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Seattle Pet Collective Podcast

Seattle Pet Collective Podcast

By Marika Moffitt

Welcome to the Seattle Pet Collective Podcast , where we share stories about animals from the people who love them. You'll hear from some of our favorite Seattle businesses and nonprofits who are doing great things for animals and their people, and we'll pretty much just talk about animals and how they make our lives better.

Hosted by:

Marika Moffitt, Owner of Dirtie Dog Photography
Lauren Hartley, Owner of All Dog Kind
Holly Cook, Owner of Holly Cook Photography
Tracy Campion, Co-publisher of Pet Connection Magazine
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Tina Ryan of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation | Season 2 Episode 006 with Holly Cook of Holly Cook Photography

Seattle Pet Collective PodcastNov 11, 2020

Tina Ryan of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation | Season 2 Episode 006 with Holly Cook of Holly Cook Photography
Nov 11, 202040:56
Adventure Awaits with Angela Schneider of Noses and Toes Pet Photography | Season 2 Episode 005 with Marika Moffitt of Dirtie Dog Photography
Oct 30, 202001:20:07
Maria LaCasse of Midnight Rose Equestrian | Season 2 Episode 004 with Tracy Campion of Pet Connection Magazine
Oct 14, 202001:05:09
Donna Frindt of Project Canine | Season 2 Episode 003 with Holly Cook of Holly Cook Photography
Sep 26, 202036:37
Connection Is Everything | Season 2 Episode 002 with Marika and Lauren
Sep 09, 202001:03:30
"You can't control anything, cutie pie." | Season 2 Episode 001

"You can't control anything, cutie pie." | Season 2 Episode 001

Sep 02, 202001:06:16
Episode 023 - Josh Norem, The Furrtographer
Aug 26, 202001:40:10
Episode 022 - Melanie Green of Buster Boy Mats
Jul 15, 202054:39
Episode 021 - Shea Leonard Mendez of O.W.N. Fitness and Push Ups for Pups
May 20, 202001:20:48
Episode 020 - Amanda Carner of Wobbly Ranch
Mar 19, 202001:14:29
Episode 019 Canopy Cat Rescue
Feb 12, 202001:52:47
Just saying there’s more coming soon!

Just saying there’s more coming soon!

Hey everyone! This quick message is just to let you know that we will be back soon with more great episodes! I’m taking a break to focus on my clients during this amazing time of year, but I’ll be recording new episodes in a couple of weeks. Thanks for listening!!
Oct 03, 201900:54
Episode 018 - Dee Lugo and Michele Kinsey of Wag Booth
Sep 11, 201901:19:20
Episode 017 - Melanie Rushforth of Northwest Spay and Neuter Center

Episode 017 - Melanie Rushforth of Northwest Spay and Neuter Center

This week's guest is Melanie Rushforth, the Executive Director of Northwest Spay and Neuter Center located in Tacoma, Washington. Northwest Spay and Neuter Center is Washington's largest nonprofit spay and neuter center. They have spayed and neutered more than 120,000 pets in the past 10 years, thus saving millions from entering the shelter system. This is amazing!!!!

To learn more about Northwest Spay and Neuter Center, please visit their website:

Sep 04, 201901:25:37
Episode 016 - Kait Robinson of Kait's Calling
Aug 21, 201901:24:40
Episode 015 - Holly Cook of Holly Cook Photography
Aug 14, 201901:37:08
Episode 014 - Kari Kalway of Puddles Barkery
Aug 07, 201901:47:05
Episode 013 - Whitney Hartshorne of Frolic Pet Services
Jul 31, 201901:22:06
Episode 012 - Debbie Hendrickx of Swell Gelato for Dogs
Jul 24, 201901:12:30
Episode 011 - Lora Troncoso of Seattle Dogs Homeless Program

Episode 011 - Lora Troncoso of Seattle Dogs Homeless Program

WE ARE ON EPISODE 11! I don't know why I'm so excited at 11, but I AM SO EXCITED! Okay, I think it's also because today's guest has such a great story. I feel so honored to be able to share with you, Lora Troncoso who is the Founder and Director of Seattle Dogs Homeless Program. Seattle Dogs Homeless Program provides pet food, supplies, vet care, boarding and rescue for people and the animals they love who are experiencing homelessness in Seattle. Lora shares with us how she was inspired to start this program after her own experiences of being homeless with dogs. This woman is amazing, and she is a gem in this city. 

I found myself in tears several times throughout listening to Lora's story, and I am pretty sure you will get a bit teary as well. There are some great laughs in here too you guys, so don't worry. I'm probably going to listen to this episode a bunch of times because I want to tell everyone I meet about Lora and Seattle Dogs Homeless Program. They need a lot of help to keep doing the work they're doing. 

Their two biggest needs are financial donations to their veterinary fund/account at Greenwood Animal Hospital (How amazing is it that this incredible veterinary hospital stepped up to provide them with care?!), and a truck. They're currently using a car to deliver supplies in multiple trips all over the city to homeless pets and their people. If they could have a truck or some sort of vehicle that was easy to drive and could fit everything they need to deliver in one trip, that would be amazing.

So, enjoy this episode, then please spread the word about Lora and Seattle Dogs Homeless Program. Let's help them continue to do this amazing work! 

