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Love Music More (with Scoobert Doobert)

Love Music More (with Scoobert Doobert)

By Scoobert Doobert

Love music more — by knowing more about it! Join host (and producer/engineer/writer/artist) Scoobert Doobert for a behind-the-scenes look at the music creation and performance process. It's simple enough for music fans and rich enough for the most veteran studio cat. Featuring interviews with both industry heavy hitters and up-and-comers, the show digs into how/why they create and what they face on the road and in studio. And solo pods explore the Scoobertverse, with deep dives into production, songwriting, and the artist mindset. It's basically an ELI5 for all things making music!
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Release and You Shall Receive with Riley Knapp (RKCB)

Love Music More (with Scoobert Doobert)Dec 05, 2023

Release and You Shall Receive with Riley Knapp (RKCB)
Dec 05, 202301:03:52
Back from Japan, Black Friday Plug-in/VST Deals, Building the Home Studio
Nov 28, 202323:10
Selling Samples on the Splice Charts with Dylan Kidd
Nov 21, 202348:43
Acoustic Treatment for Home Studios (Absorption, Diffusion, Bass Traps, Oh My)
Nov 14, 202315:27
Musical Experimentation and Genre Exploration with Dion Kerr

Musical Experimentation and Genre Exploration with Dion Kerr

Fresh off a tour opening for Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Dion shares his takes on musical exploration, genre development, and collaboration.

Dion Kerr is a forward-thinking, multi-dimensional artist (multi-instrumentalist, producer, arranger, songwriter, photographer, and videographer) born and raised in South Florida.  Kerr’s work reflects a broad range of influences and mediums.  He has toured and recorded worldwide as a leader and a sideman to various groups spanning multiple genres. Dion Kerr displays his unwavering talent as a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and conceptual artist.  Utilizing acoustic and electric elements, he blends a wide range of influences and styles into a cohesive sound that expands the limitations of genre-bound music. There are hints of Dion’s eclectic taste in his records' melodic groove-based instrumentals. Experimentation is essential in Dion’s process and is always represented in vivid fluidity.

Dion can be seen at some of the most renowned festivals, venues, studios, and galleries with many great young and upcoming artists of all art forms.  Kerr has shared the stage with Ignacio Berroa, Nicholas Payton, Lillias White, Godwin Louis, Jean Caze, Emmet Cohen, Immanuel Wilkins, Justin Brown, Tivon Pennicott, and most recently Marcus Strickland coming off of their European tour of festivals and venues such as Ronnies Scott’s in London.  Dion co-founded the band The Smoogies, who released their debut album Planet Smoogies with trumpeter Nicholas Payton and People Music; they are set to release their next record, a live album, in 2024.  Dion was the lead engineer and co-producer of Seafoam Walls record XVI; he also played guitar (formerly bass) in the live incarnation, released on Thurston Moore and Eva Printz's label Ecstatic Peace Library, which was recorded and produced in his home studio.  They recently got off tour, opening up for Unknown Mortal Orchestra for their US tour dates, and have secured a sponsorship with Fender.  He is also a key member in many other highly sought-after bands in South Florida and New York art scenes.  

His musical career began early on by being billed with the Dave Leibman quartet while he was still in High School, leading them to reconnect at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music in NY, where he attended school on scholarship.  He has been seen at venues and festivals such as The Blue Note, Sevilla Jazz Festival, Martinique Jazz Festival, Ground Up Festival, Guatemala Jazz Festival, Quebec City Jazz Festival, Young Jazz Festival, Casa Del Jazz, and Adrienne Arsht Center. He has toured North America and Europe extensively with different bands.  Dion has scored music for films featured at SXSW, New Orleans Film, and Miami Film Festivals.  

Dion Kerr’s new solo record, set to be released in 2023, follows up his latest releases, Ivy, which also features Jeff Parker, Bubby Lewis, Adam O’Farrill, Reptile Ground, Echoes of Lost Time, and Ruby.  His new record showcases his expansive musical knowledge and arranging abilities, featuring himself on bass, vocals, recording, production, and mixing.  His YouTube series Dialogues has been his most recent outlet, which features a wide variety of musical artists that he performs together in an intimate duo setting, which showcases the individuality of each featured artist and how a musical conversation can take place in hopes of bringing people more together.

Check out his Dialogues here -

And check out Scoobert Doobert's music at -

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Nov 07, 202356:37
Knowing vs. Understanding
Nov 02, 202308:12
Odd Time Signatures, Social Media and Musical Surprise with Josh Zimmer
Oct 24, 202338:42
The Value of Music Education
Oct 17, 202316:35
Mixing, Production, and an AI Gut-Check with Harper James (Marshmellow, James Bay, Frawley)
Oct 10, 202301:09:15
Orchestration and Ostinato (Conversations in Audio)
Oct 03, 202321:16
Making Music for Movies with Shawn Sutta and Adam Robl

Making Music for Movies with Shawn Sutta and Adam Robl

I’m joined with the duo of composers as we take an inside look into what it takes to be a indie film composer. They walk me through their home studio build, gear, and journey of serendipity.

