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The Safe Sedation Podcast

The Safe Sedation Podcast

By SedateUK

The podcast where you find all you need to know about sedation and keeping patients safe. Brought to you by SedateUK, with you are your hosts: RN Andreia Trigo, Dr Martin Lees and Dr Craig Cook.
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17. Creating Change in Sedation Practice: Dentistry

The Safe Sedation PodcastAug 15, 2022

17. Creating Change in Sedation Practice: Dentistry
Aug 15, 202241:34
16. Creating Change in Safe Sedation Practice: Radiology
May 27, 202240:29
15. Implementing Safe Sedation Standards
Apr 20, 202252:60
14. Creating change in sedation practice: reproductive medicine
Mar 18, 202249:02
13. Value Based Healthcare in Sedation Practice

13. Value Based Healthcare in Sedation Practice

In today’s episode, Nurse Andreia Trigo, Dr Martin Lees and Dr Craig Cook are joined by Dr Amit Prakash to talk about Value Based Healthcare in sedation practice. If you are a practitioner driving change towards more high value sedation care every day, this episode is for you. It should provide sources of inspiration and offer additional insights.

Health care should be driven by a constant focus on delivering outcomes that truly matter to patients. However, a lack of clarity regarding the definition of value has led to different approaches and slow progress. Some use the term ‘value’ to convey the humanistic side, while others employ the term to refer to cost reduction and overall process efficiency.

The reality is that value-based healthcare has not yet been embraced as part of the everyday language and business of the NHS in the way that evidence-based healthcare has.

Today we want to talk about value in sedation practice.

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SedateUK was founded in 2014, to help healthcare professionals non-anaesthetists develop the right knowledge and skills to keep patients safe. Learn more about SedateUK at and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Feb 15, 202246:02
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