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Web Perspectives

Web Perspectives

By Sean G

The ins and outs of the day-to-day life as a front-end web developer, from the most minute details to the most technical gotchas.
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Inside Data Centres w/ Coral Taylor Bliss

Web PerspectivesNov 23, 2023

Inside Data Centres w/ Coral Taylor Bliss

Inside Data Centres w/ Coral Taylor Bliss

Sub-sea cables make the internet possible today, but what about the data centres they connect to? Take a look inside the operations of what happens inside "colo" or "metro" centres that keep the internet fast and efficient via "peering". Coral Taylor Bliss of Equinix, which manages over 112 data centres worldwide, gives us the inside scoop on what it takes to run some of the world's most critical infrastructure.


  1. 00:01:36 - Introduction of guest Coral Bliss Taylor
  2. 00:02:23 - Coral talks about her background
  3. 00:03:09 - Overview of Equinix and its founding principles
  4. 00:04:21 - Explanation of internet peering
  5. 00:07:37 - Importance of physical internet infrastructure
  6. 00:08:06 - How internet infrastructure enables web development
  7. 00:13:25 - Difference between Equinix and public cloud providers
  8. 00:45:25 - Equinix's platform and how customers utilize it
  9. 00:57:08 - Cost comparisons between Equinix, owning your own data centers, and public clouds
  10. 01:02:35 - Equinix Fabric for connecting data centers and clouds
  11. 01:06:10 - Equinix's ecosystem of connected networks and services
  12. 01:07:41 - Internet connectivity challenges in some countries
  13. 01:13:01 - Impact of satellite internet like Starlink
  14. 01:14:29 - Excitement about AI and internet-enabled entrepreneurship
  15. 01:16:00 - Sustainability considerations with aggregated data centers
  16. 01:22:19 - Where to connect with Coral / Equinix
Nov 23, 202301:22:37
CSS in 2023 with Kevin Powell

CSS in 2023 with Kevin Powell

Kevin Powell gives out his #1 tip on learning and teaching CSS. How can you keep up to date with all the new CSS features coming? Should you still use Bootstrap? What about Tailwind? CSS in JS? How do you CSS in 2023?

Learn how Kevin got started with web development and teaching CSS. Hear his perspective on using frameworks like Bootstrap and Tailwind to learn. Get insights on the challenges beginners face when starting with CSS and how to overcome them.

Discover Kevin's approach to using CSS tools and frameworks in projects. Find out his tips for structuring HTML to support styles. Learn about semantic HTML and accessibility best practices.

Get the inside scoop on starting a YouTube channel, podcast, and online courses. Hear Kevin's pain points with CSS units and lack of colour mix support.


  • (00:04:04 - 00:07:04) How Kevin got started with web development and teaching it
  • (00:07:04 - 00:10:04) Kevin's experience using CSS frameworks like Bootstrap to learn
  • (00:10:04 - 00:15:04) The challenges of learning CSS for beginners
  • (00:15:04 - 00:18:04) Kevin's approach to using CSS frameworks and tools
  • (00:18:04 - 00:24:04) Building your own learning management system vs using a platform
  • (00:24:04 - 00:29:04) How to structure HTML to support styles
  • (00:29:04 - 00:35:04) Semantic HTML and accessibility practices
  • (00:35:04 - 00:44:04) Kevin's YouTube channel and creating content
  • (00:44:04 - 00:47:04) Starting a podcast and newsletters
  • (00:47:04 - 00:54:04) Making YouTube a full-time job
  • (00:54:04 - 01:02:04) Kevin's tips for CSS
  • (01:02:04 - end) Pain points with CSS units and lack of color mix suppor
Nov 04, 202301:38:52
Migrating to AWS w/ Heman Tailor

Migrating to AWS w/ Heman Tailor

AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Azure... the list goes on. But how hard is it to migrate an existing tech stack to the cloud? Heman Tailor, director of IT at SCA Interactive, gives us the lowdown on the pros, cons, challenges of migrating his infrastructure from on-prem to AWS.

Oct 02, 202302:04:07
Why ReactJS is Outdated w/ Josh Collinsworth

Why ReactJS is Outdated w/ Josh Collinsworth

Josh Collinsworth wrote a blog post about why ReactJS is outdated and which technologies to try instead, and we wanted to learn more. Why has ReactJS remained the king of front-end frameworks, and what can we do about it? What about frameworks like Svelte, Vue, and Astro? View transitions API as per Astro along with some life advice on how to choose a front-end framework in your next project.

