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The Spiritual Quest

The Spiritual Quest

By Seeker Explorer

We all have an understanding of the spiritual. Call it God, The Creator, Mother Nature, Energy, Source, etc. We all have a unique perspective that we inherit from life experience and our own personal journey. This Blog is to share and explore new ideas, new thoughts, new understandings with open receptive attitudes. To come to a deeper and greater appreciation for life and happiness.

We are not looking for followers, we are students seeking spiritual enlightenment in a safe judgment free forum. This is not a place for followers … this is a place for leaders. Leaders who re
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Chapter 7 Spiritual Healing

The Spiritual QuestApr 01, 2022

Chapter 7 Spiritual Healing

Chapter 7 Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing
With all the information you have been exploring here the hope is that you see yourself as a spiritually conscious individual. That you see the choices presented here and want to be a participant in actuating positive change. To help lead in this healing you realize that it requires your willingness to take action steps.
As a wise teacher, with deep inner connections to the spiritual reality once said, “Ask and you shall receive … seek and you will find. Keep knocking and the door will open to you because everyone who asks receives and those who seek shall find.”
Through the spiritual quest you ultimately discover that you live in the world you create for yourself. The peace you desire is already inside of you; you simply need to connect to it. The spiritual answer to every question is that as you change on the inside, the world outside around you will change too. Your world will always reflect who you are. You create your own world by the internal connections you make; your spiritual healing begins and ends with you. This is the spiritual quest.

This chapter will provide you with a recipe or road map for genuine healing and amazing spiritual growth. To accomplish this requires your full-commitment to the process. A simple six steps, but it is not easy.
To help ease you into the right spiritual mind-set the following are some previous excerpts you should have already read and hopefully contemplated within.
Before proceeding with the exercise we suggest that you review carefully the following excerpts. Read these slowly and deeply contemplate their meaning before proceeding with the exercise that follows.

~~~~~~~~~ Excerpt 1 ~~~~~~~~~
“The thing that hurts us and causes conflict and suffering are the divides we put up by ourselves.”
~~~~~~~~~ Excerpt 2 ~~~~~~~~~
“Questions asked internally in conversations you have with yourself … Your willingness to analyze honestly and emotionally from within ... this is the spiritual quest.”

~~~~~~~~~ Excerpt 3 ~~~~~~~~~
“Exploring where the topic feels most uncomfortable in your inner spiritual sensations will lead you to the greatest advancement in discovery.”

~~~~~~~~~ Excerpt 4 ~~~~~~~~~
“Most people hear only what they want to hear. They line up and only search for information that validates their current point of view.”

~~~~~~~~~ Excerpt 5 ~~~~~~~~~
“To discover the truth, above and beyond the bias, the ignorance, the frustration, or the irritation, we must challenge our strongest held beliefs in our spiritual space. Can we tear down our current perspective to fully embrace and build an entirely new one? We must be willing to build the new one up, and then be prepared to tear it down too. When you can embrace and explore these inner spiritual discernments, you can enter your own path of light in spiritual awareness. This is your spiritual quest.”

~~~~~~~~~ Excerpt 6 ~~~~~~~~~
“The essential aim of the spiritual quest is to free your personal internal dialog from fear of being wrong or being misled. Our first commitment is to be incredibly honest with ourselves with truth and integrity to our own explorations. We must never draw final conclusions and always be willing to fully embrace the negative spiritual sensations as the fastest way forward to greater enlightenment.”

~~~~~~~~~ Excerpt 7 ~~~~~~~~~
“Acknowledge that there’s nothing else defining your spiritual world but you. Look deep inside to discover the truth. Are you being God, or are you a being with God? Discover your personal reality that is uniquely your spiritual fingerprint.”

