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The podcast is held in an interview form, where I go out and interview people on Creativity, Innovation, personal or business growth and their views and stories. The goal is to find out what tools, methods and habits those people use to create a better life for them and the world. How companies could apply those to create useful ideas for their next project, product or process to help us grow together.
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#063 Colin Thompson - Are you simply alive, or are you LIVING?

The Oliver Schirach ShowMay 05, 2021

"Managing Health Beyond Meds" with Dr. Poorna Menon

"Managing Health Beyond Meds" with Dr. Poorna Menon

Welcome today’s guest Dr. Poorna Menon on #TheOliverSchirachShow. 

Dr. Menon is a Naturopathic Physician & Health Consultant, with a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University. She specialises in complex, chronic health conditions, including mental health, and extensively uses Naturopathic modalities such as clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, supplements/nutraceuticals, counselling, and Mind-Body Medicine in her guidance to clients.

We got to talk about:

  • Body Mind Connection
  • Her journey from banking to health partitioner
  • Natrupatic Medicine
  • Ayurvedic Principles
  • Craniosacral
  • Holistic Approach of medicine, body, mind, spirit
  • Somatic experiencing
  • Do No Harm approach of healing
  • Preventive medicine
  • Morning & Evening Routine: Oil Pulling, Oil Massage, Tongue Scrapping, Shower, Sun Salutation, Water, Balanced food
  • Supporting Herbs, Spices to sleep: 
    • Nutmeg in food
    • As Tincture: valerian, passion, flower, Californian poppy, hops, catnip
    • As Tea: chamomile
  • Ishi shiitake mushroom, Lion’s mane, Ashwagandha 
  • Progressive muscle relaxation 
  • Routines, structures 
  • Loss of Indigenous Wisdom

Advice/ Call to Action/ Extra:

  • We have to practice because nothing happens automatically, overnight. It’s our decision that we put our knowledge into practice and continue for the rest of our lives. That's when your life will start changing. There's no magic pill.

Reach out:

  • instagram @dr.poornamenon

Links & References:


00:00 Alternative & Holistic Health

with Poorna Menon

00:00 Intro

03:01 Poorna Describing herself

04:57 Feeling Free? What is it and how to achieve it.

09:37 Her journey. Who is she? Spiritually speaking. Self Identifying. Labels we give ourselves

13:09 New Colour in a Colouring Box

14:48 From Banking to Health Particioner

18:46 Importance of structure and routines

25:08 How to create structures and routines

30:56 Listen to the signs of your body

35:27 Where did Dr. Poorna Menon learn

37:15 What is Naturopathic Medicine

46:49 Random talk on Lost Indigenous Wisdom

53:07 Essential Oils, Herbs, Mushrooms Tinctures; Use & Application

59:21 Ayurvedic Daily Routine

01:01:38 Morning Rountine

01:10:33 Evening Routine

01:25:45 Wrapping Up. Focus on Preventative Medicine. Grounding Self Awareness

01:31:18 Reach out to Dr. Poorna Menon




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#coaching #help

Sep 16, 202301:32:46
"Check Your Life: Be Limitless" - Dr. James Arthur Williams

"Check Your Life: Be Limitless" - Dr. James Arthur Williams

In this episode of #TheOliverSchirachShow, we are talking about how my guest, Dr. James Arthur Williams moved from being a thug to a Director of a university; author of 4 books, International Public Speaker, TedX, Actor, Professional American Football player and so much more.

James shares the milestones how he changed his life and view of himself. How he moved from the Streets into different roles. Professional Football player, Actor, Air Force, Scholar, Author of 4 books and international speaker. How he became more confident in his doings and is continuing growing. 

You'll get a few Advices and applicable tips and tricks too. 

We got to talk about:

  • Check Your Life: Be Limitless 
  • How he visualise himself interacting with the world
  • Early Life, wanting Approval, to Be Seen, & Love 
  • How your environment can trick you in doing the wrong things
  • How and why he stopped seling drugs
  • His journey from the streets to build his confidence and several academia titles
  • Advice/ Call to Action/ Extra:

    "Today is a glorious day. For 86, 400 seconds, I will give my excellence and my best until I lay to rest. I'm abundantly blessed and never stress. God bless. And never, ever rest on your last success. Check your life, be limitless."