Sep 12, 202301:29:34
Functional Programming w/ Andrii Borovskyi

Functional Programming w/ Andrii Borovskyi

Andrii Borovskyi discusses Functional Programming in JavaScript and TypeScript and why it still remains unpopular, despite ReactJS' functional components. What is functional programming, and how can teams adopt it? Can we really stop debugging altogether by using functional programming? Andrii tells his story of how he got into web development and how he sees the future of web technologies progressing with functional programming

Timestamps 0:00:00 Intro 0:00:26 Andrii's story on how he decided to pursue web development 0:03:27 Why can we call ourselves software architects, but not engineers 0:06:26 Is CSS a programming language... yet? 0:07:04 Cross-continent hitch hiking and getting started with HTML and CSS 0:11:34 Learning Javascript while on the road 0:13:50 First job 0:15:11 Andrii's career path and making difficult decisions 0:18:43 Sean's career and self taught vs engineers 0:22:05 Be patient: Team leads can have bad days too 0:22:38 RTFM is the worst 0:23:18 Functional programming, let's go 0:32:30 OOP vs FP 0:41:51 How to identify side effects 0:42:47 Functional composition 0:43:56 Reusability 0:45:29 Refactoring I 0:51:51 Naming functions 1:10:01 Private methods in OOP as an example of side effects 1:14:40 Refactoring II getting in and out of trouble 1:20:40 React flavour 1:26:16 Imutability of props and arguments 1:28:16 Leaky Abstractions 1:28:06 Refactoring III DRY 1:29:39 Refactoring the team away from OOP 1:32:48 Composition vs inheritance 1:37:56 Wrap up and connections
Sep 07, 202301:39:36
.NET and Mindfulness w/ Philip Young

.NET and Mindfulness w/ Philip Young

Is .NET still a thing? Has it caught up with other full-stack frameworks like NEXT, NUXT, SvelteKit, and Remix? Philip Young comes on the show, drawing from his 10+ years' experience as yoga practitioner and software developer to give us the inside scoop on .NET and mindfulness.

Aug 28, 202301:48:34
Why Chic Geek Closed Its Doors w/ Kylie Woods & April Hicke
Aug 17, 202301:15:48
Going Resume-Free with Allie Knull
Aug 02, 202301:31:06
Documentation, Technical Writing w/ Mitch Willis

Documentation, Technical Writing w/ Mitch Willis

How can web developers improve their documentation skills? How important is it for software development businesses to hire technical writers as opposed to offloading the responsibility to web developers? Mitch Willis, long-time technical writer, joins us to explore the reasons to hire a technical writer specialist, for both large and small teams.

May 07, 202301:22:57
Digital Nomad Lifestyle w/ Ryan Hnetka

Digital Nomad Lifestyle w/ Ryan Hnetka

What's life like as a digital nomad? What are the pros and cons of living abroad in digital nomad cities like Bali and Chengdu? How much sense does it make to pack our bags and work remotely as a web developer, given that most jobs allow remote work? Ryan Hnetka, a long-time working nomad with over 20 years of experience as a digital nomad, gives us the lowdown on the ins and outs of the digital nomad lifestyle.

Apr 17, 202301:59:59
Understanding Emotions with Cami Travis-Groves
Apr 06, 202342:44
Project Management, Stakeholders, Agile with Mark Dodd

Project Management, Stakeholders, Agile with Mark Dodd

What role do PMs (project managers) play in software projects, and what techniques do they use to create successful software releases? Mark Dodd, long-time PM at Koncept, walks us through his process of managing project scope, meeting best practices, and how to involve key stakeholders into software projects.

  • What is a stakeholder? How do stakeholders differ from investors?
  • What happens when a stakeholder doesn't want to be involved in a software project?
  • How can we best determine key stakeholders in software projects?
  • What is risk mitigation, and how can we pre-emptively deal with bugs and stakeholder issues prior to ending a sprint?
  • What's the difference between agile and what PMs do? Should all PMs know or practice agile? How important is agile to project managers?
  • What does a great retrospective look like? What strategies do PMs use to conduct successful retrospectives?

Connect with Mark Dodd on LinkedIn.

Mar 27, 202301:14:17
Verifiable Credentials, Blockchain, and Web3 with Robert Forget
Mar 11, 202301:50:41
Layoffs and AI-Powered Job Searching with Stephen Wensley

Layoffs and AI-Powered Job Searching with Stephen Wensley

What's causing all the layoffs in the tech industry? How can we use AI and ChatGPT to supercharge our resumes and cater them to job postings? How important are job postings anyway? Stephen Wensley, from Acuspire shares with us his insights from parsing 1000s of resumes using AI on what you can do right now to simplify your job search.