~~~~~~~~~ Excerpt 8 ~~~~~~~~~
“What about the validity of our own point of view? Can you change that? This is the call of the spiritual quest.”
~~~~~~~~~ Excerpt 9 ~~~~~~~~~
“Changes in our lives and in our opinions are rungs on the spiritual ladder. The higher we climb on the spiritual ladder, the more change we experience. The higher we climb; the greater control we seem to gain in und
Apr 01, 202219:47
Chapter 6 Human Connections

Chapter 6 Human Connections

The world does appear to be falling apart; in every community group there is a tremor of discontent. Many people have been worried for some time now and this has been heightened by the Covid 19 world pandemic. Many are all feeling pressured by the demands of lock-downs and social distancing. This isolation leads to even greater sensation of loneliness, worry and further disconnection within and among many community groups.

Those in the spiritual communities are feeling the opposite. They are sensing a strong pull toward connection as the chaos increases. Despite the uncertainty of how to accommodate for the fear and suffering in others, they are committed to holding tight to their personal higher-power. This positive spiritual energy has been a part of the American experience since its founding.

America’s history has led to tremendous advancements with openness, inclusion and education for the masses. What was once thought unattainable to the common citizenry was embraced and mastered in the United States. Over the last two centuries these advancements have become an ever greater threat to the world-wide hierarchies of power. People have been waking-up through the enlightenment of modern thinking and education and this is shaking humanity to its core. How will we transition through this unique period in human history? Only time will tell.


As already discussed in previous chapters, the many unique traditions and community belief systems have made great progress in all societies. This growth however has led to pompous self-aggrandizing beliefs that have pushed us to marginalizing others into competing camps of power.
Through our growth and expansion in science and technology humanity has gained mastery over our physical needs for survival. Sadly we have been declining and transitioning away from the spiritual values that were fundamental in building world-wide civilizations. Since we are unable to adopt and support all of our individual ideas and ideological beliefs we have further divide into individual group connections holding tight to our own. This has become strikingly obvious in the western world.

Individual self-love and the strong belief in our scientific advancements have many believing only in themselves. The atheistic appeal of knowledge and intellect, which is part of a new post-modern culture, has led to a decline in the traditional Judeo-Christian values that founded Western Civilizations.

The community values, that helped stabilize and balance the personal power afforded to individuals, has been replaced with aggressive self-promoting arrogance as the new culture. Those who focus on themselves and pursue their own individual personal agendas are feeling tremendous discomfort. This new attack culture of marginalizing “the others” in unsustainable.

The social justice warriors push to attacking those of traditional hierarchical powers has led to major declines in civil behaviors. Good manners and honest dialogs have been replaced with personal attacks and cancel culture. Group pressure to withdraw support for public figures who contradict the narrative is the new normal. Boycotting companies that have said or done something considered objectionable or offensive to a specific ideological group. This cancel culture is magnified by group shaming and group labeling which sharpens the hostility and the fears of people on all sides.


Foundational principles of consideration for civil behaviors, which include communicating with manners and proper decorum when interacting with others, seem to have all but disappeared. Respect for your elders, woman and children, all of these ideals have been diminished if not fully abandoned by many people today. The individual is no longer a sovereign unto themselves. They have been hijacked by a group identity that is built on hyper patrician separation.

Everyone seems to be dividing into social groupings an
Mar 03, 202222:37
Chapter 5 Our Future Concerns

Chapter 5 Our Future Concerns

Despite our major progress as a species spanning the earth with world connectivity and commerce, things seem to be becoming more and more problematic and worrisome? Perhaps the question to ask about our progress is, “is it a record of success or a path to our own demise?” Can we continue exploiting our limited natural resources without negative consequences?


Young people know innately their future lives are deeply threatened by the abuse of our natural eco-system. Will the younger generations be deprived of the environmental richness and diversity that has sustained life for millions of years?

We demand these young people to cover their faces with masks to prevent the spread of an air born virus that mostly threatens the sick and elderly. In this process are we not depriving the next generations of the natural preventative herd immunities that spread through shared social interactions?

The worlds current unconscious competitive economy is an environmental pyramid scheme; dumping the liabilities and the consequences on the young and unborn future generations. At the core of this raw competitive capitalism sits a vast and scarcely examined assumption that everyone is entitled to as big a share of the world’s resources as their money can buy. If someone can afford to pay for it, they can own entire fertile plains and mountain ranges in their name. They can burn off as much fuel as they want, because why not? Does money itself secure certain rights to individual human possession over nature's wealth? Is this unconscious and unexamined competitive system really sustainable long-term?

