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North Stars with Bonnie Prestridge

North Stars with Bonnie Prestridge

By Bonnie Prestridge and Sarah Williams

Bonnie coaches young people with health conditions and their families to help them get unstuck and build a future. Join Bonnie as she and her guests discuss their experiences with different health conditions, disabilities, or neurodivergence. Like the North Star, this show is here to be a guiding light to help you expand the horizons of what's possible for your life, and to build the practical skills to get there. We ditch the try harder and think positive mindsets of mainstream self-improvement for an approach to life that's more authentic, effective, and fun.
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Whistle While You ADHD

North Stars with Bonnie PrestridgeAug 02, 2023

Disability Isn't a Dirty Word Part 1

Disability Isn't a Dirty Word Part 1

In this mini episode, Bonnie shares a piece she wrote on her blog about how she thinks about the word disability. This is part 1 of 3.

The words we use to describe our chronic health condition aren’t just words, they are bridges that connect us with others, tools that help us get what we need, and sources of power that give us strength to carry on. They can also be markers of shame and walls separating us from others. This is the first in a series of posts exploring different meanings of the controversial word "disability". My hope is that it will expand the way you think about your chronic health condition and help you feel more confident talking about yourself.

Need help building a life when your brain or body is different? Bonnie coaches folks one-on-one. For more info: ⁠⁠

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Oct 19, 202307:59
Hardwired to Adapt

Hardwired to Adapt

Today's guest and North Star, Amber, talks about life with an amputation, and the unique experience of having an amputation since birth.

Get ready for a funny and irreverent convo that includes:

- DIY Prosthetics

- The creative power of disability

- Appalachian Culture

- What movies get wrong about bullying

- Finding true disabled love

You’ll especially love this episode if you:

- Want to hear about having a disability in a rural setting

- Wish people weren’t always so serious and sad about disabilities

- Are worried about dating when your body looks different than other people’s

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Need help building a life when your brain or body is different?

Bonnie coaches folks one-on-one.

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Sep 01, 202342:45
Whistle While You ADHD
Aug 02, 202340:56
Why the North Star?

Why the North Star?

Bonnie explains how she and her clients develop North Stars to help guide their work. Bonnie draws on her work as a life coach for young people, with a specialty in working with people with disabilities and health conditions, to provide specific examples of North Stars. What North Star guides you?

Apr 11, 202319:29


What's this podcast about? Bonnie shares her inspiration for this show. She hopes each episode can serve as a guiding light for listeners, especially people who have a disability or chronic health condition.

Apr 11, 202303:12