  • ChatGPT and how it has taken off
  • What AI means for web developers. Will we lose our jobs to ChatGPT and AI?
  • How important is catering your resume to a job description as opposed to networking in-person? What works best to find jobs?
  • Why 60% or more of jobs are never posted, and why you may not want to apply conventionally
Feb 28, 202301:46:55
One More Thing

One More Thing

"One more thing".  We always have one more thing to do in software development -- whether our customer asks us for one more feature, or we task ourselves with going beyond the requirements, the challenge remains: how much is enough?

What is overengineering?  How do we know when our software is ready to launch?  When customers can always come back to us with more work -- one more thing -- when do we know when to stop adding more features?  How can we reduce scope creep in our projects while still overdelivering?  Does it even make sense to overdeliver?  What "one more thing"s make sense as developers, and what does overengineering even look like?

Dec 24, 202201:21:03
Technical Debt

Technical Debt

What is technical debt in software development, and how do we manage it?  Does it make sense to try to avoid technical debt or to accept it with open arms and consider it a core part of software development?  How do we approach adding more tools to our front-end stacks?

Sep 09, 202201:02:53


What strategies work best for debugging websites and web applications?  What tools and processes do we use to find the sources of bugs?  Topics include:

  • Front-end frameworks and view libraries
  • Debugging browser extension bugs
  • Reading bugs and understanding customer bug reports
  • Differentiating between a feature and a bug
  • Typescript as a debugging tool with TSNode
Sep 02, 202259:48
Emotional Intelligence For Web Developers w/ Mike Cameron

Emotional Intelligence For Web Developers w/ Mike Cameron

Men's coach Mike Cameron discusses how to engage with ourselves emotionally. What does emotional intelligence mean, and how we leverage it to communicate more effectively in the workplace? With web development technologies changing so rapidly, how can we ground ourselves and feel confident in our modern web development practices? What makes an emotionally grounded web developer? Do emotions even matter in a logical, error-driven industry? And most importantly, what can we do right now to communicate our desires to co-workers and to inspire them?

Jun 08, 202201:29:08
Servers, Superstitions, and State Managers

Servers, Superstitions, and State Managers

What is a state manager? Does it make web development more complicated, or are they worth the pain? Mike and Sean take a look at state managers like VueX, Redux, Redux Saga, MobX, and ember data to find out how much more cruft and configuration they add to existing projects. If we choose to not use state managers, what can we do to future-proof our careers? What is the future of web development? Is web web development essential work?

  • How can we manage state in web applications? State managers?
  • What makes the web tick? Servers? Should you learn to run servers? What about hypervisors like Proxmox?
  • WebAR: what is it, and what are its applications?
  • TypeScript: where does it fit in? Is it worth learning?
  • Bluetooth: why does it suck?
  • Is Javascript terrible, or is it due for a replacement? Dead languages like Cobal, Pascal, etc.
  • How can we support open-source projects and the libraries we use?
Apr 29, 202202:01:45
Post-Pandemic Tech Start-up Networking with Al Del Degan
Apr 11, 202202:02:09
Inside Web Development Bootcamps
Mar 28, 202201:57:52
Python For Web Developers w/ Trey Hunner
Mar 02, 202201:08:12
Workplace Diversity: Women in Tech with Justine Matsala

Workplace Diversity: Women in Tech with Justine Matsala

What's it like to be a front-end web developer as a female in the current web development industry? What struggles do women in tech face when applying for jobs? Justine Matsala, female mentor and Senior React Developer at Logitech takes us through the ins and outs of what it means today to be a female (and all other genders on the spectrum) in the web development industry. What can we do to encourage gender diversity in the workplace -- part 1

Feb 03, 202250:33
Marketing "Brandjitsu" w/ Michael Dean Dargie
Nov 05, 202156:09
E-Commerce For Developers, Shopify w/ Kray Mitchell

E-Commerce For Developers, Shopify w/ Kray Mitchell

What do developers need to know about "e-commerce" to start an online business?  Banner ads?  Google Ads?  Facebook Pixel?  How many images in a product page?  Chat boxes, popup modals, or an overly technical specifications section?  How can web dvelopers leverage Shopify's templates to quickly create online stores?  Kray Mitchell from Shopify tells us the best way to structure e-commerce websites for developers and how Shopify compares to other platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, and Joomla.

Oct 26, 202101:30:44
The Passionate Web Developer

The Passionate Web Developer

Introducing the host, Sean G!  Background, education, how Sean got into web development.  How did Sean get into web development?  Sean's philosophy on passion and passionate onboarding for teams.  How did web perspectives come to be?

Oct 14, 202149:40
Web Development Bootcamps, Community Meetups with Tony Grimes

Web Development Bootcamps, Community Meetups with Tony Grimes

Founder of Calgary web development meetup Pixels, Tony Grimes discusses the future of web development bootcamps and in-person meetups amidst the raging pandemic.  How to grow your web development career in a world of digital "meetups".  What does the future of in-person meetups look like?  Does it sill make sense to take a web bootcamp in 2021?

