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SFP-NOW TV REVIEWS SHOW: Marx Talks Dungeons & Dragons Movie, Plus more Star Trek Chat & Our Take On Amazons The Powers

SciFiPulse RadioApr 22, 2023

SFP-NOW TV REVIEWS SHOW: Marx & Ian Talk About Silo and Citadel

SFP-NOW TV REVIEWS SHOW: Marx & Ian Talk About Silo and Citadel

Welcome to another episode of our Television and Movie reviews show. This time Ian and Marx take a look at a few of the new shows that have been hitting Apple TV and Sky SciFi Channel.

After Ian spends the first five minutes of the show dissing his teammates on Rocket League. We straight onto TV and share in our views about CW making a spin-off show to The Librarians, which is a favorite show around these parts.

This week we hit the ground running and discuss the pilot episode of Silo, which was called 'Freedom Day'. We both agree that it's a series that has some potential and plan to watch more of it for future discussion. The question is. Are we safe to go outside? While chatting about other Apple TV shows. Marx and I agree that Invasion was boring.

Moving on from Apple shows. Ian waxes lyrical about the latest season of Star Wars: Visions and how he was particularly taken with the episode titled Sith, which seemed to take place inside a living painting. He chats about some of the episodes and adds that all nine stories are really cool.

From the fun and animation of Star Wars. We move on to the more serious Sky SciFi series The Swarm, which sees the world Sealife turning against the human population due to a change in the delicate interconnectedness between mankind and Earth. The show is truly international having segments of it set in Canada, France, and Norway to name just a few of the countries that are represented in the storyline. The first episode features a stunning sequence of Ora Whales attacking Canadian Tourists.

Having barely survived an Ora Whale attack. Ian and Marx move the conversation on to Citadel. In short, our concern is that the show could be spending a little too much time in the past as the narrative seems to have slowed down a little. Luckily the series finale, which we will discuss in the next episode does address some of our issues with the show.

Tune in for more as we discuss more TV stuff and also have an interesting side chat about A.I and how it might impact the industry.

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May 27, 202355:26
SFP-NOW TV REVIEWS SHOW: The Gang Talks About New Spy-Fi Series Citadel & We Talk Trek and Mandalorian Finales

SFP-NOW TV REVIEWS SHOW: The Gang Talks About New Spy-Fi Series Citadel & We Talk Trek and Mandalorian Finales

Welcome to another exciting review show in which Marx and Ian are once again joined by Supergeeked Up's Jeff Burns to chew the fat over a bunch of recent TV shows.

In this episode, we chat about the new Amazon Prime Spy series Citadel, which has some fantastic action and adventure to it as well as two brilliant lead actors in the form of Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas as super spies Mason Kane and Nadia Sinh. This series puts us in mind of all the best elements of James Bond and Mission Impossible movies. And Jeff Burns was really impressed with one particular action scene from the show's third episode.

Moving things along Marx and I give our final thoughts for now on the series finales for Star Trek: Picard and The Mandalorian. And keeping on the subject of Star Wars. Ian gives his first impressions on the new video game Star Wars: Jedi Survivor and admits that his impressions are based on the first 2 or 3 hours of gameplay. As he is most likely still trying to complete the game.

Rounding out the show with something a little different. Marx gives his thoughts on the new series of From and also chats about Mrs. Davies, which is a new series that focuses on a Nun who is trying to stop an A.I. from taking over the world. So if you want to try and save the world tune in. Zone out and chill with us as we chat about Television.

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May 13, 202355:17
SFP-NOW TV REVIEWS SHOW: Marx Talks Dungeons & Dragons Movie, Plus more Star Trek Chat & Our Take On Amazons The Powers

SFP-NOW TV REVIEWS SHOW: Marx Talks Dungeons & Dragons Movie, Plus more Star Trek Chat & Our Take On Amazons The Powers

Welcome to the sixth episode of The new SFP-NOW review show in Which Marx Pyle and I discuss all of our favorite TV Shows and movies.

We kick this week's episode off with Marx's review of the new Dungeons & Dragons movie in which Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, and Regé-Jean Page kick some dragon butt. Marx feels that this version of the film is a big improvement over the 2000 version. As it pulls in more from the various different settings that feature in the D&D Table Top Games.

Our D&D Chat sort of moves over into a movie discussion in general where we discuss the DC movies and how all the different films seem to be somewhat disjointed from each other. As the movie chat moves toward Superman. We move into discussing Superman & Lois and do a quick catch-up on some of the more recent episodes.

