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Life Sci AI: The Podcast

Life Sci AI: The Podcast

By SciPro

A series of interviews with some of the industry's top professionals, discussing the latest topics circulating the world of science; brought to you by SciPro, Life Science Recruitment Specialists, and hosted by our very own expert consultant, Nick Mahoney.
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S5 Ep 1 | AI in Remote Patient Monitoring Systems with Tom Breeze

Life Sci AI: The PodcastSep 11, 2023

S5 Ep 1 | AI in Remote Patient Monitoring Systems with Tom Breeze

S5 Ep 1 | AI in Remote Patient Monitoring Systems with Tom Breeze

In the first episode of series five, host Nick Mahoney was joined by the CCO of Doccla, Tom Breeze. For the first time in our podcast studio, Nick and Tom discuss the transition he made from private equity to healthcare and what drives him about the mission of Doccla.

Situated in an exciting period of growth for Doccla, this is great episode to learn more about remote patient monitoring systems and the go to market strategies needed across different locations.

Sep 11, 202342:33
S4 Ep 4 | The Future of Building Teams in Computational Chemistry with Jon Heal

S4 Ep 4 | The Future of Building Teams in Computational Chemistry with Jon Heal

In this episode Nick and Jon discuss the future of hiring into Computational Chemistry teams and how the use of AI is affecting this. A topic Nick spoke at great length about at the #aisummit also. Jon has been through many technological changes in the industry and so his expertise and knowledge shines through with some great nuggets of information. Jon Heal is the Silico team (also known as prosaRx) leader at RxCelerate which is a rapidly growing company conducting service based work for drug discovery programs based in Cambridge, UK. Jon was previously a co-founder of Prosarix Ltd and Head of Computational Chemistry at Evolva SA, a swiss biotech company focussing on innovative approaches within synthetic biology space. Jon has over 20 years experience of drug discovery, was instrumental in the development of the ProtoDiscovery™ technology platform and its application in over 50 drug discovery projects with many different client companies. To speak to Nick, please drop an email to

Jul 19, 202345:06
S4 Ep 3 | A Discussion about JP Morgan with Dr Juana Candia
Apr 25, 202334:39
S4 Ep 2 | Iktos – AI for New Drug Design
Mar 14, 202336:34
S4 Ep 1 | Bringing new Perspective to Structured based Drug Design

S4 Ep 1 | Bringing new Perspective to Structured based Drug Design

A special series of Life Sci AI: The Podcast Series looking at AI in Drug Discovery begins with a fascinating episode featuring Dr David Wright, CTO and Co-Founder of Kuano. The discussion delved deep into the revolutionary role Kauno is playing in the Drug Discovery process.

Dr David Wright is the CTO and Co-Founder of Kuano, a startup whose mission is to use a unique combination of simulation and AI to bring quantum detail to drug design. By starting from an exquisitely detailed picture of enzyme mechanisms they are looking to create a new generation of therapeutics, whose current projects include creating novel anti-bowel cancer drugs.

Before co-founding Kuano, Dr Wright used simulation to understand how atomic details impact drug binding at UCL. His journey to Kuano involved collaborating in large international collaborative projects (CompbioMed, CCP-SAS, CHAIN, INSPIRE) that brought together experts from the supercomputing, academic and pharmaceuticals world to advance drug design. His multidisciplinary outlook is reflected in how Kuano is bringing a new perspective to structure-based drug design.

To speak to Nick, please drop an email to

Feb 13, 202339:57
S3 Ep 5 | How AI Revolutionize the Pharma Industry

S3 Ep 5 | How AI Revolutionize the Pharma Industry

In this episode, Nick and Dr Bouarfa discuss her journey to becoming a CEO, the uniqueness of and most interestingly the future of female leaders in a STEM subject, particularly within Life Sciences.

Dr Loubna Bouarfa is the founder and CEO of - a leading artificial intelligence (AI) company for life sciences, that supports the industry in bringing the right drug to the right patient at speed. Prior to, Loubna led different machine learning positions in startups and academia. Loubna was a member of the European Union High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence, where she mainly focused on achieving competitive business impact with AI.

She was named an MIT Technology Review Top Innovator Under 35, a Forbes 50 Top Women In Tech, and won several prizes, including CEO of the Year 2019 at the Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards and Best Female-Led Startup at the StartUp Europe Awards in 2019. Recently, Loubna has been selected as a European Young Leader (EYL40) for 2022.

To speak to Nick, please drop an email to

Aug 16, 202238:11
S3 Ep 4 | Using AI to improve Digestive Healthcare

S3 Ep 4 | Using AI to improve Digestive Healthcare

In this awesome episode, Nick discusses with Alex Menys, CEO of Motilent, their current growth and more broadly the state of AI in MedTech.

Alex Menys is the CEO of Motilent and his main focus is around measuring treatment response in Crohn's Disease but he is also actively involved in a range of projects around all things gastro including constipation, gastroparesis, IBS and any disease that features some form of GI symptom. Motilent specialises in the assessment of digestive diseases using medical image analysis. Their primary focus areas include Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Gastroparesis although they support a range of projects across Digestive Health.