Shawn Sutta is a composer whose devotion to film is fueled by his desire to bring people together - both to create a work of art and to tell stories that move people. A passionate collaborator, Shawn enjoys creating with orchestras, choirs, bands and instrumentalists while working closely with filmmaking teams to make stories that connect with audiences. 

In 2011 Shawn Sutta started a co-venture creating film music with his close friend Adam Robl, a like-minded musician with a shared passion for his craft. Over the past 11-years, Sutta and Robl have dedicated themselves to composed music for a mix of films that have been featured in theaters, streaming platforms, and prestigious festivals all over the world.

To sample their sounds check out the trailer for the film "Poser" that's mentioned in the pod and scored by Shawn and Adam:

Be sure to follow Shawn and Adam here:

You can hear my music at

In a rhythmic way, sometimes, it’s really fun to build over too. 🌐

Set Design by Max Horwich

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Sep 26, 202350:30
Thinking Polyphonically (Fugue State)
Sep 19, 202311:58
Bass, Japan, and Videogame Music with Bubby Lewis (Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Stevie Wonder)
Sep 12, 202301:02:18
How Notes Take Shape: Inversions and Harmony
Sep 05, 202325:23
Max Martin, Elmo, and Broadway with Dominic Fallacaro (& Juliet)
Aug 29, 202346:18
Generative AI Ain't Got Nothing on This
Aug 22, 202324:27
Writing Great Songs with Alex Delicata (Beyoncé, Rhianna, Machine Gun Kelly, Kygo & OneRepublic)

Writing Great Songs with Alex Delicata (Beyoncé, Rhianna, Machine Gun Kelly, Kygo & OneRepublic)

Ever wonder how someone writes for Beyoncé? Or how cycling, running, and songwriting all make sense together? Alex joins the pod to talk about his work, his process, and the path that led him to being a songwriter. Alex Delicata is a multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated American music producer, songwriter, and guitarist. Notable releases include Kygo & OneRepublic’s “Lose Somebody”, Meek Mill’s “All Eyes On You” feat. Chris Brown & Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé’s “Daddy Lessons”, MOD SUN’s “Stay Away” feat. Machine Gun Kelly & Goody Grace, Rita Ora’s “How We Do (Party)”, Lil Wayne’s “Dreams” and Rihanna’s “California King Bed”. Check out the official Spotify playlist "Written By Alex Delicata" to listen to some of the essential songs from his catalog at You can reach out to Alex at ⁠ And to hear my music, visit ⁠

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Aug 15, 202342:59
The Types of Reverb (with Examples!)
Aug 08, 202320:25
AI and the Philosophy of Music (and Everything, really)
Aug 01, 202331:09
Making a Song with GrimesAI (AI Vocals)
Jul 25, 202319:09
The Soul of an Artist (with Human Barbie and veronicavon — Chris Hackman and Xuan Nguyen)

The Soul of an Artist (with Human Barbie and veronicavon — Chris Hackman and Xuan Nguyen)

Chris and Xuan join the pod to discuss artistic serendipity, co-writing, unexpected choices, and how recording choices inform genre.

Veronicavon, the brainchild of songwriters Chris Hackman (Human Barbie) and Xuan Nguyen (Xuan), emerged in 2020 with a (secret) mission to explore uncharted horizons in lo-fi pop. Their universe of grainy synths, cassette-drenched drums, and warbling guitars, complemented by Nguyen’s enchanting vocals, creates a wistful, playful, and instantly addictive dreamscape. Flood Magazine dubbed them "casually devastating," and their hypnotic bedroom aesthetic quickly garnered a passionate audience, with over 500k streams on Spotify in their first year. They've been featured on editorial playlists like ‘Fresh Finds’, ‘Borderless’, and ‘Fuzzy’. Keep a close eye on this duo, as they follow in the footsteps of alt-pop icons Men I Trust, Alvvays, and Japanese Breakfast.

Human Barbie, an analog fantasy formed in 2018 by songwriter Christopher Leopold, weaves wistful pop, shoegaze, and psychedelia into a melancholy glowscape. Their debut album ‘Get a Life’ (Poor Man Records, 2020) explores personal heartbreak through psychedelic pop, meticulously recorded on vintage equipment. ‘Get a Life’ received acclaim from fans and critics, featuring in Brooklyn Vegan, BIRP!, Indie Shuffle, KCRW,, and Spotify playlists like Undercurrents, IRL ANGEL, and Fresh Finds. The album was a top seller on Bandcamp, with songs used in commercials, including a Facebook radio ad and DISCO’s 2022 SXSW mixtape. Inspired by its success, Leopold crafted the patient and expansive EP ‘no worries’ in a Baltimore warehouse, channeling 90’s-era shoegaze nostalgia.

