous mountainside organic farm.

Wherever you are in the world, and whatever you are doing right now, Sarah and Carlton urge you to take some time out to sit back, relax, and enjoy taking in what they have to share with you on the podcast today.

Show highlights:

  • Shira talks about her journey.
  • Shira discusses the physical problem that started while she was hiking in Kathmandu.
  • Shira eventually got diagnosed with fibromyalgia a year after she was in the hospital.
  • Shira loves animals. She talks about a random encounter that resulted in her getting a part-time job working with animals.
  • From not being able to move, Shira went to working full-time. She talks about what she does in her job.
  • The fibromyalgia ended up getting Shira to where she needed to go in her life.
  • Learning to see the good in doing what you want to do.
  • Kate and Edge talk about what they focus on at the Good Heart Farmstead.
  • Kate shares the core mission of the Good Heart Farmstead.
  • Kate explains why they named their farm the Good Heart Farmstead and discusses their approach to farming.
  • Kate explains how she and Edge reinforce their direct connection with the soil.
  • Kate explains from where their inspiration for creating the Good Heart Farmstead came.
  • Kate and Edge talk about how their subsidies work.
  • How becoming more sustainable helps Kate and Edge to be more effective in serving others.
  • Edge talks about finding the beauty in farming.
  • Kate talks about where her spark comes from.

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Apr 17, 202144:59
13: Are We Hardwired? with Dr. Ron Siegel

13: Are We Hardwired? with Dr. Ron Siegel

Welcome to the latest episode of GENUINE, the podcast! Today, Dr. Carlton E. Green and Sarah Lipton are happy to have the author and teacher, Dr. Ron Siegel, as our guest. Dr. Siegel is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School and Board of Directors Faculty Member at the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy.

Dr. Siegel has a warm, humorous, down-to-earth approach to thinking about how we navigate relationships, which is why we invited him to be a guest on the podcast. His many years of work, study, teaching and writing in the field of psychology and meditation has led him to a clear understanding of how we, as humans, tend to get caught up in cycles of dominance and delusion, and what it takes for us to engage in a life that has wellness, balance, and truth.

In this episode, you will hear Dr. Siegel shares his thoughts on what the journey of being genuine entails and how to approach a relationship. We also offer a guided meditation for you to engage in empathy and to rouse compassion. Enjoy the exquisite cello piece composed and performed specially for the podcast by Paul and Melissa Perley. Stay to the end to hear the fabulous genuine definition by Crys Goure, who did the beautiful cover design for Sarah's book "The Harmony of Dissonance.”

Carlton and Sarah spent many hours working on this episode and encourage you to take time to soak it up and listen.

Show highlights:

  • Dr. Siegel shares from the perspective of his training what the journey of being who we are looks like.
  • The more we can embrace our messiness, the more compassionate we can become toward ourselves. And the more compassionate we are toward ourselves, the more compassionate we can become toward others.
  • There are benefits to rousing the necessary courage to lean into being gentle and vulnerable in our relationships.
  • Dr. Siegel discusses our social dilemma.
  • Dr. Siegel talks about meditating when we are feeling vulnerable or experiencing painful emotions.
  • Leaning into the balance between our vulnerability and executive function when we are in a position of helping someone else.
  • Dr. Siegel explains the fundamental ground of empathy. And empathic resonance.
  • We discuss engaging with compassion versus engaging with empathy.
  • Dr. Siegel talks about what the word 'genuine' means to him.
  • Dr. Siegel discusses our human preoccupation with social dominance.
  • There is value in risking being genuine.

Links and resources:

Dr. Ron Siegel:
Paul & Melissa Perley:
Crys Goure:
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Apr 10, 202101:12:10
12: Three Badass Asian American Women

12: Three Badass Asian American Women

Welcome to another episode of GENUINE, the podcast. Spark is a word you might hear mentioned frequently in the GENUINE community. For Dr. Carlton E. Green, co-host of the podcast, spark reflects the energy related to an epiphany after he has been reflecting on something, or a shift he feels as a result of some deeper understanding he has gained. Sometimes, spark could even occur as we relate to others. For this episode, Carlton has invited three self-proclaimed "badass" Asian American women to a roundtable discussion, hoping that they might all experience that spark.