From Superman. We move on to Gotham Knights, which sees the group get called The Gotham Knights for the first time. We discuss some of the mythology that this show is using from the comics and how much fun the writers seem to be having with The Court of Owls.

Boldly moving on we chat a little about episodes 7, 8 & 9 of Picard but focus mostly on the episode 'Vox' in which it is revealed that Jack is connected to The Borg. We chat a lot about the closing few moments of the episode in which we see The Enterprise - D for the first time in nearly 30 years and how that made us feel. We also chat about our disappointment at the death of the dipshit from Chicago.

Staying in the science fiction realm. We move on to The Mandalorian's penultimate episode in which Grogu gets his own robot body suit. And have a bit of a laugh about some of the things we can see Grogu saying with his new toy other than Yes and No. We also talk about the return of Moff Gideon and discuss whether there could be a traitor among The Mandalorians.

The final TV Show we discuss is the new series The Power, which premiered on Amazon earlier in the month. We talk about some of the show's more interesting characters and chat about how it will likely flip the tables by showing us a world in which women become more dominant in this world thanks to the Powers that they seem to have developed as teenagers.

Apr 22, 202301:30:22
SFP-NOW TV REVIEWS SHOW: We Talk The Last of US, Star Trek, Quantum Leap & More

SFP-NOW TV REVIEWS SHOW: We Talk The Last of US, Star Trek, Quantum Leap & More

Welcome to another installment of our reviews show. For this episode, Ian and Marx are joined by special guest reviewer Jeff Burns who is best known as the host and creator of the popular Youtube Channel Supergeekedup.

We're playing catch-up during the first few minutes of this episode as we finally get to talk a bit about the season finales of The Last of Us and Wolfpack, which we thought was a really good show. When it comes to The Last of Us Marx and Ian agreed that the series was really strong when it came to its character development. We also talked about some of the differences between The Last of Us and The Walking Dead. This led to an interesting discussion about video game adaptations.

Moving on to Star Trek: Picard we chatted about Dominion and pointed out some ways in which the show's changelings differ from the ones we saw in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Jeff who has only watched the first two episodes of Star Trek: Picard hasn't been particularly impressed with the series and shares his take on the show. This leads to a great discussion about Star Trek, which touches on some of what has been happening on Picard, bit also extends to some of the things that have been happening in the Star Trek comics.

Other shows up for discussion include Superman and Lois, Quantum Leap and more. But we round out the hour by chatting about The Mandalorian and how much we enjoyed the episode Pirates in which The Mandalorians help out Greef Karga when his town on Nevarro is attacked by Pirates. We discuss the actions in the show and try to figure out how it is that Katee Sackhoff's character of Bo-Katan is not sweating when she removes her Mandalorian Helmet.

To tune in and hear everything that we discussed just push play.

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Apr 08, 202301:16:53
SFP-NOW TV REVIEWS SHOW: Some Star Wars Chat and Our First Thoughts on Gotham & School Spirits

SFP-NOW TV REVIEWS SHOW: Some Star Wars Chat and Our First Thoughts on Gotham & School Spirits

Happy Friday and welcome to another episode of SFP- NOW's ongoing reviews show.

In this episode, Ian & Marx give their initial thoughts on the new CW series Gotham, which is a show set in a universe where Batman has been killed. Our initial thoughts are that the show is kind of meh and has room for improvement. So tune in to hear exactly what we have to say.

Moving on. We also give our first thoughts on School Spirits and focus on the show's pilot episode 'My So-Called Death', which introduces us to the tone and characters of the series. In this discussion, Marx compares this show to 'Dead Like Me' only with less sarcasm.

Staying on the theme of supernatural series. We also discuss Wolf Pack and zoom in on the penultimate episode titled 'Lion's Breath' which has a few big plot reveals when it comes to Ramsay and her true nature. We also discuss how gorgeous the show's cinematography is when it comes to one shot in particular.

Moving into the realm of science fiction and fantasy. We discuss the new season of The Mandalorian and recap events from 'The Mines of Mandalore' and 'The Convert'. We also briefly discuss a few shows from Star Wars past as well as touch on the infamous Holiday Special via a discussion about a new documentary film about that. So set your lightsabers to maim as many Ewoks were sacrificed to make this episode.

