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See Her Healthy

See Her Healthy

By Tasha Edwards

Her is my daughter. Her is my mother. Her are my grandmothers. Her are my aunts. Her is me. Her is you.

What if we SAW her in her potential for health? What if we saw her beyond her blood pressure, her cancer, her heart condition, her generational habits and helped her get there.

See Her Healthy is about changing stats by granting access. We’re talking to women who are facing real things, making changes and creating a new normal, redefining what it means to be healthy.
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The Masterminds

See Her HealthyMar 28, 2022

The Masterminds

The Masterminds

First of all, you need an elevator speech. LOL

In June, 2021, I attended a live movement conference with all of these ladies whom I had only met online. It was refreshing, supportive and eye opening. We decided to create a Mastermind group (fancy wording for making sure we have each other's back) and we've been connected ever since.

Please don't let the fact that you don't teach Pilates keep you from soaking up the blessings in this discussion. What you hear are professionals sharing their way, finding their way and showing others the way. What you hear is courage and connection. What you can't see are falling backdrops and wine glasses. LOL.

Everyone needs someone to understand and have their back. And, if you haven't yet, you should try Pilates. :)

Follow them on Instagram at:
Mychele Sims: @get2werk
Mindi Westfall: @bendymindipilates
NIkki Peterson: @nicole.peterson.775
Tanesha Manigo-Brown: @pilatesandaromatherapy
Mar 28, 202255:29
Girls Women Sisters Friends with Shay and Xan

Girls Women Sisters Friends with Shay and Xan

This is so special to me because I get to talk to my girls; my biological daughter and her bestie, who is like my daughter. We aren't talking world views but just allowing them to be young women talking about friendship and why they still hang out and what do they think it will be like when they go off to separate colleges in August.
And....they drop some knowledge at the end.
I love them both so much and I hope that, because of this, they will get used to speaking into the mic. Their stories and lives are going to change the world.
Mar 21, 202224:53
What It's Like to Be a Woman in Fitness with Jenn Hall
Mar 14, 202242:15
Changing Out In The Open with Shenna Townsend
Feb 14, 202234:36
A Mother's Love, Life and Lessons with Ninah Moore

A Mother's Love, Life and Lessons with Ninah Moore

My friend, my sister Ninah Moore, is taking control of her health one step at a time and it has absolutely nothing to do with a number on the scale.

Ninah was in elementary school when she lost her mom Janice to a heart attack. While she admits that it didn't quite register then, Ninah, a cancer survivor, mom, grandmother, wife and lover of people has taken the lessons from her mom's life and death and is moving forward to be the best she can be and is encouraging others to do the same. 

...and I love her so much for it. 

Feb 07, 202226:08
A Conversation on Public Health with Dr. Shauna Harrison

A Conversation on Public Health with Dr. Shauna Harrison

This episode is so important.

As we begin to take our eyes to the broader view, we can see and understand why we are in a public health crisis and not just because of COVID-19.  Shauna breaks down the "circles" and limitations of the medical profession and the fitness and wellness industry and explains the what public health entails and why women are still suffering in these systems.

Taken from her website:

"Shauna is a self-proclaimed nerd, hip-hop head, jock, and yogi. A graduate of Stanford, UCLA and Johns Hopkins, she simultaneously pursued academics and fitness obtaining her PhD in Public Health and teaching fitness classes across the country.  Through her unique style and authenticity that blends her love for hip hop, wellness, yoga and knowledge of public health, Shauna has created a brand of her own, making her a sought after partner for leading brands.

Not only is Shauna the creator of Muscle + Flow, she is an Adjunct Associate at Johns Hopkins and served as a panelist for multiple universities and organizations covering the subject of Fitness, Yoga, Wellness and Public Health. Shauna is also a columnist at SELF (The Sweaty Professor) and a member of the MindBodyGreen Collective."