We live in a time with record levels of hatred and reported hate incidents leveled towards Asian and Asian American people. Many listeners may be aware of the anti-Asian hatred and violence that have come to the fore recently, in the conversations about and the movement for racial justice in the United States lately. According to a recent peer research center survey, three in ten Asian Americans have reported experiencing racist jokes or racial slurs since the pandemic began. In their latest national briefing, disclosed 3,795 anti-Asian hate incidents between March 2020 and February 2021. And then, in mid-March, a man murdered eight people in the area of Atlanta, Georgia. Six of them were Asian women working in Asian owned businesses.

At GENUINE, we are interested in experiences of genuineness. We wanted to talk to some people about how they manage to live through this time in our nation’s history. So we invited three Asian American psychologists to discuss the harm that is happening to people from the Asian diaspora. And to share their expertise because we wanted to hear about their experiences as Asian-American women living through this challenging and overwhelming time.

It is important to note that while all our guests identify as Asian American, they are ethnically diverse. Marcia identifies as Chinese American. Cirleen identifies as a multiracial Asian American. And Kim is a Korean American transnational transracial adoptee.

We invite you to take a deep breath and soak into this potent episode.

Show highlights:

  • Kim, Cirleen, and Marcia talk about how they experienced, in their bodies, the recent news and images about the violence perpetrated against Asian and Asian American folks.
  • Tapping into the heart pain is a significant aspect of the racially violent experience.
  • Marcia, Cirleen, and Kim discuss the effects that anti-Asian racism and violence have been having on communities of people. Particularly on the Asian and Asian American folks.
  • Kim talks about the visibility and the invisibility that Asian and Asian American folks face due to the current situation.
  • There are times when Asian and Asian American folks may not talk about race because the white supremacy culture has set them up not to have a voice. That has become very upsetting, hurtful, and possibly even dangerous to Asian and Asian American folks, particularly women. Our guests discuss what that has felt like for them.
  • Cirleen talks about Asian and Asian American people are being re-traumatized.
  • A fresh public voice is emerging out of this conversation. And that is another hard part of what is happening right now for Asian American women in particular.
  • Asian folks often get regarded as the model minority. Marcia, Cirleen, and Kim talk about what that means to them and how it affects people.
  • Some recent reports in the public sphere have highlighted schisms or violence between black and Asian people. Our guests give their take on the way that gets produced in the news media.
  • Our guests share some strengths that they are drawing on right now to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Apr 06, 202152:15
11: Living Truth

11: Living Truth

Welcome to another episode of GENUINE, the podcast!

Spring is finally taking wing here in Vermont, and because of the frantic pace of everything, we want to offer you this episode, to give you a chance to calm down and just be for a little bit. Today's episode is called "Living Truth" because when when we slow down to be present with our experience, we are, in fact, living truth.

We’re talking about being present and mindfulness today. My interview with John Bailes, an old friend and teacher of mine, gives us an introduction to mindfulness. John lives in Somerville, Massachusetts, (which he claims is the hipster capital of the world!) and John is a long-time practitioner of meditation. I have worked closely with him on my own journey, with meditation, mindfulness, awareness, presence, and the deeper elements of how to be human.

Now, we invite you to give yourself some time to sit back, relax, listen and just be.

Show highlights:

  • John talks about what he does in the world and what he teaches people to do.
  • John explains what it means to be a Zen priest.
  • A large part of John’s work entails helping people open to the vulnerability of being exactly where they are in the present moment.
  • John explains where the dedication of his community lies and what they practice.
  • John talks about the Zen vow to opening and explains how it affects people.
  • John describes what happens in a seven-day intensive session.
  • Empowering people to let go.
  • When we are fully who we are, it allows others to be fully who they are.
  • Most people allow fear to run their lives. And they don’t trust.
  • John explains what he means by saying that we are trapped by the grammar and syntax of our constructed world.
  • John defines the word ‘genuine’.
  • John urges you to follow your own path as it opens before you. It will not be a straight line, nor what you imagined it to be.
  • Being present is being fully alive.
  • Presence has become a buzz-word in the world of psychology today.
  • I lead you through a simple way to be mindful and explain what that will bring to you.
  • It is vital that you feel worthy as a leader.

