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Sazón y Corazón

Sazón y Corazón

By Ayanna Kelly

Redefining diversity and mental health with a dash of spice and everything nice. This is Sazón y Corazón with host Ayanna Kelly, presented by Sazón y Corazón Productions.

To learn more about Ayanna, check out her website, follow her on Instagram @ayannakelly, Twitter @sazonycorazon_ Tiktok
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Black, Queer, & Creative w| Natalia M. Villarán-Quiñones

Sazón y CorazónApr 05, 2023

Coach Karina on EQ, Boundaries, and Relationships
Jul 05, 202336:27
Chombita Chronicles w| Yovy D
Jun 28, 202341:53
Migration, Family, Mental Health w| Mahmoud Khedr

Migration, Family, Mental Health w| Mahmoud Khedr

*TW* discussion of suicide attempts, addiction and substance abuse

Mahmoud Khedr, an Egyptian immigrant, is the founder and CEO of FloraMind, a mental health innovation lab building radically accessible and equitable solutions addressing the youth mental health crisis.

Social Handles: InstagramTwitterTikTok

Jun 21, 202339:27
Loss, Creativity, and Storytelling w| Thea Thouton
Jun 14, 202341:34
Trauma & Transformation w| MADDOX

Trauma & Transformation w| MADDOX

TRIGGER WARNING: Contains conversation surrounding domestic violence and self-harm.

MADDOX (he/they) is a social impact visionary from the concrete jungle of NYC, who believes in the idea of Protopia. Protopia is the idea that every day we can actively work toward the world we want to see. When they're not de-mechanizing humans from the conditions that've been instilled in us, through different art mediums and practices. MADDOX is dreaming and creating new solutions. MADDOX co-founded and led Nyc's Youth Action Board(YAB) creating a sustainable infrastructure for youth experiencing homelessness in Nyc. He has supported many key initiatives in Nyc including —Raising the age for youth in shelters from 21 to 24, creating a permanent YAB seat in Nyc's Continuum of Care, co-writing and leading the Youth Homelessness Demonstration project for Nyc's $15 million plan to end youth homelessness, championing Direct Cash Transfers—which gives young people experiencing homelessness unconditional cash as an intervention to end youth homelessness —as well as partnering with the LGBTQ community to create host homes opportunities in the ballroom community. With over 8 years of experience in social impact, creative advocacy, and innovation his work has been recognized nationally by various media outlets and platforms. MADDOX believes in the role imagination plays in ending youth homelessness. He has expanded the narrative shift beyond a seat at the table and supporting people with lived experience to not just have a seat at the table but to also be supported to have their own homes both metaphorically and literally.

Jun 07, 202345:37
Growing Beyond Trauma w| Geida Cleveland

Growing Beyond Trauma w| Geida Cleveland

 Geida Cleveland (She/Her/ Ella), currently serves as Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Enrollment for the Undergraduate Program at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Geida has worked at the University of Minnesota for over 10 years. Geida is a Mexican-American immigrant, who was born in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, and moved to Minnesota when she was 12 years old. As a first-generation college student, immigrant, and woman of color, Geida has a passion for higher education, diversity, and inclusion, helping individuals reach their fullest potential through education. She graduated from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in 2009 with her Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Development and minors in Communications Studies and Leadership Studies. She is currently pursuing a Master of Public Affairs at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs in hopes to gain tools that will challenge systems of oppression in higher education and will create a more inclusive environment for students who are underrepresented in Business. She is a mother of two beautiful, kind children. After the birth of her first child, she was diagnosed with postpartum anxiety and PTSD. She is passionate about mental health, mindfulness, parenting, diversity, belonging, and creating brave spaces and educational experiences.