We close out this month's show with a recap of Star Trek: Picard's fifth episode 'Imposters', which not only saw the return of Ro Laren from TNG. But also used her character as a means to link the A and B plots together as more is revealed about The Changeling Plot to undermine Starfleet and The Federation. We also speculate somewhat as to where this could go and discuss how Paramount Plus could use this season of Picard as a Springboard for other series that could reintroduce characters from TNG, DS9 & Voyager as well as continue the adventures of some of the new characters such as Captain Shaw and Ensign Sydney LaForge.

So please tune in for another packed reviews episode and feel free to comment about any of the shows we cover or even suggest shows and movies you'd like us to discuss.

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Mar 24, 202301:00:39
SFP-NOW TV REVIEWS SHOW: Our Continuing Thoughts on Star Trek: Picard & Some Ghostly Goings On

SFP-NOW TV REVIEWS SHOW: Our Continuing Thoughts on Star Trek: Picard & Some Ghostly Goings On

Happy Friday all and welcome to another reviews episode as Ian and Marx boldly trek through another batch of genre television episodes and discuss them. 

On the menu for this episode is Star Trek: Picard Season Three episode 3 'Seventeen Seconds' in which Marx and Ian agree that the series has definitely increased the Trek Factor to Warp 9.95.

Also discussed is the recent happenings on Wolf Pack, which is a show that is very popular among the writing staff. Ian attempts to give a gist of what's been happening on the show while only using moderate spoilers. We also plug the excellent interview that Nicholas Yanes did with the novelist who wrote the book on which the series is based.

Finally, Marx educates Ian on the Awesome American version of Ghost, which was inspired by the BBC sitcom Ghost. Over the course of this conversation, we bring up a few classic supernatural comedies from the 1960s/70s and ponder why there seems to be a lack of spooky sitcoms. I also use this discussion as an opportunity to plug the brilliant Hitting The Books With CBS'S "Ghost" articles, which we ran on back in 2022/23.

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Mar 10, 202357:14


Welcome to another episode of our brand new reviews show. For this episode, Marx and Ian head off to the final frontier and boldly delve into a few recent episodes of genre television shows. First up is a look at the episode of The Last of US titled Endure and Survive, which gave us a rather harrowing story in which Ellie and Joel meet Henry and his little brother Sam. 

Then we head to the final frontier to discuss the first episode of the third season of Star Trek: Picard, which was appropriately titled The Next Generation. I give Marx my first thoughts on the episode and tie myself up in knots while trying to give a spoiler-free review of the episode. So please let me know how I did. 

While on the subject of space-based shows. We also talk about the new science fiction series The Ark, which is currently airing on Syfy Channel in the US. We discuss our first thoughts based on having viewed the opening two episodes and generally discuss the characters and storylines of the show. 

Returning to Earth for the last show. Marx gives me his thoughts and a very well-thought-out overview of the new mystery series Poker Face, which is quite similar to detective series such as Columbo and Monk, but with a new modern spin. 

So tune in and hear what we have to say feel free to comment and let us know if you agree or disagree with our thoughts. 

Feb 22, 202344:59
SFP-NOW TV Reviews Show Looks At Lockwood & Co and Wolf Pack

SFP-NOW TV Reviews Show Looks At Lockwood & Co and Wolf Pack

Welcome to SFP-NOW and our new TV reviews show that we'll be looking to roll out every two weeks. For this series, Ian Cullen is joined by Marx Pyle of GenreTainment to discuss episodes of various genre television shows. 

This week's episode takes a look at episode three of The Last Of Us, which seemed to stir up mixed reviews from fans of the game versus those fans that have just tuned in for the series. Get our views on the Bob and Frank storyline. 

Also, we have a look at the new Netflix Series Lockwood & Co, which is somewhat of a surprise package with its story of an alternate future in which ghosts are a very common occurrence, but can only be hunted down by teenagers. 

Staying on the theme of supernatural series we also take a look at the new Paramount Plus series Wolf Pack, which is somewhat of a comeback for Buffy's Sarah Michelle Geller who interestingly doesn't have a huge role in the show's pilot episode. 

Moving from horror. We jump to some time travel for some fast and dirty comments on the new Quantum Leap series and the episode titled Leap. Die. Repeat. which kind of played out a little like Groundhog Day. 

And Finally, Marx talks about his recent experience of being a panelist on a massive Buffy The Vampire Slayer Rewatch and talks a little about what he considers to be the best episodes of the show's fourth season. 