Pixels YYC:

Pixels & Pints Meetup (Calgary)

Sep 29, 202101:28:27
Web Security w/ Scott Gerlach

Web Security w/ Scott Gerlach

Scott Gerlach discusses what Web Security means and how to automate API security vulnerability discovery through his DAST platform, StackHawk.

  • Homebrewing: API by day; IPA by night 😜
  • What does web security even mean for the front-end web developer?  How much responsibility do we have in ensuring security?  CSP?  What about NPM packages we don't maintain?
  • How do large businesses deal with security breaches?  How much should we prioritize web security teams, especially when budgeting is thin?  What about small teams and startups?
  • What does DAST offer that SCA (static code analysis) doesn't?  Why opt for DAST if we already have useful tools to perform SCA testing?
Sep 02, 202141:29
Keep It Super Simple: Coding Standards

Keep It Super Simple: Coding Standards

What does it mean to write "simple" code, and what suggestions can we give to emerging front-end developers?  How much should coding standards bog us down when we just want to get an idea out there?  How much of front-end web development is just muscle memory as opposed to giving ourselves freedom of expression in our code?  With a wealth of tools shoved down our throats with modern build pipelines and CI, how can we keep it simple?

Aug 12, 202101:07:32
The DevOps Mindset

The DevOps Mindset

What does the devOps role mean in today's competitive industry of cloud providers, serverless, and Jamstack.  Why should businesses consider hiring a devOps engineer when they easily rely on third-party providers like AWS, Azure, and Netlify, and Google Cloud?  What does devOps even mean in an industry when we can easily spin up full stacks in a matter of seconds using npm scripts and CLI tools like create-react-app and vue cli, affording us everything we already need as full-stack developers from development environments to staging and to production?  Has full-stack development replaced the need for devOps?

Aug 05, 202155:08
Interviewing² - Finale: The Professional Journal

Interviewing² - Finale: The Professional Journal

A deep, meta look at how we can rework the interview process to favour candidate honesty and vulnerability. How to uncover underlying talent and passion during , and to allow candidates to be vulnerable. How can we learn, both as interviewers, and as candidates, from our past interviews to best allow applicants to showcase their talent? How do we enable candidates to open up about their passions during an interview? All this, and more, in this hour long finale on interviews.

Jul 29, 202101:08:40
Interviewing² - The Interviewing Mindset

Interviewing² - The Interviewing Mindset

We know the six underlying steps to display competence in an interview. but what about the mindset?  How can we best answer targeted interview questions?  How much is oversharing?  What qualities do interviewers prefer in web developer candidates?  How do the best candidates answer interview questions?  How much does experience actually matter?

Jul 22, 202155:54
Interviewing Tips for New Web Developers
Jul 15, 202101:20:25
Remote Work, Post-Pandemic, Managing Teams w/ Mike Borthwick

Remote Work, Post-Pandemic, Managing Teams w/ Mike Borthwick

With the easing of restrictions, post-pandemic, surrounding office work, what does the future of remote work look like?  How has the industry changed now that most developers work remotely?  More importantly, how can we effectively manage semi-distributed teams in a partly remote workplace while still gaining the benefits of in-person work.  All this and more in this two-hour special of Web Perspectives.

Jul 07, 202102:05:43
GraphQL vs. JSON:API

GraphQL vs. JSON:API

What is an API?  Why did our company choose to go with GraphQL over JSON:API?  The differences between the JSON:API specification and the GraphQL specification; how GraphQL goes against the grain of web standards and why it does this; how RESTful is more of a buzzword.  What the future of HTTP/3 looks like.  HTTP emoji status codes?

Jun 17, 202159:18
10 Tools Every Front-End Developer Should Have

10 Tools Every Front-End Developer Should Have

In defence of tools!  What tools do we recommend to new developers?  How much do we rely on these tools?

  1. Clipboard managers
  2. Snippet Managers
  3. Keyboard Shortcut Managers (not Linux)
  4. Note-Taking Apps
  5. AI Intellisense: Tabnine
  6. VNC
  7. Emulation
  8. VSCode Live Share, JetBrains CodeTogether
  9. RSS Readers to supercharge newsletter subscriptions.  Feedly; GReader Pro for Android
  10. Terminal Emulators: iTerm (MacOS), Konsole (Linux) , Cmder, ConEmu (Windows)
Jun 07, 202101:14:14
Back to the Basics: HTML

Back to the Basics: HTML

What makes a web page work?  How do browsers work?  What constraints have tools imposed on us?  A primer and review on HTML and what makes an HTML document.  How going back to the basics can make the differences between a customer bouncing from your web page and staying.

Jun 04, 202118:44