    00:00 Check Your Life: Be Limitless - Dr James Arthur Williams

    03:09 James describing himself

    05:18 James's Early Life, wanting Approval, to Be Seen, & Love 

    07:40 How the Subculture you are in can create a wrong illusion of doing the right thing

    09:35 Why James stopped being a Thug

    11:14 James journey to build his confidence in himself

    14:05 Advice. How to look at your Life, Your Obstacles, Bad Situations. Face Your Fears

    15:35 Closing of Interview/ How to reach out to James

    Reach out:





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    Sep 07, 202317:49
    "From Engineer to Bespoke Spiritual Guide" with Eesha Patel

    "From Engineer to Bespoke Spiritual Guide" with Eesha Patel

    In this episode of #TheOliverSchirachShow, I get to talk to, Eesha Patel an international bespoke spiritual guide.

    Eesha Patel is a global speaker, author, national television personality, and entrepreneur. In the last 10 years Eesha has touched the lives of over 50,000 people, helping them to heal, awaken, and step into their purpose with abundance. Eesha is now leading the frontiers of galactic consciousness through her modality Origin Activation, creating bespoke mystical journeys of transformation, awakening, and soul revelation for high performing 7, 8,and 9-figure visionary entrepreneurs. 

    In this podcast interview Eesha delves into her experiences, insights, and perspectives on spiritual growth, intuition, and the multidimensional nature of reality. Eesha's story highlights how unexpected life events, particularly challenging ones like a breakup, can lead to profound awakenings and transformative periods. Through self-discovery, support, and embracing her creative abilities, she transitioned from an unfulfilling academic path to one of spiritual growth and healing work.

    It's important to recognize that undergoing a spiritual awakening can be a unique and sometimes challenging experience.

    We got to talk about:

    • Meditation, energies and frequencies
    • Eesha’s journey from engineer to bespoke spiritual guide
    • The preparation and inner knowing that something will come
    • The awakening process
    • How the known world falls apart
    • The importance of grounding during the day
    • The role of emotions and energetic healing
    • Support during spiritual awakening
    • Eesha’s activation videos on YouTube
    • How to use her guided meditation for a long term effect

    Advice/ Call to Action/ Extra:

    Be perseverant with your meditation. You never know how long it takes. Eesha did 18 months of diligent preparation before I experienced anything.

    Reach out:

    You can find more about Eesha’s work through her website and her podcast “First Contact,” available on all major streaming platforms. 




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     #expression #authenticself #selflove #Spirituality #awakening #energy #

    Aug 27, 202301:23:25
    "From Authenticity to Sustainability" with Benjamin Casteillo