Feb 09, 202330:59
SFP-NOW & GenreTainment Special Best Movie, TV and Book Picks of 2022

SFP-NOW & GenreTainment Special Best Movie, TV and Book Picks of 2022

Welcome to a celebration as SFP-NOW and GenreTainment Cross their Streams to discuss their top picks for Television, Movies, Comics, Books, and Video Games of 2022.

With another year coming to an end. SFP-NOW's Ian Cullen and Genretainment's Marx Pyle invite guests, Jeff Burns of SuperGeekeduo and Fantasy writer Katharine Dow, to share their top three Television, Movie, Book, Comic Book and Video Game picks of 2022.

Indeed 2022 has been a great year for genre television and film and started off with a bang as DC unleashed Peacemaker on an unsuspecting audience when it hit HBO in the USA and Sky Atlantic here in the UK. After this, the year continued with a steady stream of TV shows and movies, which included such hits as Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Stranger Things, Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Game of Thrones: House of The Dragon and much more. 

Insofar as movie releases went. We were totally spoiled with a mixed bag of genre movies ranging from the out-and-out stylized madness of Bullet Train to the surprise hit Prey, which instead of enjoying a big cinema release got released via streaming thanks to Hulu and Disney Plus here in the UK. The year also saw its fair share of sequels as well with the much-anticipated release of Enola Holmes 2 and of Course Black Panther II: Wakanda Forever. 

When it comes to comic books. It was a great year for Star Wars as we saw the story of Crimson Dawn get fully fleshed out as it crossed over the entirety of the Star Wars comicsverse. Whereas more individual titles such as Something is Killing The Children and The British Paranormal Society also got a look in. 

So tune in to listen to the shows, movies, and books that we discuss and if you have a few picks you'd like to add or have us look at. Please feel free to leave in the comments and we'll try and circle back and discuss those too. 

In the meantime, we wish all our listeners a happy and prosperous 2023 in the hopes that things will get better for all. 

Dec 30, 202201:50:32
Tales of Monstrosity: Monsters, Myths and Miscreants Writer's Interviews Part Two

Tales of Monstrosity: Monsters, Myths and Miscreants Writer's Interviews Part Two

Welcome to another creepy episode of SFP-NOW. Being served up for this episode is the second part of our interview shows for the new Anthology Book Tales of Monstrosity: Monsters, Myths, and Miscreants. 

Joining us Marx Pyle and me for this installment will be the following writers:

Marisa Wolf, Colten Fisher, Victoria L. Scott, and Sophia DeSensi.

All four of these writers have stories featured in the new Anthology, which has managed to raise its target on Kickstarter with change to spare for some to cover next year's Halloween Decor. 

Victoria L. Scott has the ultimate can-do attitude and is a Jedi when it comes to Latin. Victoria shares in our love of the Harry Dresden novels while teasing her story, which is about a headless horseman who is a descendant of the original Headless Horseman. 

Marisa Wolf talks about her story, which is titled 'An Old Favor' which is a detective story that has a few clever twists. 

Colten Fisher talks about his contribution to the book, which is titled 'Hexpad Blog: A First-Timer’s Guide to the Big City'. This story focuses on a young person who encounters the big city for the first time and decides to write a Blog about it. After all. One can never tell what one can find in the big city.

And last, but by no means least we have Sophia DeSensi who talks about her new story 'Ghouly Girl' which explores what happens when a quirky young Ghouly Girl moves in with two human roommates. 

Head over to the book's Kickstarter to Learn more. 

Nov 20, 202247:48
Tales of Monstrosity: Monsters, Myths and Miscreants Writer's Interviews Part One

Tales of Monstrosity: Monsters, Myths and Miscreants Writer's Interviews Part One

Welcome to a new episode of SFP-NOW. For this monstrous edition of the show. We bring news of a new Kickstarter campaign for a new anthology book called Monstrosity: Monsters, Myths, and Miscreants.

In order to help get this campaign up and running. We speak to the series creator and sometimes contributor to Marx Pyle about the book and also learn about some of the stories contained within its monstrous pages. 

In this first set of writer chats, we speak with Scott A. Johnson about his story El Cucuy, which is about a Mexican boogie-man that uses shadows like hallways and eats naughty children.

Then we chat to Michael La Ronn about The Brazen Skull, which focuses on a necromancer living in the ghetto is hired by a warlock to seek the brazen skull, a magical artifact imbued with the spirit of a dead warlock...

Then we hunt down and catch up with Marx Pyle about his story Rebel With A Cause, which tells the tale of a Shapeshifter who is hired to gun down a Fae gang...

