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Scratch My Brain

Scratch My Brain

By Jeff Albert

Jeff Albert talks about music, the music industry, and technology...and other stuff
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Brad Farberman presents Stay in Shape Vol. 1

Scratch My BrainFeb 04, 2021

Brad Farberman presents Stay in Shape Vol. 1

Brad Farberman presents Stay in Shape Vol. 1

Brad Farberman talks to Jeff about his upcoming Bandcamp Friday compilation to support live music venues, meeting people on twitter, and other stuff.

Disclaimer: All of the sales numbers I talked about were made up. Lies, damn lies, and statistics.

Feb 04, 202129:58
Ken Vandermark, streaming music, artist co-op, and pandemic life

Ken Vandermark, streaming music, artist co-op, and pandemic life

Ken Vandermark is a Chicago based musician and organizer. He helped found Catalytic Sound, and they recently started their own streaming service. Jeff and Ken talk about that...and other stuff.

Jan 21, 202101:10:15


Ohmme is one of my favorite bands, and Macie Stewart and Sima Cunningham are the guests on this episode. We talk about their new record, the music business, making videos, and I fanboy a little.

Errata: I misspoke in the episode and said Fox hall is in Kansas City.  It is not. It is in Chicago. I knew that. My mouth is just faster than  my brain.

Jun 25, 202028:43
Quin Kirchner

Quin Kirchner

Quin Kirchner is a Chicago based drummer and composer. he and Jeff talk about Quin's new record, releasing music on vinyl, djing, and more.

Jun 16, 202040:54
"Here's the thing..." a conversation with Jonathan Freilich
Jun 08, 202031:60
Song Titles and Instrumental Activism
Jun 01, 202012:52
Cass Faulconer

Cass Faulconer

Cass Faulconer is an electric bassist who has toured with Cirque du Soleil and Cowboy Mouth, and played with many of the great musicians in New Orleans. We discuss life in the circus, rock and roll touring, auditioning for famous people, fostering a dog, and things you learn moving to a new country.

May 24, 202023:32
Brad Walker

Brad Walker

Brad Walker is a New Orleans based saxophonist who has toured with Sturgill Simpson, makes records with his own bands, and plays with just about everyone in New Orleans. Brad and Jeff discuss recording sessions that we didn't think produced anything good (but they really did), records that are results of stay at home time, playing solo music, and effects as instruments that need to be learned.

May 18, 202038:07
Sasha Masakowski

Sasha Masakowski

A conversation with singer, producer and electronic musician Sasha Masakowski. She talks about managing multiple creative pursuits, her recent work with Nicholas Payton, and coming from a family of musicians.

May 11, 202037:49
Elizabeth Joan Kelly
May 01, 202035:05
The Return
Apr 26, 202019:29