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Live Free with Selena Sage

Live Free with Selena Sage

By Selena Sage

Freedom explored through inspirational stories, wisdom, and meditations with Selena Sage, a Zen Author who left a lucrative career in tech in California to move to the remote island of Santo Antão in Africa. These talks combine wisdom from the masters and Sage’s real life experiences to inspire you to live a free life—achieved by letting go of everything that does not serve you and knowing your true self. Namasté. You are welcome to connect with Selena Sage online!
Website: // Facebook + Instagram: Selena Sage - Author
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The Nature of Stress, Anger, and Worry

Live Free with Selena SageJun 09, 2023

The Nature of Stress, Anger, and Worry
Jun 09, 202320:01
Chop Wood, Carry Water
May 24, 202315:48
Guided Meditation: Release
May 09, 202319:34
Focus On What You Want
May 05, 202314:33
Creativity + Freedom
May 01, 202334:54
Wherever you go, Be happy
Apr 25, 202307:05
Urgency is only a Thought
Apr 23, 202313:23
Reflections about Thoughts
Apr 22, 202316:44
Part 2: Thoughts and Colors
Apr 20, 202316:53
Guided Meditation: Thoughts + Colors
Apr 20, 202322:26
Guided Meditation: Gratitude
Apr 15, 202322:23
About Desires
Apr 04, 202317:34
Uncertainty and Faith
Apr 03, 202329:41
About Attachments
Mar 29, 202327:25
Everything is Energy

Everything is Energy

Namaste dear one. Starting with the idea, “Everything is Energy,” we explore what this means in our lives. I.e. BE THE ENERGY YOU WANT TO FEEL. Connecting it to the idea that everything is Consciousness, I share an excerpt of one of my favorite books, “Pointers from Nisargadatta Maharaj,” by Ramesh S. Balsekar. Further research on that reading led me to read more on the 3 Gunas—which are the primary qualities of energy (more here: ). Interestingly, I skipped over the word “Prakriti” in Sri Maharaj’s book, but it appears again in the article. I’ll share that full sentence here: “I-am-ness, the sense of presence has been given various laudatory names like Māyā, Prakriti, Īshwara, etc., but nevertheless it is an illusion, pure ignorance.” Sri Maharaj says that there are no truer words than “I don’t know.” When we realize our true state to be that state in which we don’t even know our own existence, we are free. Namaste. Love to all, Selena Sage // // books: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage — Author
Mar 23, 202326:29
Only You Can Free Yourself
Mar 22, 202314:59
Quantum Physics + Thoughts
Mar 21, 202320:08
You are Infinite
Mar 19, 202328:47
Lessons from Lao Tzu
Mar 18, 202329:55
The Observer
Mar 15, 202320:58
Infinity is No Thing
Mar 09, 202313:11
The Seeker is the Sought
Mar 07, 202318:18
Mar 03, 202313:22
Creativity + Inspiration
Feb 25, 202332:31
Your Life is Your Dream
Feb 21, 202325:48
See the Elements
Feb 19, 202318:54
Truth Brings Tranquility
Feb 12, 202313:38
Being of Service

Being of Service

Namaste. This episode is dedicated to Turkey and Syria. The unfathomable aftermath of the recent earthquake in the region has reminded me of the importance of asking, “How can I be of service?” Taking a moment to become heart centered, we explore a verse + question from the Ashtavakra Gita and my first book, “Meditative Questions” — available at — we recognize our shared humanity and the value of taking even the smallest step, based on the belief that everything we do means everything. A powerful affirmation to accompany this episode is: “I am one with all beings.” // Note: Episode recorded at 4am, so thanks for forgiving and forgetting all lapses and leaps haha ;) Namaste. Love to all, Selena Sage // // IG:
Feb 11, 202312:54
Guided Meditation: Relax Your Attention
Feb 09, 202312:15
Return to the Now