After which we interrogate Jeff Burns about The Adventures of Elena and Ned, Gargoyle P.I. The clue to the story is in the title as it focuses on a Gargoyle private detective. 

And rounding off this first round of interviews. We chat with J.C. Mastro about MagicLand Mischief which looks at what happens after hours in the world-famous Magic Land amusement park... 

You can learn more about Monstrosity: Monsters, Myths, and Miscreants here at their Kickstarter. 

Oct 26, 202201:03:06
Our First Thoughts on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds & The New Doctor Who

Our First Thoughts on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds & The New Doctor Who

Welcome to another episode of SFP-NOW and our first episode to be hosted by Ancor FM.

In this episode, Ian and Raissa give their first impressions of the new Doctor Who actor Ncuti Gatwa and discuss their hopes for the series now that Russell T. Davies is back as the executive producer and head writer. 

We also give our first impressions of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, which Raissa describes as the Star Trek show that she was hoping for when Next Generation came out. 

Also discussed briefly are the shows that have been canceled this year. So why not tune in and be a part of our discussion whether you agree with us or not. 

Jun 09, 202201:12:11
John Walsh Chats about His New Escape From New York Book

John Walsh Chats about His New Escape From New York Book

Welcome to another great episode of SFP-NOW. For this episode, we catch up with award-winning filmmaker and writer John Walsh, who has been keeping himself very busy. We last spoke with John back in August of 2021 when he talked with us about his Ray Harryhausen and Flash Gordon books, which have both done incredibly well for him. This time out we chat about his latest book 'Escape From New York: The Official Story of The Film', which has been selling so well that Titan can't print them fast enough.

Over the course of our conversation, John explains how the book came about and teases a few details about the book. Additionally, we even discuss our favorite elements from the film while discussing the casting, special effects, and everything else, which are all discussed in full in the book.

Also, we discuss our mutual appreciation for the late Donald Pleasence who to many horror fans is best known for his role of Dr. Loomis. However, we talk about his role as the corrupt President and how he was initially reluctant to play the part.

Added to this. We also discuss a few of John's films. Specially Toryboy, which has a few interesting parallels to the corruption that is depicted in Escape From New York.

And to end with. We chat about some of the movies and TV Shows that John would love to work on if given the opportunity. To listen to all of what was discussed hit play on the audio player and enjoy as John and I totally geek out about what is regarded as John Carpenters best movie.

You can learn more about John Walsh and his film and writing work at the following social media links.


Twitter @walshbros 

Instagram @johnwalsh_filmmaker

Facebook: Escape From New York: The Official Story of The Film

Youtube Playlist: Escape From New York

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Feb 04, 202201:08:00
SFP-NOW & GenreTainment Take a Look at the Best TV and Films of 2021

SFP-NOW & GenreTainment Take a Look at the Best TV and Films of 2021

2021 was a great year for television and movies and gave us much to discuss. So much so that SFP-NOW and Genretainment once again decided to cross the streams and discuss some of our favorite TV and Movies of 2021.

Hosts Ian Cullen, Marx & Julie Seaton Pyle are joined by Jeff Burns of Supergeeked Up and celebrated fantasy writer Katharine Dow to discuss many of the best Television shows and movies that we were all watching.

The year that brought us Free Guy and Shang Chi also brought us a remake of Dune, which seemed to do fairly well with critics, but we also got Daniel Craig's final outing as 007.

In regards to television. 2021 brought us a ton of content from Marvel, which kicked off at the start of the year with WandaVision and dramatically closed out the year with Hawkeye. Outside of Marvel, we also got the brilliant new Star Wars animated series 'Star Wars: The Bad Batch', which may or may not have a few plot threads that tie into The Mandalorian and Book of Boba Fett.

All of these movies and TV shows get discussed. So tune in and feel free to drop us a comment with what your best picks of the year were.

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Dec 30, 202101:50:54
SFP-NOW Talks to the writers of 'Dragons of a Different Tail'
Dec 04, 202101:01:18
SFP-NOW Celebrates The James Bond Movies
Nov 30, 202102:34:19
SFP-Now Chats to Ada Hoffman about her latest book The Fallen

SFP-Now Chats to Ada Hoffman about her latest book The Fallen

Aug 09, 202137:18
SFP-NOW: Ben and Ian Chat with David Hartley

SFP-NOW: Ben and Ian Chat with David Hartley

For this episode, we do something a little different and host a discussion with up-and-coming UK-based writer Dave Hartley.