    "From Authenticity to Sustainability" with Benjamin Casteillo

    In this extensive podcast discussion my guest Benjamin Casteillo, founder of “New World Together”, explores the concepts of authenticity and sustainability and how they work together. He emphasizes the importance of shining light on our shadows and dealing with uncomfortable choices to uncover deeper layers of our consciousness. Benjamin discusses the interconnection between personal authenticity and societal sustainability, highlighting that both are essential for a better future. He delves into the process of his awakening, mentioning his own experiences and how it relates to embracing one's true nature. He discusses the dangers of conforming with societal norms and the need for deconstructing dogmatic beliefs that hinder growth and evolution. Benjamin shares insights about the potential risks and rewards of embarking on a journey of self-discovery and authenticity, including periods of instability and potential for personal transformation. Throughout the conversation, Benjamin emphasizes the significance of collective support and shared experiences as individuals navigate their paths toward authenticity. He highlight the potential for inner growth, even if it means risking the loss of old connections, as new, more aligned relationships may emerge.  His website,, offers further resources and information on consciousness expansion and sustainability. The conversation covers various topics, including: The transformative power of embracing one's true self The importance of authenticity and consciousness expansion for personal growth and global sustainability  The connection between external world problems and internal personal growth Shining light on one's shadow and facing uncomfortable choices to uncover authentic self The journey towards self-discovery and finding one's own path in life Navigating spiritual crises and the potential for both personal transformation and risks Navigating darkness and fear to achieve greater authenticity and growth Exploring the collective and individual shadows and the process of consciousness expansion Ancestral trauma and the intermingling of past-life experiences with current traumas The role of AI and its potential to serve humanity based on intention The dangers of dogmatic beliefs and the need for evolving perspectives Embracing authenticity and the challenges of losing relationships while attracting new better aligned ones Trust in the process of transformation and the potential for new connections How our fragmentation, trauma’s and lack of authenticity can be seen in the world Dogmas are stagnant belief systems that hinder evolution and sustainability Beliefs are relative, subjective, and limited, whereas reality is absolute, objective, and infinite. No belief can fully encapsulate the entirety of reality Supporting each other on the journey of personal transformation as a community  Benjamin’s work in consciousness expansion and sustainability through workshops and programs Excitement about the current transformative era and the possibilities it holds Call to Action: Remember your interconnectedness and collaborate in embracing authenticity and meaningful change. Engage in self-discovery and support one another on the journey of personal and societal transformation.  Trust the process, let go of attachments, and be open to new connections as they embark on a journey of authenticity and self-discovery. Reach out: IG newworldtogether FB newworldtogether For the people who want to dive into this, aspect of sustainability through consciousness expansion. Benjamins holds conference, does workshops and training programs. Don’t hesitate to contact him if you want to dive deeper into that. Links & References: Yuval Noah Harari - “Sapiens” Jiddu Krishnamurti: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” Podcast “The Diary of a CEO” - Ex-Google Officer Finally Spea
    Aug 19, 202302:14:15
    "AZTEC Wisdom for the modern world" with Xokonoschtletl Gomora
    Aug 09, 202302:00:23
    #072 What is the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method - Per Kristiansen

    #072 What is the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method - Per Kristiansen

    In this Episode of #TheOliverSchirachShow, I got to talk to Per Kristiansen one of the very first employees working on the development of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method back in 2000

    We got to talk about:

    • He describes himself as: Playful (Exploring, safe space), Predictability & Integrity => Boundaries, so people know what to expect from Per
    • Flow requires certain boundaries
    • His story from being a vine merchant to become a partner and co-founder of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method
    • Background in Management, Consultancy, Business Change Management etc
    • How he got into LSP
    • The story of LSP and why LEGO® didn’t shout it out into the world. But let it grow slowly
    • It started as a strategy workshop
    • What is LSP? A problem solving technique
    • It’s a language. A communication technique. People tend to answer too fast and do not really think.
    • How our brain processes information
    • How LSP and LEGO bricks help thinking and problem solving (7-10min block to think, 3D Information, Metaphors, Modularity of bricks and elements)
    • Who profits to use LSP? It’s a language. Everyone profits in a way

    The 4 Step Core Process of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY.

    1. Core step 1: Posing a question: the facilitator poses a question or challenge
    2. Core step 2: Building a personal model: Everyone builds their answer to that question using Lego bricks. The available bricks are designed to inspire the use of metaphors and story making
    3. Core step 3: Sharing the model: Everyone is invited to share their model with the other participants. This ensures 100% participation and 100% distribution and understanding of the knowledge.
    4. Core step 4: Reflecting on the model: Try to distil some insights, points of attention, clarifications in relation to the model.

    Advice/ Call to Action/ Extra:

    Reach out:

    • LinkedIN Per Kristiansen

    Links & References:

    • Remote session of 4 hours with one of the facilitators
    • Medium (Articles)

    • Book:
    • Robert Rasmussen & Per Kristiansen - “Building a Better Business Using the Lego Serious Play Method




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    Sep 04, 202258:49
    #071 Magician becomes a Trainer of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method with Jack Reimon

    #071 Magician becomes a Trainer of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method with Jack Reimon

    On this episode of #TheOliverSchirachShow, #071 Jack Reimon and I have a fun and interesting conversation about “LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method ”, Jack explains how this method is used to transform teams within organizations and how the methods are so tailored that the individuals who participate are able to apply the same principles in their personal life. Foundation of the method is problem solving, and effective communication skills, the method incorporates hands on LEGO® play while using metaphors. The methods being so profound that individuals seek out one on one training for personal growth. You don’t want to miss this episode!