May 31, 202355:23
Keepin' up with Kimmy

Keepin' up with Kimmy

Kimmy (she/her/hers) is a passionate Taiwanese American mental health advocate. As a first-generation, third-cultured immigrant and woman of color, she hopes to share her mental health journey and leverage her experiences to uplift and empower marginalized communities. Her work is a reflection of a commitment to individual and collective healing through systemic and intersectional engagements and conversations.Professionally, Kimmy is a career-changer and a current graduate student completing her master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree at Northwestern University. She is the therapist-in-training in Washington, DC, where she provides culturally responsive therapy services with a psychodynamic and existential framework to help clients from all walks of life navigate life transitions and face challenges related to self-worth, identity, career, relationships, overall well-being, etc.Through her advocacy work, she hopes to help develop programs and a community to foster individual development, drive intentional growth, and enhance self-awareness—all of which would better equip members to build healthier interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships.

Follow Kimmy @toowuforyou
May 24, 202329:53
Notorious Momz w| Tania Ruiz

Notorious Momz w| Tania Ruiz

Tania Ruiz was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and her parents are from PuertoRico. She is the creator of Notorious Momz The Podcast. Growing up singing has always been her passion but she have found another outlet in podcasting. She loves talking to people and keeping them engaged with laughter, content and sense of humor. She says what she means and oftentimes says the things that people are thinking but don't want to say.

Social Media

Instagram: @Notoriousmomzthepodcast

Facebook: Notoriousmomzthepodcast 

YouTube: Notorious Momz The Podcast 

Twitter: NotoriousMomzthepodcast  


May 17, 202344:40
Kicking it with Katherine

Kicking it with Katherine

Hi, everyone, I’m Katherine Castro and I’ve been gifted a platform from your girl Ayanna to share my truths, pain points turned to problem solving and how I arrive today. I share things I’ve never shared before and I hope it encourages someone out there to share too. This is our history. Thank you for taking hiSTORY and incorporating any gems that shine for you, into your beautiful future.

-Your girl, cafécito lover, DEIB practitioner, career coach, entrepreneur, nap taker, and mama

May 10, 202339:48
Beefy Anger w| Dr. Monica P. Band Reunion
May 03, 202340:60
First Gen Therapy w| Mara
Apr 26, 202351:35
Hope Center for Wellness w| Cheryl Aguilar

Hope Center for Wellness w| Cheryl Aguilar

TW: Episode mentions suicidal thoughts. If you need help, please call or text 988. 

Cheryl Aguilar is a licensed independent clinical social worker with over two-decade experience in the public and private sectors. She is the founder and therapist at Hope Center for Wellness, a multicultural mental health practice focused on holistic healing. She is pursuing a social work Phd degree at Smith College School for Social Work and she is a fellow at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Health Policy Research Scholars program.

Cheryl specializes in clinical work for immigrants, refugees and bi-cultural individuals. She has designed and implemented culturally sensitive support groups and innovative programs including Emociones y Política, a support group for immigrants facing anxiety due to the political climate and a support group for parents separated from their children under Zero Tolerance policy. In 2015, Cheryl spearheaded Washington, DC's first TeleMental Health program for Spanish speaking immigrants.She is a speaker and trainer on culturally sensitive work with Latinx, immigrants and refugees, Trauma Informed Care, TeleMental Health, Self-Care, among other topics.

Throughout her career, Cheryl has held several roles as communicator, organizer, advocate, case manager and has held volunteer leadership positions. Cheryl serves as advisory board member for WETA Well Beings/Mental Health project, an initiative aimed to raise mental health awareness through radio, television and public events. She has served as an appointed committee member of the National Association of Social Workers’ Mental Health Specialty Practice Section and as appointed board member of the Congressional Research Institute for Social Work Policy.

Cheryl combines her passion for micro and macro work, advocating for the communities she serves. She founded and co-leads Social Workers United for Immigration, a network of social workers committed to advancing immigrants rights. In 2019, Cheryl was featured in Social Work Today magazine as 1 of 10 dedicated and deserving social workers making extraordinary impact across the country.