Return to the Now

Namaste and thank you for your continued support of my books! Today, I share a spontaneous reading from my first book, “Meditative Questions” and my latest book, “Finding Freedom Where You Are” — both are available now at // The question, “Is life happening in the past, future, or present?” is paired with the pointing, “The past, present, and future only exist as a thought in the now,” + accompanying perspective from “Finding Freedom Where You Are.” I hope that you enjoy this discussion of both. Namaste. Love to all, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage — Author
Feb 07, 202318:13
Worry Is A Thief

Worry Is A Thief

Namaste. Reflecting on the question, “When you worry, what changes?” from my first book, “Meditative Questions,” available at — we explore the nature of worry. Worry is a thief that comes for your joy, but by harnessing the power of your attention, you can overcome even the greatest worry in this moment with gratitude and love. Namaste. Love to all, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage — Author
Feb 05, 202309:02
Peace During Uncertainty
Feb 04, 202320:59
Overcoming Resistance
Feb 02, 202318:04
Let’s Talk Love!

Let’s Talk Love!

Sharing excerpts from my latest book, “Finding Freedom Where You Are,” available now at — we explore Love as the foundational element and root of all. Love is what you are! May you harness that realization and live free. Namaste. Love to all, Selena Sage // // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
Jan 31, 202313:40
Be Free From Thought
Jan 30, 202319:55
Freedom and America
Jan 29, 202322:26
The Importance of Stopping
Jan 24, 202311:34
Master Your Mind
Jan 23, 202320:44
The Value of Being Still

The Value of Being Still

Namaste dear one. This morning, texts from Sri Mooji and Lao Tzu all pointed to the importance of being still. Coupled with a question from my first book, “Meditative Questions” (available at ), the invitation is to always return to the present of now and know that you are always, and already free. Namaste. Love to all, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage — Author
Jan 21, 202311:15
You Never Stand Alone
Jan 20, 202312:20
Release Thoughts

Release Thoughts

Namaste dear one. Thank you so much for your support of my Art! It helps to keep this podcast free and commercial-free. All of my books are available at // This episode was created very spontaneously, without a central idea to build on. Instead, we discover the key idea together. With excerpts from “Finding Freedom Where You Are” and “I Am That” by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, we find alignment and encouragement to release thoughts and Just Be. Namaste. Love to all, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage — Author
Jan 19, 202317:24
Open Your Heart
Jan 18, 202307:40
Drop Your Burdens
Jan 17, 202318:35
How to Create a Book
Jan 16, 202330:29
Season 6 Intro: New Year, New Book!

Season 6 Intro: New Year, New Book!