    Jack Reimon is a Magician, Business Consultant for LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) also a trainer and facilitator, a YouTube cooking channel host and overall a curious person who is determind to understand how things work.  He helps organizations reimagine business process’ through play. Trainer of the LSP Method at the Association of Master Trainers. Business Magician and Facilitator. Unleashing the magic in your organization!

    Advice/ Call to Action/ Extra:

    Connect to Trivium Internationals newsletter

    Read the Flow Book and How to Change your Mind

    Reach out:

    Join our Newsletter here:

    Subscribe to his YouTube channels here:

    Links & References:

    • Arthur C. Clark - “Profiles of the Future: An Inquiry into the Limits of the Possible”
    • Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi - “Flow: The Psychology of Happiness”
    • Per Kristiansen & Rober Rasmussen - “Building a better business using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method”
    • Michael Pollan - “How to change your mind: The New Science of Psychedelics” (Book and Netflix Series)
    • Michael Pollan - “This Is Your Mind On Plants: Opium - Caffeine - Mescaline”
    • Steven Kotler - “The Art of Impossible: A Peak Performance Primer”


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    Aug 03, 202202:03:16
    #070 Daniel Sures DK - Kreativ live-energi

    #070 Daniel Sures DK - Kreativ live-energi

    Vi Kikker pa flow og kreativitet idag. Hvordan pavirker vores lives erfaringer os og hvordan hjelper Daniel virksomheder med at loese deres medarbejderes blokader

    Daniel ejer to virksomheder. 1st er en enkel mands konsulent, digital inovation virksomhed.

    Den anden handler om liveskraft og vedvare i praksis, hvor han gar ud til virksomhed, med tanke hvis virksomhed gør noget godt til medarbejders liveskraft sa far de det også bedre

    3 ord at beskriver Daniel:

    - Viljestærk. Når besluter sig til noget, kan han sætte sig ind i det. Men hvis han ikke vil gøre det, så vil han ikke bruge energi på det.

    - Han skulle lære igen at bruge sin fysiske energi. Som barn lærte han at lukke det ned, da omverdenen anså ham at han var for meget. Så han lagde lå på denne energi. Han skjulte det virkelige energiske selv for at få mindre negativ feedback fra andre. Han blever mindre

    - Rolig. At vare hel stille imens meditation. Han kan føle energien indenfor og udenfor blever han opfat som rolig.

    Colour: Hvid, fordi den indeholder alle farver. De sidste 6 år af hans liv har handlet om at være i flow og at acceptere sig selv. Vi ændrer os hele tiden for at finde vores sande essens.


    - Gaven af en Tantra weekend til ham og hans kone fra hans mor til deres døtres 1 års fødselsdag

    Vi talte om:

    • Udanelse som flow designer. Digital og organisations innovation
    • Hvordan Daniel er med til at skabe et mere kreativt arbejdsmiljø
    • Jo mere Daniel åbner op og er i flow jo mere kan han hjælpe klienterne
    • Dominans baseret kultur
    • Vi prestere meget bedre nar vi er i flowen. At lære at give slip af kontrollen.
    • Giver slip af ego identifikation
    • Hvis alt er for frit sa er vi usikre men lige nu er strukturer meget for rigid sa kan vi ikke vare kreative
    • Hvad er kreativitet
    • At skabe noget nyt. Mange gang skal man destruer noget for at skabe noget nyt.
    • Vi har en kreative kraft i vores krop.
    • Kreativitet er udgangspunkt af livet.
    • Misforståelse af kreativitet. “ Nogen er kreativ og nogen er ikke.” Men vi allesammen er kreativ. Den handler om at nogle er mere åbne over for kreativitet end andre.
    • Hvordan oplevelser i vores liv kan såre os, og at vi så kommer at lukker ned, og blokere vores flow. Vores lives energi
    • Børn er ekstrem kreative i forhold til voksne
    • Innovation: Nytanke eller omtanke noget. Kreativitet er en del af det. Innovation og Kreativitet er sammen.
    • Yoga, meditation og åndetræt
    • Vores vestlig hvidskab arbejder med den ydre verden og Yoga er systemastisk arbejde med den indre verden

    Rådgivning/ Call to Action

    Åndedræt får luften dybt ned i lungerne

    Yoga og meditation hjælper med bevidstheden og åndedrættet. Afslut din yoga med en meditation