Links and resources:

  1. One Heart Zen,
  2. Steve Hartmann, musician
  3. Jeffrey Lipton, pottery:

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Mar 20, 202148:43
10: One Year In: Reconnect With Yourself

10: One Year In: Reconnect With Yourself

This one is dedicated to you, the Mamas out there!

Thank you for joining me for the tenth episode of GENUINE, the podcast. It has been a whole year since we were immobilized by the lockdown and stricken by the panic and fear of the pandemic. A full year has passed since our collective world altered irrevocably, and I hold in my heart all the pandemics of racism that have unfurled amongst so much angst, pain, and grief.

It has been a torturous year for all of us. So I will bare my heart and share some of my story with you today. I always wanted kids, and I am super glad that I waited a long time to have them. But I am a writer, a creator, a dreamer, and a visionary. I am constantly burning with the desire and the need to create. So, I never wanted to be with them full-time. Although I am always burning with the awareness of what’s possible, it wasn’t until the enforced presencing with my young family last year that I allowed myself to settle fully into my bones as a mother. And it has been challenging!

I have recently been unpacking some of the places I have been stuck, that I didn’t even know about. And I have also tentatively started to trust myself. The only thing that has kept me alive, and allowed me a semblance of sanity over the past year, is the ability to be present.

So I invite you to settle down for a moment and travel back in time with me as I open my heart and share the story of how I created the foundation of the work I have devoted my life to do.

Show highlights:

  • I never even knew I had fear until I had children. And I never really understood the word anxiety until we hit the pandemic. It is shocking how much it hurts!
  • Worldwide, we have hit more than two-and-a-half million deaths from Covid-19.
  • I can’t shake off the awareness of the racial pandemic our country continues to face.
  • I have been unpacking some of the places I have been stuck and learning to trust myself.
  • I share the story about how my friend and I birthed a potent practice to guide us through the creative process. It created the foundation of the work I would devote the rest of my life to doing, called The Presence Point. It is six steps to expressing from genuine presence.
  • I have always believed in omens and signs from life that point you where you need to go.
  • I wrote a whole draft of a book but did not publish it because I realized that I had an important choice to make first.
  • The six steps of The Presence Point became the foundation of the work that I did with hundreds of leaders, through my first business.
  • Six years ago, I wanted to create a podcast to showcase the power of someone who genuinely sparks in the world. And I also co-wrote a book with my cousin, called The Harmony of Dissonance.
  • In 2018, I decided to focus on the work that was burning within me.
  • When the pandemic hit a year ago, it felt like everything shattered.
  • I finally realized that it was time to stop holding back.
  • I am now at the center of myself and ready to share my core work with you.
  • Step one is to be present with your experience, no matter what.


Join Sarah for a special one-hour zoom session designed to help you reconnect to yourself at GENUINE:

Thanks to Paul and Melissa Perley for the music:

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Mar 13, 202128:20
09: The Lesson of Betrayal is Trust with Krishna Das

09: The Lesson of Betrayal is Trust with Krishna Das

Welcome to the 9th episode of Genuine, the podcast! I am thrilled to be able to introduce you to the incomparable Krishna Das! Krishna, or KD as his fans call him, is an award winning vocalist with a particular gift for blending kirtan chanting with modern instrumentation.

I’ve been following Krishna since the early 2000’s, and it was amazing to finally be able to sit down and have a conversation with KD. If you’ve never heard of KD before, you’re in for a treat. We get him to do some chanting for us today on the show, and you’ll get to hear some of his best work.

Today, you’ll hear KD’s struggle with success and betrayal, as well as being able to witness his chanting and explore some of his music. So, I encourage you to take a moment to retreat into this episode and explore the lessons of betrayal with us!

Show Highlights:

  • I share what is most important to me as far as being genuine in the world, in my conversation with Carlton.
  • Carlton shares how he processes his emotions through writing.
  • The transformative power of writing has impacted Carlton in a healing and restorative way.
  • By being willing to ask the questions and lean into those questions, it paves the way for reparations.
  • The story of the shiny bowl and the lesson for how we see ourselves.
  • Lessons learned from Octavia Butler’s writing
  • How Krishna Das defines Genuine
  • KD shares the difficulties we encounter in just being ourselves
  • We all need someone to turn the light on for us at some point in our lives.
  • What KD learned from his experience in a cult.
  • Learning trust through betrayal
  • The principle of our enlightenment being up to us.
  • The wounds we carry from the expectations of others.
  • The spark KD’s Guru left with him.
  • KD shares his chanting practice with us.
  • The importance of understanding why it is important to trust yourself.

