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Secret Art Project

Secret Art Project

By Sarey Martin Concepción

Creativity, mental health, and spiritual health are deeply connected domains of life. After spending years working with rockstars and filmmakers, I decided to get a theology degree. Since then I’ve been cultivating my own creative practice. Experience convinced me that exercising creativity can help us realize who we’re supposed to be and manifest a better world. So join me as we talk through the process, interview experts, and get a little weird along the way.
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The ABCs (Appendage, Body horror, and tarot Cards)!

Secret Art ProjectOct 05, 2023

The ABCs (Appendage, Body horror, and tarot Cards)!
Oct 05, 202301:10:43
BONUS: The Wisdom of Every Moment (feat. Sarey)

BONUS: The Wisdom of Every Moment (feat. Sarey)

Here I talk about why there haven't been any episodes for two weeks, the latest on The Winemaker, and the plan for future episodes.

If you've listened to at least 2 episodes of this show, please click here to be entered to win a prize! It's a short listener survey to inform the plan for Season 2.

As usual, feel free to email me at Head to to add yourself to the mailing list and stay in the loop in between podcast seasons.

Intro music is "Lawless Flawless" by OMNIFLUX (


Apr 08, 202312:33
Meditating with David Lynch, Candycorn, and Envy (feat. Josh Hasty)
Mar 24, 202301:23:30
Dreams, Visions, and my Dreamboat, Stevo (feat. Stephen Cervantes)
Mar 17, 202301:08:26
Wilderness Photography, Personality Tests, and the G-Word (feat. Thomas Jay Oord)
Mar 09, 202359:22
Stories We Tell About Ourselves (feat. Zoe Cooper)
Mar 03, 202301:12:51
Nomad Life and the Art of Waking Up Early (feat. Vivi Ton)
Feb 23, 202301:05:07
Korn, Rick James, and Being Your Own Fairy Godmother (feat. Phillip Yaw Domfeh)
Feb 16, 202301:11:15
The 6AM Club & How to Get Out of the Depressed Rockstar Club (feat. Kyle Nicolaides)
Feb 09, 202301:02:20
Fear of Success, Dreams Coming True, and Some Improv (feat. Mahsa Zargaran aka OMNIFLUX)
Feb 02, 202301:04:38
Beverly Hills Interning, Bad Religion, and Trauma-Informed Screenwriting (feat. Aaron John Tao)
Jan 26, 202355:38
Meditation, Fundraising, and My Puppet-Friend (feat. Raymond Carr)
Jan 17, 202301:05:45