This is a really intriguing episode because the clinical pathway of Motilent is so complex, and therefore Alex is a huge advocate and very vocal voice for the change needed within the Digestive Health pathway.

Aug 02, 202244:03
S3 Ep 3 | AI for radiologists with Gleamer

S3 Ep 3 | AI for radiologists with Gleamer

In this episode, Nick talks to Albane Grandjean from Gleamer. Gleamer develops medical-grade AI solutions to support radiologists and emergency physicians in their daily work. Their solutions rely on powerful Artificial Intelligence algorithms, to detect and localise lesions on medical images. They have had great success in recent years with their first product, BoneView and they are now working on releasing additional products for utilisation by radiologists.

Albane Grandjean is Head of Marketing & Clinical Affairs & General Manager. With more than 10 years of experience in marketing & commercial roles in Healthcare, Albane brings her passion for innovation in care and knowledge of medical imaging devices.

What is particularly interesting about this episode is how Gleamer has underpinned their development within clinical experts for every product and Albane highlights this as a key to their successes.

To speak to Nick, please drop an email to

Jul 19, 202236:33
S3 Ep 2 | Building a Remote Patient Monitoring Platform
Jul 05, 202235:26
S3 Ep 1 | Using AI in Drug Discovery for Rare Diseases

S3 Ep 1 | Using AI in Drug Discovery for Rare Diseases

We are back for series 3 of Life Sci AI: The Podcast. In the first series, we were honoured to be joined by Dr Tim Guilliams, the CEO and Co-Founder of Healx. Healx have created a suite of AI products and platforms to revolutionise the drug discovery process of rare diseases. It is a truly exciting time for Healx as their first process has reached clinical trials!

Tim is a tech entrepreneur from the Cambridge Cluster, passionate about using AI to accelerate treatments for rare diseases. The mission-driven technology company, Healx are pioneering the next wave of drug discovery in order to bring novel, effective treatments to rare disease patients around the world.

In this role, Tim has been listed in The Sunday Times Maserati 100 list of entrepreneurs in 2019, was named as ‘One to watch’ in The Telegraph’s Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders in 2020, and was selected as a member of the Forbes Technology Council in 2022.

Tim is also the Co-Founder and Trustee of the Cambridge Rare Disease Network (CRDN). Prior to Healx and CRDN, he obtained his PhD at the University of Cambridge in the field of Biophysics and Neuroscience, developing nanobody technology for Parkinson's disease. Before moving to Cambridge, UK, Tim obtained an MEng in Bio- and Chemical-Engineering from the University of Brussels.

To speak to Nick, please drop an email to

Jun 20, 202235:52
S2 Ep 7 | Building an AI platform to tackle complex diseases

S2 Ep 7 | Building an AI platform to tackle complex diseases

In the final episode of series 2, Nick is joined by Dr.Muhunthan Thillai, the co-founder and CEO of Qureight and they discuss the innovative way they are using AI to allow for effective drug development in complex diseases. This is also a fantastic episode for understanding how founders from a medical background have built an AI company. 

Dr.Muhunthan Thillai is the co-founder and CEO of Qureight, a medical technology company in Cambridge which aims to pioneer data curation in complex diseases. By structuring image and biomarker data from biopharma and healthcare institutions, Qureight uses their AI-assisted platform to look for new trial endpoints in complex diseases including Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, Lung Cancer and Pulmonary Hypertension.

To speak to Nick, please drop an email to

Feb 01, 202231:42
S2 Ep 6 | Breast Cancer Diagnostics using AI
Jan 17, 202242:56
S2 Ep 5 | Charco: CUE1 for Parkinson's
Dec 14, 202138:34
S2 Ep 4 | Medical Image Analysis in the Lungs
Nov 26, 202140:58
S2 Ep 3 | Building Neural Digital Therapeutics
Nov 15, 202143:25
S2 Ep 2 | AI for Molecular Imaging for Drug Discovery
Nov 02, 202140:21
S2 Ep 1 | Surgical Robotics
Oct 19, 202146:06
S1 Ep 9 | Reaching FDA Approval
May 14, 202135:57
S1 Ep 8 | Combining Cloud Architecture and Deep Learning to Revolutionize Stroke Diagnosis
Apr 30, 202145:13
S1 Ep 7 | Creating a Business Case for the Use of AI in Hospitals
Apr 16, 202142:09
S1 Ep 6 | The Importance of a Software Platform for the Widescale Use of AI in Healthcare
Apr 01, 202145:38
S1 Ep 5 | Deep Learning for MRI Scanning
Mar 21, 202144:56
S1 Ep 4 | Neuromodulation, an introduction and its future
Mar 04, 202139:45
S1 Ep 3 | AI for Advanced Surgical Guidance
Feb 19, 202143:13
S1 Ep 2 | Product Development for Medical Imaging Devices
Feb 05, 202137:44
S1 Ep 1 | AI for Neuroimaging
Jan 25, 202131:34