The economy’s current paradigm of unmanaged capitalistic growth depends on consumption with mounting debt dumped in astronomical proportions on the laps of our children. Demanding now, through government mandates on health insurance, that they share in subsidizing the enormous health care expenses for a dying baby-boomer generation. Through this unconscious consumption and growth have we selfishly expedited the possible demise of our own children’s futures? Certainly to the spiritually conscious communities, and also in the hearts of our children, it’s sensed that if there is not a major course correction soon all our futures may be threatened.

The human competition for power and relevancy has the world becoming more and more polarized. Creating deep cutting separation and disconnects. These disconnections now extend into families living in the same household. Our social networks and ideological associations are supported through digital networks pushed online through the world of virtual reality. On social media platforms we are bombarded with input to support our own biases. This reaffirms our own limited view. We think the entire world agrees with us, because that’s all we ever see.

These artificial computer-generated connections are polluting our biological connections. The biological connections that have served humanity since the birth of time. It is sad that the children born and raised in this digital environment see members of their own family as living in a completely different world.

Children are developing and expanding at such a pace that these old connections of biological and human interactions are not understood. There is comfort in the anonymity of the internet but the long-term consequences are very worrisome for our children and grandchildren.

Despite human civilization advancements in our material successes we have made individual people feel more lost and miserable. Many sense intrinsically that we are very ill and dying spiritually speaking. We all want to see the light and want eternal well-being. We want to feel that truth within. We all realize that every life has a purpose; we need to willingly embrace our own soul’s mission of helping one-another.

Feb 07, 202222:37
Salvation and Flat Earth Discussion

Salvation and Flat Earth Discussion

Joe Volpe and John Webber dive head first into these controversial topics of salvation and flat earth revivals. Conversation opens on topic of Salvation and how this is revealed through love and open communication. At 8:00 minute mark Flat Earther discussion in explored along with human population explosion, world wars and vaccines.    

Nov 21, 202125:52
Chapter 4 Spiritual Openness

Chapter 4 Spiritual Openness

Every person yearns to be heard. This is an absolute need; humans cannot survive on this planet alone. Every person needs to be nurtured and supported as part of a group. We require being part of a society to support our physical and our emotional needs. Our mind and our unique point of view establish our spiritual perceptions of reality.  In our internal spiritual space we remain focused and connected to the entire universe we inhabit.

With our spiritual perceptions we realize that our fellow humans also have their own unique experiences. We tend to connect with those who share similar experiences to our own. We attach ourselves to those who are “like-me” and we form collective ideas to the benefit of our group collective.

These shared ideas metastasize and form a unique group identity built upon our common beliefs. These become our ideals and principles to form our creeds and doctrines. These we teach and share among the collective to go from theory to thesis and we confirm them as dogma. Finally we label this as an ideology of unified beliefs.

As we encounter others with differing ideologies and beliefs how can remain open to make a spiritual connection with those who hold a different world view than out own? This is explored in the latest chapter 4 of the spiritual quest spiritual openness.

Apr 21, 202118:08
Spiritual Contributions to Divisive Politics

Spiritual Contributions to Divisive Politics

How to communicate with others and dance comfortably around the political dynamics of 2020. Learn to explore within yourself to discover how you are sensing the contrasts within your own spiritual space. Through the negative sensations of fear and separation you can calibrate and manage a counter-balance on your inner thoughts and feelings to positively connect with others. 

Inside yourself you discover the positive points of connection and focus your energy there. Revealing the points of commonality with others instead of points of separation. This requires personal effort on the individual level to change and grow.  

There is a common fear you feel and sense inside yourself that makes you feel different. If you reach inside with purity of thought you can leverage the positive spiritual energy to change this perception. You transition beyond the camp of division to becoming the bridge of love and connection with others from all camps.  

In your inner spiritual space you discover a balance and equilibrium between your spiritual enlightenment (positive feelings) and the discord and dissonance around you (negative sensations).  By balancing these contrasting polarities in your spiritual space you become a positive connecting influence on others.  

As you gain control of yourself and your own inner spiritual condition you recognize the subtle pressures to conform to a group identification. Loyalty to the spiritual path is flexible and rich with positives. When we focus our energies on love and light we are not rigged in judging others but we ere moved to serving them. Through ultraistic efforts, to be of service to to others,  you become a positive connection conduit with all others.

From this ideal spiritual space the entire world can change. Working together in service to others we become a better more perfect society promoting the love spirit of light and life to the betterment of all.

Dec 01, 202024:03
Chapter 3 - Spiritual Points of View

Chapter 3 - Spiritual Points of View

