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Selah Leaders Podcast

Selah Leaders Podcast

By Selah Leaders

The Selah Leaders Podcast is dedicated to helping leaders thrive while also prioritizing rest. Each episode is a conversation hosted by Nick Newman where wisdom and strategies are shared for leaders no matter where they are on their journey.
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Building Sustainably

Selah Leaders PodcastDec 04, 2023

Building Sustainably

Building Sustainably

In this episode of the Selah Leaders Podcast, we talk about reflecting on 2023, conducting a personal end-of-year review, and how to make tweaks as we head into 2024.

Dec 04, 202323:56
Bi-Vocational Rhythms

Bi-Vocational Rhythms

In this episode of the Selah Leaders Podcast, our podcast guide Darin Zook, jumps into the co-host seat as we talk about Bi-Vocational Rhythms, priorities & practicals.

Nov 06, 202329:23
Graced for This

Graced for This

In this episode of the Selah Leaders Podcast, we discuss understanding our grace lanes, how exhaustion can manifest from living outside of it, and how to build teams that cover our weakness.

Oct 02, 202330:04
Losing Relationships
Sep 04, 202327:26
Tired from the Second Chair
Aug 07, 202329:50
Discover Your Calling
Jul 05, 202325:26
Four Enemies of Rest - Part Two
Jun 05, 202325:45
Four Enemies of Rest - Part One
May 01, 202327:35
Trust In Transitions
Apr 03, 202326:58
Stop Earning It
Mar 06, 202326:00
More Genuine, Less Guru
Feb 06, 202326:16