    Effortless Mindfulness, at øve sig i at være i stilheden, der altid er her. Øv dig i rengøring, gåture osv

    Ræk ud:

    Links & References:

    Loch Kelly - “Shift into Freedom: The Science and Practice of Open-Hearted Awareness”

    Loch Kelly - “ The Way of Effortless Mindfulness”

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    Connect with me on SoMe @Schirach and @OSchirach or

    Jun 19, 202259:25
    #069 Ioana Opris - Founder of Nordkoncept and a serial creative

    #069 Ioana Opris - Founder of Nordkoncept and a serial creative

    We talked about:

    Reach out:

    LinkedIN Ioana Opris

    Subscribe to my Podcast:

    Listen to the Podcast “The Oliver Schirach Show” and this episode in Audio on your favourite podcast provider: Apple Podcast Spotify Sticher, Podbean and many more if you can't find it send me a note and I'll add it. and YouTube in video version (

    You can also send me an audio message on or send a message to My blog

    Apr 20, 202201:11:30
    #068 Pedro Costa - Founder of Auricle - Open-Ear Headphones Reinvented

    #068 Pedro Costa - Founder of Auricle - Open-Ear Headphones Reinvented

    Reach out:

    Other Links mentioned during the interview:

    Reinhardt Buhr; Multi-Instrumentalist
    Marc Rebillet “Your New Morning Alarm”
    Yogetsu Akasaka; Japanese Zen Buddhist monk/meditation music creator
    Oct 03, 202101:52:27
    #067 Monica Ducu - Business, Personal and Spiritual Coach

    #067 Monica Ducu - Business, Personal and Spiritual Coach

    Monica Ducu is a beautiful being and shares with us her path to become a business coach using spirituality to give the extra succes.

    During this interview Monica shares with us her story how a life threatening disease has shown her the continuous stress she had in her 9-5 job. Her beliefs made it difficult to see that being “successful” was making her sick and keeping her body in a 24h fight or flight mode, which effectually started to break down. Through observation, holistic healing and spirituality Monica saw through the lies and quit her job in a renown bank in Romania to start her coaching business.

    Monica is not shy to share a few of her approaches and secrets with us.

    Reach out to her:

    FB, IG, LinkedIN under Monica Ducu



    Vishen Lakhiani

    Marisa Peers

    Jul 14, 202101:23:60
    #066 Deni Andonova - Neurographica a Way to Create Your Dream Life

    #066 Deni Andonova - Neurographica a Way to Create Your Dream Life

    Deni Andonova is a organizational and positive psychologist, certified corporate wellness specialist, certified K-Power® instructor, HR specialist, kinesiologist, Bush flower essences therapist, specialist and certified Instructor Neurographica® – art therapy and aesthetic coaching, certified Neuro-Agility® practitioner. She has 3 master degrees in Psychology and Human Resource Management and PhD in Corporate wellness. Book Author: Nutrition on Cell level: Holistic guide for self-care and love; New Level: Holistic Guide for transformation and positive change. Speaker, corporate trajner. founder of How thrive®, Thriving Bulgaria Foundation for mental health and The Holistic Academy by Deni Andonova. Reach out to Deni Linkedin: FB: Freebie:

    Jun 03, 202101:32:38
    #065 Marya Umar - Understanding Our Trauma as A Way to Our Liberation

    #065 Marya Umar - Understanding Our Trauma as A Way to Our Liberation

    Another great interview were I and my guest dive deeper into the spiritual world. Marya is a researcher at New World Together were she looks at the human unconsciousness. The research and her own life path have made her an expert in Intergenerational trauma, relational trauma and past life trauma treatment.