For more information about Seattle Dogs Homeless Program:

Jul 17, 201901:15:46
Episode 010 - Vicki Draper of Healing Your Animal
Jul 10, 201901:14:08
Episode 009 - Annie McCall of All The Best Pet Care
Jul 04, 201953:48
Episode 008 - Amy Ferguson of Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project
Jun 26, 201901:02:39
Episode 007 - Kate Kondrak And Bruce

Episode 007 - Kate Kondrak And Bruce

Jun 19, 201901:08:48
Episode 006 - Tracy Campion Pet Connection Magazine

Episode 006 - Tracy Campion Pet Connection Magazine

On today’s episode, I sat down with my friend Tracy Campion, who is the co-owner and co-publisher of Pet Connection Magazine. In addition to that, she is just an amazing human being because she loves animals so much. And she really loves our community of people who do great things for animals. She is one of those people who is a connector, and she supports the community by basically getting out there and saying, “What can I do for you? Let’s tell your story.”

This lady seriously shouted out SO MANY organizations during our conversation, and it’s just evidence of how much she cares about this community.

I had such a great time talking with her. We talked about horses, including the story of how she travelled across the country to adopt her horse, Smarty, for one dollar. We talked about dogs and kittens, and Tracy talked about her book that was published last year too! We even talked about some of the projects we’ve worked on together, and at one point I get all choked up about the affect animals can have on children. Yes, I cried. It happened. Expect it to happen again because I’m emotional when it comes to this stuff!


Here’s how you can support Tracy:

Follow Pet Connection Magazine online:



Jun 12, 201901:21:18
Episode 005 - The Seattle Barkery - Part Two
Jun 05, 201950:20
Episode 004 - The Seattle Barkery - Part One

Episode 004 - The Seattle Barkery - Part One

Oh my goodness. This conversation with Dawn and Ben of The Seattle Barkery was so good, that I actually had to put it into two separate episodes! We probably could have kept on talking all day long. These two are so much fun, and their passion for their business and community is inspiring.
In Episode 004, we talk about how they got started with making and selling treats for dogs, and their journey to where they are now with three physical locations (well, Buster the treat truck is mobile, but you know what I mean).
We talk about some of the realities, challenges and rewards of running a small business, and how driving around a vintage ice cream truck can be terrifying and kind of hilarious.
And, of course, a conversation with Dawn and Ben isn't complete without talking about their dogs. This is why we have a Part 2 episode for you guys that features the parts of our conversation where we talked about their dogs as well as their involvement with Old Dog Haven.

Here's how you can support The Seattle Barkery:

Order awesome cakes for your dogs!
Visit them at one of their three locations to pick up some treats!
Share your photos on Instagram of your dogs enjoying their treats from The Seattle Barkery!
If you're outside of Seattle, and want better access to cakes from The Seattle Barkery, talk to your local pet food supply store about requesting cakes!

Here's where to find The Seattle Barkery online:
Jun 05, 201901:16:27
Episode 003 - Julia Sklar, Seattle Pet Stylist
May 29, 201955:03
Episode 002 - Lauren Hartley of All Dog Kind

Episode 002 - Lauren Hartley of All Dog Kind

"All dogs, regardless of their breed or past, deserve love, dignity and kindness."

- Lauren Hartley, All Dog Kind

On this episode of Seattle Pet Collective, I sit down with my dear friend Lauren Hartley, owner of All Dog Kind to learn more about her amazing business and chat about how the work you do can give back to things you care about. Lauren gives 20 percent of her profits to rescue, and is committed to practicing environmental sustainability in all the work she creates. 

Lauren tells us about the things she creates that bring joy to people who love their dogs. The cornerstone of her creative business is her custom portrait packs that include a beautiful printed and framed digitally-drawn portrait that is then turned into a matching lapel pin and set of vinyl stickers. They're amaaaaazing.

It's hard to pick a favorite thing that Lauren creates, but I really love the hats she makes for dogs. I photographed my friend's corgi, Jack, wearing the pumpkin pie slice hat earlier this year, and it's basically the best thing ever.  

This lady is an inspiration, and I hope you enjoy getting to know more about her and the amazing work she does!

This episode is a bit longer than we had planned, but we ended up chatting about our recent creative collaboration that featured seven rescue dogs dressed up for the Met Gala. This project has been so incredible, and a lot of wonderful things have happened since the recording of this podcast episode. We will probably have to record another episode to follow up! 

There's seriously so much magic in this entire episode. Thank you so much for listening!

Some cool things to check out after listening to this episode:

Find Lauren and All Dog Kind online:

Check out our awesome project collaboration, "Dogs of Camp":

May 26, 201901:23:30
Episode 001 - Start a thing!

Episode 001 - Start a thing!

 I’m Marika, and this is my podcast!

I’m going to be straight with you. I’m totally new to podcasting, and I’m just jumping in because I believe it’s time for me to start this thing that has been cooking in my brain for a few years. I have wanted to create a space for people in the pet community to connect through sharing their stories for quite a while, and this podcast is how it is all coming together. I really believe that we can do incredible things when we connect through shared passions.

Yes, it’s my podcast, but it’s not really about me. I’m hosting it, I’ll be talking a lot, but the real purpose here is to share the stories of other super amazing people in the Seattle pet community who are doing great things. Some of them are good friends of mine, some of them are soon-to-be good friends of mine. All of them are real. All of them love animals. All of them have stories to share.

I’m sure I’ll tell a bunch of stories of my own here and there as they relate to the conversations on episodes, but if you’d like to get to know more about me, you can also check out, and @dirtiedogphotography on Instagram. Or you can shoot me an email to set up a coffee date. I love coffee, especially americanos.

I hope you enjoy this intro episode. It was weird to record because I was just hanging out with my dog who had absolutely nothing to contribute to the conversation. It’s okay though because she’s still my favorite.

May 26, 201908:56