Be sure to check out their music and follow at:

And to hear my music and visit the links,  ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

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Jul 18, 202348:05
Why Music Has Worth
Jul 11, 202318:09
The Modern Composer (Video Games and Immersive Art with Patrick Hart)
Jul 04, 202356:18
Psychoacoustics (The Perception of Music)
Jun 29, 202316:14
Sister Songs (Writing Two Songs Back-to-Back)
Jun 20, 202310:44
DIY, Sweden, and Sync with Håkan Persson (Swedish Red Elephant, I Don't Speak French, Indie Shake)
Jun 13, 202356:29
Becoming a Multi-Instrumentalist
Jun 06, 202316:17
Moonlight Beach (Songwriting Commentary)
May 31, 202301:12:58
Growing as an Artist
May 24, 202325:46
Making BIG Records with Phillip Broussard Jr. (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele, Eminem, Muse, Slipknot, Rick Rubin, etc...)
May 16, 202301:04:18
Sports as a Metaphor for Life
May 10, 202323:11
The Power of Collaboration (with Skinny Dippers)
May 02, 202301:03:36
Coachella 2023 and the Future of Music
Apr 26, 202323:09
AI and Mixing: Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Engineers?
Apr 18, 202317:54
Multi-Instrumentalism & Touring with Clairo (with Steve Brickman)

Multi-Instrumentalism & Touring with Clairo (with Steve Brickman)

Special Guest (and incredible musician) Steve Brickman joins the pod to discuss playing different instruments, expanding musical horizons, hitting the road with Clairo, and the magic of the OMNICHORD.

Check out Steve's work at

Check out mine at

Podcast Produced by Beformer

Apr 11, 202340:02
Change the Approach, Change the Result — Songwriting Pt. 2

Change the Approach, Change the Result — Songwriting Pt. 2

Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.

Let's talk about new ways to inspire songwriting creativity, breakdown barriers, and mix it up.

Want to hear my music? Head to ScoobertDoobert.Pizza

Apr 04, 202323:55
Making Songwriting a Daily Effort

Making Songwriting a Daily Effort

Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.

Let's talk songwriting — lyrics, flow, writers' block, and getting out of the way of the subconscious.

Want to hear my music? Check out www.ScoobertDoobert.Pizza

Mar 28, 202318:07
Son Lux, Everything Everywhere All At Once, and How Sound Design and Production Connect
Mar 14, 202318:43
Sometimes It's Best to Slow Down
Mar 06, 202315:22
Analog vs. Digital — Which Is Better and Why?
Feb 28, 202324:57
A Mixing Workshop with Scoobert Doobert
Feb 21, 202326:03
DIY Music Production with Garvie

DIY Music Production with Garvie

My friend and collaborator, Garvie, joins the pod to talk DIY production, creating a sound, songwriting technique, artist-fan connections, masked musicians, and dealing with mixing engineers in San Diego :)

Find more my stuff at and Garvie (@garviesounds) at

Feb 14, 202358:02
KŌAN B, C, & D (Official Track Commentary)
Feb 07, 202301:17:49
KŌAN A (Official Track Commentary)

KŌAN A (Official Track Commentary)

Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.

From Sapporo, Japan, I go track-by-track from my new LP, KŌAN, with a breakdown of concepts, techniques, goals and vibes. (And a translation of my songs in Japanese.)

Since this ended up being a lot longer than I thought it would be, I'm breaking this up into four parts.

Questions? Hit me up at www.ScoobertDoobert.Pizza

Sep 24, 202250:05
What is Dolby Atmos / Spatial Audio?

What is Dolby Atmos / Spatial Audio?

Let’s talk about how to mix in Dolby Atmos—the benefits, the challenges and the stuff I’m most excited for.

Thanks to EngineEars for the certification course. Been fun getting to know this new way of mixing.

Questions? HMU at www.ScoobertDoobert.Pizza

Sep 13, 202209:60
Making the workflows work for you

Making the workflows work for you

There's a ton of tools. Knowing when to use them is sometimes as hard as knowing which to use.

Spoiler: The low tech stuff is often the move.

My album is coming out this Friday! Check it out at www.ScoobertDoobert.Pizza on Sept 9.

Sep 06, 202207:26
My Mixing Workflow (How to structure creativity)

My Mixing Workflow (How to structure creativity)

It's a give and take between creativity/chaos and order. Here's how I approach workflow, to up my pace but still keep it chaotic.

Questions? Wanna hear my work? Visit www.ScoobertDoobert.Pizza

Aug 31, 202213:33
Growing as a Musician: Progress Isn't Linear

Growing as a Musician: Progress Isn't Linear

False expectations are one of the biggest reasons that people give up. In this pod, I talk music (and other) progress, and my view on difficult and rewarding journey of growth.

Questions / requests? Hit me up at www.ScoobertDoobert.Pizza

Aug 23, 202213:49
5 Lessons from Igor Stravinsky

5 Lessons from Igor Stravinsky

What does a 20th century composer have to teach a modern pop musician?

At least five things!

Questions? Wanna hear my music? Reach out at www.ScoobertDoobert.Pizza

Aug 15, 202216:52
Collaborating with CHAI (Cross-cultural Music Making)
Aug 08, 202229:59