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Sassy, Soulful, & Sensitive with Cam Nichols

Sassy, Soulful, & Sensitive with Cam Nichols

By Cam Nichols

A safe place for introverts, empaths, and highly sensitive people (HSPs) to learn how to tap into their intuition, step into their radical selves, and find their voice. We honor our sensitivity by being vulnerable, genuine, and courageous as we learn to self-advocate and express our needs and desires. We're here to usher in a kinder, softer, simpler, and more sensitive world by taking ownership of emotions and ourselves to be examples of the potency of our sensitivity superpowers.

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The "Sometimes Principle"

Sassy, Soulful, & Sensitive with Cam NicholsMay 30, 2023

The "Sometimes Principle"
May 30, 202312:29
Breaking Up With Perfectionism
May 09, 202317:03
Stop Hiding
May 02, 202317:47
Managing Your Time & Energy
Apr 24, 202319:06
Defining Success
Apr 18, 202321:44
Input Audit for HSPs
Apr 11, 202313:45
Normalizing Emotional Breakdowns

Normalizing Emotional Breakdowns

Do you love #behindthescenes stuff? Well here's your chance to listen in on (or watch) your coach, Cam Nichols, embrace his emotions and his voice in fully exposed authentic vulnerability mode. He'll share one of his most shameful thoughts out loud (gasp!) and discuss the collective pain that HSPs feel during times of crisis (aka the most recent school shooting in TN). This is an unfiltered highly sensitive person's emotional breakdown put out there to show the world that just because we're emotional, doesn't mean we're not badasses!

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Apr 04, 202320:18
Our Desire To Be Recognized & Validated
Mar 28, 202312:12
Embracing Your Natural Cycles
Mar 21, 202319:07
How To Have Empowered Conversations
Mar 04, 202316:19
Vulnerability, Intimacy, & Feeling Safe
Feb 24, 202314:26
Unconditional vs Conditional Love
Feb 14, 202319:02
Intro to Meaningful Relationships
Feb 07, 202314:45
Authentic Badassery: Embracing ALL of You
Jan 31, 202314:18
Is Self-Care Selfish?
Jan 24, 202314:38
Sneaky Signs of Self-Sabotage
Jan 17, 202316:18
Give Yourself A Dose Of Compassion
Jan 17, 202316:57
F*ck Your Highest Self
Jan 17, 202314:07
You Are NOT Broken
Jan 17, 202316:15
Finding Your Voice
Jan 17, 202322:07
Jan 03, 202302:30