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The Science-Fueled Startup

The Science-Fueled Startup

By PhobosTech Productions

Specifically for new startups and solo-entrepreneurs; The Science-Fueled Startup is a weekly podcast that relays the most vital, science-backed information that is an absolute requirement for success.
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Business Brains I: Cultivating Mental Control

The Science-Fueled StartupAug 08, 2022

Business Brains I: Cultivating Mental Control
Aug 08, 202233:10
Digital Security IV: Designing Security Policies For Small Businesses
Aug 01, 202237:36
Digital Security III: Network Security & Social Engineer Attacks
Jul 25, 202201:12:25
Digital Security II: Patch & Back That App Up!

Digital Security II: Patch & Back That App Up!

78 to 89% of all security breeches are avoidable by simply keeping your software updated. As business owners and entrepreneurs - understanding how to update and patch your hardware and software is vital to your success. If you have been compromised, keeping regular backups will keep you from experiencing the financial hell that often leads to new businesses having to close their doors.

This episode covers everything you need to understand about updates, patches, and backups - to keep you and your company safe. 

Jul 18, 202256:59
Digital Security I: Password Wisdom
Jul 11, 202232:09
Sleep & "The All-Nighter"

Sleep & "The All-Nighter"

How important is sleep? Are all-nighter's ok in a cruch? What does the science say about it?


2003 Belenky sleep study:

Sleep Deprivation & Impulse Control:

Sleep Deprivation & Increased Risk of Dimentia:

Sleep & Mental Health:

Sleep Deprivation & Cognitive Performance:

Poor Sleep & Workplace Productivity:

Sleep & Emotion Processing:

Sleep Deprivation & Work Performance:

Jul 04, 202226:49