    Marya Umar is a medium, channel, high priestess healer and self relationship coach from Indonesia. She has grown up in a family were working with spirits and healing practices is normal and has been passed down from her ancient lineage. Marya is very honest in sharing her awakening process, trauma handling and how to change cultural and religious paradigms. Her no nonsense but down to earth approach in teaching and guiding gives you real applicable tools to look at your own traumas, shadows and fear and start working on them to become free of them. Lets welcome Marya “a Cycle Breaker”

    The three words describing her: Compassion, Wisdom and Depth

    Colour: Sunset

    We got to talk about:

    • Our internal destructive self-talk, inner critic
    • Self-Love & how she learned about it
    • Increase Self Love. Creates more understanding and less judging of self and others
    • Create Self Awareness; Accept and embrace your shadows
    • Fear & the function as a messenger
    • Shadow work; How to see and work with them
    • Trauma; Childhood, generational, religious, cultural trauma and how to recognise the signs
    • Trauma stored in our DNA, on a cellular level and stuck in our nervous system. So the body reacts when stressed
    • We can all be a Cycle Breaker
    • Traditional/Family sicknesses coming from ancestral trauma, grandparents or older generations
    • Spirituality and asian culture
    • How she was introduced to her spirit guide and opened her sixth sense
    • Her spiritual gifts
    • Good versus bad spirits and how to distinguish
    • People with those gifts have to be careful not to trust all spirits. If you are ego driven you might take advice from bad spirits and bad things will happen
    • SHIFT “Don’t, Should have to, Shouldn’t” into more conscious words

    Shadow work tip

    1. Self Acceptance: You need to accept your feelings, fear, angers, shame, blame, hopelessness, feeling too small
    2. For each feeling ask yourself: What is this feeling trying to tell and show me?

    You can also google the feeling to get an idea what it means or what you could do.

    Call to Action:

    • Embrace and let go of fear
    • Let go of desires. First you need to understand why you have them
    • Observe yourself without judgement
    • Practice to ask yourself often questions
    • Connect with stillness, with yourself, get bored, focus on your breath and learn to get anchored
    • Learn to be brave and step into the unknown. Uncertainty makes the ego feel threatened

    Advice to her younger self:

    Observe your ego. “The Ego thinks in Judgements; Awareness thinks in Questions”

    Connect with Marya Umar:

    IG: Healandrisewithmarya

    FB: Marya Umar

    “Spiritual Shit” Ep. 40 Letting Go of Fear, Discovering & Embracing Your Spiritual Gifts

    Subscribe to the podcast, Apple Podcast, Spotify, YouTube and more

    May 27, 202101:59:26
    #064 Dilmi Mahadurage pt2 - We go deeper into the Awakening process

    #064 Dilmi Mahadurage pt2 - We go deeper into the Awakening process

    Wherever you are what time it is it is now.

    Thanks for tuning into this interview on my show. The podcast were it is my task to find inspirational guests. Talking about Creativity, Innovation, personal growth/ Change, spirituality and mysticism.

    I go to talk to Dilmi Mahadurage that shares her story of her deep spiritual awakening.

    She didn’t share her story with many people yet.

    It is an advanced spiritual interview. So if you are not used to this topic you might feel triggered. I had the same when listening or reading Eckhard Tolle or Osho,

    Listen to Dilmi’s great story how she moved from dark place, to a great spiritual awakening and how her ego died. Seeing the world for what it is for the first time after a long dream.

    Dilmi shares her secrets how she can help you to have your awakening too.

    Reach out:

    Her book:

    “Life is a dream: A journey towards discovering who you are” on Amazon

    People we talked about:

    • Her teacher: Ven Thitthagalle Anandasiri
    • Eckhart Tolle
    • Osho

    Subscribe to the podcast, Apple Podcast, Spotify, YouTube and more

    You can share my shows on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN

    Don’t forget to Tag me. #TOSS #TheOliverSchirachShow

    Listen to the first episode: #061 Dilmi Mahadurage - For advanced seekers. Dilmi 's personal awakening story

    May 19, 202101:26:40
    #063 Colin Thompson - Are you simply alive, or are you LIVING?

    #063 Colin Thompson - Are you simply alive, or are you LIVING?

    Colin C. Thompson, a Canadian born Jamaican, is founder and CEO of Oligye Enterprises (Shanghai) a Business Consulting company focused on coaching, training, and Blockchain technologies. Specializing in Personal Development, Diversity, and Career Coaching, Colin coaches individuals and groups on how to reach their dreams, goals, and desires.

    Colin developed an extensive background in the Information Technology field working for blue chip organizations such as International Business Machines (IBM), Ernst & Young LLP, and Howard University. In addition, Colin is co-Founder of XChainz, a blockchain based educational and workforce platform for assessments, training, coaching, and the award of digital credentials.

