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ScouterStan - Scout Leader Podcast

ScouterStan - Scout Leader Podcast

By Stan Richards

Online Scouting Commissioner Podcast - Scouting needs good and informed leaders like YOU to succeed. Join the ScouterStan community in sending a positive message to our youth. Thank you for taking the time today to check out the @ScouterStan podcast. I hope to cover the topics you need to become a great Scout leader. The ScouterStan community is governed by the Scout Oath & Law. Feel free to add your comments and question. If you need any immediate help or advice, please contact your local Commissioner staff. Support ScouterStan on Patreon -
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Discover BSA Alumni Association & Award

ScouterStan - Scout Leader PodcastSep 22, 2023

Discover BSA Alumni Association & Award
Sep 22, 202305:26
The Forgotten Interpreter Strip
Sep 15, 202305:18
Once an Eagle Scout, always an Eagle Scout
Sep 08, 202305:56
A Scout's Trustworthy Nature and Unwavering Loyalty
Sep 01, 202302:56
Discover the 2010 Centennial Merit Badges and Ranks
Aug 25, 202304:06
Unofficial Top 5 Tips for Den Leaders (All Leaders)
Aug 18, 202304:36
The Mysterious George Meany Award

The Mysterious George Meany Award

The mysterious George Meany Award is uncovered from its mystery. National recognition was provided by the AFL-CIO executive council. It is to recognize scout leaders that are union members and have given significant contributions (not money) to the youth in their community. This is very exclusive as there is only one awarded each year. If there is no suitable candidate there is no award, and the award is never given posthumously.

🌐 George Meany Award: 📄 The George Meany Award Nomination Form: 🎬 The Square Knots on the Uniform Tells a Story: 🆓 Advertisement Supporter Video:

Aug 11, 202304:07
The Mysterious District Positions
Aug 04, 202305:57
Unofficial Secrets to Schoolroom Visits
Jul 28, 202305:12
Empowering Girls Through Scouts BSA

Empowering Girls Through Scouts BSA

In this groundbreaking video, we delve into the transformative journey of the Girl Scouts organization as it embraces a new era of inclusivity and empowerment. Join us as we explore how Girl Troops are revolutionizing the scouting landscape, with a focus on recruitment, retention, and the troop concept, all of which contribute to increasing membership and fostering a sense of belonging. Discover engaging insights on how Scouts BSA is playing a pivotal role in empowering girls to step outside their comfort zones, challenge societal norms, and develop essential life skills. Through a myriad of thrilling and educational activities, these Girl Troops are creating a nurturing environment where every girl has the opportunity to thrive and grow. We'll also uncover the unique strategies employed to ensure success in recruitment, aiming to inspire and attract a diverse range of girls who are eager to embark on this life-changing journey. Additionally, we shed light on the retention efforts that strengthen the bonds within troops, establishing lifelong friendships and a support system that consistently encourages personal and collective growth. Prepare to be inspired as we delve into the troop concept, showcasing how it encourages teamwork, leadership, and personal development among the girls. Witness the immense potential that lies within each troop, united by common goals and values, as they work together to positively impact their communities and the world around them. Revolutionizing Girl Scouts: Empowering Girls Through Scouts BSA is a celebration of the progress made and the exciting future that lies ahead for this legendary organization. Join us in this extraordinary adventure, where girls are encouraged to dream big, achieve greatness, and leave an indelible mark on society.

Jul 21, 202304:43
Exploring the World of Patch Trading at Summer Camp
Jun 23, 202304:05
10 Essential Tips for New Assistant Scoutmasters
Jun 16, 202308:22
Unveiling the Truth Behind Scouting: Militarism or Peace Movement?
Jun 09, 202305:19
Unlock the Secret to a Successful Leadership Transition!
Jun 02, 202304:28
5 Amazing Facts About the Aids to Scouting Book by Baden-Powell
May 26, 202306:45
What is Wilderness First Aid?
May 19, 202304:60
Be Proud to Be A Scout, in Uniform
May 12, 202304:46
The Amazing History of the Den Chief
May 05, 202305:28
Kicked Out of Scouting?
Apr 28, 202303:60
Scout Leader Council (SLC)
Apr 21, 202303:54
College Scouter Reserve
Apr 07, 202305:47
International Scouter’s Award
Mar 31, 202305:31
Nova Award and Supernova Introduction
Mar 24, 202304:45
New Member Coordinator for Your Unit
Mar 17, 202307:08
First Year at Summer Camp Programs and More
Mar 10, 202305:36
Surprising Truth About Aging Out in the Order of the Arrow
Mar 03, 202303:11
Scouts BSA Troop Scribe is 3rd in Command?
Feb 24, 202304:18
The Tribe of Mic-O-Say
Feb 17, 202304:05
What's in it for the Adult Scout Leader?
Feb 10, 202304:24
Square Knots that Youth can Wear
Feb 03, 202305:06
The Basics for Camping for All Scout Leaders
Jan 27, 202311:32
Order of the Arrow: The OA Troop Positions in Scouting
Jan 20, 202305:60
How to be a Better Scout Leader in 2023

How to be a Better Scout Leader in 2023

Volunteering to be the best scout leader you can be will always leave a legacy. Many scout leaders “pay it forward” through selfless service to others. Adult leaders must understand the level of their commitment to preventing burnout. Long or short-term leaders need to have a game plan. Developing a leadership team within the unit is critical to success. Adult leaders throughout the year should have activities that focus on the fellowship and teamwork of the leadership. Being recognized for their achievements has more significant when awarded in a leadership team. 

💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube. 

Jan 13, 202310:06
ScouterStan Commissioner Weekly Podcast Returns

ScouterStan Commissioner Weekly Podcast Returns

Starting this Thursday, January 12, at 7 PM Season 8 will start. This promotional podcast gives you more details about what is going on with the show. I look forward to making this happen for the listeners of the ScouterStan Commissioner Weekly Show.

Jan 09, 202304:35
Evolution of the Council Shoulder Patch or Council Strip
Mar 23, 202206:03
The Scouters Role in the Order of the Arrow
Mar 16, 202205:33
Starting Up a New Unit
Mar 10, 202204:40
Adult Recognition Starts with a Trained Leader
Mar 03, 202206:16
Recruiting New Scouts Year-round
Feb 24, 202206:15
Rejoining the Order of the Arrow
Feb 17, 202204:20
National Jamboree Collectables from History
Feb 10, 202211:37
Making the Most of Your Time in Scouting
Feb 03, 202206:16
A Brotherhood of Cheerful Service
Nov 25, 202103:06
What is a Scouts Own Service
Nov 18, 202103:18
What Is That On Your Uniform?
Nov 11, 202111:30
Who is the Most Valuable Member of the Order of the Arrow?
Nov 03, 202103:46
The Square Knot on the Uniform Tells a Story
Oct 27, 202107:41
Messengers of Peace - MOP
Oct 20, 202103:13
Order of the Arrow Elections
Oct 13, 202106:16
Crossover & Arrow of Light for Packs and Troops
Oct 06, 202106:13