Social media handles






Apr 19, 202338:57
All Things Stress w| Jesenia

All Things Stress w| Jesenia

She's baaaaaack! The Invisible Wounds Therapist AKA my bestie Jesenia is back and this time we're talking about all things related to stress, burnout, hustle culture, and figuring it all out along the way. Follow her on Instagram @invisible_wounds_therapist.

Apr 12, 202352:34
Black, Queer, & Creative w| Natalia M. Villarán-Quiñones
Apr 05, 202351:48
Leadership, Trauma, and Work w| Rosa Revuelta
Mar 29, 202348:13
Kindness is a Choice w| Shadille Estepan
Mar 22, 202345:56
Social Worker Appreciation w| Audrey Camino-Jara

Social Worker Appreciation w| Audrey Camino-Jara

Audrey Camino-Jara is an Ecuadorian-born & Connecticut-raised social worker. She has volunteered and interned at many organizations helping immigrants, college students, the elderly, and kids. She is a mental health advocate and trained crisis counselor who currently has a career focusing on youth mental health.

Social Media: @nenapoetry and coming soon @therapynecessities

Mar 15, 202342:27
Plátanos Are Love w| Alyssa Reynoso-Morris
Mar 08, 202347:34
Mujeres del futuro con Teresa Park [Women of the Future]
Mar 01, 202340:45
Oh Black Joy w| Corinne Graham

Oh Black Joy w| Corinne Graham

Oh we're choosing Black joy today and everyday. Period. Corinne Graham stops by to let us know how she does that despite all the things life has thrown at her. Beyond that, she discusses how we hold up the boundaries when we're tested to lose joy. Our ancestors would have wanted us to have all the joy and that's exactly what we're going to do. 

Check out Corinne's website here:

Feb 22, 202338:33
Anti-Racism w| Dr. Ebony White AKA #EbTheCeleb

Anti-Racism w| Dr. Ebony White AKA #EbTheCeleb

Dr. Ebony White, LPC, NCC, ACS is a counselor, professor, activist, and mental health expert. She's a dope Black queen who gave us some lessons on how our world impacts the mental health of Black and Brown people - particularly those of us doing work in the mental health and academic intersection. 

Follow Dr. Ebony White below:

Instagram: @iamebtheceleb


YouTube Channel: Dr. Ebony White #EbTheCeleb

Feb 15, 202336:19
Reclaiming Ourselves through Our History w| Prof. Rémysell Salas
Feb 08, 202356:37
Ayanna is back. LFG!

Ayanna is back. LFG!

Your host, Ayanna Kelly, is back for another season of Sazón y Corazón! On this season opener, Ayanna opens up about grief, connecting with ancestors, and doing the work she's being called to do. Enjoy this one... there's so much more to come.  

Feb 01, 202322:05
No Mo' Burnout w| Mona Eshaiker, LMFT

No Mo' Burnout w| Mona Eshaiker, LMFT

Mona Eshaiker, a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT) and DEI consultant, comes to the mic this week to help closeout the first season of Sazon y Corazon. This time of year can be exhausting with everything going on which is why we're talking all about burnout, how to recognize it, prevent it, address it, and how it may be different for BIPOC communities in particular.
Connect with Mona on Instagram @monalmft and check out her website. Check out where we work together at The Rise Journey and the what we're developing for one person and small HR teams with OPHR.
Dec 09, 202248:40
Gathering for Justice w| Carmen Perez Jordan
Dec 02, 202256:53
Rowdy w| Ra Ra Rollins
Nov 25, 202250:44
Love, Light, & Science w| Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble
Nov 18, 202243:19
Civic Engagement & Social Justice w| USA Rachael Rollins
Nov 17, 202201:03:49
Lowdown w| Dometi Pongo

Lowdown w| Dometi Pongo

MTV News Correspondent, Dometi Pongo comes to the mic this week and we talk about it all! He's our cousin after all! Ayanna and Dometi talk about being children of immigrants, mental health journeys, and how to remain authentic to their identities through it all. 