    Colin graduated from Howard University in 1995 with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Computer Based Information Systems and in 2006 with a double concentration MBA in Supply Chain Management and E-Business Technologies.

    In his down time, he enjoys pushing himself through competing in various events such as marathons and triathlons with his wife Kay.

    “I am fortunate to be able to, on a daily basis, fulfill my true passion of building Oligye Enterprises to help individuals through LIFE Coaching and business training/facilitation; while also being able to live my dream of working with the next great disruptive technology - Blockchain.”

    Find and reach out to Colin:






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    May 05, 202101:11:40
    #062 Michael Toudal - Creativity, Education System and Mystical Stories
    Apr 28, 202101:14:30
    #061 Dilmi Mahadurage - For advanced seekers: Dilmi 's personal awakening story

    #061 Dilmi Mahadurage - For advanced seekers: Dilmi 's personal awakening story


    Find out who you are by yourselves. To liberate yourself.

    Call to action:

    Contemplation. Ask them to question themselves repeatedly.. - Who am I?

    Reach out:

    Her book:

    “Life is a dream: A journey towards discovering who you are” on Amazon

    People we talked about:

    • Her teacher: Ven Thitthagalle Anandasiri
    • Eckhart Tolle
    • Osho

    Subscribe to the podcast, Apple Podcast, Spotify, YouTube and more

    You can share my shows on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN,

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    Apr 21, 202101:32:00
    #060 Rob Lenfestey pt3 - Learn to control your nervous system with Wim Hof, Yoga, mountain climbing
    Apr 14, 202102:24:22
    #059 Eli Zheleva - Live with ELI and be MAD

    #059 Eli Zheleva - Live with ELI and be MAD

    Welcome to my first interview with Eli Zheleva for “The Oliver Schirach Show”. Eli is a founder of 6 companies, a strong woman that is looking to make a difference to businesses and their people. Furthermore she is a marketer, speaker, mentor and author. This episode has been long in the making and you will not be disappointed from the deep insight we get from Eli. For a business woman she shares a lot of her soft skills together with life stories. You learn about business tips and many spiritual and personal improvement tips anyone can apply at any moment.

    3 words describing her. Live with ELI: Enthusiasm, Love and Integrity

    The colour she would be: Eli strives to be Transparent to allow all the other colours to shine.

    Ego Fun Fact: Eli was having a lecture at Cambridge without even having a Bachelor degree.

    More we talked about:

    • “The MAD Project” Making A Difference
    • The “What is your Excuse” project
    • The limitations we put on ourself. If we don’t believe them we get further in life
    • Put willingness, time, passion and energy in a project
    • If you have a BIG enough “WHY” you can do anything
    • Don’t set easy goals. If your goal is not big enough, your effort is not big enough
    • Eli’s “Why”. Challenges as a teenager and situations she never wants to be in again
    • She “Lives to Give” and wants to empower people to have confidence
    • How she was forced to listen more to her body
    • How becoming a clown was her way to avoid her own pain
    • Others are a reflection of yourself
    • Her process of growing and faking it until she made it
    • People remembering her for her positive energy and language
    • Judgement detox helped her being more happy and relaxed
    • Judgements in others are the things that we don’t accept in ourself
    • Self-reflections: You get the same lesson until you learn it
    • Love is the answer
    • When hurt by others share love and forgiveness with them, as well to yourself for being triggered
    • Forgiveness is a gift for us
    • Spirituality is very individual. It’s were you stop thinking and you start feeling
    • Mood tracking
    • Our ego keeps us stuck, it judges us to protect us
    • Love: If we learn to manage our ego and judgment, all that is left is LOVE


    Try out different things and find out what works for you a practice, habit. Some examples.

    Meditation, journaling, self-reflection, kindness and compassion practice for oneself, not putting oneself in a box, conscious actions…

    “Keep going, be kind to yourself and don’t take criticism without constructive feedback.”