Hi beautiful! Happy 2023! And welcome to Season 6 of the podcast! I am so happy to begin the season back in Cabo Verde and also to introduce my new book: “Finding Freedom Where You Are: Zen reflections of a globe-trotting nomad”! The ebook is available now at // As always, thank you for your kind support of this project! I am thankful for you. // In this episode, I share a question from my first book, “Meditative Questions”: “What did the caterpillar have to give up to become a butterfly?” along with a brief discussion. This is followed by a pointing and perspective from my latest book, “Finding Freedom Where You Are”: “Direct your attention within.” // I hope you enjoy the discussion and reflections! You’re also welcome to visit for the latest blog post about the creative process. // Wishing you peace, love, and joy in this new year…and the ultimate freedom of knowing that you are already That. Namaste, love to all. Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage — Author
Jan 15, 202318:09
Season 5 Finale — It All Works Out
Dec 02, 202206:56
You Are Peace
Oct 18, 202212:50
The Importance of Rest and Gratitude
Oct 06, 202211:40
Sep 28, 202208:15
A Story of Emptiness
Sep 19, 202213:32
You Are Already Free
Aug 09, 202214:24
You Are The Love of Your Life
Aug 08, 202206:45
The Beauty of Stillness
Aug 06, 202205:02
The Power of Joy
Jul 30, 202211:40
Adventure and Flow
Jul 25, 202210:32
Unexpected Help Comes
Jul 13, 202214:14
I Calm Myself
Jul 10, 202206:06
We Hold Our Suffering
Jul 07, 202209:26
A Story about Letting Go 2
Jun 15, 202217:20
Remember Why You Started
May 31, 202213:36
A Story of Rebirth
May 31, 202219:44
A Story of Happiness 3
May 30, 202209:40
A Story about Impermanence
May 29, 202207:23
A Story of Peace
May 28, 202227:54
A Story about Anger
May 27, 202208:51
A Story of Non-Being
May 26, 202215:37
A Story of Being Present
May 25, 202218:27
A Story about Salvation
May 24, 202219:22
A Story about Being Correct
May 23, 202206:54
A Story about Knowing Thyself
May 22, 202222:37
A Story of Love
May 21, 202210:31
A Story about Mastery
May 20, 202220:21
A Story about Honesty
May 19, 202216:27
A Story about Focus
May 18, 202217:16
A Story about Thoughts
May 17, 202211:49
A Story of Change
May 16, 202210:42
A Story about Success
May 15, 202207:31
A Story of Faith
May 14, 202219:16
A Story about Detachment
May 13, 202213:03
A Story of Transformation 2
May 12, 202214:34
A Story about Judgment
May 11, 202214:46
A Story of Letting Go
May 10, 202214:12
A Story of Influence
May 09, 202214:26
A Story about Problems
May 08, 202214:47
A Story of Perfection(ism)
May 07, 202219:30
A Story of Autonomy
May 06, 202217:15
A Story of Equanimity
May 05, 202211:11
A Story of Mandela
May 04, 202215:38
A Story of Presence
May 03, 202214:48
A Story of Happiness 2
May 02, 202214:48
A Story of Happiness 1
May 01, 202216:27
A Story of Contentment
Apr 30, 202222:50
A Story of Transformation

A Story of Transformation

The story of the stonecutter, shared on my website nine years ago, inspired reflections about my own journey and its transformations. As you sit with your story, I hope that you are able to appreciate the present-moment gifts of your experience and flow more easily through all of life’s various transformations. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // (if you scroll to the bottom of any page, you’ll find a button with three lines that reveals a hidden menu—you may click this to more easily view old content by date or tag) // You are welcome to send stories for this season to me, thank you: // Fb + IG: Selena Sage — Author
Apr 29, 202237:45
A Story of Compassion
Apr 28, 202219:26
Season 5 Intro + A Story of Fate
Apr 27, 202219:13
Season 4 Finale: Enjoy The Adventure!
Mar 30, 202222:07
Fear Is Imagination
Mar 03, 202217:47
You Are Already The Buddha
Feb 22, 202212:03
The Zen of Thay
Jan 23, 202214:38
222 - New Beginnings
Jan 05, 202210:35
Finding A Teacher
Dec 04, 202113:44
Dealing with Demotivation
Dec 02, 202116:19
On Thinking and Overthinking
Nov 30, 202118:41
Give Freely
Nov 22, 202108:01
Release Suffering
Nov 18, 202106:47
Be Free
Nov 07, 202119:20
Zen: Verses on the Perfect Mind
Nov 04, 202115:46
Love Everyone and Tell The Truth
Sep 19, 202113:38
10,000 mile reflections
Sep 17, 202114:31
What to do when everything goes wrong?
Sep 17, 202116:35
Zen: Give Up Thoughts
Sep 11, 202108:48
Zen: Oneness and The Mind
Aug 28, 202107:20
Advaita: The Master
Aug 27, 202127:30
Zen: How To Be Free Of Anxiety
Aug 25, 202109:00
Zen: The Nature of Thought
Aug 24, 202106:20
Zen: Thoughts Are Not You
Aug 23, 202107:50
Zen: Leave It
Aug 15, 202114:00
Zen: Disinterestedness Liberates
Aug 08, 202108:32
Vida é Lindo
Jul 30, 202106:10
Zen Is Beyond Words
Jul 29, 202114:21
Love Is All
Jul 29, 202113:31
Zen: The Art of Letting Go
Jul 23, 202107:26
But What About Peace During Chronic Pain?
Jul 21, 202119:30
Zen: The False Makes You Suffer
Jul 20, 202110:24
Zen and Happiness
Jul 14, 202107:56
Zen Is Liberation
Jun 20, 202114:25
Zen and Fear
Jun 12, 202114:47
Zen and Faith
May 29, 202113:15
Zen Is Awareness
May 25, 202121:20
Zen: You Are Not The Body
May 02, 202112:00
Zen: There Is No Other
May 01, 202108:37
Zen: Wash Your Bowl
Apr 30, 202116:58
Zen and Silence
Apr 29, 202109:38
Zen: You Are The Driver
Apr 21, 202112:36
Zen: Release and Be Free!
Apr 19, 202118:38
Zen: Remain Undivided
Apr 11, 202129:05
Zen: Non-Attachment
Mar 29, 202107:04
Zen: Oneness
Mar 21, 202112:46
Zen: The Unborn
Mar 07, 202120:22
Zen and Love
Feb 14, 202107:00
Zen: No-Mind
Jan 24, 202125:38
What Is Zen?
Jan 13, 202108:47
Zen Enlightenment Verse
Jan 09, 202108:31
Zen Perspectives