Connect with Dometi on Instagram & Twitter @dometi_

Watch his shows Need to Know & MTV True Life Crime or visit his website:

Resources mentioned: 

Headspace app 

Calm app 

Nov 11, 202248:23
Mindful Healing w| Dr. Monica P. Band
Oct 28, 202201:06:47
Time with Taina Brown
Oct 21, 202255:06
PLURAWL con Pabel

PLURAWL con Pabel

Pabel Martinez, founder of PLURAWL, hops on the mic this week to talk about his mental health journey, "professionalism" in the workplace, and learning the benefits of having the right language at the right times. 

Listen to Pabel's podcast ¿Quién Tú Eres? everywhere, connect with him on LinkedIn, Instagram, & Tiktok!

Oct 14, 202240:32
Let's Talk About It w| Lizbel Ortiz
Oct 07, 202239:25
Meniando Comida con Manolo Lopez
Sep 30, 202236:22
Charla con Charlotte
Sep 23, 202201:01:50
The OG, OG - Oscar Guzman
Sep 15, 202245:53
Healing con Jorge
Sep 09, 202248:01
Theon Tea Time
Sep 02, 202250:54
Abenaa Hayes on Health Equity
Aug 26, 202239:56
Intersectionality, Identity, & [Dis]abilities w| Zane Landin
Aug 19, 202247:59
La Ley con Ale [Law w|Ale]
Aug 12, 202201:22:60
Imagination w| Imani
Aug 05, 202231:20
Ya Boi Zach
Jul 29, 202249:32
Inelegancies w| Bhavya

Inelegancies w| Bhavya

Today's guest is Bhavya Rai, founder of Inelegancies. She also happens to be a neurodivergent person living with ADHD. She tells us her story of challenge, triumph, and courage. 

You can find and connect with Bhavya and her projects using the below! 

Personal: IG @bhavyaraii Tiktok: @bhavyrai website:

Inelegancies: IG: @inelegancies website:

Off the Pedestal Podcast: IG @offtheped website:

Jul 22, 202201:07:57
Service w| Sangi

Service w| Sangi

*trigger warning* This episode contains discussions surrounding substance abuse, suicide, and big T traumas. 

If you're new around here, you probably didn't know I have a big brother. I do. We both happen to veterans and a lot to unpack. We start a bit of that unpacking in this episode. We discuss many topics as it pertains to veterans, service members, and their families. Here are a list of the resources mentioned if you or someone you know could benefit: 

Veterans Affairs (VA) Mental Health Services:

Military OneSource Mental Health Resource Center:

Book recommendation: The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel van der Kolk

Jul 15, 202255:43
Growing w| Nicky

Growing w| Nicky

In a vulnerable conversation, Nicky takes us on a journey about navigating her mental health in a traditional Dominican family structure. We talk about the pressures, the stigma, importance of representation, and what brings us joy. You can follow Nicky on Instagram @growingwithnicky.
Jul 08, 202257:32
Invisible Wounds Therapist: Jesenia

Invisible Wounds Therapist: Jesenia

First step on a meaningful journey. Ayanna hosts our guest Jesenia who also happens to be a great mental health therapist. You can follow Jesenia on Instagram @invisible_wounds_therapist for more tips and tools.
Jul 01, 202229:59
We Won’t Back Down - Roe v Wade

We Won’t Back Down - Roe v Wade

*trigger warning* Roe v Wade, my story, and what we need to do as a collective. Resources will be shared in bio on Instagram @ayannakelly
Jun 25, 202223:36
Announcing Ayanna

Announcing Ayanna

Who is Ayanna and why is she trying to drop knowledge on you? Tune in to hear who Ayanna is and why she’s bringing you all this sazón y corazón.
Jun 20, 202226:30
June 12, 2022

June 12, 2022

Jun 12, 202200:33