What goes on in our heads is a network of ideas and beliefs that have been formulated by our own experiences; our family and friends, our society and our dna.  What control do we actually exercise over influencing our own point of view?

Once we believe we have “the truth” we are done growing. Until we dare to question our own point of view we remain stuck in “our truth”.  Words in debate and arguments are so  limiting.  Openness and love toward understanding others is so empowering and rich with blessings. 

The minute we feel the need to defend our position we are stuck in a limited belief system, the opposite of enlightenment.  Learn how to open your heart and mind especially toward those who disagree with you. Do this well and your spiritual comprehension will explode.

Nov 27, 202015:47
The Spiritual Fall of 2020 Election

The Spiritual Fall of 2020 Election

This podcast offers a non-political commentary for those in the spiritual community.  The emotional fallout of the 2020 election has almost every American switching sides on the emotional bandwagon.  John and Ray offer their simple-minded explanations and insight to help encourage remaining balanced and at peace through this tumultuous time.

The inner spiritual sensations have been on high for the last decade and rather than reaching a decisive conclusion the drama has only become further entrenched despite massive voter turn outs. The drama is happening right now in front of our eyes.

How are you coping or how are you supporting your neighbors who are suffering?  This podcast offers unique spiritual insights you won't find anywhere else.

Nov 09, 202025:31
Chapter 2 - Spiritual Attainment

Chapter 2 - Spiritual Attainment

Many people today are feeling more and more afraid. Worry runs deep among many communities. This internal negative feeling is a call to the spiritual path. Opening this door feels uncomfortable and scary, don’t let that hinder you.

The spiritual journey of self-discovery begins in a place of uncertainty.  You are being beckoned and pulled to this path.  It may feel like a deep dark scary place but the spiritual light is called for from the dark places within.  Embrace confronting this fear you quickly come to realize that you are never alone in the spiritual quest.  Be willing to open that scary door. You are being pulled to greater discovery.

Oct 26, 202016:37
Politics and Spirituality in 2020

Politics and Spirituality in 2020

A conversation with a spiritual seeker and explorer Katie Webber ... A Reiki Master, Healing Practitioner discusses the politics in America in 2020

Oct 19, 202018:30
Chapter 1 - The Spiritual Quest

Chapter 1 - The Spiritual Quest

The spiritual quest is a private journey of exploration and discovery.  Those on the spiritual quest sense the limits of our biological nature. Human evolution has brought civilization to conquering the world.  As our world becomes more and more polarized our tribal alliances are shaking up and breaking up. Everyone is feeling it inside ... we cannot avoid this transition in human consciousness.  The spiritual community is waking up to discover the path of spiritually growing up (psychological maturity). Humanity is demanding this integral transformation into spiritual adulthood.

If this topic resonates as interesting to you we invite you to subscribe and to join us. Together we progress and connect on this new journey to heal our polarized world.  Time is running out ... together we survive and thrive or together we die.  

The Method of Healing We Urgently Need Today!

There is an enormous growing distrust among mankind. A rift that is expanding and demanding resolution. A widespread panic and threat of destruction seems to be growing all the more imminent around the globe.

Unless a method of transformation, from distrust and polarization to one of mutual respect and acceptance are advanced, a major crisis seems inevitable. There is a rising need for positive connection that must be realized to bring unity to the world. Is such a connection possible?

This connection requires a spiritual solution. We must be willing to rise above our human biases and our desire to control or police others. We must back off logic and reason and simply allow a flow of spiritual sensations of love and connection to flow between us. It must become our new common language.

When we try to find consensus through our intellect we become barbaric in defense of our own perceptions.  We need to annul or push away our personal perceptions in an effort to embrace the spirit of love and connection with those we vehemently disagree with.

This requires a transformation beyond any governmental changes or political ideologies. It requires a fundamental change of our nature to embrace love and caring toward those we hate the most. Is this possible? 

Finding that common spiritual connection of love and caring is the connecting force humanity is begging for.  It will spread quickly if we are able let go of our own personal agendas and embrace a higher ideal that is buried deep in our hearts.

Everyone agrees with the light of spiritual connection, we all love to feel connected and cared for. Can we find this light and shine it in on those who do not agree with us.  The world is desperately seeking a method or a process to bridge our divides and that’s something we all need to feel. This is our common spiritual desire.

This connection needs to rise above our logic and reason, to the place of feeling it. This is our universal common desire and most people will respond quickly once it’s revealed.  Will you be a beacon of light in the darkness that we see everyday all around us?

What can be done to help start such an initiative? Everyone is looking for “the others” to change; we want others to initiate such a transformation. The transformation must begin with us as spiritual-minded individuals to lead this method of healing.

This is the method of healing that is already spreading throughout the spiritual communities around the world. Will you make an individual decision to change; to rise above your own rational thinking and reason to dig deep inside your own heart to find a spiritual feeling of love toward those you hate the most?

Aug 17, 202024:23