Resources Mentioned:

Krishna Das:

Join GENUINE, the community to enter the conversation and step into our Positive Mind Challenge:

Books by Octavia Butler:

Wild Seed

Parable of the Sower

Mar 06, 202101:01:27
08: Sparks of Inspiration

08: Sparks of Inspiration

Welcome to the 8th episode of GENUINE, the podcast! Today we travel back in time and space to two interviews from four years ago when there was no pandemic and it was possible to wander around a city playing hacky-sack with somebody.

On today's archival episode, Sarah and Carlton talk about two interviews Sarah conducted, both focused on sparks of inspiration, in two very different arenas.

Eugene Coneglan is a fascinating guy from New Zealand who left his government career to teach people around the world how to hacky sack. Jim Infantino is a deeply genuine, creative musician, author and web developer from Boston, Massachusetts.

As Sarah says, "Leaning into where we are sparked is super powerful," so regardless of where you are right now and how you might be doing, give yourself the gift of a pause to settle in, listen, and enjoy the journey as it unfolds.

Show highlights:

  • Carlton and I talk about what inspires us.
  • Eugene talks about the life he is pursuing.
  • Eugene shares how he developed his passion for Hacky Sack.
  • The impact that Hacky Sack has made in Eugene’s life.
  • What Eugene learned from Austin, his friend, and mentor.
  • Eugene shares what he did to pursue his calling.
  • What you will gain from playing Hacky Sack.
  • Jim talks about his experience of the creative process.
  • Jim discusses from where the idea for the book he is writing came.
  • Jim explains what fulfills him when it comes to web design and songwriting.
  • How Jean-Paul Satre and Simone de Beauvoir influenced Jim’s understanding of communication.
  • Jim describes the communications he likes to create and talks about what fulfills him the most, creatively.
  • Jim talks about his napkin poetry shows.
  • The trap with creativity.
  • Jim talks about inspiration.
  • Why you should take a risk and something every day that pushes your boundaries.


Join GENUINE, the community to enter the conversation and step into our Positive Mind Challenge:

Jim Infantino:

Eugene Coneglan:

Feb 27, 202142:32
07: Permission to Be Who You Are

07: Permission to Be Who You Are

Welcome to another episode of GENUINE, the podcast. Today, Carlton and I have a conversation about how we can give ourselves permission to be exactly as we are. We take a deep dive into an experience I had recently, which brought forth the message that Sharon Salzberg shared with us on the podcast in a recent episode: “When You Are in Hell, Keep Going.”

Sometimes, a conversation is the best medicine. That is how I feel when Carlton and I talk to one another. We sincerely hope that our inner exploration is of benefit to you too! In this episode, we share the message that we can transform through feeling whatever is arising, and we can challenge ourselves to be bold. You will also hear some wonderful music from two sets of musicians. So settle down for a while, relax, listen in, and just be.

Show highlights:

  • Give yourself a few moments to be present, breathe, and feel your body.
  • Carlton and I talk about what’s going on with us right now, in the present moment.
  • Inattentiveness to your body’s sensations could cause disease.
  • I recount a recent experience to illustrate a message left with us by Sharon Saltzberg.
  • Giving myself permission to feel, lean into, and stay with the physical sensations of shame helped me to move through it.
  • When we pause, name what is going on with us, and decide to be present in our experience, there is the possibility that everything will shift.
  • Your willingness to keep going when you’re in hell and to meet the demons and feed them will transform your experience.
  • Your attention can shift an entire dynamic.
  • I explain what the first step to awareness is.
  • We urge you to think about what you can be curious about in your body, in this present moment. (Remember to take a deep breath).
  • Our bodies are wise. They know how to guide us through all our experiences.
  • Dealing with the anxiety that we feel when an aspect of racism becomes a stimulus between people by staying present.
  • Carlton discusses an article called White Debt from the New York Times.
  • What happens to you when you can’t express yourself.
  • You are the only one who can permit yourself to genuinely be who you are.
  • You can begin by offering yourself some gentleness in difficult moments.

Links and resources:

Join our community and step into the Positive Mind Challenge at GENUINE:

Eula Biss wrote the article called White Debt in the New York Times.