    Reach out:

    LinkedIN, Instagram @elizheleva

    Her book: Eli Zheleva - “Marketing Matters. 7 proven steps to succeed in business and in life”

    Book References:

    Grant Cardone - “The 10x Rule”

    Gabrielle Bernstein’s work and - “Judgment Detox”

    Gary Chapman - “5 Love Languages Of Children”

    Marshall Rosenberg - “Non Violent Communication”

    Jay Shetty - “Think like a Monk”

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    Apr 05, 202101:44:35
    #058 Aidan O'Sullivan & Ashley Green "The Successful Mentalist" on having Big Hairy Audacious Goals & seeing other doing well in life

    #058 Aidan O'Sullivan & Ashley Green "The Successful Mentalist" on having Big Hairy Audacious Goals & seeing other doing well in life

    For this episode I got the seldom chance to have two guests at the same time. Aidan The Wizard O’Sullivan with his co-host and business partner Ashley Green Mindreader. Two young mind magicians finding their niche, combining business and magic entertainment, they are able to help magicians all around the world with their project “The Successful Mentalist”. By offering a podcast, blogging, courses, a private community, conventions, coaching (group and individual), networking event, and finding other new ways to deliver information to the magician world. So they can improve all their lives by 2040. To do so they had to take their dream, of becoming full-time magicians, and put it on the side burner.

    This episode has been as much fun as the two previous ones and again full with actionable tips to improve your life. Ashley and Aidan are so complimentary in many ways and full of energy that I am sure anyone listening to this episode will learn something new that you can apply right away. The whole interview starts rather weird with us talking about Ashley’s weird objects and Aidan’s objection towards them.

    Topics we got to talk about

    • Love for entertainment, mind reading
    • Working mostly virtually together
    • Their similarities (business, mind reading) and opposites in execution and style
    • How they complete each other
    • TSM, start, innovation and action beats perfection
    • Impostor syndrome
    • Working faster and not just harder
    • Entertainment business during Covid Lock Down
    • The beliefs in the magic world they want to change
    • Biohacking
    • Identity-shift, change your identity to improve your life
    • Creativity what it is and how to train it
    • Who will stand in your way to change and who will support you
    • Big Hairy Audacious Goals
    • Aidan’s three MTP “Massively Transformative Purpose” Missions he wants to have started in his lifetime
    • Who is learning to become a magician
    • It’s all about the audience. It’s not about me
    • Tips and skills for a good performance
    • “Do it because you enjoy it”
    • What TSM is offering to the world

    Goal Setting:

    Clear goal setting involves deep reflection, not just on your previous year but on your life, yourself.

    That way you bring more on the table about you and what you want than anyone else could. You know your strengths and weaknesses. I want this and that … because it helps me with this, because I can do that… because it clicks here and there.

    Reach out:

    The Successful Mentalist

    Search for

    • Aidan O’Sullivan @AidanTheWizard
    • The Stop Existing Show
    • Ashley Green Mindreader, @greenmindreader


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    Mar 29, 202101:47:06
    #057 Ashley Green - There is always an opportunity to adapt and pivot at the moment

    #057 Ashley Green - There is always an opportunity to adapt and pivot at the moment

    Welcome to this episode with Ashley Green the Mindreader. I got to know Ashley through a common podcaster group and the podcast "The Successful Mentalist" (TSM), which he co hosts with Aidan O'Sullivan. This interview was recorded together with another two episodes on the same day for Ashley and Aidan from the TSM. And I had a great fun that day. There is so much you can learn from this and the second part of this interview that I don't have enough space to write it down here. During this episode you will get to know Ashley from another side. He shares with us the 3 words how he describes himself. Weird, Optimistic and Adaptive 

    The colour he would be in a colouring box is GREEN. What a surprise. 

    A secret not many know: He wanted to be a plumber until the age of 17 for whatever strange reasons. 

    We furthermore got to talk about:

    • His weird gifts from his girlfriend. Faceless painting and more 
    • The excitement of being an entertainer and what he loves about it 
    • His path from circus to magic and to mentalist magic 
    • His love for weird things How he learned to pivot his business during the Covid lock down 
    • Grounding yourself and then you can open up for opportunities 
    • His meditation practice (20min and up to 40-60min daily) 
    • Walking in the park without phone. Be present in the moment and the benefits of doing so. 
    • “CREATIVITY is a trainable skills” 
    • His confidence in being creative: “Wack me anywhere and I will come up with a new idea or solve a problem”