Zen Perspectives

Zen is the path of direct transmission of the truth of our true nature. In addition to direct transmission from masters, the method of sparking this realization has ranged from a flower to a koan to a haiku. The inspiration to create “Instantly Zen” events and sessions was based upon the power of personal experience. In this episode, I share samples from three books, “The Zen Teaching of Bodhidharma,” Translated by Red Pine; “The Transparency of Things” by Rupert Spira; and my own book, “HAIKU to be free,” which is available for free when you subscribe at or at the bottom of any page. Through this brief exploration, I hope that you can see the common transmission of truth, and I look forward to creating future, “Introduction to Zen” sessions to explore this with you more completely. Please stay tuned at or Fb +IG: Instantly Zen. You can also email me at // Recording note: Unfortunately my former microphone here on the island is not working, so the recording is from a backup microphone which is not quite as clear. We work with what we can. Thank you for your understanding. Namasté.
Dec 18, 202025:06
Introducing Instantly Zen

Introducing Instantly Zen

Hello dear one! I am so excited to announce Instantly Zen — a live virtual experience with me to transcend stressful thoughts and recognize your true nature. Please visit for all of the details on events and 1:1 Zen Sessions, and you are welcome to register for the first event on Saturday, 5 December 2020 directly at // On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the pages are named Instantly Zen (links are also on the website) and you’re welcome to follow and share these pages. Thank you. // If you have any questions, please feel free to send them to // I look forward to seeing you soon! Namasté, Selena Sage
Nov 25, 202015:02
Talk 50: Season 3 Finale - Contemplate YourSelf
Oct 17, 202007:26
Talk 49: I Am
Oct 11, 202021:53
Talk 48: Just Breathe
Oct 06, 202011:41
Talk 47: A Few Notes
Oct 03, 202013:03
Talk 46: Fear
Oct 03, 202016:46
Talk 45: Define Your Own Experience
Oct 02, 202002:59
Talk 44: Be Self-Sufficient
Sep 30, 202009:42
Talk 43: Awareness, Consciousness, and Personhood
Sep 29, 202014:59
Talk 42: Water and Creation
Sep 27, 202008:55
Talk 41: Count Your Blessings
Sep 26, 202003:32
Talk 40: Build The New
Sep 25, 202012:31
Talk 39: Don’t Give Up!
Sep 22, 202019:06
Talk 38: We Cannot Eat Money
Sep 19, 202013:53
Talk 37: About Love
Sep 19, 202012:32
Talk 36: The End of All Desire
Sep 18, 202018:55
Talk 35: Imagine Living Free
Sep 18, 202006:21
Talk 34: Rest Inside Now
Sep 17, 202011:17
Talk 33: Drop Desires
Sep 17, 202008:57
Talk 32: What Is Enough?

Talk 32: What Is Enough?

With my sincere thanks for your kin