Thanks to Revival for the music:

Thanks to Paul and Melissa Perley for their music:

Feb 20, 202142:03
06: Compassion & Decency with Tejumo Ogouma

06: Compassion & Decency with Tejumo Ogouma

Just in time for Valentines weekend, we are pleased to offer you the 6th episode of GENUINE, the podcast. While it is a traditional time of celebrating love, I, your podcast host – Sarah Lipton – investigate two less-obvious aspects of love: self-compassion and decency towards others.

If you were looking for a romantic, sappy podcast, this is not it. If, however, you are looking for a soft, internal antidote for all of life’s troubles, then you have come to the right place. Tune in and listen, wherever you get your podcasts!

When we tune in to the sensation of true, deep, genuine love, we tap into the innate truth that we are *made* of love. If we awaken our compassion for ourselves first, it allows us to extend loving kindness towards others.

In this episode, I offer you 10 minutes of loving-kindness meditation, AND we round out the episode with a recent conversation I had with my friend, Tejumo Ogouma, investigating the theme of decency. I warmly invite you to give yourself some loving-kindness by joining us today.

Show highlights:

  • We go deeply into loving kindness with our contemplative practice.
  • Tejumo re-introduces himself.
  • Tejumo shares a word that came up for him.
  • What the word “decency” means to Tejumo.
  • The qualities of decency.
  • Looking at decency from the individual level.
  • The need for decency on a political level.
  • Leadership and decency.
  • Why decency is so important.
  • Decency touches everything.
  • It is our responsibility to be decent.

Links to share:

Feb 13, 202132:01
05: When You're Going Through Hell Keep Moving with Sharon Salzberg

05: When You're Going Through Hell Keep Moving with Sharon Salzberg

Welcome to the fifth episode of Genuine, The Podcast. It is now a month since January 6th, a day in America that will go down in history for many reasons. That was also a day when I had a profoundly sweet conversation with Sharon Salzberg, the renowned meditation teacher. As the creator of this podcast, I love all my episode babies, but I am particularly happy with this one, so please stay tuned!

Sharon Salzberg is a prominently regarded western meditation teacher and a New York Times bestselling author. She is also the co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society, one of the premier meditation communities in the western world. Sharon hosts a podcast called the Metta Hour, and she has written many books, including Real Love, the Art of Mindful Connection, and Real Change, Mindfulness to Heal Ourselves and the World. In today’s conversation, she shares a series of helpful insights and spends some time guiding us in meditation. I have been drawn to Sharon’s teachings for many years, and it was a deep honor and delight to share the space of an interview with her. I warmly invite you to join us today to hear our wonderfully enlightening conversation.

Show highlights:

  • There is a lot of brokenness currently in people’s perspectives around the issue of “whiteness”. We invite you to reflect on how whiteness or other aspects of identity play out in your sphere of influence.
  • I woke up to the awareness that I had always been hiding under a rug of shame.
  • Sharon shares about what the journey of becoming who we are looks like.
  • Sharon discusses what happens to us when we get stuck with our deeply held patterns, like shame.
  • Shifting and opening to vulnerability in the way we navigate our relationships.
  • Sharon shares something profound that she learned from Ram Das about vulnerability a few years ago.
  • Sharon explains how we can settle into ourselves to embrace the process of change.
  • Sharon guides us through a meditation practice.
  • Sharon discusses what the word “genuine” means to her.
  • We discuss you need to keep going when you’re going through a difficult time.

Links and resources:

Genuine Network

Sarah Lipton’s website

Sharon Salzberg’s website

Music by: Sebastian Zel & Phoebe Wu

Jim Infantino

Jonathan Sousa

GENUINE defined by Justin Michael Williams

Feb 06, 202158:17
04: Changing the World Through the Power of Listening with Tejumo Ogouma

04: Changing the World Through the Power of Listening with Tejumo Ogouma

Welcome to another episode of Genuine, The Podcast. Today, we are going on a journey to Bamako in Mali, West Africa, to visit my good friend, Tejumo Ogouma.

Although the conversation with Tejumo got recorded four years ago, the potency of the power of listening remains true. That’s why I wanted to share this episode with you right now. So, wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, take some time to slow down and listen.