IG: @Shauna_Harrison

Twitter: @Shauna_Harrison

Jan 31, 202244:12
The Healing List

The Healing List

I'm riding solo again this week after days of craziness, stress and trauma triggers.  I decided to really think about those things and people that bring me back to myself...and the ones that don't.  Have you ever created a list of things and people to go to when you feel hurt, ashamed, guilty and like a failure?

Here's my list and here's why.  Let's just talk. For real.

Jan 23, 202223:35
Sincere Ignorance and Conscientious Stupidity

Sincere Ignorance and Conscientious Stupidity

As we prepare to celebrate what would have been the 93rd birthday of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and see the flood of quotes and images on our social media timelines, we have to question why we are still "here" in this place of such turmoil in terms of equity and equality. I can't promise you this is not a tangent but I can assure you that the essence of Dr. King's vision, words and dreams are the essence of what I believe and I just keep wondering why we won't do better.

For further reading, my favorite three books of Dr. King's are:
PLEASE consider purchasing from the King Center at
Where Do We Go From Here?
Letter From Birmingham Jail
Why We Can't Wait

The quote that inspired this podcast is taken from the book, "A Strength To Love." I have not read it in its entirety but it is on my list.
Jan 16, 202215:28
Revisiting Family Rules and Reaching Our Kids with Bonita Barnett

Revisiting Family Rules and Reaching Our Kids with Bonita Barnett

I graduated from high school in 1993. She graduated from high school in 2014. And nothing is the same for teenagers right now.  Bonita Barnett, M.A., QMHP is my cousin and she is currently a middle school counselor on Chicago's North Side.  I asked her to share some tips as to how we can relate to and support our teenagers in current times.  We talk about the things we couldn't do or say in our own family (you'll hear the laughs) and what a difference we could make if we just listened. This is a good one. You can read the rest of her bio below.  

Bonita Barnett, M.A., QMHP, Obtained her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology & Sociology from Tennessee State University. She recently graduated from Adler University in Chicago, IL where she received her Master’s of Arts in Counseling with a specialization in clinical mental health counseling. Currently is a Middle School Counselor on the North Side of Chicago. Her passion with working with children and adolescents began with her volunteering as a Girl Scout Leader. Her long term aspiration is to become a School Psychologist to continue to help students specifically students of color break down barriers and overcome adversities within the school system and in society. She is a strong believer of giving back to her community and providing children with the same great resources she had growing up on the South Side. 

Jan 09, 202253:58
There Is Nothing Wrong With Having a Resolution

There Is Nothing Wrong With Having a Resolution

Forget what you heard: There is NOTHING wrong with making a resolution. There is something wrong with speaking negative vibes over people who have made one. These are the stories of the "whys" behind the years I charged forward with the resolutions I set and the things that changed the course of my path. The things is we don't know why people "quit." And perhaps people (myself included) feel guilty about quitting when they never really "quit" at all. Perhaps there are other reasons why the change didn't stick.
But New Year, New Year Opportunity. And here we go!
Jan 02, 202224:32
Failing Forward with Neysa Taylor
Dec 20, 202139:24
Being Excluded While Being Inclusive with Mychele Sims

Being Excluded While Being Inclusive with Mychele Sims

When I started ruminating in my mind about what this coming year will look like in terms of “breaking the door down” and opening up fitness spaces to ALL, I knew I had to talk to my girl Mychele Sims (@get2werk). We went all over the place but, at the core, we are two women who know exclusion all too well and have made it our life work to change things for those coming behind us. This conversation was from a live IGTV which you can watch on my personal page at @hiphealthychick.
Dec 12, 202152:22
I am HER: The Pain and Passion of See Her Healthy

I am HER: The Pain and Passion of See Her Healthy

See Her Healthy was born out of poverty, pain, passion and purpose. Now realizing how my upbringing gave me a different perspective of "health;" I am looking deeper at the issues of the judgement of the "privileged" and how we have turned health into something that is only attainable if you follow the path set forth by people who don't understand your story. All of my experiences have brought me to this point. Welcome to the beginning of an unfolding story of a non profit whose main mission is access.
Dec 06, 202124:39