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The True Wealth Project

The True Wealth Project

By Sascha Janzen

You have a level of financial wealth in your life and are asking yourself "What now?"

Join me in exploring the answers to that question. I am interviewing guests with particular insights, expertise or success around the 3 core areas of
Wealth - Impact - Succession

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Episode 26 - Selling More Than a Business: The Heart and Soul of Transition / Denise Logan

The True Wealth ProjectOct 26, 2023

Episode 26 - Selling More Than a Business: The Heart and Soul of Transition / Denise Logan

Episode 26 - Selling More Than a Business: The Heart and Soul of Transition / Denise Logan

Imagine this: You've poured your heart and soul into building a successful business. You've navigated the highs and lows, celebrated victories, and weathered storms. Your company isn't just a source of income; it's your legacy, your pride, your life's work. And then, the time comes to part ways. It's a moment of profound significance, not just in financial terms, but in emotional and personal ones.

This is where Denise Logan, known as the Seller Whisperer, steps in. She's not your typical business expert focused solely on numbers and deals. Denise delves deep into the intricate interplay of work, finance, and purpose when it comes to selling businesses. Her insights have transformed countless lives, helping business owners navigate the emotional rollercoaster of letting go.

On episode 26 of The True Wealth Project podcast, Sascha Janzen sits down for the second time with Denise Logan to continue the insightful discussion they had in episode 15 by delving even deeper into the secrets of successful business transitions.

Denise shares her transformative insights that have a global reach, impacting mindsets, preventing deal breakdowns, and adding profound meaning to this pivotal life transition. She will emphasize the importance of acknowledging the emotional attachments, concerns, and values of business owners, going beyond the financial aspects.

The two of them also discuss strategies for uncovering the true motivations of business owners in sales conversations, focusing on building trust, setting realistic expectations, and aligning with the client's goals.

You will learn about the delicate balance between financial and non-financial priorities in business sales and transitions, and how understanding the emotional and personal aspects of the seller's decision is key to making an offer that resonates with their values and aspirations.

You will find out that business is not just about profits and losses; it's about the people, legacies, and values that define it. Denise's approach stands as a testament to the power of empathy, trust, and lasting relationships, and she encourages meaningful conversations about legacy, shared values, and motivations.

Listen now and enjoy this thought-provoking episode as we uncover the profound wisdom of Denise Logan, the Seller Whisperer, and learn how to navigate the emotional rollercoaster of letting go and achieve a more meaningful and successful business transition.


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Oct 26, 202301:28:18
Episode 25 - The Path to True Wealth and Financial Freedom / Jason Graystone

Episode 25 - The Path to True Wealth and Financial Freedom / Jason Graystone

In today's fast-paced world, we often find ourselves chasing success and wealth, driven by societal expectations and external symbols of prosperity. The pressure to keep up with the Joneses can lead us astray from our true passions and values, leaving us feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from our genuine selves.

Deep down, we know that true wealth is not just about the numbers in our bank accounts, but about the quality of experiences, the joy of pursuing our passions, and the impact we make on others' lives.

On episode 25 of The True Wealth Project podcast, Sascha Janzen sits down with Jason Graystone, a visionary who redefines what it means to live a purposeful life to talk about his journey to financial freedom, the true essence of wealth and how to create a life that aligns with our hearts' desires.

Jason, a self-made millionaire and master of financial freedom, shares his remarkable journey to success, starting from a young age. Through trading, investing, and building businesses, Jason achieved complete financial independence by the age of 30. Now, he dedicates his time to helping others unlock their potential and find their own paths to true wealth.

At the core of Jason's philosophy is the idea that true wealth is not just about money in the bank; it's about aligning experiences and possessions with our individual values and desires. Rather than comparing ourselves to others, he encourages us to define wealth based on our unique preferences and interests. Whether it's spending time with loved ones, pursuing hobbies, or engaging in philanthropy, true wealth comes from living a life in harmony with what brings us joy and fulfilment.

During the podcast, Jason shares five essential steps to financial freedom and fulfilment, guiding us through a systematic approach. From gaining clarity about our values and goals to exploring low-risk investments and expanding our income, these steps provide a roadmap towards a more secure and fulfilling financial future.

In the pursuit of financial freedom, Jason cautions against common pitfalls. He advises us to avoid succumbing to societal pressure and to stay true to ourselves and our passions. Rushing into high-risk investments without proper preparation can be detrimental, emphasising the importance of gradual learning, discipline, and responsible decision-making.

If you're ready to redefine your perspective on wealth, join Sascha and Jason on The True Wealth Project podcast as Jason shares his wisdom on creating a life filled with purpose, financial freedom, and genuine fulfilment. 

Discover how you can achieve true wealth and make a lasting impact on your life and the lives of others. Embrace a path to financial independence that aligns with your heart's desires, and embark on a journey towards a more purposeful and fulfilling life.

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Aug 17, 202301:04:33
Episode 24 - Doing good AND doing well - is it possible? / Bessi Graham

Episode 24 - Doing good AND doing well - is it possible? / Bessi Graham

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to positively impact the world?

Do you feel that despite your success in business you haven’t found fulfilment and have doubts if you can actually leverage your wealth to make a massive difference? 

Do you believe that “doing good” and “making money” can’t exist together and that the only way you can contribute is by using the money you make in your business to fund a charity or set up a foundation? 

What if we told you that you can do good and make money at the same time?  What if we told you to do good INSIDE your business while continuing to thrive?  