Tejumo lived in Mali and worked for the Canadian government. He was in charge of a food security program in Mali that focused on rural development, irrigation, and farmer training. Most of the farmers in the program were women in cooperatives. Tejumo helped them to move the value chain from production and storage to exporting the goods they produced.

It seems that the way Tejumo did his work was through listening. In our conversation, he shared the moments when he truly listened and spoke about the times when he demonstrated that he could listen and make space for the people with whom he was working. Be sure to stay tuned today to hear how Tejumo could show up and be present for others.

Show highlights:

  • Tejumo talks about where he grew up.
  • The journey that brought him to where he is now.
  • He shares the things that opened his eyes to a different dimension of life.
  • Tejumo talks about the promise he made to himself.
  • He shares how he learned to remain present without judging, to listen carefully, and to respect the differences brought to the table.
  • His life has been about living from one culture to another and adapting.
  • Tejumo describes what it feels like for him in a moment where he meets someone with whom he has no idea how to connect.
  • We cannot fix the suffering of others. Tejumo talks about what we can do instead, to help suffering people.
  • Tejumo talks about his daily life in Afghanistan.
  • Tejumo discusses what he hopes to achieve during his time in Mali.

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03: A Meditation of Support

03: A Meditation of Support

Welcome to Genuine, the Podcast. We are doing something a little different today. We decided to step away from the conventional route, offer you a little guided meditation, and share some gorgeous meditative music by Chris Collins. We wanted to allow you to take a moment to pause and just be because that is the most important thing we can do to support ourselves as humans. So stay tuned, relax, and enjoy the tranquillity.

We all need to learn how to stay present with ourselves and our experience. Learning to lean into who we are means we can show up, be genuine in the world, and stay present with ourselves through any situation, no matter how challenging it might be. Find a quiet place and settle down for the next few minutes. We know you are going to love today’s meditation!

Remember to listen to the end of the show to hear the special guest appearance by Krishna Das, where he defines what the word “genuine” means to him.

Show highlights:

  • Why we need to learn how to feel whatever we feel whenever we feel it.
  • You will benefit from learning to stay with yourself through moments of discomfort.
  • Sarah shares a story to inspire you to stay present.
  • Although it takes guts to stay present and be true to yourself, it’s certainly worth the effort!
  • This moment is just for you!
  • Krishna Das shares his thoughts about the word “genuine”.

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Music Credits:

Stress Melt by Chris Collins -

“To The Heavens” by Jonathan Sousa

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02: Genuine Inspiration to Unlock Your True Gifts with Kute Blackson

02: Genuine Inspiration to Unlock Your True Gifts with Kute Blackson

Welcome to Genuine, the Podcast. I’m Sarah Lipton, and my co-host is Carlton Green. Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to our guest, Kute Blackson. I first interviewed Kute for The Best Year Of Your Life Summit.

Kute Blackson was born in Ghana, West Africa. His multicultural upbringing as the child of a Japanese mother and a Ghanaian father gives him a unique lineage that lays the foundation for his approach to breaking down barriers and unlocking an individual’s true gifts. He is a charismatic speaker, known for his visionary and transformational teachings, and the author of the nationally bestselling book, You Are the One. Kute’s work focuses on offering a fresh and bold look at spiritual awareness. Stay tuned for more!

Today, we will share my interview with Kute and feature some of his inspirational music. You will also hear an exciting snippet of a new song by Justin Michael Williams. In this episode, we unpack what genuine means to Kute, and he talks to us about what inspires him. Be sure to stay tuned all the way to the end of the show, when you will hear my cousin, Regina Krummell, who co-authored my new book, The Harmony of Dissonance, and her husband, William, define the word genuine.

Show highlights:

  • Kute explains what being genuine means to him.
  • Being genuine is an embodied experience.
  • What is required for us to be genuine.
  • Why being genuine can be scary for some people.
  • Kute talks about what sparks and inspires him as a human.
  • Kute has always felt a deep impulse to be of service to humanity. He discusses his evolution in terms of that.
  • Kute explains how he turns his internal work to the benefit of humanity.
  • Kute talks about making life happen versus stepping back and allowing himself to be guided and led by life.
  • It requires trust to live in harmony with nature and still be creative.
  • Why we need to surrender and let go.

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01: Introducing GENUINE, the Podcast
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