Based in Manchester, England. Dave Hartley is a writer of science fiction and fantasy stories and fairly recently published his latest story called 'Pigskin', which is somewhat of a modern take on George Orwell's 'Animal Farm'.

Dave's Works and Interests


As well as discussing his Phd, Dave Hartley also discussed some of his works of fiction. Some of the focus was on one of his most recent releases, "Pigskin", a dark, twisted fable about the horrors of industrial farming. It's available from the wonderful Fly on the Wall Press, which has published many other science fiction works, and other speculative fiction. Dave's very much a writer who draws on what he believes in. For example, he's an enthusiastic and dedicated animal rights activist. But we chose to stick with what we know most about, and further explore depictions of autism within the world of science fiction, within books and also in film and TV, too.


Autism Within Science Fiction

Dave's favourite film is the fantastic Blade Runner (1982), from the wonderful Ridley Scott. His theses focuses on how it may well be a narrative concerning autism. Consequently, we considered other characters that might also be codified representations of autism. The obvious ones included Spock (Leonard Nimoy) and Data (Brent Spiner), from the Star Trek franchise. But there were other interesting characters too, that emerged during the conversation. But we don't want to tell you everything we discussed, you can listen for yourself. If you've some of your own favourite representations, then by all means leave us a comment and let us know what you think.


You can keep up with up and coming releases by Dave Hartley on his website and blog. His latest collection, "Incorcisms" is out now. If you're interested in autistic representation, Dave runs Autism Through Cinema, his ongoing podcast series freely accessible on his site. 

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Jun 20, 202101:05:45
SFP-NOW Chats Harryhausen, Flash Gordon & Escape From New York with Writer John Walsh

SFP-NOW Chats Harryhausen, Flash Gordon & Escape From New York with Writer John Walsh

Welcome to a very special edition of SFP-NOW on SciFi-Pulse Radio.

In this episode, we are joined by special guest John Walsh who is a huge fan of science fiction and fantasy. An acclaimed filmmaker and writer as well as a Trustee of the Ray Harryhausen Foundation, which preserves and displays the work of the legendary special effects artist and filmmaker.

In the episode. John takes us through his early career and how he found friendship with the late filmmaker who created memorable monsters such as Medusa and the Kraken from the original 'Clash of The Titans' and many more. He also talks in-depth about many of the things that can be found in his book 'Harryhausen: The Lost Movies', which I highly recommend to fans of genre film and television. As it gives insight into the many things that Ray Harryhausen would have liked to do. But never got to due to budgetary reasons.

John also discusses the incredible journey that he went on. When putting together his Flash Gordon book 'Flash Gordon: The Official Story of the Film'. Which is an incredible story to listen to and well worth the time in the telling. In short. When John wrote the book and it came time to look for images from the film. He learned at the last minute that the studio didn't save anything. So he had to source images and production stills from the fan community and some of the people that worked behind the scenes on the film.

Added to all of this great stuff. John also previews his new book, which is due out in September, which is called 'Escape From New York: The Official Story of the Film'.

So if you enjoy retro movies and appreciate classic genre entertainment. Tune into this episode because we cover a hell of a lot of stuff.

You learn more about John Walsh and his work at

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May 14, 202101:04:60
SFP-NOW Chat Marvel Shows, Pennyworth and Much More
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SFP-NOW reviews Doctor Who, The Flash and more....
Oct 27, 201840:38
SFP-NOW talks to 'Ghost Wars' actor Philip Granger

SFP-NOW talks to 'Ghost Wars' actor Philip Granger

This podcast doesn't have a description yet. Stay tuned!
Sep 21, 201801:03:21
SFP-NOW Featuring scifi & horror writer Adam Whitlatch
Sep 14, 201852:26
SFP - NOW discuss Doctor Who, Big Finish and the DC TV Shows
Sep 04, 201801:38:26
SFP-NOW Talks Doctor Who

SFP-NOW Talks Doctor Who

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SFP-NOW featuring  SciFi Expert Marc Zicree
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SFP Now - Star Wars Solo Special 1
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SFP-NOW News & Reviews Featuring Legends Of Tomorrow & Timeless
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SFP-NOW Featuring Star Trek Authority Larry Nemecek

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DC Action Hour - Crisis on Earth-X, Christina Brucato (Lily Stein on Legends), Justice League

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