Bessi Graham, the co-owner of Benefit Capital in Melbourne, Australia, believes that business can be an incredibly powerful agent for change. She works with business owners to help them put their time, talent, and treasure to work in ways that align with their values and allow them to create a legacy they can be proud of. She joined Sascha Janzen on episode 24 of The True Wealth Project to talk about that and share some of her secrets on how we can bring “doing good” and “making money” back together. 

They talk about:  How can a business be a force for good in a sustainable way?  Bessi believes that, first of all, “what makes us be able to maintain the doing good inside the business is that we have to really think about what we as either an individual owner or a family care about.” How you can start doing good INSIDE your business: There are three ways you can start. Bessi and Sascha talk through all three ways. 

The Mother Teresa trap: There are four common traps we can fall into when we want to help and contribute. Good intentions aren’t always enough. And doing good is not as easy as it may seem.   Awareness is the first step to take if you want to make a true impact and avoid unintended consequences.  

Bessi believes that there are four common traps we can fall into when we want to help. She takes us through all four traps in the conversation. How can these four traps be avoided? Bessie also believes that awareness is the key and that it is important for business owners to recognise that there is value in slowing down and actually just doing the reflective process of really getting to some clarity upfront. If you do that, then a lot of those unintended consequences can be avoided because you can anticipate them. 

For these and many more invaluable tips on how we can bring “doing good” and “making money” back together and transform your business into an incredibly powerful agent for change, tune into episode 24 of The True Wealth Project Podcast! 

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Jan 26, 202301:15:59
Episode 23 - How to become a time wealthy entrepreneurial parent / Jamie Selby

Episode 23 - How to become a time wealthy entrepreneurial parent / Jamie Selby

Are you a busy entrepreneur who struggles to maintain a healthy work/life balance?
Maybe you feel like your family relationships are not what you want them to be because you don’t spend enough quality time with your loved ones.
But does it have to be like that?
Being successful in your business or having a higher position in a company is a great thing, it is certainly something you should feel proud of.
But unfortunately, having success in our career often comes with a big price. It often takes away a lot from our health, passions, and relationships.
Building and running a business whilst trying to be a great parent is hard.
We know that money alone won't make us happy or fulfilled. Especially when we don’t spend enough time with our kids and our loved ones. Yet, we still need money to provide for our families, to offer our children a good education and great experiences.
So, is it possible to run a successful business, whilst still being a great parent and enjoying time with your loved ones?
Jamie Selby believes it certainly is.
Jamie is a chartered accountant, an entrepreneur and the CEO
and the business coach at Parental CEO, a company helping parents to be the parents they want to be while at the same time being able to run and enjoy a business.
After he successfully sold his award-winning accounting practice some time ago, Jamie decided to set himself the mission to free parents from financial struggles by giving them all the tools they need to both be successful parents and run profitable businesses
As a father of three, Jamie understands the challenges busy entrepreneurs can face in their family lives.
Jamie joined Sascha Janzen on episode 23 of The True Wealth Project to share his secrets to business success, whilst still being a great parent.
They will talk about:
What True Wealth means for Jamie
Jamie has some great top tips with 6 easy to follow steps to manage your workload to enjoy time with your family
But how do we get to a state of mind where we can actually allow ourselves to go for a walk?
For answers to these questions and many more invaluable tips on how to be a great parent and a successful entrepreneur, tune in to a new episode of The True Wealth Project!
How to find Jamie:
Nov 28, 202201:24:16
Episode 22 - How to take your family business from lifetime to legacy / Nike Anani

Episode 22 - How to take your family business from lifetime to legacy / Nike Anani

If you are the founder of a family business, you’ve certainly worked really hard to secure its future, not only for your children but also for future generations.

But now, when the time has come to start handing over the reins, things seem to be harder than you initially thought.

You may feel like your kid is not listening to your advice that comes from years of experience and solid expertise, and they try to change everything without understanding what it really takes to build a business.

On the other hand, if you are a NextGen starting to take over the family business you may feel that the founder is never listening to your innovative ideas, that they never want to back up and let you make your own mark.

In family businesses, this is typical when the guard changes.

Unfortunately, oftentimes this generational gap leads to conflict that can seriously affect family relationships and can even lead to destroying the business.

And this is something you certainly don’t want to happen.

But what can we do to prevent this?

What do you have to do if you want to start building a business legacy or building a legacy business that lasts for more than one generation?

How do siblings become good business partners?

For this and much more, tune in to a new episode of The True Wealth Project! The award-winning family business strategist, Nike Anani joined Sascha Janzen on episode 22 of The True Wealth Project to discuss just that.

A business founder but also a NextGen in her own family business, Nike has the ability to empathize with both generations and act as a connector. 

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Jul 20, 202201:11:28
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Episode 2: Leaving a legacy without having a successor / Stephan Dahl

Episode 2: Leaving a legacy without having a successor / Stephan Dahl

Listen to my conversation with Stephan Dahl about why and how to leave a legacy without having a natural successor and how this can be liberating.
Jul 28, 201944:49
Episode 1a: The True Wealth Formula

Episode 1a: The True Wealth Formula

Find out about the concept of the True Wealth Formula and its components. In future episodes I will further explore how to find and build true wealth based on this concept.

Jul 14, 201905:06
Episode 1: Introductory Episode

Episode 1: Introductory Episode

Find out what the True Wealth Project is all about and join me on my journey to find out how to give wealth a true meaning.

To get notified of any new episodes or other news around the True Wealth Project visit

Jul 09, 201903:58